MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5700: Two important matters

fart, a trivial junior, the old man kills him , if run over and dies a ant, what Laiwei did have he himself to kill itself to say?” Seven Mansion Lord said. 放屁,一个区区小辈,老夫杀他如碾死一只蚂蚁,何来唯有他自己才能杀死自己之说?”七界府主道。 You fight with him today directly, can be run over and die he?” The tone of mysterious strength, has the meaning of several points of ridicule. “那你今日与他正面交手,可有碾死他?”神秘力量的语气,带有几分嘲弄之意。 Hears this words, in seven Mansion Lord eyes the anger is thicker. 听闻此话,七界府主眼中怒意更浓。 Actually are you what thing? Do you have what goal?” “你究竟是什么东西?你有何目的?” „Are you Ancient Era odd/surplus evil?” Seven Mansion Lord asked one after another. “你是远古时期的余孽吗?”七界府主接连问道。 Existence of this god is to change this time, you... are not spy on the strength of this god, steps into the territory of this god?” The mysterious strength asked.?? “本神之存在,是要改变这个时代,你…不也是窥探本神之力量,才踏入本神之领地?”神秘力量问。?? Your territory?” “你之领地?” Seven Worlds Galaxy is the Seven Worlds Saint Palace territory.” Seven Mansion Lord said. 七界天河皆是七界圣府的领地。”七界府主道。 „Can you this god expel?” The mysterious strength asked. “那你能将本神驱逐吗?”神秘力量问。 Thinks has some strengths, then can play with the old man in the stock palm?” “自以为拥有一些力量,便能将老夫玩弄于股掌之中?” You do not understand my Seven Worlds Saint Palace, did not understand that my Jie Tian dyes.” Seven Mansion Lord said. “你根本不了解我七界圣府,也不了解我界天染。”七界府主道。 But regarding seven Mansion Lord these words languages, that mysterious strength is to exude the intermittent laughter. 但对于七界府主这番话语,那神秘力量则是发出阵阵笑声。 That laughter is very contemptuous, completely has not paid attention to seven Mansion Lord. 那笑声很是轻蔑,全然没有将七界府主放在眼里。 Hears this laughter, seven Mansion Lord are unable to control oneself mood, as the vast martial cultivation world strongest person, he did not allow that was ridiculed. 听到这笑声,七界府主也无法控制自己的情绪,身为浩瀚修武界的最强之人,他不容许被人如此嘲笑。 Therefore, his palm rumbles, boundless formation power goes turbulently. 于是,他一掌轰出,磅礴的结界之力汹涌而去。 Whatever that mysterious strength, the gives out aura is sacred, actually also in front of this powerful formation power, by destroying forcefully. 任凭那神秘力量,散发的气息多么神圣,却也在这强大的结界之力面前,被硬生生的摧毁。 But that mysterious strength, although diverges, but the sound of mysterious strength actually resounds through again 可那神秘力量虽然散去,但神秘力量的声音却再度响彻 Seven Mansion Lord, the direction of this god is irreproachable, can who your Seven Worlds Saint Palace obtains the unsurpassed honor to appear, how to choose, looks at yourself.” “七界府主,本神之指引并无错误,能让你七界圣府获得无上荣光的人已经出现,如何抉择,看你自己。” Regarding this words, seven Mansion Lord clench jaws. 对于此话,七界府主咬牙切齿。 Plays tricks, pretends to be the divine intervention.” “装神弄鬼,冒充天意。” Ok, Age of Gods truly exists, but was not decided by you, but is the old man.” “就算,神之时代的确存在,但不是由你来决定,而是老夫。” You remember, the old man will not drive away Seven Worlds Galaxy you, because the old man will make you live to might as well die.” “你记住,老夫不会将你驱赶出七界天河,因为老夫会让你生不如死。” Regardless of you are “无论你是 What background, my Jie Tian dyes will let you, pays the price for your behavior. ” 何来路,我界天染都会让你,为你的行为付出代价。” Seven Mansion Lord this words saying, that mysterious strength has not been giving the response. 七界府主此话说出,那神秘力量并没有在给予回应。 ...... …… Afterward seven Mansion Lord, leave this place, arrived in the Saint Palace region, needs the special formation key, forbidden land that can step into. 随后七界府主,离开此地,来到了圣府区域内,一个需要持有特殊的结界钥匙,才能踏入的禁地 But in this forbidden land, 3003 wears the black World Spirit long gown early, World Spiritist of face belt/bring black mask, waits in this. 而在这禁地之内,早有三千零三位身穿黑色界灵长袍,脸带黑色面具的界灵师,于此等候。 Their waists, are hanging the Seven Worlds Saint Palace Seven Worlds Saint Palace token, but the back writes the Saint Palace shadow division four characters. 