LE :: Volume #19

#1858: Spiritual God restricted area

Now fuses two Spiritual God Legacy Power, Zhao Fu then starts to construct the plan of Myriad Gods Temple. 现在融合两个神灵传承之力,赵甫便开始建造万神殿的计划。 First must have the thing of legacy, the thing of this legacy is a core of influence, entire influence by this core, but legacy gets down. 首先就是要有传承之物,这个传承之物就会是一个势力的核心,整个势力以这核心而传承下去。 For example Great Qin's Legacy Stone, can establish Great Qin City by it, finally grows into present Great Qin Empire. 比如大秦的传承之石,以它就可以建立大秦城,最后成长为现在的大秦帝国 If you do not have this legacy, even if you have corresponding emperor's clan bloodline, country that establishes, is not Great Qin Empire, because does not have corresponding legacy, cannot become Great Qin Empire. Only can calculate a new state. 如果你没有这个传承,就算你具有相应的皇族血脉,所建立的国家,也不是大秦帝国,因为没有相应的传承,就不能成为大秦帝国。只能算一个新的国度。 strength of new state, surely does not have one to have legacy state, because legacy, not only has the cultural custom, corresponding Legacy Power. 一个新国度的力量,肯定也没有一个有传承的国度强,因为传承的不仅有文化习俗,还有相应的传承之力 The row such as Great Qin Empire each soldiers cultivates the Great Qin heart law/technique to have the strength of Great Qin, but can also invisible in promote soldiers strength, huge Nation of Great Qin transported, had this huge national destiny, can affect other destinies. 列如大秦帝国每个士兵都修炼大秦心法有大秦之力,还可以无形之中提升士兵力量,还有庞大的大秦国运,有了这庞大的国运,也可以影响到其它个人的命运。 This is the thing that a new state cannot have. 这是一个新的国度不能具有的东西。 Myriad Gods Temple that Zhao Fu wants to establish, naturally same has the legacy influence with Great Qin, but is not any legacy rising forces. 赵甫想建立的万神殿,自然是和大秦一样具有传承的势力,而不是一个没有任何传承的新兴势力。 Jade Stone Goddess and Iron Stone Goddess become a God over 160 years, they also had Legacy Power, although is not very strong, but their influences should have some legacy abilities. 玉石女神铁石女神成神都有160年以上,她们也有了传承之力,虽然不是很强,但她们的势力应该也有了一些传承能力。 legacy this thing, time is longer is more formidable. 传承这一种东西,时间越久越强大。 Zhao Fu went to the Jade Stone Goddess influence center, is the temple that she lives, inside also Jade Stone Magic Cube, sends out slightly the ray, floats in the midair. 赵甫来到了玉石女神的势力中心,也就是她所居住的神殿,里面也有一颗玉石魔方,散发出微微光芒,漂浮在半空之中。 originally this perhaps is ordinary City Creation Stone, every day accepts Jade Stone Goddess Divine Power to moisten each night, turns into the present to have Legacy Power Legacy Stone like this. 原本这也许是一颗普通建城之石,每日每夜接受玉石女神神力滋润,变成了现在这样具有传承之力传承之石 Zhao Fu goes forward to extend a hand, strength has welled up, wraps that City Creation Stone, but the next moment somewhat disappointed receives to reach behind the back. 赵甫上前伸出一