LM :: Volume #6

#72: „Research institute”

Newest website: Attains „the stick of star at the same time, Klein another hand took out a gold coin from the air, a Zheng's ball. 最新网址:拿到“星之杖”的同时,克莱恩另外一只手从空气里取出了一枚金币,铮的一声弹起。 During the gold coin tumblings, in his mind naturally appears the enlightenment that divination obtained: 金币翻滚间,他脑海内自然浮现出了“占卜”获得的启示: That is an extremely deep and quiet gully, the bottom has one grayish white layer upon layer the heavy/thick broad construction of construction. 那是一条极为幽邃的沟壑,底部有一座“灰白”层层浇筑的厚重宽广建筑。 This each detail returns to original state Chernobyl that Klein was seeing initially, but the origin is not spiritual world, but is Klein own subconscious. 这每一个细节都还原着克莱恩当初看到的切尔诺贝利,但来源不是灵界,而是克莱恩自身的潜意识。 He with the aid of dreamland divination the skill, will have looked at the picture reappeared in the mind. 他借助“梦境占卜”的技巧,将看过的画面再现于了脑海。 But this scene just outlined is completed, the gems that „the stick of star on mounts sent out the glimmer, having the Klein's history hole image to vanish instantaneously, then appeared in that grayish white construction sky. 而这场景刚一勾勒完成,“星之杖”上镶嵌的宝石们就发出了微光,带着克莱恩的历史孔隙影像瞬间消失,然后浮现在了那灰白建筑的上空。 Also is one second of time, Klein returned to Chernobyl from Land Abandoned by God! 也就是一秒的工夫,克莱恩神弃之地最东面返回了切尔诺贝利! This is „the stick of star one of the main abilities: The corresponding scene that in the holder mind appears if exists , remains, that „the stick of star can make him span all hindrance and regardless of how remote distances, arrives at the goal place directly. 这是“星之杖”的主要能力之一:持有者脑海里浮现的相应场景如果真实存在,依旧存在,那“星之杖”能让他跨越所有阻碍和无论多么遥远的距离,直接降临目的地点。 Naturally, the prerequisite is, the picture that outlined must the absolutely correct, with the first edition unable a little naked eye obvious difference. 当然,前提条件是,勾勒的画面必须绝对正确,和原版不能有一点肉眼可见的差别。 Klein chooses that profound gully that Chernobyl is , rather than filling the wilderness of yellowish gray mist , because he knows the King of Giants young child, „the god of honor Braddell gets rid of the curse, after elapsing thoroughly, that place will definitely have the big change, only not affected only possibly receives mysterious Chernobyl that ancient times Sun God and Amon fathers and sons attached great importance. 克莱恩之所以选择切尔诺贝利所在的那条幽深沟壑,而不是弥漫着灰黄雾气的荒原,就是因为他知道巨人王幼子,“荣誉之神”布拉德尔摆脱诅咒,彻底逝去后,那个地方肯定会发生较大的变化,唯一不被影响的只可能是受到远古太阳神阿蒙父子重视的神秘的切尔诺贝利。 This did not say that deep and quiet gully and grayish white construction will certainly not have the naked eye obvious change, Klein have actually completed the teleportation failure, the destination unknown preparation, the person is in any case fake, item in hand is also false, lost was not a pity. 这也不是说那幽邃的沟壑和灰白的建筑一定不会有肉眼可见的变化,克莱恩其实已经做好了“传送”失败,目的地未知的准备,反正人是假的,手里的物品也是假的,丢了也不可惜。 In the midair, takes „the stick of star Klein has not carefully examined the ambient condition with enough time, the whole person sinks suddenly, toward under is falling. 半空之中,拿着“星之杖”的克莱恩还没来得及审视周围情况,整个人就猛然一沉,往着下方坠去。 Has not worn Hunger's Squirming, has not gotten forms birds living creature him, currently does not have the flying ability. 没戴“蠕动的饥饿”,也未变形成鸟类生物的他,目前没有飞行能力。 Therefore, do not look at Divinator path half God is so strange fearful, actually also has one side ordinary human race. 所以,别看“占卜家”途径半神是如此诡异可怕,其实也是有着普通人类一面的。 Among the train of thought phonographs, in the Klein mind had to appear an extraordinary capability. 思绪电转间,克莱恩脑海内具现出了一种非凡能力。 „The stick of star also shone the different color brilliance, “星之杖”随之亮起了不同颜色的光辉, Periphery let blow one after another wild wind. 让周围刮起一道又一道狂暴之风。 