LM :: Volume #8

#44: Daily of average person

You have the opportunity of having an audience with Supreme Pontiff Your Magnamity.” “你有一个觐见教皇冕下的机会。” Barton hears a man who wears the dark blue bishop robe said to oneself. 巴顿听见一位穿着深蓝色主教袍的男人对自己说道。 Regardless how he makes an effort, is hard to see clearly the appearance of opposite party, only thinks that face hole seems covering the grey mist gas. 而无论他怎么用力,都难以看清楚对方的长相,只觉那张脸孔仿佛盖着灰蒙蒙的气体。 Naturally, this is not the important matter, as the main devout follower, can have an audience with It in acting of ground, absolutely is Barton since birth the most glorious matter. 当然,这都不是什么重要的事情,作为主虔诚的信徒,能够觐见祂在地上的代行者,绝对是巴顿有生以来最为荣耀的事情。 This makes him excited somewhat unable to speak, the body shiver follows gently in the rear area of that bishop, entered the front hall step by step. 这让他激动得有些说不出话来,身体轻轻颤抖地跟在那位主教的后方,一步一步地进入了前方大厅。 Regarding this hall, Barton has no way to describe similarly specifically, only knows that it broadly is very very magnificent, enormous constriction, letting him only amenable the low head. 对于这座大厅,巴顿同样没法具体描述,只知道它很恢弘很华丽,给人极大的压迫感,让他只能顺从地低下脑袋。 Finally, before he arrived at the stair . 终于,他来到了台阶前。 At this moment, he seemed under permission, the subconsciousness lifted the head. 这一刻,他似乎得到了允许,下意识抬起了脑袋。 Then, he saw a golden hair big dog. 然后,他看见了一条金毛大狗。 This dog puts on dark blue like the magnificent long gown of curtain, wears the embed many gems Papal Tiara, sits above the giant throne, calmly is gazing at itself. 这条狗穿着深蓝如同帘幕的华丽长袍,戴着镶嵌多种宝石的三重冠冕,坐在巨大的宝座之上,静静地注视着自己。 „......” Barton was shocked. “……”巴顿愣住了。 This, is this Supreme Pontiff Your Magnamity? Barton startled and nervous, the heart emerged the intense fear. 这,这是教皇冕下?巴顿又惊又慌,心底涌现出了强烈的恐惧。 He opens the eye fiercely, saw dawn that illuminates the ceiling. 他猛地睁开眼睛,看见了照亮天花板的晨曦。 , shouts...... Barton to sit, gasped for breath gently, attempt was separated from a moment ago the influence of dreamland by oneself as soon as possible. 呼,呼……巴顿坐了起来,轻轻喘气,试图让自己尽快脱离刚才梦境的影响。 What had?” His wife detected that exceptionally, is straight the body to say. “发生了什么?”他的妻子察觉到了异常,直起身体道。 Barton shakes the head: 巴顿摇了摇头: „A nightmare.” “一个噩梦。” He does not have to tell the wife truthfully, oneself dream of Supreme Pontiff Your Magnamity is a golden hair big dog. 他没有如实告诉妻子,自己梦见教皇冕下是一条金毛大狗。 He will make a bet, oneself wife definitely met a face to say panic-stricken: 他敢打赌,自己的妻子肯定会一脸惊恐地说: How can you have the cognition that blasphemed?” “你怎么能有这么亵渎的认知?” By that time, he can only shrug the shoulders saying: 到了那个时候,他只能耸耸肩膀道: Cracks a joke.” “开个玩笑。” Cannot worrying to lead into the family life, here is relaxes the world heaven...... . Moreover, the woman is very difficult to understand that quite abstruse issue, their fortes lie in the affective thinking, loving...... Barton have not intertwined again oneself dreamland, turns over/stands up to get out of bed, washroom cleans the teeth. 不能将烦恼带入家庭生活,这里是放松心情的人间天国……而且,女人很难理解较为深奥的问题,她们的长项在于感性思维、富有爱心……巴顿没再纠结自己的梦境,翻身下床,去盥洗室刷牙。 When has used the breakfast, the kissing goodbye wife and children, he leave the dwelling, rides railless public carriage to go to the operating location of city edge. 等到用过早餐,吻别妻儿,他离开住处,乘坐无轨公共马车前往城区边缘的工作地点。 He holds public office in "Ruen Antiques' Collection and Protection Foundation", has not the poor wage, can be the middle class in East Chester County capital Stoen city place. 他供职于“鲁恩古物搜集和保护基金会”,有着不菲的薪水,在东切斯特郡首府斯托恩城这种地方都算得上中产阶级。 On the way, Barton sized up outside street bored. 途中,巴顿无聊地打量起了外面的街道。 Because has not received before the immediate influence of flames of war, the Stoen city is also retaining the original liveliness, the carriage, bicycle, pedestrian and wild dog interlocks the communication, lives it up to make noise. 