MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5702: The talent on invitation, has Chu Feng died?

Is looking above the day list, eight that writes do not need through the inspection, to mount the name of summit of Nine Heavens directly, all troops of almost all influence somewhat were ignorant. 望着天榜之上,所写出的八个无需通过考核,可直接登上九天之巅的名字,几乎各方势力的各方人马都有些懵了。 The Feng Ling name, they have not listened, is the Bloodline Galaxy fierce juniors, some great people heard actually. 风铃的名字,他们没有听过,可是血脉天河有一个厉害的小辈,一些大人物倒是有所耳闻。 Therefore, then associated with that Bloodline Galaxy that fierce junior Feng Ling to one naturally. 所以自然而然的,便将风铃与那血脉天河那个厉害的小辈联想到了一起。 Therefore Feng Ling, they did not understand even, but still thought that is reasonable. 因此风铃,就算他们不了解,但也觉得还算合理。 But...... 可是…… Who is Jie Tian? 界天是谁? Seven Worlds Galaxy, previous invitation isn't Ling Xiao? How this time to turn into Jie Tian? 七界天河,上一次邀请的不是灵霄吗?怎么这次变成了界天 Jie Tian? Why can replace Ling Xiao??? 界天?为何能取代灵霄??? This issue, not to mention was outsider, the Seven Worlds Saint Palace people are dumbfounded. 这个问题,莫说外人,七界圣府的人都傻眼了。 Ling Xiao is Seven Worlds Saint Palace today's, recognized strongest junior, even the Ling Sheng'er talent is still excellent, but has not grown at present. 灵霄七界圣府当今,公认的最强小辈,就算灵笙儿天赋也极好,可目前还未成长起来。 This Jie Tian, they have not even listened. 界天,连他们都没听过。 ...... …… However compares in Jie Tian, Xianhai Yu'er also stirs very great controversy. 不过相比于界天,仙海鱼儿同样引起很大争议。 Although has heard, the Xianhai Yu'er talent is very good. 尽管早就听闻,仙海鱼儿天赋很好。 But Xianhai Shaoyu is extremely outstanding, his all sorts of facts, have spread in vast martial cultivation world. 仙海少禹太过出众,他的种种事迹,早就流传于浩瀚修武界 Even many people believe, Xianhai Shaoyu is now vast martial cultivation world, strongest junior. 甚至许多人都认为,仙海少禹就是当今浩瀚修武界,最强的小辈。 Even Seven Worlds Saint Palace Ling Xiao, Qin Xuan, Long Chengyu this type, the famous talent, must depend in the future. 七界圣府灵霄,秦玄,龙承羽这种,早就名扬天下的天才,都要往后靠。 Even some people believe, they compare in the Xianhai Shaoyu disparity are big. 甚至有人认为,他们相比于仙海少禹的差距还不小。 Xianhai Shaoyu, just like Jie Ranqing of present age. 仙海少禹,俨然就是当代的界染清 Has been disseminating because of the great reputation, therefore only said the talent, many people do not believe, Xianhai Yu'er really can exceed Xianhai Shaoyu. 正因盛名早就传播开来,所以只说天赋,就有许多人不相信,仙海鱼儿真的能超越仙海少禹 Let alone the Xianhai Yu'er age is also small, can she really replace Xianhai Shaoyu? 何况仙海鱼儿年纪又小,她真的能够取代仙海少禹吗? However compares in Xianhai Shaoyu and Xianhai Yu'er, everyone is only the question. 不过相比于仙海少禹仙海鱼儿,大家只是质疑。 But that several other people, but made people unable to find out the mind thoroughly. 但那其他几人,可就彻底让人们摸不清头脑了。 Who is Wang Qiang? 王强是谁? Isn't the Divine Body Celestial Palace strongest later generation, the Divine Body Celestial Palace Mansion Lord grandson, Yuwen burning sun? 神体天府最强的后辈,不是神体天府府主的孙子,宇文炎日吗? Although world, few person has seen that Yuwen burning sun. 虽然世间,少有人见过那宇文炎日。 This present age Divine Body Celestial Palace Mansion Lord grandson, is quite mysterious. 这位当代神体天府府主的孙子,也是颇为神秘。 But the Divine Body Celestial Palace person, recognizes him is the strongest talent. 神体天府的人,都公认他是最强天才。 Now, where braves Wang Qiang? 现在,从哪里冒出来一个王强 This person listens not to listen. 这个人听都没听过。 But who that is Xian Miaomiao? 而那仙喵喵又是谁? Nine Souls Galaxy not already and was Ancestral Martial Galaxy equally desolate? 