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#45: An average person daily ( 2 )

Draws up the document to begin, Barton prepares increases the detail content toward inside the time, discovered that Vernal has not submitted any material unexpectedly. 拟好文件开头,巴顿准备往里面添加细节性内容的时候,才发现弗纳尔竟然没提交任何资料。 could it be that he thinks by himself and relations of foundation, only with a letter/believes can Shanghai subsidization?” Barton after on the table looked for one, quite feels the doubts to think aloud. 难道他认为凭借自己和基金会的关系,只用一封信就能申资助?”巴顿在桌上找了一圈后,颇感疑惑地自言自语道。 In his mind, Vernal this Archaeologist is not such conceited person, except for is quite irritable, other aspects can be called the standard Ruen gentleman. 在他印象中,弗纳尔这位考古学家不是这么狂妄自大的人,除了比较急躁,其他方面都称得上标准的鲁恩绅士。 normally, must aid to the "Ruen Antiques' Collection and Protection Foundation" application, besides the item description, definitely must provide the scene picture, old book duplicate/restores and other materials, otherwise the foundation has no way to verify, is hard to make the judgment, let alone spends massive gold pound, dispatches the team, goes to the project place to inspect. ——正常情况下,要向“鲁恩古物搜集和保护基金会”申请援助,除了项目描述,肯定还得提供现场照片、古籍复件等多方面的资料,否则基金会这边根本没法审核,难以作出判断,更别说花费大量金镑,派遣团队,前往项目地点做考察。 Or was Vernal is extremely actually careless, forgot one and mailed out the material? Naturally, by the relations of Vernal and foundation, after above sees this letter/believes, sending the one or two individuals person in the past to consult and verify, is the absolutely possible matter......, as the friend, I must help him make anything...... Barton to shake the head, has not considered, stood up, arrived at the bookshelf front. 或者说,其实是弗纳尔太过粗心,忘记了将资料一并寄出?当然,以弗纳尔和基金会的关系,上面看到这封信后,派一到两个人过去接洽与核实,是完全有可能的事情……嗯,作为朋友,我还是得帮他做点什么……巴顿摇了摇头,没多做考虑,站起身来,走到了书架前方。 He stretches out right palm immediately, has delimited in a keel section of notebook books with the finger, to choose the reference that oneself need. 他随即伸出右掌,用指头在一本本图书的脊部划过,以挑选自己需要的参考资料。 Finally, he extracted several books and periodicals, synthesizes the above many viewpoint, in the document that in preparing to submit governed the mountain range the historical source and course to make the exhaustive description to Sivallas County: 终于,他抽出了几本书籍和期刊,综合上面的多种观点,在准备提交的文件里对西维拉斯郡所辖山脉的历史源流做了详尽的描述: In the historical educational world, has such a widespread approved viewpoint: “在历史学界,有这样一个得到广泛认同的观点: In does not know that is short or long some time, Solomon Empire and Tudor Dynasty coexists in northern continent, their boundaries likely are today's Honages Mountain Range and Fenpot plateau. “在不知道是短还是长的一段时间内,所罗门帝国图铎王朝是并存于北大陆的,它们的分界线很可能就是今天的霍纳奇斯山脉费内波特高原。 In this, Honages Mountain Range has the key point that a big probability is both sides competes for in extending of Sivallas County......” “这里面,霍纳奇斯山脉西维拉斯郡的延伸有不小概率是双方争夺的重点……” Barton has not done the endorsement for Vernal, but by providing the way of reference indicated in indirectly the Sivallas County mountain range truly possibly has the fourth era vestige. 巴顿没有为弗纳尔做背书,只是以提供参考文献的方式间接表明西维拉斯郡的山脉里确实可能存在第四纪的遗迹。 As the matter stands, if showed finally Vernal is deceiving people, who will not investigate his responsibility, because these elaboration are the famous historian make, Barton made certain excerpt, has the selective excerpt. 这样一来,如果最后证明弗纳尔在骗人,也不会有谁追究他的责任,因为那些论述都是有名的历史学家作出的,巴顿只是做了一定的摘抄,有选择性的摘抄。 Final of document, he displayed oneself reference: 文件的最后,他罗列了自己的参考文献: „...... «Sivallas County Personal Historical data Reading», Ards Eiges, Khoy University Instructor history department......” “……《西维拉斯郡私人史料研读》,阿兹克.艾格斯,霍伊大学历史系讲师……” After completing this document, Barton read over and approved from the beginning, revised some word usages and sentences. 完成这份文件后,巴顿从头审读了一遍,修改了些用词和句子。 Then, he takes this rough draft, enters the officer room in next door, asking them to use the mechanical typewriter to cause the official text. 接着,他拿着这份草稿,进入隔壁的文员房间,请她们利用机械打字机弄出正式的文本。 "Ruen Antiques' Collection and Protection Foundation" has hired the female staff member massively, from the bottom level ordinary officer, but the high-level vice president, at least half is a female. ——“鲁恩古物搜集和保护基金会”一直大量聘用女性职员,从底层的普通文员,但高层的副理事长,至少有一半是女性。 Regarding the situation of this aspect, Barton actually has the veiled criticism, but he has no way to oppose, does not dare to oppose, can only choose to accept. 对于这方面的情况,巴顿其实颇有微词,但他没法反对,也不敢反对,只能选择接受。 Naturally, he also has to acknowledge, when oneself need to wait, looks at these young female officers bustle about, is a good matter. 当然,他也不得不承认,当自己需要等待的时候,看着那些年轻的女性文员忙碌,也是一件不错的事情。 At least here color enriched...... Barton is hearing the dá dá dá sound, while silent muttered one. 至少这里的颜色更丰富了……巴顿一边听着哒哒哒的声音,一边无声咕哝了一句。 Does well the document, after the signature submits, he as usual , to continue to do the work methodically. 弄好文件,签名提交后,他和往常一样,有条不紊地继续开展起工作。 This including but not limited to , the first trial project, provides the specialized opinion and collection material, attaches the elaboration for the certain papers of foundation. 这包括但不限于初审项目,提供专业性意见和搜集资料,为基金会的某些论文附加论述。 A day quick in the past, Barton leaves the company at 6 : 00, rides public carriage, spends for one hour to go home. 一天很快过去,巴顿于六点离开公司,乘坐公共马车,花费一个多小时回到了家中。 This is the habits of Ruen major cities, will therefore have the afternoon tea popular 12 : 00 pm to 1 : 00 pm after the lunch, results to be able to go home 7 : 30 pm to 8 points, in such long time, without the afternoon tea fills, most people exceptionally will be definitely hungry. 这是鲁恩各大城市的常态,所以才会有下午茶的的流行——中午12点到1点用午餐后,得晚上7点半到八点才能回到家中,这么漫长的时间里,如果没有下午茶来填充,绝大部分人肯定都会异常饥饿。 Naturally, this is only restricted in the middle class and above, perhaps many poor person day only has two meal . Moreover, in the conditional situation, they definitely are the husband and wife must work, after the 7-8 point goes home, must bustle about again the preparation dinner, rather than enjoy. 当然,这仅限于中产阶级及以上,很多穷人一天或许只吃两餐,而且,有条件的情况下,他们必然是夫妻双方都要工作,七八点回家后还得再忙碌着准备晚餐,而不是自己享用。 Vernal has visited you in the afternoon.” Barton's wife the hat that received him to take off the coat that and takes off, while spoke thoughtlessly to say. “弗纳尔下午来拜访过你。”巴顿的妻子一边接过他脱下的外套和摘掉的帽子,一边随口说道。 Vernal?” Barton is shocked for a while. “弗纳尔?”巴顿一时愣住。 This in Sivallas County found that the fourth era ruins Archaeologist did return to East Chester County? 这位在西维拉斯郡发现第四纪废墟的考古学家回到了东切斯特郡 Finishes speaking, Barton frowns, silent talked to oneself: 话音刚落,巴顿皱起了眉头,无声自语道: He truly forgot the sending material, therefore comes back personally? “他确实遗忘了寄送资料,所以亲自回来一趟? No, does not need such troublesome, the kingdom postal service is quite reliable. “不,没必要这么麻烦,王国邮政还是相当可靠的。 Moreover, he should know, non- weekend time, I definitely in foundation, un, was possibly sent certain scenes to make the verification......” “而且,他应该知道,非周末的时间,我肯定在基金会,嗯,也可能被派到某些现场做审核……” Thinks of here, Barton opens the mouth to ask: 想到这里,巴顿开口问道: He where?” “他在哪里?” He only waited for the quarter of an hour to leave in your study room.” Barton's wife said truthfully. “他只在你的书房等了一刻钟就离开了。”巴顿的妻子如实说道。 Barton pursues asks: 巴顿追问道: Which hotel does he have to say definitely in? When will also come again?” “他有说住在哪家旅馆吗?什么时候还会再来?” Vernal this Archaeologist is the East Chester County person, but the non- capital Stoen resident, does not have the dwelling here. 弗纳尔这位考古学家东切斯特郡人,但非首府斯托恩居民,在这里没有住处。 He had not said, he looks very hurried.” Barton's wife paused a bit also said, is very irritable.” “他没说,他看起来很匆忙。”巴顿的妻子顿了一下又道,“很急躁。” Barton traces the sending border line that oneself withdraw day after day, the nod said gently: 巴顿摸了摸自己日渐退后的发际线,轻轻点头道: I first go to the study room.” “我先去书房。” His study room is located in second floor, is placing many bookshelves and some porcelain he has not the too frantic affection to the porcelain, will collect characteristics item on own initiative. 他的书房位于二楼,摆放着多个书架和一些瓷器——他对瓷器有不算太狂热的喜爱,会主动地搜集有特色的物品 After one seeks, Barton had not discovered that Vernal has the legacy paper and correspondence. 