These winds are twining Klein, making his black windproof coat crash-bang raise, the body falls slowly. 这些风缠绕着克莱恩,让他的黑色风衣哗啦扬起,身体缓缓下落。 In this process, the Klein right hand shook, let „the stick of star the historical hole projection returns to should normally in the position, so as to avoid imagined some pictures to bring the accident/surprise because of own instinct. 这个过程中,克莱恩右手一抖,让“星之杖”的历史孔隙投影回归了它正常应该在的位置,免得因自身本能想象一些画面带来意外。 Half high silk top hat of his left hand holding down top of the head, when the upper air lightning just elapsed, pulled off a lantern from void. 紧接着,他左手按住头顶的半高丝绸礼帽,在高空闪电刚刚逝去的时候,从虚空里拖出了一盏马灯。 The lantern faints the yellow light glow to shine, Klein put on not takes away the both feet of leather shoes to step on steadily in the deep and quiet gully bottom ground, surrounding in endless was jet black seems hiding monsters. 马灯昏黄光芒照耀中,克莱恩穿无扣皮鞋的双脚稳稳踩在了幽邃沟壑底部的地面上,周围的无尽漆黑里仿佛藏着一个又一个怪物。 His front that Chernobyl that by grayish white one is constructed layer upon layer. 他的前方正是那由“灰白”一层层浇筑出的切尔诺贝利。 In the upper air lightning and hand under the combined action of lantern, Klein soon discovered a situation: 高空闪电和手中马灯的共同作用下,克莱恩很快发现了一个情况: This heavy/thick broad grayish white construction does not have the gate! 这厚重宽广的灰白建筑没有门! Un, each place blocked...... me to remember that ancient times Sun God found that position in memory in...... Klein that on the grayish white wall an illusory slit came out looking pensive, opened recites has a thought Fool esteemed name. 嗯,每一个地方都封死了……我记得远古太阳神是在灰白的墙壁上开了道虚幻缝隙出来的……克莱恩若有所思地找到了记忆中的那个位置,开口诵念起“愚者”尊名 Eastmost Land Abandoned by God, by Moon City nearby solidification mist, hides the Klein main body in historical hole to enter Origin Castle immediately, with the aid of the pray luminous spot, swept a situation in Chernobyl with real field of vision. 神弃之地最东面,月城附近的凝固雾气旁,躲于历史孔隙里的克莱恩本体立刻进入源堡,借助祈祷光点,用“真实视野”扫了一遍切尔诺贝利的情况。 That deep and quiet gully and remains in the wilderness of yellowish gray mist, no Amon. 那条幽邃的沟壑和残留灰黄雾气的荒原内,没有一个阿蒙 As for Chernobyl, Klein, even if has „” real field of vision that Origin Castle provides, is unable to see clearly is what situation: 至于切尔诺贝利本身,克莱恩哪怕有“源堡”提供的“真实视野”,也无法看清楚里面是什么情况: Grayish white under seems like the absolute nihility layer by layer, does not have any color. 一层又一层“灰白”之下似乎是绝对的虚无,没有任何色彩。 Really not simple...... was the place that ancient times Sun God and Silver City Creator walked...... Klein sighed in the heart worthily two, left Origin Castle rapidly, returned to the first era beforehand history fragment. 果然不简单……不愧是远古太阳神白银城造物主走出来的地方……克莱恩在心中感叹了两句,迅速离开“源堡”,返回了第一纪之前的历史碎片内。 Outside Chernobyl Klein regains the consciousness, searched the hand to put out Limano's travel notebook from the air. 切尔诺贝利外面的克莱恩重新获得意识,探手从空气里拿出了“莱曼诺的旅行笔记”。 He turns to fast one page, prepares to use Apprentice Open Gate. 他飞快翻到其中一页,准备使用“学徒”“开门” Such action to Klein, is actually a little crude, but considering this is only the image in historical hole, feels no issue. 这样的举动对克莱恩来说,其实是有点鲁莽的,但考虑到这只是历史孔隙里的影像,又觉得没什么问题。 When Divinator path Extraordinary really also has both discrete and crude two species, the preparation discrete, after being ready crude, presents the discrete crude dual property...... Klein to complain, through the barrier, entered Chernobyl silently. “占卜家”途径非凡者果然同时兼备谨慎和鲁莽两种属性,准备时谨慎,做好准备后鲁莽,呈现谨慎鲁莽二象性……克莱恩自我吐槽中,无声无息通过障碍,进入了切尔诺贝利内部。 Time and time again after Open Gate, he left grayish white the construction place finally, front sees is together the ajar heavy/thick iron gate. 一次又一次“开门”后,他终于离开了“灰白”浇筑的地方,看见前面是一道半开的厚重铁门。 This iron gate is not high, is two meters about five, obviously preparation to human race. 