他们的腰间,都挂着七界圣府七界圣府的令牌,而背面写着圣府影司四个字。 greets Mansion Lord.” 拜见府主。” Sees seven Mansion Lord to appear, 3000 black robe World Spiritist also salute. 见七界府主出现,三千位黑袍界灵师同时施礼。 Sets out.” “起身。” Seven Mansion Lord this words saying, three black robe World Spiritist, arrived in front of seven Mansion Lord. 七界府主此话说完,三位黑袍界灵师,走到了七界府主面前。 Compares in other black robe World Spiritist, on these three World Spiritist long gowns, then writes the beast shadow respectively, ghost, monster shadow. 相比于其他黑袍界灵师,这三位的界灵师长袍上,则是分别写着兽影,鬼影,妖影。 Mansion Lord, is to apprehend that Chu Feng?” That beast shadow World Spiritist asked. 府主,是要去捉拿那楚枫吗?”那位兽影界灵师问道。 Seizes? Do you have the clue?” Seven Mansion Lord asked. “捉?你有线索吗?”七界府主问。 Beast shadow World Spiritist is silent, he indeed does not have the clue. 兽影界灵师沉默,他的确没有线索。 Seven Mansion Lord that writes scroll about Chu Feng details, gave looked to ghost World Spiritist 七界府主将那个,写着关于楚枫底细的卷轴,递给了看向鬼影界灵师 Ghost, you have thousand people, goes to Ancestral Martial Galaxy, investigates clearly to me, that named Chu Xuanyuan's whether died, dies where, must see the person exactly, dying to see the corpse.” “鬼影,你带千人,去祖武天河,给我调查清楚,那个叫楚轩辕的是否死了,死在何地,活要见人,死要见尸。” Compliant.” The ghost grasps scroll, later brings 100 black robe World Spiritist, left this place. “遵命。”鬼影手持卷轴,随后带着一百位黑袍界灵师,离开了此地。 immediately seven Mansion Lord, puts out scroll, gave monster shadow World Spiritist. 旋即七界府主,又拿出一个卷轴,递给了妖影界灵师 Monster shadow, leads surplus everyone, protects the junior on scroll.” “妖影,带着剩余所有人,去保护卷轴上的小辈。” Remember, if these juniors will have what accident in the future, the person of protection also works as the capital crime.” Seven Mansion Lord said. “记住,若是这些小辈日后有什么闪失,守护之人也当死罪。”七界府主道。 Compliant.” “遵命。” After the monster shadow should next, then brought other black robe World Spiritist to leave this place. 妖影应下后,便带着其余所有黑袍界灵师离开了此地。 At this moment, here then only had seven Mansion Lord, with beast shadow two people. 此刻,这里便只剩下了七界府主,与兽影两个人。 Along with me comes.” “随我来。” Seven Worlds Saint Palace sets out to leave, beast shadow World Spiritist is also rushes to follow. 七界圣府起身离开,兽影界灵师也是赶忙跟随。 Afterward, seven Mansion Lord arrived brings beast shadow World Spiritist, Yu Kong the line, left Seven Worlds Saint Palace unexpectedly. 随后,七界府主来到了带着兽影界灵师,一路御空而行,竟离开了七界圣府 Arrived at beside Seven Worlds Saint Palace, in starry skies. 来到了七界圣府之外的,一片星空之中。 In this place, seven Mansion Lord put out talismans. 身在此地,七界府主拿出了一道符纸 After talismans crumb, he did not say a word, but is looking at the distant place, resembled is waiting for anything. 符纸捏碎后,他一言不发,只是望着远处,似是在等待着什么。 Beast shadow World Spiritist does not dare to speak, but calmly stands in seven Mansion Lord behind. 兽影界灵师也是不敢说话,只是静静站在七界府主身后。 Suddenly, the beast shadow World Spiritist vision changes, he detected that some people approach. 忽然,兽影界灵师目光变化,他察觉到有人靠近。 Really, wears the gray cloak, wears existence of bamboo hat, treading to be spatial and good, from distant place. 果然,一个身穿灰色披风,头戴斗笠的存在,踏空而行,自远处而来。 His camel the back, resembling is being old old person. 他驼着背,似是一个年迈的老者 But after he falls to the ground, then takes off immediately bamboo hat that covers the appearance. 可他落地后,则是立刻摘下了遮盖容颜的斗笠。 Appearance that he reveals, is very strange. 他露出的容貌,十分诡异。 His face is jet black, the nose and mouth are forward prominent, resembling the person is inhuman, resembles the dog non- dog. 他的脸漆黑,鼻子与嘴向前突出,似人非人,似狗非狗。 But its eyes blood red, looks very vicious, terrifying. 但它的双眼血红,看起来十分凶狠,恐怖。 This poor Daoist smells the day, greets Sir Mansion Lord, the greets beast shadow Sir.” “贫道嗅天,拜见府主大人,拜见兽影大人。” This appearance strange smells day of Taoist, serves with a ritual to seven Mansion Lord and beast shadow World Spiritist. 