经过一番寻找,巴顿没发现弗纳尔有遗留纸条和书信。 After he quickly decides to throw into the brain, this matter. 他迅速决定将这件事情抛到脑后。 Since this is he consistent criterion has gone home, as far as possible not for the matter worry of work. 这是他一贯以来的准则——回家以后尽量不为工作的事情烦恼。 Uses up the dinner, after the wife and children spent together a period of lovely time, Barton washes goes to bed, first goes to sleep. 用完晚餐,和妻儿共度了一段美好时光后,巴顿洗漱上床,抢先入睡。 Quiet at dead of night, he woke up suddenly, opened the eye. 夜深人静之时,他忽然醒来,睁开了眼睛。 Since ten years ago in an archaeology activity encounters the danger, Barton has was at variance with spiritual sense of average man, can always detect the sound that other people have no way to detect perhaps, for example, others the visitor arrived at the entrance, knows that is looks own, but Barton can when the visitor just appeared in the corridor, induction to the opposite party whether with oneself related. 自从十年前在一次考古活动中遭遇危险后,巴顿就有了些异于常人的灵感,总是能察觉到一些其他人没法察觉的动静,比如,别人也许得访客到了门口,才知道是来找自己的,而巴顿可以在访客刚出现于走廊时,就感应到对方是否与自己有关。 Some people submerged...... Barton to sit up fiercely, opened the eye. 有人潜入……巴顿猛地坐起,睁大了眼睛。 He sees the wife who by the eye slept soundly, has not gone to awaken by noise her, the sound slightly turned over/stood up to get out of bed very much, takes down was hanging the double-barreled shotguns on wall. 他看了眼旁边熟睡的妻子,没去吵醒她,动静很小地翻身离床,取下了悬挂于墙上的双管猎枪。 After gripping the guns, he opened the door gently, looks to the corridor. 握住枪支后,他轻轻开门,望向了走廊。 Here was covered by the rich dim light of night, some illuminated the thing approximate outline crimson. 这里被浓郁的夜色笼罩,些许绯红照出了事物大致的轮廓。 Barton has not hesitated, has the action arrival route very much, back and forth inspection. 巴顿没有迟疑,很有行动力地进入走廊,来回巡视。 But, he has not discovered that submerging thief. 可是,他没有发现那个潜入的小偷。 Was my feeling wrong? Barton is not too self-confidently the turning around body. 我的感觉错了?巴顿不是太自信地转过了身体。 second floor each room not opened trace. 二楼的每一个房间都没有被打开的痕迹。 Thinks, Barton arrives at the study room entrance, gripped the hand, twists gently. 想了想,巴顿来到书房门口,握住了把手,轻轻一拧。 The door silent opens, inside all immerse in the darkness, as if all kinds of monsters. 房门无声打开,里面的一切都沉浸于黑暗中,仿佛各种各样的怪物。 Opens the window curtains, the moonlight that is illuminating into, Barton carefully examined earnestly, confirmed exactly the same here ornaments and memory. 拉开窗帘,就着照入的月光,巴顿认真审视了一遍,确认这里的摆设与自己记忆中的一模一样。 Really was I too sensitive...... the sequela of yesterday's that nightmare?” Barton sighed, left the study room quickly. “真的是我太敏感了……昨天那个噩梦的后遗症?”巴顿吐了口气,快步离开了书房。 His behind, the pulled open window curtains rocks gently, as if there is wind to blow. 他的身后,被拉开的窗帘轻轻晃动,似乎有风吹过。 Next day, Barton is continuing the slightly redundant life: 第二天,巴顿继续着自己略显重复的生活: The kiss wife and children, ride rented carriage, reads the newspaper, makes the black tea, the letter...... 亲吻妻儿,乘坐出租马车,看报纸,泡红茶,信件…… Well, Vernal also has a letter/believes.” A Barton loosen, disassembled that letter/believes. “咦,弗纳尔又有封信。”巴顿内心一松,拆开了那封信。 But, in that letter/believes anything does not have, the person of mailing a letter as if forgot to force in the envelope the correspondence. 可是,那封信里什么都没有,寄信的人似乎忘记将书信塞进信封里了。 „Did Vernal have the amnesia recently?” Barton looked at envelope on the hand, suddenly the discovery above pattern is a little unusual. “弗纳尔最近得了健忘症吗?”巴顿瞄了眼手上的信封,突然发现上面的花纹有点奇特。 This is an envelope that has the commemorative significance. 这是一种有纪念意义的信封。 As far as Barton know, in Beckland and Stoen city, many upscale hotels will provide the specially-made envelope and letter paper to the resident, is equivalent to traveling commemorating. 据巴顿所知,在贝克兰德斯托恩城,不少高档旅馆会提供特制的信封和信纸给住客,相当于一种旅游纪念。 Which hotel is this?” Barton collects the envelope to the tip of the nose, the preparation smells the above fragrance, this also has the distinctive quality and identification. “这是哪家旅馆的?”巴顿将信封凑至鼻端,准备闻一闻上面的香味,这同样具有独特性和辨识性。 The next second, he smelled the light smell of blood. 下一秒,他闻到了淡淡的血腥味。
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