MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5701: This list, world all startled

Seven Worlds Galaxy, in a Ordinary Realm wilderness, Huangshan turns suddenly wells up, two forms graze from the place bottom. 七界天河,一处凡界的荒漠中,忽然黄山翻涌,两道身影自地底飞掠而出。 That is two beautiful females, wears the blue skirt, temperament is chilly. 那是两名绝美的女子,一个身穿蓝裙,气质清冷。 Wears the white skirt, the facial features are lovable, especially Feng Ling of waist, obviously smart-alecky. 一个身穿白裙,面容可爱,尤其腰间的风铃,更显俏皮。 But these two females, but all non- good kind. 但这两位女子,可皆非善类。 Blue skirt female named Li Wu, is the object of Bai Yunqing admiration, but she also has another status, has Black Haired Specter of strength of curse. 蓝裙女子名为里雾,乃是白云卿倾慕的对象,但她还有另外一个身份,拥有诅咒之力的黑毛幽灵 As for that white skirt female named Feng Ling, is the Bloodline Galaxy reputation illustrious junior talent, before was once invited the summit of participate Nine Heavens. 至于那白裙女子名为风铃,乃是血脉天河声名赫赫的小辈天才,之前曾被邀请参加九天之巅。 Long Chengyu is because tags along after Feng Ling, knew Chu Feng by chance. 龙承羽就是因为尾随风铃,才碰巧结识了楚枫 Wu Lake, this harvest is good, Seven Worlds Saint Palace is also mediocre, in their territories, has such Treasure Storehouse, they had not actually discovered.” “芜湖,此次收获不错,七界圣府也不过如此嘛,在他们的领地,藏有如此宝藏,他们却都没有发现。” Really was the cheap our two sisters.” “真是便宜咱们姐妹俩了。” Feng Ling lights up with pleasure, has several points to take pleasure in others' misfortunes. 风铃喜笑颜开,同时有着几分幸灾乐祸。 present age World Spiritist, can have the big skill, Seven Worlds Saint Palace, the unwarranted reputation.” “当代界灵师,能有多大本事,七界圣府,虚名而已。” During the Li Wu spoken languages, said directly to despising of Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 里雾言语间,更是直接道出了对七界圣府的鄙夷。 Elder Sister, do we receive round trip?” Feng Ling asked. 姐姐,咱们接下来去哪?”风铃问。 Naturally looks for place cultivation, us from this ancient grave obtained, refining up well.” Li Wu said. “自然是找地方修炼,将我们从这古墓所得,好好炼化。”里雾道。 No rush, others want to taste the human world delicacy.” Feng Ling grasps the Li Wu arm, acts like a spoiled brat to sway. “别急嘛,人家想尝尝人间美味。”风铃抱住里雾胳膊,撒娇摇晃起来。 Li Wu knits the brows, but actually shakes the head suddenly smiles, the smile is extremely beautiful does not have the means with you, walks.” 里雾皱眉,但却忽然摇头一笑,笑容极美“拿你没办法,走吧。” Afterward, this to sisters then Yu Kong, left the wilderness quickly, found a city, and chose a famous restaurant. 随后,这对姐妹便御空而起,很快离开了荒漠,找到了一座城池,并且挑选了一座有名的酒楼。 But the restaurant business is very good, here is gathering many cultivator and World Spiritist, although cultivation realm is not generally high, but is almost discussing two matters. 而酒楼生意很好,这里聚集着不少修武者界灵师,虽然修为普遍不高,但却几乎都在议论着两件事。 One is the Totem Dragon Clan matter. 一个便是图腾龙族的事。 Another is the Chu Feng's matter. 另一个便是楚枫的事。 Totem Dragon Clan is good, Feng Ling and Li Wu did not care, is the Chu Feng's matter, was makes Feng Ling come the interest. 图腾龙族还好,风铃里雾并不关心,可是楚枫的事情,则是让风铃来了兴致。 Chu Feng that you said that is this?” “你们说的楚枫,可是这个?” During the Feng Ling speeches, puts out a portrait, that precisely Chu Feng's portrait. 风铃说话间,拿出一幅画像,那正是楚枫的画像。 Right, is this Chu Feng.” Then inquired person, in abundance nod. “对对对,就是这个楚枫。”那被询问的人,纷纷点头。 How you know, Chu Feng did die?” Feng Ling asked. “你们怎么知道,楚枫死了?”