LM :: Volume #5

#20: Warning

Boklund street No. 160, in natural lighting extremely good study room. 伯克伦德街160号,采光极佳的书房内。 Here bookshelf to become Pai, the collection is numerous, looked looks like the private library. 这里书架成排,收藏众多,一眼望去就像是进了私人图书馆。 Klein is sitting on high back chair, looks at the newspaper of share, discovered today regardless of «Tasok newspaper», is «Beckland Daily», conspicuous position were many advertisement-- transfers the Beckland bicycle company 10% stocks. 克莱恩正坐在一张高背椅上,看着今日份的报纸,发现无论《塔索克报》,还是《贝克兰德日报》,显眼位置都多了条广告——转让贝克兰德脚踏车公司10%股份的。 Mr. Stanton works is very agile, this several days has completed the financial investigation and value assessment...... Klein just secretly sighed with emotion one, the inspiration touched suddenly. 斯坦顿先生做事还是挺利索的嘛,这才几天就完成了财务调查和价值评估……克莱恩刚暗自感慨了一声,灵感突有触动。 He opens spirit vision fast, seeing messenger young lady Renette Tinichole to walk from void, in the hand was taking that four head of blond hair, red eyes as before, had to nip a letter/believes. 他快速开启灵视,看见信使小姐蕾妮特.缇尼科尔从虚空内走了出来,手里依旧提着那四个金发红眼的脑袋,其中一个有咬着一封信。 Should be the reply of Miss Sharon...... Klein is thinking, while put out a hand to receive, and lightly nodded and said: 应该是莎伦小姐的回信吧……克莱恩一边想着,一边伸手接过,并轻轻颔首道: Thanks.” “谢谢。” Speech at the same time, he looked at the study room entrance subconsciously, because outside the face value is defending personal male servant Richardson. 说话的同时,他下意识望了眼书房门口,因为外面值守着贴身男仆理查德森 Tears down the envelope, spread out the paper, Klein glanced over one fast, confirmed that the master of correspondence was Miss Sharon, she said at present has not purchased the idea of Biological Toxin Bottle, waited after a period of time, if this magical item still, may consider. 拆掉信封,摊开纸张,克莱恩快速浏览了一眼,确认书信的主人就是莎伦小姐,她表示目前没有购买“生物毒素瓶”的想法,等过一段时间,如果这件神奇物品还在,或许会考虑。 Is this financial conditions is not very ample? Is contributing money to handle a more important matter? Klein had pondered at will, the intuition thinks that is behind that possibility, because that is called Zatten half God not possible to stop over in Beckland, Sharon and Maric got rid of hunt of Rose School initially, by their extraordinary strengths and sequence characteristics, in the environment loose situation, raising money was quite simple . Moreover, they as if were controlling Hero Bar the black market arms deal, was acting as the Ian back supporter, was only this line, can gain much. 这是财政状况不够宽裕?或者在攒钱做更重要的事情?克莱恩随意思考了一下,直觉地认为是后面那种可能,因为那位叫做扎特温半神不可能一直逗留在贝克兰德,莎伦马里奇算是初步摆脱了玫瑰学派的追捕,以他们的非凡实力和序列特点,环境宽松的情况下,弄钱还是较为简单的,而且,他们似乎控制着“勇敢者酒吧”的黑市军火交易,充当着伊恩背后的支持者,仅是这一条线,就能赚不少。 Thinks, Klein has lifted the head, seeing the messenger young lady four pairs of eight red eyes not to have the rotation to stare at itself. 想着想着,克莱恩抬起了脑袋,看见信使小姐四对八只红色眼睛正没有转动地盯着自己。 He had a scare, thinking the opposite party must urge to repay a debt, clear settled the throat saying: 他吓了一跳,以为对方要催促还债,清了清喉咙道: Does not need to reply in writing. “不需要回信。 Within this week, will pay the first debt.” “这周之内,会支付第一笔欠款。” Four heads of Renette Tinichole open the mouth to say in turn: 蕾妮特.