MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5704: Immortal King compensation, legend Saint Beast?

Looks at vision domineering World Spirit Immortal King, Chu Feng has not been dreading, instead own vision, also becomes domineering. 望着目光强势的界灵仙王,楚枫并没有畏惧,反而自己的目光,也随之变得强势起来。 senior, junior this enmity, if not the report can't?” Chu Feng asked. 前辈,晚辈此仇若非报不可呢?”楚枫问。 Heard this words, the World Spirit Immortal King brow wrinkled the wrinkle. 听闻此话,界灵仙王眉头皱了皱。 You go to Seven Worlds Saint Palace, because of the old man, you will decide eventually in the future, the old man also has no right to interfere.” “你前往七界圣府,终究因老夫而起,你日后决定,老夫也无权干涉。” But your trip old man actually should be responsible.” “但你此行老夫却应该负责。” Although because of the standpoint reason, the old man cannot help you take revenge Seven Worlds Saint Palace, but the old man will also give you compensation.” “虽因立场原因,老夫不能助你复仇七界圣府,但老夫也会给你一些补偿。” The words, the World Spirit Immortal King palm turns, talismans appeared in front of Chu Feng together. 话罢,界灵仙王掌心一翻,一道符纸出现在了楚枫面前。 Sees that to say talismans, Chu Feng immediately the vision changes. 看到那道符纸,楚枫顿时目光一变。 That said talismans, contains the protection and teleportation dual formation technique strengths, this was the thing of Ancient Era. 那道符纸,蕴藏着守护与传送双重阵法力量,此乃远古时期之物。 And on this symbol, Chu Feng felt the familiar aura. 并且在此符身上,楚枫感受到了熟悉的气息。 This is, Ancient Era most World Spiritist, Qin Jiu builds. 此乃,远古时期界灵师,秦九所打造。 Really, World Spirit Immortal King was also the opens the mouth. 果然,界灵仙王也是开口了。 This thing, is the Ancient Era thing of great World Spiritist carry-over, until now nearly has vanished.” “此物,乃远古时期一位伟大界灵师遗留之物,时至今日已是近乎绝迹。” While you suffer the attack, it will not only protect you, can random teleportation to place of security.” “在你遭受攻击的同时,它不仅会保护你,更是能随机传送到一处安全之地。” If you fuse well, even can control the teleportation place.” “若你融合较好,甚至可以自己掌控传送地点。” The words, the World Spirit Immortal King palm moves slightly, that said that talismans then fluttered to Chu Feng. 话罢,界灵仙王手掌微微一动,那道符纸便飘向了楚枫 Chu Feng did not neglect, received talismans, melted with talismans directly. 楚枫也不怠慢,接过符纸,直接与符纸相融。 Quick, talismans changes to Mist to enter Chu Feng within the body, in the way of mark, appeared above the Chu Feng's chest. 很快,符纸化作气焰进入楚枫体内,以印记的方式,出现在了楚枫的胸膛之上。 This precisely this talismans smartness. 正是符纸的高明之处。 It is well known, powerful World Spiritist, powerful formation technique, will pour into talismans, facilitates to stimulate to movement its strength. 众所周知,强大的界灵师,会将强大的阵法,注入符纸之内,来方便催动其力量。 However often stimulates to movement, needs to put out talismans, pinches the law secret art, can stimulate to movement. 但是往往催动起来,也需要拿出符纸,捏动法诀,才能催动。 This talismans is but different, it can melt with the user, among the thoughts can stimulate to movement. 可是这道符纸则不同,它能与使用者相融,意念之间便可催动。 And melts later Chu Feng to discover, not only 并且相融之后楚枫发现,不仅 Only he himself can conduct teleportation. 仅他自己能够进行传送 Based on this, but can also protect others, and conducts teleportation together. 在一定范围内,还可以保护其他人,并且一起进行传送 This thing indeed is an extremely good self-defense treasure. 此物的确是一件极佳的防身宝物。 Chu Feng sighed Qin Jiu powerful at the same time, the impression to World Spirit Immortal King was also better. 楚枫感叹秦九强大的同时,对界灵仙王的印象也是更好了。 World Spirit Immortal King, clear(ly) knows that at this time presents the person here, can be the Seven Worlds Saint Palace enemy. 界灵仙王,明知道此时出现在这里的人,会是七界圣府的敌人。 But has not written off Chu Feng, instead gave back to Chu Feng such a, extremely precious self-defense treasure. 