九魂天河不是早就与祖武天河一样落寞了吗? Of pleasant to hear that place, said 那种地方,说的好听 Is side Galaxy, said not of pleasant to hear is the remote place. 是一方天河,说的不好听的就是穷乡僻壤。 Western Territory, Southern Territory, Northern Territory, the top powerhouse in casual world, goes to that side to lord it over. 西域,南域,北域,随便一个世界的顶尖强者,去那边都可以称王称霸。 But thought there extremely trash, is not willing to be off. 只不过是觉得那里太过垃圾,不愿意去罢了。 Now how to brave Xian Miaomiao, can be invited by the summit of Nine Heavens unexpectedly directly? 怎么现在冒出来一个仙喵喵,竟能被九天之巅直接邀请? could it be that this invitation, said Galaxy every time, can choose a quota? 难道说此次邀请,就是每道天河,都要挑选出一个名额? Is Xian Miaomiao one makes up the number? 仙喵喵就是一个凑数的? Quick, people thought actually has this possibility. 很快,人们倒是觉得有这种可能。 After all even if Chu Feng, now because of making a big row Seven Worlds Saint Palace, but reputation big chirp. 毕竟哪怕楚枫,如今因为大闹七界圣府,而名声大噪。 But to put it bluntly, takes advantage of the Seven Worlds Saint Palace formation technique strength, that is Seven Worlds Saint Palace is strong. 可说白了,也只是依仗七界圣府阵法的力量,那还是七界圣府强。 As for Chu Feng, although also has the strength of talent, but from Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan and other top talents also has the disparity. 至于楚枫自身,虽然也具备天才的实力,但距离龙承羽,秦玄等顶尖天才还有差距。 Let alone and Xianhai Shaoyu ratio. 就别说与仙海少禹比了。 Even Chu Feng has the disparity, that Xian Miaomiao natural disparity was bigger. 楚枫都有差距,那仙喵喵自然差距就更大了。 They have not seen Xian Miaomiao obviously, but only because of Nine Souls Galaxy and Ancestral Martial Galaxy, is the desolate place. 明明他们都没见过仙喵喵,但只因为九魂天河祖武天河,乃是落寞之地。 Therefore all Galaxy troops, unexpectedly as if by prior agreement determined, Xian Miaomiao makes up the number. 所以各方天河的人马,竟不约而同的都确定了,仙喵喵就是凑数的。 ...... …… Meanwhile, Seven Worlds Saint Palace, in the Saint Palace region, in forbidden land, is collecting powerful, and purity extremely high formation power. 与此同时,七界圣府,圣府区域内,一座禁地之中,汇集着强大且纯度极高的结界之力 Such formation power, is World Spiritist the thing of long-awaited cultivation. 这样的结界之力,乃是界灵师们所梦寐以求的修炼之物。 And yet, the thing of such precious cultivation, is actually monopolized by a junior. 可眼下,这样珍贵的修炼之物,却由一个小辈独享。 This person, is Jie Tian. 此人,便是界天 But Jie Tian does not have cultivation, but raise one's head is looking at the top of the head. 界天并没有修炼,而是正抬头望着头顶。 The strength of day list is too strong, even if he is in forbidden land, actually can also see the content on day of list. 天榜的力量太强,哪怕他身在禁地之内,却也能够看到天榜上的内容。 But in the meantime, the form walked together, is seven Mansion Lord. 而就在此时,一道身影走了进来,乃是七界府主 Grandfather.” “外公。” Sees seven Mansion Lord, Jie Tian rushes to set out to go forward. 见到七界府主,界天赶忙起身上前。 Grandfather, I am not distracted intentionally, but was the sound of this day list is too big.” Jie Tian answered. “外公,我并非故意走神,而是这天榜的动静太大了。”界天解释道。 That day list on summit of Nine Heavens, somewhat is truly fierce , the old man will reach the summit of Nine Heavens finally on the 1st, studies diligently carefully this formation technique.” Seven Mansion Lord said. 九天之巅上的那个天榜,确实有些厉害,终有一日,老夫会登上九天之巅,仔细钻研一下这阵法。”七界府主道。 Grandfather can certainly achieve.” Jie Tian says immediately, and is self-confident. “外公一定可以做到。”界天立刻说道,且自信满满。 Seven Mansion Lord smiles lightly, his mood was very recently bad, on his face, already for a long time 七界府主淡淡一笑,最近他的心情很糟,在他的脸上,已经许久 Has not shown such smile. 