缇尼科尔的四个脑袋依次开口道: Does not need......” to worry......” not......” interest......” “不用……”“着急……”“没有……”“利息……” The messenger young lady is good...... During Klein sighed, the Renette Tinichole form disappeared in same place, returned to the spiritual world deep place. 信使小姐还是挺好的啊……克莱恩感叹之中,蕾妮特.缇尼科尔的身影消失在了原地,回到了灵界深处。 Burns down the letter paper, has rested two quarters, he gets to the entrance, told the Richardson preparation carriage. 烧掉信纸,休息了两刻钟,他走到门口,吩咐理查德森准备马车。 He planned that goes a church in afternoon philosophy class. 他打算在下午的哲学课前去一次教堂。 Along the way smooth, only drank several black tea Klein to go to the square outside Church of Saint Samuel quickly. 沿途顺利,只喝了几口红茶的克莱恩很快来到了圣赛缪尔教堂外的广场。 After appreciating peaceful feeling that a pigeon has brought, he takes a step to cross the church front door, enters the pray hall, looked for a position to sit down at will, Richardson with previous time was the same, is holding the hat and cane of employer, sat behind slanting. 欣赏了一阵白鸽带来的安宁感后,他迈步越过教堂大门,进入祈祷大厅,随意找了个位置坐下,理查德森则和上次一样,抱着雇主的帽子和手杖,坐于斜后方。 In pray that the train of thought blows off, the Klein inspiration touches, the instinct opens the eye, looks to the left. 思绪放空的祈祷里,克莱恩灵感又有触动,本能睁开眼睛,望向左侧。 He saw black hair and green pupil Leonard Mitchell immediately. 他随即看见了墨发绿瞳伦纳德.米切尔 This Night Watcher has not worn the windproof coat, has not dug in the white shirt of waistband to match the straight non-tapering pants and black waistcoat, the style is very optional. 这位“值夜者”没穿风衣,一件未扎入腰带的白衬衫配直筒裤和黑马甲,风格很是随意。 Sees the middle-aged gentleman who that temple dyes the frost to look, his nodded, takes back the vision with a smile, closes pupils, disguises to pray. 见那位鬓角染霜的中年绅士望了过来,他含笑点了下头,收回目光,闭上眼眸,假装祈祷。 He did not worry that the opposite party will discover oneself are taking a look at him, because he has swept one, does not have the unnecessary movement, many followers also had similar manner a moment ago. 他不担心对方会发现自己在打量他,因为他只是扫了一眼,没有多余的动作,刚才不少信徒也有类似的举止。 It is much longer has the makings gentleman to enter here, unavoidably will receive attention of certain extent, Leonard Mitchell frequently such gazes by others, regarding this has profound understanding. 一位长得不错很有气质的绅士进入这里,难免会受到一定程度的瞩目,伦纳德.米切尔自己就经常被别人这么注视,对此深有体会。 At this time, in his mind, slightly old throat sound: 这个时候,他的脑海内,略显苍老的嗓音响了起来: Is he.” “就是他。” Has not disappointed me yesterday and today continuously the effort that runs toward the church...... Leonard slightly appears intent wants saying that the surface actually maintains composure. 呵,没有辜负我昨天和今天一直往教堂跑的努力……伦纳德略显得意地想道,表面却不动声色。 Klein is disguising to pray similarly, ponder at heart flood doubts: 克莱恩同样在假装祈祷,思考心里泛起的疑惑: „ Was Leonard this fellow so when reverent? 伦纳德这家伙什么时候如此虔诚了? Although he is definitely more reverent than me, “虽然他肯定比我虔诚, But is not every day enters of church absolutely, one week, even two weeks, such time...... „does he have the goal? He seemed taking a look at me a moment ago......” 但绝对不是每天都进教堂的那种,一周,甚至两周,才那么一次……“他是有目的来的?