风铃问。 This miss, this we are actually not able to confirm, but Chu Feng could not live properly speaking.” “这位姑娘,这个我们其实也无法确认,但是按理来说楚枫活不了。” Do not look that Chu Feng showed off on the same day, formation technique that but he stimulates to movement, is extremely fierce.” “别看楚枫当日出尽风头,可他催动的阵法,太过厉害。” That is World Spirit Immortal King “那可是界灵仙王 The arrange/cloth, can with great formation that seven Mansion Lord contend with. ” 所布,能与七界府主抗衡的大阵啊。” His Chu Feng again, was even impossible to live.” That said. “他楚枫就算再了得,也不可能活啊。”那位说道。 And this words, almost obtained in the restaurant everyone's approval. 并且此话,几乎得到了酒楼内所有人的赞同。 Chu Feng has died, this is the universally recognized matter. 楚枫已死,这已是世人公认的事。 Snort......” Feng Ling lightly snorted, immediately said ; You do not understand, you do not understand Chu Feng.” “哼……”风铃轻哼一声,旋即道;“那你们就不懂了,你们根本就不了解楚枫。” He is certainly also living.” Feng Ling said. “他一定还活着。”风铃说道。 He is impossible to live.” “他不可能活着。” But, the corner actually broadcasts together the sound in the meantime, that sound also has some spunks. 可就在此时,角落却传来一道声音,那声音还带着些许怒意。 Waits and sees along the sound, that corner has three people, they wear the gray pocket robe, cannot see clearly the appearance. 顺声观望,那角落有着有着三个人,他们身穿灰色兜袍,看不清容貌。 But spoke, resembling was young people. 但说话的,似是一个年轻人。 How you know that Chu Feng is impossible to live?” Feng Ling raises the face to ask, stance that refuses to accept very much. “你怎么知道楚枫不可能活着?”风铃扬脸问道,一副很是不服的架势。 I know.” “我就是知道。” The words, that three also set out, later gray pocket robe will take down. 话罢,那三位同时起身,随后将身上的灰色兜袍取下。 Sees their appearance/portrait, everyone has a big shock, everyone in next quarter restaurant, the person of customer or restaurant, escapes immediately. 看到他们真容,所有人都是大惊失色,下一刻酒楼内的所有人,无论是顾客还是酒楼的人,都是立刻逃了出去。 Because of these three, is the person of Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 因为这三位,乃是七界圣府之人。 They just discussed that is the Seven Worlds Saint Palace matter, but before the Seven Worlds Saint Palace person, the discussion Seven Worlds Saint Palace matter, this is the taboo. 他们刚刚讨论的,可是七界圣府的事,但在七界圣府的人面前,讨论七界圣府的事,此乃大忌。 Therefore at this moment, in this restaurant then was only left over Feng Ling Li Wu, and people of that three Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 所以此刻,这酒楼内便只剩下了风铃里雾,以及那三位七界圣府之人。 Oh, originally is the Seven Worlds Saint Palace person.” “喔,原来是七界圣府的人啊。” That definitely said that no wonder Chu Feng died, is actually concerned about face-saving, therefore hopes very much Chu Feng died, right?” Feng Ling grinning asking. “那就难怪这么肯定的说楚枫死了,其实就是爱面子,所以很希望楚枫死了,对吧?”风铃笑嘻嘻的问道。 You and Chu Feng are what relations, spoke for him?” That is the youth of head asks. “你与楚枫是何关系,如此替他说话?”那位为首的青年问道。 What relates?” “什么关系?” Friend.” Feng Ling said. “朋友。”风铃道。 Friend?” “朋友?” Hears this words, the people of that three Seven Worlds Saint Palace , is the look change. 听闻此话,那三位七界圣府之人,也皆是神色变化。 They have not thought, unexpectedly some people dare before the person of their Seven Worlds Saint Palace, to say oneself are the Chu Feng's friend. 他们没有想到,居然有人敢在他们七界圣府之人面前,说自己是楚枫的朋友。 Ignorant person saw, but such as you were so ignorant, my first seeing.” “无知的人见多了,但如你这般无知的,我还是第一次见。” „Don't you really fear death?” That is the youth of head asked. “你是真的不怕死吗?”