没有露出这样的笑容了。 How weather, was invited, can be interested in going to participate?” Seven Mansion Lord asked. “怎么样天儿,既被邀请了,可有兴趣去参加?”七界府主问。 Grandfather, can I?” Although Jie Tian on the mouth asked like this, but in the eye has the anticipation that is difficult to cover. “外公,我可以吗?”界天虽然嘴上这样问,可眼中却有着难掩的期待。 You , to go, sure, before is only you, did not lose to Xianhai Yu'er, this time she was also invited in the row.” “你若想去,当然可以,只是你之前,不是败给了仙海鱼儿,这次她也受邀在列。” Runs into her again, may have confidence that wins her?” Seven Mansion Lord asked. “再遇到她,可有把握胜她?”七界府主问。 Naturally, previous she was time rely on the advantage of that formation armor, if put together the strength, I had confidence that won her.” Jie Tian said. “当然,上一次她不过是借助了那结界铠甲的优势,若拼自身实力,我有把握胜她。”界天说道。 Good, the face countenance that the weather, my Seven Worlds Saint Palace is damaged, must recall by you.” Seven Mansion Lord said. “好,天儿,那我七界圣府受损的颜面,就要由你来挽回了。”七界府主道。 Grandfather, you feel relieved then.” Jie Tian is exceptionally excited, but quick the look changes grandfather, my Seven Worlds Saint Palace, when is the face countenance damaged?” “外公,你放心即可。”界天异常兴奋,但很快又神色一变“外公,我七界圣府,何时颜面受损?” Weather, you in this to undergo closed-door training, do not know that outside matter, in few days ago, my Seven Worlds Saint Palace had the matter of face countenance damage.” “天儿,你在此闭关,不知外面的事情,就在前些日子,我七界圣府发生了一件颜面受损之事。” Afterward, seven Mansion Lord about the Chu Feng's matter, will then inform Jie Tian. 随后,七界府主便将关于楚枫的事情,告知了界天 Scoundrel Chu Feng.” “混账楚枫。” Grandfather you could rest assured that even if that Chu Feng has not died, he does not dare to go to the summit of Nine Heavens, if he dares to go, I make him have not to return absolutely.” “外公你放心,那楚枫就算没死,他也不敢去九天之巅,他若敢去,我绝对让他有去无回。” Knows the process, Jie Tian clenches jaws, in the eye is difficult to cover killing intent. 得知经过,界天咬牙切齿,眼中更是难掩杀意 But the next quarter, seven Mansion Lord and Jie Tian, actually look simultaneously void. 可下一刻,七界府主界天,却同时望向虚空。 On that day the list also had the change, and this change, was more astonishing than it previously. 那天榜又有了变化,并且这一次的变化,比之先前更为惊人。 Has the extremely powerful strength to drop from the clouds unexpectedly, covers vast martial cultivation world. 竟有极为强大的力量从天而降,覆盖浩瀚修武界 Grandfather.” Jie Tian looks to Seven Worlds Saint Palace Mansion Lord, because of this time his body, had with that day list same aura. “外公。”界天看向七界圣府府主,因为此时他的身上,有了与那天榜相同的气息。 He with the day list, had the connected induction. 他与天榜,产生了相连的感应。 Quick, above the day list also has the typeface to appear. 很快,天榜之上又有字体出现。 Originally this strength, in view of the person of special invitation, they can make the choice now. 原来这股力量,就是针对特别邀请之人,他们现在就可以做出抉择。 So long as is willing to go, must respond, if in the limiting time has not responded, then recognized that for is gives up this specially invitation the qualifications. 只要愿意前往,现在就需做出回应,若限定时间内没有回应,便认定为是放弃这个特别邀请的资格。 Weather, goes.” “天儿,去吧。” You are the pride of my Seven Worlds Saint Palace, was the time makes you know for the world person.” “你是我七界圣府的骄傲,也是时候让你为天下人所知晓了。” I inform the world person immediately, you are Jie Mubai and Jie Tiannian son, is the grandchild who Jie Tian dyes.” “我会立刻告知天下人,你是界慕白界天念的儿子,也是界天染的外孙。” Seven Mansion Lord such remarks, the Jie Tian eyes become bright, on this day, he does not know how long sentenced. 七界府主此话一出,界天双眼都变得明亮起来,这一日,他不知判了多久。 