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#1859: Monster

However, the Zhao Fu flight did not have one to discover does not suit, because discovered oneself have not flown far, but in a place circulation is flying. 不过,赵甫飞行还没有一会就发现了不对劲,因为发现自己没有飞多远,而是在一个地方循环的飞着。 Zhao Fu frowned, this was Illusion Technique, was formation? 赵甫皱起眉头,这是中了幻术,还是阵法 Thinks of here, Zhao Fu stays in midair, strength gathers to the left eye, colored glaze color eye pupil, sends out the colored glaze color ray. 想到这里,赵甫停留在半空之中,一股力量向左眼聚集,一个琉璃色眼瞳一张,散发琉璃色的光芒。 May the present scenery not have any change, now Zhao Fu has used the colored glaze imaginary pupil, has not actually discovered any difference, this explained that is not Illusion Technique and formation, otherwise colored glaze imaginary will realize that does not suit. 可眼前的景物却没有任何变化,现在赵甫都用了琉璃幻瞳,却没有发现任何异样,这说明不是幻术阵法,不然琉璃幻头就会察觉到不对劲。 But is not Illusion Technique, is not formation, why are flying in this place circulation? 但不是幻术,又不是阵法,那自己为什么在此地循环飞着? Zhao Fu somewhat does not think clearly, it seems like oneself somewhat underestimates this Spiritual God restricted area, afterward Zhao Fu flew several times, finally returns to the original place. 赵甫有些想不明白,看来自己是有些小看这神灵禁地,随后赵甫又飞了几次,最后还是回到原来的地方。 At this moment, even if Zhao Fu wants to withdraw, did not have any means. 此刻,就算赵甫想退出,也没有了任何办法。 What to do now should?” “现在该怎么办?” Zhao Fu stands in the sky, a face embarrassment is thinking, facing a present this situation, does not have means. 赵甫站在天空之中,一脸难色的想着,面对现在这一种情况,没有一点办法。 Suddenly! 忽然! One crowd of monsters appear in Zhao Fu at present, these monster upper part are the person, the hair is scattered in disorder, the facial features are fierce, the lower part is a snake, 45 meters, can fly in the sky. 一群怪物出现在赵甫眼前,这些怪物上半身是人,头发散乱,面容狰狞,下半身则是一条蛇,有45米长,能飞行在天空之中。 That crowd of monsters look at a pair of eyes Zhao Fu, has a evil smiling face, flies to Zhao Fu. 那一群怪物看着一双眼睛赵甫,带有一种邪恶笑容,向赵甫这一边飞行过来。 Zhao Fu is somewhat pleasantly surprised, feared that back and forth circulates in a place, perhaps now sees this crowd of monsters, the matter has the favorable turn. 赵甫有些惊喜,就怕就在一个地方来回循环,现在见到这一群怪物,事情也许有转机。 The monster flies in front of Zhao Fu's, has not had directly launches the attack, but opened mouth has exuded the beautiful moving singing sound unexpectedly. 怪物飞到赵甫的面前,也没有有直接发起攻击,而是张开嘴竟然发出了优美动人的歌声。 Zhao Fu hears this singing sound, consciousness is unexpectedly absent-minded, somewhat is also dizzy, somewhat is at present fuzzy, Zhao Fu understands that this is a use sound hypnosis ability, immediately has used saint blood strength. 赵甫听到这个歌声,意识竟然恍惚起来,头也有些晕,眼前也有些模糊,赵甫明白这是一种利用声音催眠的能力,马上动用了圣血力量 The blood speeds up flowing in body, invisible strength spreads, Zhao Fu immediately restored soberly, a that dizziness also vanishes does not see. 血液在身体之中加快流动,一股无形的力量扩散出来,赵甫马上了恢复清醒,那一种头晕也消失不见。 Although Zhao Fu restored soberly, but does not have anxiously getting rid, waited for how these monsters do, now they possibly leave here most essential thing. 虽然赵甫已经恢复清醒,但也没有急着出手,等待那些怪物怎样做,现在他们可能是离开这里最关键的东西。 The relieved monster looks at the Zhao Fu almost quick stupor, body flies some not to be steady in the midair, must crash shortly to the ground. 