可并没有抹杀楚枫,反而还给了楚枫这样一件,极其珍贵的防身宝物。 This treasure, is the true pricelessness, perhaps has really vanished. 这件宝物,可是真正的价值连城,恐怕真的已经绝迹了。 But in the meantime, World Spirit Immortal King form, then returned to that to say in the formation technique stele. 而就在此时,界灵仙王的身影,则是回到了那道阵法石碑之内。 At this time the formation technique stele changed. 此时阵法石碑发生了变化。 On that presents heavy unusual formation technique unexpectedly. 那上面,竟出现重重奇特的阵法 That formation technique, is exquisite and profound, common person difficult comprehension. 阵法,非常精妙且高深,寻常人难以领悟。 Seven Worlds Saint Palace loses you, is the loss of Seven Worlds Saint Palace.” 七界圣府失去你,乃是七界圣府的损失。” But you, if can seek the good buyer, sells off this thing, can obtain the sufficient cultivation resources, this is the old man to your compensation.” “但你若能寻得好的买家,将此物变卖,也能获得足够的修炼资源,这便是老夫对你的补偿。” Little friend, your I, although has not met officially, but the old man appreciates your talent, is neither relative nor kin, leaves behind these, only to have good reason, proves the sincerity of old man sufficiently.” “小友,你我虽未正式见面,但老夫欣赏你之天赋,非亲非故,留下这些,只为结下善缘,也足以证明老夫之诚意。” Seven Worlds Saint Palace grudge, if Ok, but also please put down.” 七界圣府恩怨,若是可以,还请放下。” The World Spirit Immortal King sound resounds again, but actually also stops. 界灵仙王的声音再度响起,但却也到此为止。 Looks at formation technique on that stele, Chu Feng can also read the specific content. 看着那石碑上的阵法,楚枫也是能够阅读出具体内容。 For this reason, he also feels incomparably surprisedly. 正因如此,他也是感到无比惊讶。 World Spirit Immortal King the thing of referring, unexpectedly is Saint Beast in legend. 界灵仙王所指之物,竟是传说中的圣兽 In formation technique labelled, place that had Saint Beast. 阵法中标注出了,一处藏有圣兽的地方。 But formation technique on this stele, teaches Chu Feng, how to grasp there formation technique. 而这石碑上的阵法,就是教楚枫,如何掌握那里的阵法 And the stele contains the Teleportation Formation method, can through the Teleportation Formation law of stele, go directly to the place that Saint Beast is. 且石碑蕴藏传送阵法,可以通过石碑的传送阵法,直达圣兽所在的地方。 World Spirit Immortal King, is not casual arrived here Chu Feng teleportation, he has prepared to compensate the thing of Chu Feng. 界灵仙王,不是随随便便将楚枫传送到这里的,他早就准备好了补偿楚枫之物。 And Saint Beast in legend. 并且还是传说中的圣兽 World Spirit Immortal King senior, is really natural.” 界灵仙王前辈,真是大方啊。” Chu Feng has endless emotion, because outstandingly skilled was too indeed precious. 楚枫感慨不已,因为圣手的确太珍贵了。 Said on such as World Spirit Immortal King, his sincerity is very indeed full. 就如界灵仙王所说,他的诚意的确很足。 Although sighs with emotion precious of Saint Beast, but Chu Feng is also clear, the Saint Beast magnitude, that is only existence under Divine Beast. 虽然感慨圣兽的珍贵,但楚枫也清楚,圣兽的量级,那可是仅在神兽之下的存在。 Facing this existence, Chu Feng does not dare to be negligent. 面对这种存在,楚枫也不敢大意。 But estimates that formation technique earnestly, Chu Feng cost an enough one day time, comprehends that formation technique thoroughly. 而是认真揣摩那阵法,楚枫耗费了足足一日时间,才彻底领悟那阵法 After grasping, Chu Feng then starts the set up formation, so long as the set up formation is successful, can stimulate to movement the stele strength of teleportation, goes directly to Saint Beast in it place. 掌握之后,楚枫便开始布阵,只要布阵成功,便可催动石碑内的传送之力,直达圣兽所在之地。 ...... …… Meanwhile, in Chu Feng in the world of the world, has a strange mountain range. 与此同时,在楚枫所在世界的世界内,有着一片奇异的山脉。 The mountain range watches from the distant place, just like dreadful huge beast, lay face downward above the land. 山脉从远处观看,宛如一个滔天巨兽,俯卧在了大地之上。 Moreover, this mountain range unceasingly raising golden color Mist, the imposing manner is dreadful, looks has important Treasure. 