因为没怎么受之前战火的直接影响,斯托恩城还保留着原本的繁华,马车、自行车、行人和野狗交错来往,热闹而喧嚣。 Regarding such scene, Barton has long been used, will not have what feelings, but last night dreamland made him see every time a wild dog was not comfortable on the whole body, as if that was the Supreme Pontiff Your Magnamity incarnation, needs to salute to salute. 对于这样的场景,巴顿早已习惯,原本不会有什么感触,但昨晚的梦境让他每看到一条野狗就浑身不自在,仿佛那是教皇冕下的化身,需要行礼致敬。 Storms of the above, please accept my confession.” Barton lifts the right hand, grasped the fist, the tip an own left chest. 风暴在上,请接受我的忏悔。”巴顿抬起右手,握成拳头,轻击了一下自己的左胸。 after a while, he arrived in "Ruen Antiques' Collection and Protection Foundation", and colleagues sent regards mutually, while walked into own office. 过了一阵,他抵达了“鲁恩古物搜集和保护基金会”,一边和同事们互相问候,一边走入了自己的办公室。 After hanging the hat and coat, Barton relaxes, prepared to add the black tea of some unusual herbal medicines he to be close to the middle age to oneself leisurely and carefree, the energy in various aspects are sliding, always hopes that can use quite simply, the way of not suffering hardships made up for the body. 挂好帽子和外套后,巴顿放松下来,悠闲地给自己准备起加了些奇特草药的红茶他已接近中年,各方面的精力都在下滑,总是希望能用较为简单的,不怎么受苦的方式弥补一下身体。 Does well the black tea, Barton takes up to put several newspapers on desk, plans first under the adjustment the condition to start to work again. 弄好红茶,巴顿拿起摆在办公桌上的几份报纸,打算先调整下状态再开始工作。 „The Beckland previous quarter economic situation improved significantly......” 贝克兰德上季度的经济状况大幅度变好……” On Sunya Sea and Mad Sea were also who many a pirate is called the King, ‚the queen of star...... 苏尼亚海狂暴海上又多了一名被称为王者的海盗,‘星之女王’…… Disu Bay fruit trade consults......” 迪西海湾水果贸易接洽……” Reads a newspaper the paper slowly, Barton drank a black tea, formally starts to work. 慢悠悠看完报纸,巴顿喝了口红茶,正式开始工作。 Vernal's letter/believes?” On inspection table document time, Barton found a letter/believes from old friend. “弗纳尔的信?”检查桌上文件的时候,巴顿发现了一封来自老朋友的信。 That is Archaeologist, has the close cooperation with "Ruen Antiques' Collection and Protection Foundation". 那是一位考古学家,与“鲁恩古物搜集和保护基金会”有密切合作。 Barton takes up the opening mail blade immediately, takes out the letter, read earnestly: 巴顿当即拿起拆信刀,取出信件,认真地阅读起来: My dear friend: “我亲爱的朋友: I and my student discovered in the Sivallas County mountain range perhaps some interesting ruins, they stem from the fourth era losing people...... “我和我的学生在西维拉斯郡的山脉里发现了一些有趣的废墟,它们或许源于第四纪的遗民…… In history that in that we also insufficiently understand, they because of all sorts of reasons, leave the city, enters the mountain forest, no longer communicated with the reality, the form of by Tribe group existed...... “在那段我们还不够了解的历史里,他们因为种种缘由,离开城市,进入山林,不再与现实来往,以部落群的形式存在…… Perhaps they are still persevering anything, but this had been submerged by the time, only leaves behind the broken constructions and skeletons...... “他们也许还在坚守着什么,但这早已被时间淹没,只留下残破的建筑和一具具尸骸…… I and my student unearth here the protection, hopes that can find is more useful, can help us return to original state the cultural relics of some fourth era history, does not know that your foundation is interested? “我和我的学生将保护性挖掘这里,希望能找到更加有用的,可以帮助我们还原第四纪部分历史的文物,不知道你们基金会对此是否感兴趣? „...... Here, I invited you to send a team to come seriously, confirmed that our work were whether real and effective......” “……在这里,我郑重地邀请你们派一个团队过来,确认我们的工作是否真实和有效……” It is not the cultural relic and history that goes to the mountain...... in Barton mind first to reappear, but is the mosquito, the moist gloomy environment and by the camp that humming sound dances in the air the wild animal watches. 去山里……巴顿脑海内最先浮现出来的不是文物和历史,而是嗡嗡飞舞的蚊虫、潮湿阴暗的环境、被野兽窥伺的营地。 He swung, takes the written records, prepares to plan a document on this letter/believes, submits. 他摇了下头,拿起纸笔,准备就这封信拟份文件,提交上去。
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