安心怪物看着赵甫几乎快昏迷过去,身体飞在半空之中都有些不稳,眼看着就要就要坠落向地面。 That crowd of monsters show the fierce smiling face, opens the mouth, closes, wants to divide the food Zhao Fu. 那一群怪物露出狰狞的笑容,张开嘴巴,一拥而上,想要将赵甫分食。 Zhao Fu at this time, opened both eyes fiercely, on the face reveals one to sneer, the left eye golden eye pupil rotates, 赵甫这个时候,猛地睁开双眼,脸上露出一丝冷笑,左眼金色眼瞳转动起来, clang clang clang...... 锵锵锵…… Chains are having a strength, fast void outstretch from Zhao Fu, is having the swift and violent imposing manner, has shot to that numerous monster. 一根根锁链带着一股劲力,飞快从赵甫身边的虚空伸出,带着迅猛的气势,向那众多怪物射了过去。 These monster complexions one startled, runs away hurriedly backward, but tied up by shackles, struggles in the midair, exudes to whoosh, actually cannot work loose one. 那些怪物脸色一惊,急忙向后逃去,可是一个个还是被一根根铁链捆住,在半空之中挣扎起来,发出一声声嘶吼,却挣脱不开一丝。 This crowd of monster quantities are not many, only then several, Zhao Fu is having the smiling face, arrives at their front. 这一群怪物数量也不是很多,只有十几只,赵甫带着笑容,来到它们的面前。 They take restricted area creatures, should be capable of leaving here. 它们作为禁地生物,应该有能力离开这里。 Zhao Fu tries to want with them to exchange, making them bring itself to leave, oneself let off them, is this crowd of monster Intelligence is very low, does not understand that Zhao Fu said anything, does not want to escape, is to attack Zhao Fu. 赵甫试图想和它们交流一番,让它们带自己离开,自己就放过它们,可是这一群怪物智力很低,不明白赵甫说什么,不是想逃跑,就是想要攻击赵甫 Facing this situation, Zhao Fu has thought that becomes the shackle very tiny, is probably smaller than the pinky, fetters each monster the waist, does not have to limit their abilities to act. 面对这个情况,赵甫想了一下,将铁链变得很细小,大概比小拇指还小一点,束缚每一个怪物的腰部,也没有在限制他们的行动能力。 These monsters to run away immediately, ties up their shackle also unceasingly to turn, Zhao Fu this follows the shackle to fly with them, is less than a meeting, really left that place. 那些怪物马上就向一边逃去,捆住着他们的铁链也不断变成,赵甫这顺着铁链跟着他们飞着,不到一会,果然离开了那一个地方。 Zhao Fu some want to massacre these monsters, may somewhat be worried that loses their guiding, oneself will fall into during the circulation, but follows them, is not very good, the direction that because they escape is not the restricted area, but Zhao Fu goes is the restricted area. 赵甫有些想杀掉这些怪物,可又有些担心,失去他们的带路,自己又会陷入循环之中,但跟着他们走,也不是很好,因为他们逃跑的方向并不是禁地内部,而赵甫前往的就是禁地内部。 Has thought that Zhao Fu, whatever these monsters escape forward, has the shackle to bundle them in any case, their cannot escape. 想了一下,赵甫任由那些怪物向前逃跑,反正有铁链捆着他们,他们一个都逃不掉。 Zhao Fu has not flown with them, 赵甫没有跟着他们飞行, Planned oneself fly, looks at this place with the original place is the same, if different, Zhao Fu can massacre these monsters, because they do not have a use, may try finally several times, finally such, has not followed these monsters to fly, fell into during the endless circulation. 打算自己飞行一下,看这个地方和原来的地方是不是一样,如果不一样了,赵甫就可以杀掉那些怪物,因为他们没有一点用处,可结果试了几次,结果还是那样,没有跟随着那些怪物飞,又陷入了无尽循环之中。 Zhao Fu is somewhat helpless, can only look for that crowd of monsters following the shackle. 赵甫有些无奈,只能顺着铁链去找那一群怪物。 Goes forward following the shackle, to has not fallen into during the circulation, after one hour, Zhao Fu arrived at monster gathering place. 