Finally, sentenced. 终于,判来了。 Grandfather, “外公, You could rest assured that the weather will not disappoint you absolutely. ” 您放心,天儿绝对不会让您失望。” The words, Jie Tian then points at void, the thought moves. 话罢,界天便手指虚空,意念一动。 In an instant, the light beam shoots up to the sky together, melts with the day list. 刹那间,一道光柱冲天而起,与天榜相融。 Quick, above the day list had the change, in special invitation, the Jie Tian name becomes especially dazzling, that is complies with the change that goes to have. 很快,天榜之上有了变化,在特别邀请之列,界天的名字变得格外耀眼,那乃是答应前往而产生的变化。 Meanwhile, in that restaurant that in Feng Ling is, previously also to the people of three Seven Worlds Saint Palace Feng Ling clamored, looked that all changed to the Feng Ling look. 与此同时,在风铃所在的那个酒楼之内,先前还对风铃叫嚣的三名七界圣府之人,看向风铃的眼神全都变了。 Without the beforehand rampancy, instead is inconceivable and panic-stricken of face. 没有了之前的嚣张,反而是一脸的不可思议和惊恐。 Especially when Feng Ling, the finger is void, together light beam direct impact clouds, above after direct link day of list . 尤其是当风铃,手指虚空,一道光柱直冲云霄,直达天榜之上后。 Their complexions are become pale. 他们的脸色更是变得惨白。 They actually do not believe before, Feng Ling really knows Chu Feng, but also thinks that Feng Ling is boasting. 他们之前其实并不相信,风铃真的认识楚枫,还以为风铃是在吹牛。 Even but if boasted, they also felt Feng Ling damn, when revealed the status, they have moved to Feng Ling killed the heart. 但哪怕是吹牛,他们也觉得风铃该死,当亮出身份的时候,他们就已经对风铃动了杀心。 But they how, regardless of not to have thought, this female, unexpectedly is Bloodline Galaxy Feng Ling. 可他们无论如何也没有想到,这个女子,竟然就是血脉天河风铃 Bloodline Galaxy that talent, they heard, is one is fearless, vicious and merciless lord. 血脉天河的那个天才,他们有所耳闻,乃是一个天不怕地不怕,心狠手辣的主。 Thinks that the hearsay of that talent, they are really more are more nervous. 想到那个天才的传闻,他们真是越想越慌。 Therefore looks at one after mutually, they turn around then to escape. 于是互看一眼后,他们转身便要逃跑。 Wa Wa- 呜哇- However just turned around, but also without escapes with enough time, then pitiful yells again and again, were towed to entrain by an invisible strength. 然而刚刚转身,还没来得及逃脱,便一个个的惨叫连连,被一股无形的力量拖拽了起来。 The next quarter, blood splattering, three people died completely. 下一刻,鲜血喷溅,三人全部死去。 However, after these three Seven Worlds Saint Palace people die, Feng Ling is actually the complexion changes, looks to Li Wu. 然而,这三位七界圣府的人死后,风铃却是脸色一变,看向里雾 „Does elder sister, how rush my living?” “姐,怎么抢着我的活啊?” Originally, that three people died in the hand of Li Wu. 原来,那三人是死在了里雾的手中。 But Li Wu has not paid attention to Feng Ling, but is looking void. 里雾没有理会风铃,而是望着虚空。 Above this moment day list, was invited the eight quotas on list, six get the response. 此刻天榜之上,受邀名单上的八个名额,已有六个得到了回应。 Only has Long Chengyu and Chu Feng has not responded. 只有龙承羽楚枫没有回应。 Later, the day list continued enough one Tianyi night, but Long Chengyu and Chu Feng have not responded. 之后,天榜更是持续了足足一天一夜,可龙承羽楚枫始终没有回应。 This makes the world even more determine, fact that Chu Feng has died. 这让世人越发确定,楚枫已死的事实。 As for Long Chengyu, Totem Dragon Clan has such accident, he is Young Lord, naturally is also more unfortunate than fortunate. 至于龙承羽,图腾龙族发生那样的变故,他又是少主,自然也是凶多吉少。 But vanishes after the day list, in Seven Worlds Galaxy Upper Realm, a pair of eyes pupil actually opens slowly. 可就在天榜消失之后,在七界天河的一座上界之中,一双眼眸却是缓缓睁开。 I... have not died.” “我…没死。” This person, precisely Chu Feng. 此人,正是楚枫
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