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#73: That level

Newest website: Am I? Will relieve to Klein that the historical hole image maintains by Amon this issue is made was startled. 最新网址:我是?正要解除对历史孔隙影像维持的克莱恩阿蒙这个问题弄得怔了一下。 He controls himself, has not made the brow wrinkle slightly, did not answer to ask back: 他控制住自己,没让眉头微微皱起,不答反问道: „Aren't you Amon’s main body?” “你不是阿蒙的本体?” Stood Amon of edge to forward one step in cliff, the smile said: 立在“断崖”边缘的阿蒙向前走了一步,微笑说道: Of course not. “当然不是。 You as if know my main body, or other clone?” “你似乎认识我的本体,或者其他分身?” Although opposite Amon has not begun, the step that but It leads the way, created the indescribable pressure on Klein as before, does not have the stress to retrocede with great difficulty, exposes own timid. 虽然对面的阿蒙没有动手,可祂前行的这一步,依旧给克莱恩带来了难以言喻的压力,好不容易才没有应激后退,暴露出自身的胆怯。 His agreed, responded low and deep: “嗯”了一声,低沉回应道: Therefore I am very strange you actually not to know me.” “所以我很奇怪你竟然不认识我。” „Are you very famous?” The Amon that crawls from the nihility darkness teased one with a smile, then lifts the hand the crystal monocle that under the right eye wears. “你很出名吗?”从虚无黑暗里爬出来的这个阿蒙笑着调侃了一句,然后抬手正了下右眼戴着的水晶单片眼镜。 This movement solidified for several seconds to end after completion, Amon as if whispered in the ponder: 这个动作在完成后凝固了好几秒才结束,阿蒙仿佛在思考般低语道: Nearby does not have other me...... really not to have, had separated the relation completely?” “附近没有别的我……是真的没有,还是已完全断开了联系?” What accident/surprise had/left to cause this Amon independently? It is not good, cannot believe anything that this fellow displays, but he top fraud master...... Klein first is in the heart moves, at once represses the corresponding idea, then asked: 出了什么意外导致这个阿蒙独立了出来?不行,不能相信这个家伙表现出来的任何事情,祂可是顶级欺诈师……克莱恩先是心中一动,旋即按捺住了相应的想法,转而问道: Why will you crawl from the place bottom?” “你为什么会从地底爬出来?” That Amon expression returned to normal, laughed: 阿蒙表情恢复了正常,呵呵笑道: You guess.” “你猜。” No matter the main body, is clone, character bad this point is invariable...... the Klein unstated criticism, probed to reply: 不管是本体,还是分身,性格恶劣这一点都是不变的……克莱恩腹诽了一句,试探着回答道: You in exploration bottom secret.” “你在探索地底的秘密。” Amon lightly nodded and said: 阿蒙轻轻颔首道: „Isn't this very obvious matter?” “这不是很明显的事情吗?” It at once half revolution body, 祂旋即半转过身体, Points at black secretly thought that cliff front ray is unable to illuminate: 指着“断崖”前方光芒无法照亮的黑暗道: My father like me, crawled a moment ago from here. “我父亲就是像我刚才那样,从这里爬出来的。 Right, it has a name, you should hear, Chaos Sea.” “啊对,它有个名字,你应该听说过,‘混沌海’。” Chaos sea? Nine big source nature one chaos sea...... does it really hide in the place bottom deep place...... the pollution after gate of bronze is really it brings? I complemented the mysticism knowledge in this aspect before, was depends upon and Amon’s chats...... ancient times Sun God is the member of this research institute, then in collapsing fell into the bottom deep place chaos sea, regained consciousness until second era, crawled? Because he at that time was only an average person, according to sequence was higher, close to a bottom more dangerous rule, hasn't instead come under the too tremendous impact? The Klein train of thought rotated fast, recalled the things, made guesses. “混沌海”?九大“源质”之一的“混沌海”……它果然藏在地底深处……青铜之门后的污染真的是它带来的?我之前补全这方面的神秘学知识,也是依靠和阿蒙的闲聊……远古太阳神原本是这个研究所的成员,然后在坍塌中掉进了地底深处的“混沌海”内,直到第二纪才苏醒,爬了出来?因为他当时只是普通人,根据序列越高,靠近地底越危险的规律,反而没受到太大的影响?克莱恩思绪飞快转动,记起了一件又一件事情,做出了一个又一个猜测。 