顺着铁链前进,到也没有陷入循环之中,一个多小时后,赵甫来到了一个怪物的聚集地 Here is stretch of ruins , some stone and construction of wood/blockhead simple build, very crude, has thousand that monster probably. 这里是一片废墟,也有一些石头和木头简单搭建的建筑,非常的简陋,其中大概有千只那一种怪物。 That crowd of monsters see Zhao Fu, shows the evil smiling face, opens mouth, exudes the beautiful interesting to listen to singing sound. 那一群怪物见到赵甫,也露出邪恶的笑容,张开嘴,发出优美动听的歌声。 Zhao Fu in one time feels a dizziness immediately, but then an powerful Saint aura erupts, forms strong winds to wreak havoc to all around, a pressure has also covered the four directions. 赵甫马上在一次感到一种眩晕,但是接着一股强悍的圣者气息爆发出来,形成一股狂风向四周肆虐,一股威压也笼罩了四方。 A that dizziness feeling vanishes, on the Zhao Fu face has one to sneer, looks below that crowd of monsters. 那一种眩晕感消失,赵甫脸上带着一丝冷笑,看着下方那一群怪物。 The innumerable monsters feel Zhao Fu's terrifying strength, the complexion also becomes frightened, some run away directly to other discoveries. 无数怪物感受到赵甫的恐怖力量,脸色也变得恐惧起来,有些直接向其它发现逃去。 Zhao Fu takes out Emperor Killing Sword, must begin to slaughter this crowd of monsters, can perhaps found to eradicate a that circulation the thing, could not find, leaves behind several living witness to be OK. 赵甫取出帝杀剑,就要动手屠杀这一群怪物,说不定能在其中找到破除那一种循环的东西,就算找不到,留下几个活口就可以了。 burst! 突然! The sound resounds together, is the Divine Spirit World commonly used language, this Sir Spiritual God, but also please do not slaughter us.” 一道声音响起,是神灵世界常用的语言,“这个神灵大人,还请不要屠杀我们。” Zhao Fu stops the hand, is somewhat pleasantly surprised, finally meets creatures that can exchange, looks following the sound, is appearance somewhat old old man, the manner compares other people, compared with is much more normal. 赵甫停下来手来,有些惊喜,终于碰见一个能交流的生物,顺着声音看去,是一个长相有些苍老的老人,神态相比其它人,比较正常得多。 Ok! But I need you to lead me to go to the restricted area deep place, if you comply, I not only do not kill you, but can also give you some advantage.” “可以!但我需要你带我前往禁地深处,如果你答应,我不仅不杀你们,还可以给你一些好处。” The old man complexion is somewhat serious, started talking, Sir Spiritual God do you come for that thing?” 老人脸色有些严肃,开口说道,“神灵大人你可是为那一件东西而来?” That thing?” “那一件东西?” Hears this saying, in the Zhao Fu heart is somewhat joyful, this restricted area really has the thing, then nods, said that I come for that thing, what thing can you know that are?” 听到这话,赵甫心中有些欣喜,这个禁地果然是有东西,便点点头,说道,“我是为那一件东西而来,你可知那是一件什么东西?” old man replied, that thing villain does not know that the restricted area deep place compared with surrounding danger dozens times, the villain strength is unable to go meanly, but knows that because of strength of that thing, we turns into the present appearance, originally we were the ordinary common people.” 老人回答道,“那一件东西小人并不知道,禁地深处远比外围危险数十倍,小人实力低微无法前往,但知道因为那东西的力量,我们才变成现在的模样,原本我们本是普通百姓。” The Zhao Fu complexion is somewhat earnest, that thing should not simple, started talking, that you lead me to go, I will assure your security.” 赵甫脸色有些认真起来,那一件东西应该不简单,开口说道,“那你带我前去,我会保证你的安全。” old man does not have the hesitant nod to comply, because he, or goes, those present will all die. 老人没有犹豫点头答应,因为他要不去,在场的人全都会死。 Afterward, Zhao Fu with restricted area deep place. 随后,赵甫跟着禁地深处。 https:// https:// Talent one second remembers the home station address:. 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