那个为首的青年问。 Naturally fears death. ” Feng Ling said. 当然怕死。”风铃道。 You also dare saying that you are the Chu Feng friend?” That youth is puzzled. “那你还敢说,你是楚枫朋友?”那名青年不解。 Why doesn't dare?” Feng Ling asked. “为何不敢?”风铃问。 You......” “你……” Hears this words, the people of three Seven Worlds Saint Palace, all are killing intent surge. 听闻此话,三个七界圣府之人,皆是杀意涌动。 Feng Ling this act, is not ignorant is so simple, is clearly provoking his Seven Worlds Saint Palace authority. 风铃此举,已不是无知这么简单,分明就是在挑衅他七界圣府的权威。 Rumble- 轰隆隆- But, above the sky transmits a strange sound in the meantime suddenly. 可就在此时,天空之上忽然传来一声怪响。 The sky of clear and boundless sky, in an instant unexpectedly was jet black a piece. 紧接着,原本晴空万里的天空,转眼竟漆黑一片。 At this moment is daytime, above the land does not have lights, void above does not have half stars. 此刻乃白日,大地之上没有一盏灯火,虚空之上也无半颗繁星。 Therefore is incessantly void, the whole world was covered by dark(ness). 因此不止虚空,整个世界都被黑暗所笼罩。 Such change, even if numerous position cultivator also feel flustered. 这样的变化,哪怕众位修武者也是倍感心慌。 Luckily, this scene has not continued is too long. 幸亏,这种景象并未持续太久。 Quick void above, the ray appears, this thing is situated in above Nine Heavens, is very far from the ground, clarity that but actually can also look, this thing real volume, inevitably big to scary. 很快虚空之上,有一道光芒浮现,此物立于九天之上,距离地面很远,但却也能看的清楚,此物真实体积,必然大到骇人。 „Does that... seem like scroll?” “那…好像是卷轴?” But quick, people discovered that say/way is situated in the ray body above Nine Heavens, resembling is together scroll. 但很快,人们发现,那道立于九天之上的光芒体,似是一道卷轴 That is a day of list.” “那是天榜。” At this moment, has the character of older generation to blurt out. 此刻,有老一辈的人物脱口而出。 Day list?” “天榜?” Hears these two characters, many people also responded. 听闻这两个字,许多人也都反应过来。 The day list, they know certainly. 天榜,他们当然知晓。 The so-called day list, is summit of powerful formation technique Nine Heavens, may cover vast martial cultivation world. 所谓天榜,乃是九天之巅一个强大阵法,可覆盖浩瀚修武界 Then, with the Seven Worlds Saint Palace seven imperial order, somewhat resembles, but the day list strength is without doubt stronger, and is more magnificent. 说起来,与七界圣府的七界诏令,有些相像,但天榜无疑力量更强,且更为壮观。 Day list appeared, was could it be that the summit of previous Nine Heavens had result?” “天榜出现了,难道说是上次九天之巅有了结果?” The people came the interest, after all before the summit of Nine Heavens, invited Xianhai Shaoyu, Long Chengyu, Ling Xiao, the matter of Qin Xuan and others has spread. 众人来了兴趣,毕竟之前九天之巅,邀请了仙海少禹,龙承羽,灵霄,秦玄等人之事已经传开。 But has not heard result, such as today's list appears, must be public result. 可迟迟没有听说结果,如今天榜浮现,必是公开结果 The world also want to know, now the martial cultivation world strongest junior talent, is actually. 世人也都想知道,当今修武界最强的小辈天才,究竟是谁。 Quick, day list scroll opens slowly, the jet black world presents such a luminous work, tall and pleasing to the eye. 很快,天榜卷轴缓缓张开,漆黑的世界出现这样一幅光亮之作,美轮美奂。 But the scroll middle day list two characters, were definite its status. 卷轴中间的天榜二字,更是确定了它的身份。 And quick, above the day list also had the typeface to appear one after another, making people know real reason that a day of list presented. 且很快,天榜之上也有字体接连出现,让人们知道了天榜出现的真正原因。 