他刚才似乎在打量我……” Thinks of here, Klein suddenly has clearly to become aware: 想到这里,克莱恩突然有所明悟: „ The grandfather in his within the body is Zarathustra family Angel, is 《Thief》 path Angel...... “他体内的老爷爷是索罗亚斯德家族天使,也就是‘偷盗者’途径天使…… Amon the Blasphemer is this path King of Angels, he can discover grey mist, even wants to invade...... ‘渎神者’阿蒙是这条途径天使之王,祂能发现灰雾,甚至想入侵进去…… Therefore, the grandfather in Leonard within the body has possibly to realize my grey mist strength or trace enormously!” “所以,伦纳德体内的老爷爷有极大可能已察觉到我身上的灰雾力量或者说痕迹!” After having such judgment, a Klein heart has raised immediately, as if periphery has covered entirely the dangerous trap. 有了这样的判断后,克莱恩一颗心顿时提了起来,似乎周围已布满了危险的陷阱。 He maintains the movement of prayer is being invariable, under the eyelid pupil has not presented the rotation, the whole person is quiet, in the atmosphere with church is completely consistent. 他保持着祷告的动作不变,眼皮底下的眸子也未出现转动,整个人平静内敛,与教堂内部的氛围完全一致。 Has not known how long, he set out slowly, moves toward the chancel, before arriving at the offer box, will amount to 50 pounds bill to throw. 不知过了多久,他缓慢起身,走向圣坛,来到了奉献箱前,将总计50镑的钞票投了进去。 Then, he was the same to before, with a smile nodded to today's responsible the bishop and pastor, got the quite friendly response. 接着,他与之前一样,含笑对今日负责的主教和牧师点了下头,得到了相当友善的回应。 Went out of Church of Saint Samuel, Klein received the hat from Richardson, has fed ten minutes of pigeon in the square place. 一路走出圣赛缪尔教堂,克莱恩理查德森手里接过帽子,于广场处喂了十来分钟的白鸽。 But his behind, has the prayer one after another follower comes out, including Leonard Mitchell. 而他的后面,陆续有祷告完的信徒出来,包括伦纳德.米切尔 Klein has not sized up the main entrance position, patted leisurely and carefree under has held, takes has inlaid the gold/metal cane, moved toward stopped in nearby four rounds sedan horse-drawn vehicles. 克莱恩没有打量正门位置,悠闲地拍了下掌,拿过镶金手杖,走向了停在附近的四轮轿式马车。 Leonard throws in the square place similarly feeds the pigeon, the looks at goal boards the carriage to leave, the idea of actually not tracking. 伦纳德同样在广场处投喂白鸽,看着目标登上马车离开,却毫无跟踪的想法。 Since the opposite party has the ancient aura, gained attaching great importance to in within the body sojourner, he does not certainly dare to be careless, does not dare to take the direct action, that will be dangerous. 既然对方有古老的气息,得到了体内寄居者的重视,他当然不敢疏忽大意,不敢采取直接的行动,那会非常危险。 He prepares to investigate the surrounding first, collects the necessary information. 他准备先排查外围,搜集必要的情报。 When the time comes looked how the old man said...... Moreover now also has investigation direction, that type of upscale carriage, in entire Beckland, the quantity is quite limited, regardless of the family/home, rents, is very easy to determine the source, then I can know the status and origin of that mister...... Leonard is looking at the pigeon, wants to say easely. 到时候看老头怎么说……而且现在也不是没有调查的方向,那种高档马车,在整个贝克兰德,数量都相当有限,无论自己家的,还是租来的,都很容易确定源头,然后我就能知道那位先生的身份和来历了……伦纳德望着白鸽,悠然想道。 He has rich experience Night Watcher, is Night Watcher in elite red gloves! 他是一位有着丰富经验的“值夜者”,更是“值夜者”里的精英“红手套”! At this moment, a pigeon threw corner the wing to fly, the mouth as if held in the mouth a paper. 