不仅如此,这山脉还不断升起金色气焰,气势滔天,一看就藏有重宝 Pitifully, outsider cannot see this mountain range, because it was being blocked by powerful formation technique. 只是可惜,外人根本看不见这座山脉,因为它被一座强大的阵法封锁着。 outsider the process, can only see a bleak plain henceforth, because of that formation technique, is Seven Worlds Saint Palace the arrange/cloth. 外人从此经过,只能看到一片荒凉的平原,因为那阵法,乃是七界圣府所布。 Not only arranged powerful formation technique, here also has the large army guard of Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 不仅布置了强大的阵法,这里还有七界圣府的重兵把守。 World Spiritist of True Dragon boundary has many, even here, Saint Rank Elder guards. 真龙境的界灵师就有多位,甚至在这里,还有一位圣级长老镇守。 This Saint Rank Elder, is a big fatty, do not look that he is very fat, however his strength is not weak, especially excels at the set up formation. 这位圣级长老,是一个大胖子,别看他很胖,但是他的实力可不弱,尤其擅长布阵。 At present, many powerful World Spiritist headed by this Saint Rank Elder, collects under the mountain range, in a giant incomparable rock cave. 眼下,以这位圣级长老为首的诸多强大界灵师,都汇集在山脉下方,一个巨大无比的岩洞之中。 In rock cave heavy formation technique, layer upon layer overlay, complex. 岩洞内重重阵法,层层叠加,复杂至极。 But each formation technique, has the significance that it has. 但每个阵法,都有它存在的意义。 Besides complex formation technique, the rock cave center also has many eggs. 除了复杂的阵法外,岩洞中心还有着很多蛋。 The egg, there has over a hundred eggs. 蛋,那里有着上百颗蛋。 Each egg has nothing in common, some stone, some glass, some steel, the shape is also all sorts of strange and unusual. 每颗蛋都各不相同,有的似石头,有的似玻璃,有的似钢铁,形态也是千奇百怪。 As for size, small, only then the egg is so big, but big can reach as high as the kilometer. 至于大小,小的只有鸡蛋那么大,可是大的则能高达千米。 However these eggs placing positions, has certain elegance, they resemble are the guard are common, was encircled. 不过这些蛋的摆放位置,也是有着一定的考究,它们似是护卫一般,被围成了一圈。 But in most, is a gray egg, this egg as high as hundred meters, on the towel has fish same scales, and this egg can fluctuate, looking like the heart is the same is breathing. 而在最中间的,是一颗灰色的蛋,此蛋高达百米,上面布有鱼一样的鳞片,并且此蛋会起伏,就像是心脏一样在呼吸。 This egg gives out aura, other not eggs can compare. 此蛋所散发的气息,也远非其他蛋能比。 And has the age is also remote. 并且存在年代也更加久远。 Even great formation of this place, is for this reason the egg, but arrange/cloth. 甚至此地的大阵,都是为此蛋而布。 Because of this egg, is the egg of Saint Beast. 因为此蛋,乃是圣兽之蛋。 Other eggs, after are Seven Worlds Saint Palace, places here, wants rely on here hatching great formation, together hatching. 其他的蛋,乃是七界圣府后放在这里,想要借助此处的孵化大阵,一同孵化。 Although existences in these eggs, are not Saint Beast, but also is the unusual unusual animals. 虽然那些蛋内的存在,不是圣兽,但也都是非同一般的异兽。 Sir Elder, did this Saint Beast egg soon hatch?” 长老大人,这颗圣兽蛋快要孵化了吧?” And Elder, arrives in front of that Saint Rank Elder to ask. 其中一位长老,来到那位圣级长老面前问。 Was quick, does not leave for a year, must hatch.” Saint Rank Elder said. “快了,不出一年,必会孵化。”圣级长老道。 He such remarks, all Elder on the scene, all looks the happy expression. 他此话一出,在场的所有长老,皆是面露喜色。 „Can 30,000 years, hatch finally?” “三万年了,终于要孵化了吗?” This place was discovered by Seven Worlds Saint Palace, 30,000 years, must hatch finally successfully. 此地被七界圣府发现,已有三万年,终于就要孵化成功。 If can result in this Saint Beast, even if the Saint Beast power and influence were inferior that legend is like that powerful, may have Saint Beast, that can still greatly promote the Seven Worlds Saint Palace dignity. 若能得此圣兽,就算圣兽威势不如传说那般强大,可拥有圣兽,那也能够大大提升七界圣府的威严。 After all now entire vast martial cultivation world, true Saint Beast, has vanished. 毕竟当今整个浩瀚修武界,真正的圣兽,早就绝迹了。
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