After 2-3 seconds, he coordinates saying: 2-3秒后,他配合着说道: Therefore you took risk to jump, seeks the truth of historical and world that buried?” “所以你冒险跳了进去,寻找埋藏的历史和世界的真相?” Approximately is this.” That Amon pinched on lower limb of monocle, self-ridicules in a tone with a touch of said that „, but I am not voluntary.” “大致是这样。”那阿蒙捏了捏单片眼镜的上下边缘,语气略带自嘲地说道,“但我不是自愿的。” „Oh?” Klein expressed own question with the simple pronunciation. “啊?”克莱恩用简单的发音表达了自己的疑问。 Amon smiled saying with a smile: 阿蒙笑了笑道: Each I know that the bottom deep place is very dangerous, does not think to get down, we tried many circuitous means that including making Secret Puppet replaces itself, but cannot succeed, is unable to harvest to feed back. “每一个我都知道地底深处很危险,都不想自己下去,我们试了很多迂回的办法,包括制造秘偶代替自己,但都没能成功,无法收获反馈。 Finally, under the main body management, we conducted the fair voting, unfortunately, I was selected very much.” “最终,在本体主持下,我们进行了公正的投票,很不幸,我被选中了。” ...... Did not have to fall Amon to the present thoroughly insanely is also a miracle...... worthily is „the god of practical joke, the interior makes the decision to with the impulsion that the way of such spoof...... Klein restrains to complain: ……阿蒙到现在还没彻底疯掉也算是一种奇迹了……不愧是“恶作剧之神”,内部做决定都要用这么恶搞的方式……克莱恩克制住吐槽的冲动道: Then, did your oneself jump?” “然后,你就自己跳下去了?” Cannot wait to be thrown by them.” That Amon spread started to say. “总不能等着被祂们扔下去吧。”那阿蒙摊了下手道。 At this point, It as if understood anything finally, talked to oneself in a low voice: 说到这里,祂似乎终于明白了什么,低声自语道: Chaos Sea lets me with the main body, the contact with surrounding clone separated? ‘混沌海’让我与本体,与周围分身的联系断开了? „Was I independent?” “我独立了?” Before independent...... me, in front of Hall of Sincerity bronze, feeling each cell each Insect of Spirit the birth new consciousness, is producing is different from the main body self-...... clone of Amon directly to enter chaos sea, has similar mutation is very normal...... independent clone of Amon to be able the effective pit to the Amon main body...... not, cannot believe that...... Klein just confirmed front Amon’s words from own experience initially, warned fiercely oneself cannot believe „the god of fraud. 独立……我之前在诚实大厅青铜之门前,就感觉每一个细胞每一条“灵之虫”都在诞生新的意识,产生有别于本体的自我……阿蒙分身直接进入了“混沌海”,有类似的异变很正常……一个独立的阿蒙分身应该能有效坑到阿蒙本体……不,不能相信……克莱恩刚从自身的经历初步证实了面前阿蒙的话语,又猛地告诫自己绝不能相信“欺诈之神”。 He smiled saying with a smile: 他笑了笑道: I suspected that you are cheating me.” “我怀疑你在欺诈我。” Amon holds the monolithic eye that the crystal ground, high and low sized up a Klein several seconds of say/way: 阿蒙扶了扶水晶磨成的单片眼睛,上下打量了克莱恩几秒道: „Do you believe that is not meaningful to me, even if I want to look for the operation target, will not be you such small and weak fellow.” “你相不相信对我没任何意义,我就算想找合作对象,也不会是你这么弱小的家伙。” Eight big King of Angels ages, you and Red Angel Medici walks near...... Klein to decide very much in any case does not believe that at present Amon the independent this matter, has been trying asking: 八大天使之王的年代,你和“红天使”梅迪奇是不是走得很近……克莱恩反正打定主意不相信眼前阿蒙已独立这件事情,尝试着问道: What did you discover in Chaos Sea?” “你在‘混沌海’内发现了什么?” „, Which you go ahead and guess.” That Amon shows the smile to say. “很多,你猜猜看有哪些。”那阿蒙露出笑容道。 What had not discovered.” Klein said intentionally. “什么都没有发现。”克莱恩故意这么说道。 