就在这时,一只白鸽扑棱着翅膀飞了过来,嘴里似乎叼有一张纸条。 Leonard knits the brows to stretch out left palm, looks at that pigeon decreases in the altitude, threw the paper, then fans the wing, flies once more. 伦纳德皱眉伸出左掌,看着那只白鸽降低高度,将纸条丢了下来,然后扇动翅膀,再次飞起。 Lifts the hand to grip that paper, Leonard is vigilant and doubts launches it, seeing above to have two words: 抬手握住那张纸条,伦纳德又警惕又疑惑地将它展开,看见上面只得两个单词: Zarathustra \; 索罗亚斯德\; Parasite.” 寄生者。” This...... The pupil of Leonard contracts suddenly, only thinks that the fine hair of whole body has stood, the mood is having the tendency of explosion instantaneously. 这……伦纳德的瞳孔霍然收缩,只觉全身的汗毛都立了起来,情绪在瞬间有爆炸的倾向。 Has that gentleman seen through my secret? 那位绅士看穿了我的秘密? Has the person of ancient aura worthily! 不愧是有古老气息的人! He perhaps is really one of not dead monsters fourth era is remaining! 他或许真是第四纪残余下来的不死怪物之一! Is this is warning me? Let me do not meddle his matter, even do not approach him? 他这是在警告我?让我不要插手他的事情,甚至不要靠近他? At this moment, recalled again that temple sends the indigo white pupil profound middle age gentleman, Leonard Mitchell only thinks among the opposite party every action and every movement to have the intense deterrent feeling, making the person not dare to look straight ahead, does not dare to approach. 此时此刻,再回想那位鬓角发白蓝眸深邃的中年绅士,伦纳德.米切尔只觉对方一举一动间都带着强烈的威慑感,让人不敢直视,不敢靠近。 He lost the idea of investigation opposite party immediately, the looks at pigeon also fell, pulls down the throat sound said: 他顿时失去了调查对方的想法,看着白鸽同时落下,压低嗓音道: old man, that perhaps is your old friend. “老头,那位或许是你的老朋友。 If wants to investigate anything, after waiting for your strength almost to restore.” “如果想调查什么,还是等你实力恢复得差不多之后吧。” Old friend......” that slightly old voice duplicates these two words, as if has certain doubts, actually cannot determine anything. “老朋友……”那略显苍老的嗓音重复起这两个单词,似乎有着一定的疑惑,却不敢确定什么。 Leonard restrained the mood quickly, the chuckle a sound said: 伦纳德很快收敛住了情绪,轻笑了一声道: Originally you are the Zarathustra family person......” “原来你是索罗亚斯德家族的人……” At this time, less than 100 meters away, other Percival streets and street intersections crossroads. 这时,不到100米外,佩斯菲尔街与其他街道交叉的路口。 The black hair dopes some silver threads Dawn Dantes to lean against the theater box wall backward, closed up slowly the eye, making the line distinct facial features outline hide in the car(riage) in the shadow. 黑发掺杂着些许银丝的道恩.唐泰斯向后靠住厢壁,缓慢合拢了眼睛,让线条分明的五官轮廓藏到了车内阴影里。 His substitute person male servant Richardson flank, wears the dark red coat to wear the middle-aged man of obsolete tricorne to reappear illusory, toward master good a ritual, then vanishes does not see, has not alarmed anybody. 他的替身男仆理查德森侧方,一位穿暗红外套戴陈旧三角帽的中年男子虚幻浮现,向着主人行了一礼,然后消失不见,未惊动任何人。 The carriage changes slowly, the square position, one flock of pigeon whish must fly. 马车缓慢转向,广场位置,一群白鸽哗得飞了起来。 ............ ………… Went home, enters that to have the room in big balcony, silent Klein silent sighed along the way. 回到家中,进入那个有大阳台的房间,沿途沉默的克莱恩才无声叹了口气。 If Leonard under misleading of that grandfather, does not accept the warning, he must write a paper again in the past, the content is: Where I know Amon the Blasphemer. 