Originally the summit of previous Nine Heavens, although invited 原来上一次九天之巅,虽邀请 The top talent of all influence, because of great formation of summit of Nine Heavens, detected also to have other juniors born, had not been invited, therefore previous termination. 了各方势力的顶尖天才,但是因为九天之巅的大阵,侦测到了还有其他小辈出世,却并没有被邀请,于是上一次终止了。 This time, the summit of Nine Heavens will conduct two months later, and these with the summit of former Nine Heavens, was different time. 这一次,九天之巅将在两个月后重新举办,并且这一次与之前的九天之巅,有所不同。 Vast martial cultivation world, all has not reached hundred -year-old junior, can come participate. 浩瀚修武界,所有未满百岁的小辈,都可以来参加 Two months later, the summit of Nine Heavens will appear in Bloodline Galaxy, burns lineage/vein Star Region, burns lineage/vein Ordinary Realm, burns the lineage/vein village. 两个月之后,九天之巅将出现在血脉天河,燃脉星域,燃脉凡界的,燃脉村。 Meanwhile, will have great formation to appeared burning the lineage/vein village. 同时,会有一座大阵出现在燃脉村。 So long as can through the person of great formation, be qualified for the summit of Nine Heavens, fights with the numerous talents, comes out now vast martial cultivation world, name of the strongest talent. 只要能够通过大阵之人,就有资格进入九天之巅,与众天才争锋,决出当今浩瀚修武界,最强天才之名。 This time, a direct use day of list, invites the talent to go to the summit of Nine Heavens unexpectedly?” “这一次,居然直接动用天榜,来邀请天才前往九天之巅吗?” „Had such writing skill, never had before?” “这样的手笔,之前从未有过吧?” Said Galaxy respectively, all world, all powerhouses, saw such a are to all feel the exclamation. 各道天河,各方世界,各方强者,看到这样一幕皆是感觉惊叹。 The day list, can cover vast martial cultivation world super great formation. 天榜,是能覆盖浩瀚修武界的超级大阵 But the day list uses each time, is used to announce summit of Nine Heavens result. 但每次天榜动用,都是用来宣布九天之巅的结果的。 As for the person of invitation, then sends the invitation alone. 至于邀请之人,则是单独发邀请函。 If this time, a direct use day of list invited, since the history records for the first time. 如这一次,直接动用天榜来邀请的,乃是历史记载以来的首次。 Worthily is Age of Gods.” “不愧是神之时代啊。” Regarding this, all parties exist sigh the specialness of Age of Gods. 对此,各方存在都感叹神之时代的特别。 But is quick, above the day list also has the typeface to reappear unexpectedly. 而很快,天榜之上竟又有字体浮现。 ...... …… The summit of this Nine Heavens, although opens wide to vast martial cultivation world all juniors, but eight juniors, especially will also be invited, does not need to enter to reach the summit of Nine Heavens directly. 此次九天之巅,虽对浩瀚修武界所有小辈敞开,但也有八位小辈,将得到特别邀请,无需入阵可直接登上九天之巅。 ...... …… When this line of typefaces appear, almost all people look at steadily, look up to the day list that void above appears. 当这行字体浮现而出,几乎所有人都目不转睛,仰望虚空之上浮现的天榜。 Although in the heart has the guess, but wants to see with one's own eyes, by eight people of day list invitation, is actually. 尽管心中已有猜测,但还是想亲眼看到,被天榜邀请的八人,究竟是谁。 Quick, above the day list the typeface appears again, the list also makes known. 很快,天榜之上字体再度浮现,名单也是随之揭晓。 ...... …… Heavenly Dome Galaxy Qin Xuan. 苍穹天河秦玄 Bloodline Galaxy Feng Ling. 血脉天河风铃 Totem Galaxy Long Chengyu. 图腾天河龙承羽 Xianhai Galaxy Xianhai Yu'er. 仙海天河仙海鱼儿 Ancestral Martial Galaxy Chu Feng. 祖武天河楚枫 Nine Souls Galaxy Xian Miaomiao. 九魂天河仙喵喵 Seven Worlds Galaxy Jie Tian. 七界天河界天 Divine Body Galaxy Wang Qiang. 神体天河王强 ...... …… This list, world all startled! 此榜一出,世人皆惊!
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