Amon shakes the head: 阿蒙摇了摇头: Other I should also think that because I very long have not come out, without the response, thought me reasonably already by the Chaos Sea corrosion digestion.” “其他的我应该也是这么想的,而且因为我很久没有出来,没有回应,合理地认为我已经被‘混沌海’腐蚀消化了。” Does not wait for Klein to respond, this Amon said: 不等克莱恩回应,这阿蒙自顾自说道: Chaos Sea is big, almost filled up the center of the earth, submerged on one, it is also only one by one really and pays equal attention to illusory, in the real world has the direct entrance source nature, other is not completely illusory, where hides in does not know, is absolutely real, coexists with the reality. ‘混沌海’非常大,几乎填满了地心,淹没了更上一层,它也是唯一一个真实与虚幻并重,在现实世界有直接入口的‘源质’,其他的不是完全虚幻,藏在不知什么地方,就是绝对真实,与现实并存。 I discovered in inside a very interesting matter, first piece Flagstone of Blasphemy should breed the production there, but afterward by certain strength hauling, before is incomplete left the bottom. “我在里面发现了一个很有趣的事情,第一块亵渎石板’应该就是在那里孕育产生的,但后来被某些力量牵引,在未完整前就离开了地底。 Perhaps my father has glanced over that at first Flagstone of Blasphemy, therefore when falling from the sky by own remains to condense second piece Flagstone of Blasphemy.” “我的父亲最初也许有浏览过那块‘亵渎石板’,所以才会在陨落时让自身的残留凝聚成第二块亵渎石板’。” Is this two Flagstone of Blasphemy the respective origin? No wonder ancient times Sun God was so domineering...... Klein to be indistinct later period second era as if understands something, the subconsciousness asked: 这就是两块“亵渎石板”各自的来历?难怪远古太阳神第二纪晚期如此强势……克莱恩隐约间仿佛明白了一些事情,下意识问道: Two ‚does Flagstone of Blasphemy what difference have?” “两块‘亵渎石板’有什么不同?” Amon adjusted under the position of crystal monocle saying: 阿蒙调整了下水晶单片眼镜的位置道: second piece Flagstone of Blasphemy changed some sequence names, were many partial content. 第二块亵渎石板’改了些序列名称,多了一部分内容。 These contents contain secret that exceeds sequence.” “那些内容蕴藏着超越序列的秘密。” Exceeds sequence?” The Klein's pupil slightly opens, only thinks an own speculation for a long time was confirmed initially, becomes Creator?” “超越序列?”克莱恩的瞳孔微有睁大,只觉自己长久以来的一个猜测初步得到了证实,“成为造物主?” Amon smiled saying with a smile: 阿蒙笑了笑道: Almost, but such description is not very accurate. “差不多,但这样的描述不够准确。 I like calling that level am above sequence , some True God name it in other way, some called it Old One, some said that it Outer God, somereferred to the generation bystarry sky.” “我喜欢称呼那个层次为‘序列之上’,也有部分真神以别的方式命名它,有的叫它‘旧日’,有的称它‘外神’,有的以‘星空’来指代。” Starry sky...... Klein hears this noun, spiritual intuition starts to forewarn crazily. “星空”……克莱恩一听到这个名词,灵性直觉就开始疯狂预警。 He remembers very clearly, Church of the Night head ascetic Arianna has said to him, does not arrive at the Angel level, do not try to understand the starry sky, otherwise only will be the understanding will bring the enormous danger! 他记得很清楚,黑夜教会苦修士首领阿里安娜对他说过,不到天使层次,不要试图去了解星空,否则仅是了解本身就会带来极大的危险! Not hesitant, hid Klein in historical hole gave up before first era to maintenance of projection, stood in the overlapping Old One metropolis, went against four steps. 没有犹豫,躲在第一纪之前历史孔隙内的克莱恩放弃了对投影的维持,在层层叠叠的旧日都市上站了起来,逆走四步。 Almost is simultaneously, the Land Abandoned by God upper air has delimited unceasingly the wild lightning subsided, that inexhaustible darkness also vanished. 几乎是同时,神弃之地高空不断划过的狂暴闪电平息了,那无穷无尽的黑暗也消失了。 Round of huge scarlet moon occupied 1/2 sky. 一轮巨大的红月占据了二分之一个天空。 The ray turnover of scarlet moon surface is expanding and contracting, as if lived. 红月表面的光芒吞吐伸缩着,仿佛活了过来。 Outside this world, circles on Moon that revolves, is flowing scarlet sea, it submerged all, seems containing to digest this giant natural satellite. 这个世界之外,绕地运转的月球上,流淌着一片赤红的大海,它淹没了一切,仿佛在包容消化着这巨大的天然的卫星。 When Klein understood Old One and Outer God and starry sky when information, this blood-color sea boiled. 克莱恩了解到“旧日”、“外神”、“星空”的情报时,这片血色海洋沸腾了。 