如果伦纳德在那位老爷爷的蛊惑下,不接受警告,他就要再写一张纸条过去,内容是:“我知道‘渎神者’阿蒙在哪里”。 The implication is, disrupts my matter again, I told Amon, the Blasphemer, here had Zarathustra family Angel. 言外之意就是,再来打乱我的事情,我就告诉“渎神者”阿蒙,这里有一位索罗亚斯德家族天使 This will not make that grandfather feel Dawn Dantes to be weak, must be able to resist him by others, a closer warning not over three times politeness and a respect to Angel. 这并不会让那位老爷爷觉得道恩.唐泰斯虚弱,必须靠别人才能对抗他,更接近一种警告不超过三次的礼貌和对一位天使的尊重。 If warned twice, has not restrained, not only that means informed Amon, the Blasphemer. 若两次警告之后还不收敛,那办法就不只是通知“渎神者”阿蒙了。 Un, very big probability can deter them, that grandfather chooses the parasitic of shallow layer surface definitely to have other scheme or the difficulty, should not be willing to be moved the table-board by me...... Hehe, this matter must thank magical mirror Arrods, if not know that in advance Leonard within the body has 《Thief》 Angel, I affirmed that could not discover oneself stared, let alone warned them with the appropriate expression and means...... The Klein mood quite wants to say tranquilly, before did not have, that type is intense and flurried. 嗯,很大概率能震慑住他们,那位老爷爷选择浅层面的寄生肯定有别的图谋或难处,应该也不愿意被我掀掉牌桌……呵呵,这事还得谢谢“魔镜阿罗德斯,如果不是预先知道伦纳德体内有个“偷盗者”天使,我肯定发现不了自己已经被盯上,更别说用合适的措辞和办法警告他们了……克莱恩心情较为平静地想道,已没有了之前那种紧张和慌乱。 During he relaxes, the door thump thump thump was sounded, personal male servant Richardson said: 他放松之中,房门咚咚咚被敲响,贴身男仆理查德森道: Sir, the steward looks for you.” “先生,管家找您。” Asked him to come.” Klein turns around to leave the big balcony, returned to half open room. “请他进来。”克莱恩转身离开大阳台,回到了半开放的房间内。 Wears Walter of white gloves to open the door saying: 戴着白手套的瓦尔特开门进来道: Sir, your philosophy teacher Mr. Hameed arrived.” “先生,您的哲学老师哈米德先生到了。” Philosophy class...... Klein has a headache about rubbed one's temples. 哲学课……克莱恩头疼地揉了下额角 He had hear of Walter to say before, Mr. Hameed is the Lord of Storms follower, well-known scholar Lormi is also, Ruen Kingdom a large part of philosophers similarly are. 他之前有听瓦尔特说过,哈米德先生是风暴之主的信徒,著名学者卢尔弥也是,鲁恩王国很大一部分哲学家同样是。 This lets his suitable surprise, because is equal to the hot tempered brother in his storm follower. 这让他相当诧异,因为在他心里风暴信徒等于暴躁老哥。 It seems like change stereotypically insufficiently objective impression...... Becoming the prerequisite of philosopher is, could not find the wife, or isn't the family relationship harmonious? Klein spits the trough at the same time, reorganizes the clothing, moves toward the entrance, said to steward Walter: 看来得改变呆板不够客观的印象了……呵,成为哲学家的前提条件是,找不到妻子,或者家庭关系不和睦?克莱恩吐槽的同时,边整理衣物,走向门口,边对管家瓦尔特道: Good, I now on the past.” “好的,我现在就过去。” PS: Tomorrow will ask for leave the half of the day, is that chapter of noon, how because to then launch a little Carvin, I must ponder over well. PS:明天请假半天,就是中午的那章,因为接下来怎么展开有点卡文,我得好好琢磨一下。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel network cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。4小说网手机版阅读网址:
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