这铁门并不高,也就是两米五左右,明显是给人类的准备。 Its front, two beach jet black traces and two have the science fiction makings firearms compared with current era any weapon. 它的前方,有两滩漆黑的痕迹和两把比当前时代任何武器都更有科幻气质的枪械。 When these two firearms and Klein past life turns certain magazines had seen is a bit like, but his not this amateur in aspect, is unable to affirm. 这两把枪械和克莱恩上辈子翻某些杂志时看到过的有点像,但他并不是这方面的爱好者,无法肯定。 Klein has not collected, has not attempted to study, because his spirituality intuition told him, these two gun shape weapons had been corroded thoroughly, the random point touches will make them be defeated and dispersed instantaneously, turns into the bubble. 克莱恩并未拾取,也未尝试研究,因为他的灵性直觉告诉他,这两把枪支状武器已被彻底腐蚀,任意一点触碰都会让它们瞬间溃散,化成泡沫。 Looked at two, Klein diverged Limano's travel notebook, is raising the lantern, passed through from two beach jet black traces, arrived at behind the iron gate. 看了两眼,克莱恩散去“莱曼诺的旅行笔记”,提着马灯,从两滩漆黑痕迹间经过,来到了铁门后方。 Here has a very wide corridor, room that both sides sizes vary, inside furniture utensil some fall, some safely, some lacked half, on the wall the ground everywhere is the black trace. 这里有一条很宽的过道,两侧是一个又一个大小不一的房间,里面的桌椅器物有的倾倒,有的安然,有的缺了一半,墙上地面到处都是黑色的痕迹。 „It seems like a research institute......” Klein from remaining thing and overall layout, there is a preliminary judgment. “看起来像是一个研究所……”克莱恩从残余事物和整体布局出发,有了初步的判断。 Does not need him to seek specially, he soon discovered in room that a machine collapses, on the table is suspending several luster yellow paper. 无需他特意去寻找,他很快就发现一个机器坍毁的房间内,桌子上摆着几张色泽偏黄的纸张。 After this seems like who collects, places there conveniently. 这似乎是谁搜集之后随手放在那里的。 Ancient times was Sun God, Amon? Klein hesitated for two seconds, finally stepped into that room. 远古太阳神,还是阿蒙克莱恩迟疑了两秒,最终还是踏入了那个房间。 The lantern pale yellow ray scattered inside darkness, he takes up that several pages of papers, glances over fast. 马灯昏黄的光芒驱散了里面的黑暗,他拿起那几页纸,快速浏览起来。 After ten seconds, Klein puts down the paper, the corners of the mouth has the twitch. 十秒后,克莱恩放下纸张,嘴角微有抽动。 The words on that several pages of paper, his nearly did not know! 那几页纸上的单词,他近乎一个都不认识! My past life English can only pass an examination reluctantly, let alone other languages? When Klein felt this world other Extraordinary to look at the Russell diary mood suddenly. 上辈子英语都只能勉强及格,何况其他语言?克莱恩突然感受到了这个世界其余非凡者罗塞尔日记时的心情。 His sighed, reaches the hand slowly void, put out item. 他缓慢地吐了口气,将手伸向虚空,拿出了一件物品 Before this is Zhou Mingrui , when accumulated some money, the preparation goes abroad to travel, when the interpreter that specially buys, holds Luck Reversal Ceremony, it in nearby computer bag. 这是周明瑞之前攒了些钱,准备出国旅行时,专门买的翻译器,举行转运仪式时,它就在旁边的电脑包内。 To Klein, this interpreter the biggest merit can now off-line translation-, so long as has not surpassed the built-in word stock. 克莱恩来说,这翻译器现在最大的优点就是能离线翻译-只要没超出内置的词库。 After an operation, finally what he understood on that several pages of papers to write was anything: 一番操纵后,他终于看懂了那几页纸上写的是什么: Why...... does the dry oil field have the research of oil situation...... this matter to in the place that others are unable to think of cultivate/repair a research institute?” “……干涸油田重新出油情况的研究……这种事情为什么要在别人无法想到的地方修一个研究所?” „...... God, they discovered anything in the oil field deep place......” “……上帝啊,他们在油田深处发现了什么……” „...... This is really some marvelous materials......” “……这真是一些奇妙的材料……” Actually...... what happened? The doctor turned into beach black petroleum before me like this!” “……究竟发生了什么事情?