They condense toward the middle fast, builds unceasingly, ultimately formed one all over the body blood red, is unable to see clearly the concrete appearance phantom. 它们飞快往中间凝聚,不断堆砌,最终形成了一个通体血红,无法看清楚具体模样的虚影 This phantom was bigger than Moon did not know many times, had the innumerable only eyes, it is overlooking the blue planet, looked at to establish the Klein main body of relation because of the understanding! 虚影比月球大了不知多少倍,长了无数只眼睛,“它”俯视着蓝色的行星,将目光投向了已因了解建立起联系的克莱恩本体! But with scarlet sea retreat, the lunar terrain revealed many pits. 而随着赤红的大海“退去”,月球表面露出了诸多坑洼。 Looks from the ground, moon is no longer crimson, bright chilly, trillion years have not changed. 从地上望去,月亮不再绯红,皎洁清冷,亿万年未变。 In a farther universe, the brown star, the orange star, scarlet star, Venus and Blue Star also glitter, as if winked under the eye. 更远的宇宙里,褐星、橘星、赤星、金星、蓝星同时闪烁,仿佛眨了下眼睛。 In the historical dense fog, the Klein's body surface emitted blisters, in each blister has variation Insect of Spirit, they are going against the face of Zhou Mingrui, Klein Moretti, Gehrman Sparrow and Dawn Dantes respectively, wants to drill diligently. 历史迷雾内,克莱恩的体表冒出了一个又一个水泡,每一个水泡里都有一条变异的“灵之虫”,它们分别顶着周明瑞克莱恩.莫雷蒂格尔曼.斯帕罗道恩.唐泰斯的脸孔,努力地想要钻出。 The Klein's train of thought fast becomes chaotic, entire spiritual body as if by invisible blade division, but he suppressed to read the last incantation: 克莱恩的思绪飞快变得混乱,整个灵体仿佛在被无形之刃分割,但他还是强忍着念完了最后一句咒文: blessings of the Black and Yellow Heavenly Lord!” 福生玄黄天尊!” Silent within, Klein's spiritual body across grey mist, entered Origin Castle, the strength of trim space boils, is turbulent is wrapping him, is melting continuously black energy, red light, blisters, cut off the invisible relation. 无声无息间,克莱恩的灵体穿过灰雾,进入了“源堡”,整片空间的力量自行沸腾,汹涌着将他包裹,消融着一缕缕黑气,一道道红光,一个个水泡,切断了无形的联系。 Nearly after ten seconds, struggled tumbling Klein finally to restore soberly, holds the high back chair station. 近十秒后,挣扎翻滚的克莱恩终于恢复了清醒,扶着高背椅站了起来。 Chernobyl, stands in cliff Amon of edge pushes the crystal monocle that the right eye wears, talked to oneself in a low voice: 切尔诺贝利内部,站立于“断崖”边缘的阿蒙推了推右眼戴着的水晶单片眼镜,低声自语道: Response is quick......” “反应很快嘛……” If Klein is slow for one second, gets sucked into that chaotic condition, without relieves with enough time to maintenance of historical hole image, that Amon can cheat the relation between projection and main body, appears in the historical fragment of correspondence directly. 要是克莱恩再慢一秒,深陷那种混乱的状态,没来得及解除对历史孔隙影像的维持,那阿蒙就能欺诈投影与本体间的联系,直接出现于对应的历史碎片内。 above the grey mist, Klein sat, rubbed forehead: 灰雾之上,克莱恩坐了下来,揉了揉额角: That Amon is really lying...... “那个阿蒙果然在撒谎…… It should remains behind clone of Chernobyl, inferred after I approach, because has no way to bypass Historical Projection to cope with the main body directly, and not necessarily has the Sequence Two Angel strength, therefore hides cliff among some place to Chaos Sea, pretended just to crawl, with main body independent clone, conducted the fraud by this...... “祂应该是留守切尔诺贝利的分身,察知到我来临后,因为没法绕过历史投影直接对付本体,且未必有序列2天使的实力,所以躲到‘断崖’至‘混沌海’之间的某个地方,假装是刚刚爬出来的,与本体独立的分身,以此进行欺诈…… In his surface attempt makes me believe that clone is independent, can cooperate, making me focus on this aspect, in fact contained the danger in the words...... “祂表面上试图让我相信分身是独立的,可以合作,让我将注意力放在了这方面,实际上却把危险蕴藏在了话语里…… With ‚the god of fraud, even if normal dialogue, will be deceived...... “和‘欺诈之神’哪怕只是正常对话,也会被骗啊…… But, It in order to reach the goal, gave the secret of sufficient weight/quantity......” “不过,祂为了达到目的,也给出了足够分量的隐秘……”
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