这位长相怪异的嗅天道人,对着七界府主与兽影界灵师施以一礼。 Smells day of Taoist, you have wandered beside my Seven Worlds Saint Palace, should know the matter of Chu Feng?” Seven Mansion Lord asked. “嗅天道人,你一直徘徊在我七界圣府之外,应该知道楚枫之事了吧?”七界府主问。 Returns to Sir Mansion Lord, this poor Daoist has known.” Smells day of Taoist to nod. “回府主大人,贫道已然知晓。”嗅天道人点头。 Helps me catch Chu Feng, thing that you want, the old man then gives you.” “帮我抓到楚枫,你想要的东西,老夫便给你。” Seven Mansion Lord spoke, took out cosmos sack, loses to smelled day of Taoist. 七界府主说话间,将一个乾坤袋取出,丢向了嗅天道人 Smells day of Taoist to open cosmos sack, that inside pots and pans, anything has. 嗅天道人打开乾坤袋,那里面锅碗瓢盆,什么都有。 Is Chu Feng when Seven Worlds Saint Palace, has contacted goods. 都是楚枫七界圣府时,接触过的物品。 …… …… Smells day of Taoist, takes out the goods one by one, smells one after another, later pinches the law secret art, that nose twitches fast. 嗅天道人,将物品挨个取出,接连嗅起,随后捏动法诀,那鼻子快速抽搐。 A strange strength, is spreads. 一股奇异的力量,也是蔓延开来。 But after passing a double-hour, he actually looks the embarrassment. 但过了一个时辰之后,他却面露难色。 Sir Mansion Lord, are these really Chu Feng has contacted thing?” Smells day of Taoist to ask. “请问府主大人,这些真的是楚枫接触过的东西?”嗅天道人问。 Un.” Seven Mansion Lord nod. “嗯。”七界府主点头。 This poor Daoist cannot feel the this child life aura, if the goods right, that Chu Feng, should die.” Smells day of Taoist to say. “贫道感受不到此子的生命气息,若物品没错,那个楚枫,应该已经死了。”嗅天道人道。 „Did you determine?” Seven Mansion Lord asked. “你确定?”七界府主问。 Sir Mansion Lord, you know that my poor Daoist wants that thing, you give this poor Daoist this opportunity, this poor Daoist wish for earnestly.” 府主大人,您知道我贫道多想要那件东西,您给贫道这个机会,贫道求之不得啊。” But really cannot smell the Chu Feng's position, but the skill of this poor Daoist, Sir Mansion Lord is knows.” “但真的嗅不到楚枫的方位,可贫道的本事,府主大人是知晓的。” This poor Daoist cannot smell to exist, only then a possibility, that was the person has died.” Smells day of Taoist to say. “贫道嗅不到存在,只有一种可能,那就是人已经死了。”嗅天道人说道。 He... cannot withstand, teacher that formation technique backlash?” “他…也承受不住,师尊那阵法反噬吗?” Hears this words, seven Mansion Lord expressions become complex, in his old eye has the happy expression, but also has wipes to regret. 听闻此话,七界府主表情变得复杂起来,他苍老的眼中有喜色,但也有着一抹遗憾。 ...... …… The time passes, in an instant in the past several days, the quick two important matters, spread in vast martial cultivation world. 时间流逝,转眼过去数日,很快两件大事,于浩瀚修武界传开。 The first important matter, is Chu Feng is the child of Jie Ranqing, as well as makes a big row the matter of Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 第一件大事,便是楚枫乃是界染清之子,以及大闹七界圣府之事。 From now, the Chu Feng's name, besides news deficient Eastern Territory, feared that is entire vast martial cultivation world, will be known to everybody to be known to everybody. 从此以后,楚枫的名字,除了消息匮乏的东域之外,怕是整个浩瀚修武界,将无人不知无人不晓。 But Chu Feng although on the same day the power and prestige, may stimulate to movement the formation technique strength to be extremely powerful, therefore there is a news to spread, although Chu Feng successfully flees Seven Worlds Saint Palace, but had died. 楚枫当日虽然威风,可催动阵法的力量太过强大,所以有消息传出,楚枫虽然成功逃离七界圣府,但早已死去。 And this news, obtained the approvals of many people. 并且这个消息,得到了许多人之认可。 The second important matter, Totem Dragon Clan had the accident. 第二件大事,图腾龙族发生了变故。 The Totem Dragon Clan about half clansman revolts suddenly, collaborates guest official Great Elder Taishi Xingzhong, as well as Pill Dao Immortal Sect and other attached influences, overthrew the rule of Totem Dragon Clan predecessor Clan Head together. 图腾龙族近半族人突然叛变,联手客卿大长老太史星中,以及丹道仙宗等诸多附属势力,一同推翻了图腾龙族前任族长的统治。 But new Totem Dragon Clan Clan Head, named Long Lin(dragon scale). 而新任图腾龙族族长,名为龙鳞
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