博士就这样在我面前变成了一滩黑色的石油!” „...... The increasing number of people turned into the petroleum, outside blocked this research institute...... no one to leave, no one is able to leave......” “……越来越多的人变成了石油,外面封锁了这个研究所……没有谁能离开,谁都无法离开……” „...... Was insane, was insane, only remains us to be normal, but our food were about to exhaust......” “……疯了,都疯了,只剩我们还正常,可我们的食物快耗尽了……” „...... I as if had the auditory hallucination, the bottom has the sound to spread probably, it is summoning me, he is summoning me!” “……我似乎产生了幻听,地底好像有声音传出,它在召唤我,祂在召唤我!” These paragraphs of simple straightforward writing look at the Klein back inexplicably to send coolly, has to plant also gradually to move toward crazily, moved toward the feeling of death. 这一段段浅显直白的文字看得克莱恩背脊莫名发凉,有种自己也在一步步走向疯狂,走向死亡的感觉。 Meanwhile, in his mind naturally had a thought: 与此同时,他脑海内自然产生了一个念头: From the pollution of place bottom. 源自地底的污染。 When all causes are the research dry oil fields discovered some strange geologic materials, did do the unnecessary thorough experiment? Then, did the world destroy? But if is the disaster that this accident causes, that does not have the truth I, Great Emperor Russell and the others will be helped us ahead of time cross over item...... perhaps is, has inevitably accidentally, accidentally is hiding inevitably? The pollution of bottom has actually been affecting the human race world, is only not obvious, can only the intermittence bring some mysterious events, when this research advances, did "He" regain consciousness thoroughly? Klein swallowed a saliva subconsciously. 一切的起因是研究干涸油田时发现了一些奇怪的地质材料,做了不必要的深入实验?然后,世界就毁灭了?可如果是这种偶然事件导致的灾难,那没道理我、罗塞尔大帝等人会提前得到帮助我们“穿越”的物品……或许是,必然中有偶然,偶然里藏着必然?地底的污染其实一直在影响人类世界,只是不算明显,仅能间歇性带来一些神秘事件,等到这场研究推进,“祂”彻底苏醒了?克莱恩下意识吞了口唾液。 He is raising the lantern, withdrew from this room, goes toward the deep place line of research institute, and pays attention closely periphery also has the thing that anything is worth paying attention. 他提着马灯,退出了这个房间,向着研究所的深处行去,并密切留意着周围还有什么值得关注的东西。 Walked for dozens seconds, he at present sudden tarnish. 走了几十秒,他眼前突然变暗了许多。 The lantern pale yellow ray was swallowed by front that region most probably! 马灯昏黄的光芒被前方那片区域吞噬了大半! Klein looks carefully, discovers two beyond steps is cliff. 克莱恩仔细一瞧,发现两步外是一处“断崖”。 That some research institutes collapsed the bottom, the dark deep nihility, could not see the end. 那部分研究所坍塌进了地底,黑暗深沉虚无,看不到尽头。 Indistinct within, Klein as if heard silent shouting, that came from the bottom deep place, made a sound directly in his mind. 隐隐约约间,克莱恩仿佛听见了无声的呼喊,那来自地底深处,直接响在了他的脑海内。 This feeling, Klein had had, that is in Hall of Sincerity the gate of bronze brings. He frowns, drew back backward several steps, is preparing at any time maintenance that relieves to the historical hole image. 这种感觉,克莱恩曾经有过,那是诚实大厅内青铜之门带来的。他微皱眉头,向后退了好几步,随时准备着解除对历史孔隙影像的维持。 At this time, withered the darkness in searched to only remained the palm of skin and bone from not being able to illuminate, grasped in cliff edge. 就在这个时候,一只干瘪到只剩皮肤和骨头的手掌从照不亮的黑暗里探了出来,抓在了“断崖”的边缘。 Then, the person's shadow leapt together, falls in Klein at present. 然后,一道人影跃了出来,落于克莱恩眼前。 He wears soft pointed hat, is wrapping the classical black robe, the right eye eye socket card the monocle, is Angel of Time Amon. 他戴着尖顶软帽,套着古典黑袍,右眼眼窝卡着单片眼镜,正是“时天使阿蒙 But this Amon condition is not too normal, looks like a skeleton that is hoodwinking the epithelium. 但这个阿蒙的状态不是太正常,就像是一个蒙着皮膜的骷髅。 The Klein subconsciousness retroceded several steps, the looks at present Amon flesh was full fast. 克莱恩下意识又后退了几步,看着眼前的阿蒙血肉飞快充盈了起来。 He pushed the monocle, said with a smile: 祂推了推单片眼镜,笑着说道: Really has the visitor. “竟然有访客。 „Are you?” “你是?”
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