LM :: Volume #5

#19: The Ruen type contains

Late at night, 7 Pinster Street. 深夜,平斯特街7号 Leonard Mitchell sits to the chair on, lifts the both feet, extends to the desk position, put in the edge. 伦纳德米切尔坐至椅上,抬起双脚,伸到书桌位置,搁在了边缘。 Then, he depends backward, presses wood/blockhead attachment point creak to make noise, the breath gradually becomes long. 接着,他向后一靠,压得木头连接处吱嘎作响,呼吸逐渐变得悠长。 Has not known how long, his eyelid has drooped, has blocked from the pupil. 不知过了多久,他的眼皮耷拉了下来,遮住了眸子。 At this time, the Leonard spirit arrived at a piece of grey mist world, but the place as before is own bedroom. 这个时候,伦纳德的灵已来到了一片灰蒙蒙的世界,但所处的地方依旧是自己的卧室。 He flies near the window, seeing rich grey mist to cover nearby block, and has extended outward, as if must include entire Beckland. 他飞到窗边,看见浓郁的灰雾笼罩了附近的街区,并一直延伸往外,似乎要囊括整个贝克兰德 Street nearby gas street light, the warm flames in different house, at this time appear exceptionally dim, only periphery can illuminate very small region, and caught dimly some. 街道旁边的煤气路灯,不同房屋内的温暖火光,此时都显得异常黯淡,只能照亮周围很小的区域,并染上了些许朦胧。 Meanwhile, bunch of illusory oval-shape light ball or conceals or presently, interlocked have been covering a everywhere house, seemed the source that they had. 与此同时,一团团虚幻的椭圆形光球或藏或现,交错着笼罩了一处处房屋,似乎是它们存在的源泉。 This is the city in Nightmare eye. 这就是“梦魇”眼中的城市。 Leonard according to situation that before investigates, leaps the window in the Nightmare shape, flew to Chowod District Minsk street No. 17. 伦纳德按照之前调查到的情况,以“梦魇”形态跃出窗户,飞向了乔伍德区明斯克街17号。 He does not have intrudes directly, fell in the rich mist to the opposite party entrance, the politeness has sounded the doorbell. 他没直接闯入,在浓郁的雾气里落到对方门口,礼貌地拉响了门铃。 Cuckoo cuckoo in the sound, the wear rested Starling Sammer of skirt to open the front door. “布谷”“布谷”的声音里,穿着睡裙的斯塔琳萨默尔打开了大门。 She will inlay the silver the palace feather fan to keep off in the chest, is blurry and doubts asks: 她边将镶银的宫廷羽毛扇挡在胸口,边又迷糊又疑惑地问道: „Do you look for which?” “你找哪位?” When she is Klein acts the Sherlock Moriarty landlord, is about 30 -year-old Ms. blond hair blue eyes. 她正是克莱恩扮演夏洛克莫里亚蒂时的房东,是位30岁左右的金发蓝眼女士。 Leonard has changed the Ruen police uniform of black and white standard at this time, showed under the credential to say at will: 伦纳德此时已换上了黑白格的鲁恩警察制服,随意出示了下证件道: „Do you know Sherlock Moriarty?” “你认识夏洛克莫里亚蒂吗?” Because in the dream, Starling responded is very slow, crossed for several seconds saying: 因在梦中,斯塔琳反应很慢,过了好几秒才道: His what happened?” “他出了什么事情吗?” She asked at the same time, under the influence of Leonard, naturally had in side has appeared Sherlock Moriarty in mind: 她反问的同时,在伦纳德的影响下,于旁边自然地具现出了心目中的夏洛克莫里亚蒂: Wears -and-a-half high silk top hat, put on the two-row to take away the long formal clothes, the bridge of the nose on the shelf the gold-edged eyeglasses, the mouth length of side beard...... 戴一顶半高丝绸礼帽,穿双排扣长礼服,鼻梁上架着金边眼镜,嘴边长了一圈的胡须…… This before Leonard the Sherlock Moriarty appearance that obtains is consistent, therefore had not suspected, said directly: 这与伦纳德之前得到的夏洛克莫里亚蒂长相一致,故此没有怀疑,直接说道: He was involved in a case, is under investigation. “他卷入了一起案件,正在接受调查。 Hopes that you can coordinate our work.” “希望你能配合我们的工作。” Good, good.” Starling wants to lift the chin, does not know why also a little fears. “好,好的。”斯塔琳本想抬起下巴,可不知为什么又有点恐惧。 Leonard has thought one second of say/way: 伦纳德想了一秒道: House when he rents?” “他什么时候租的房子?” „In early last September.” Starling recalled the evil ways. “去年九月初。”斯塔琳回忆了下道。 Leonard continues to ask: 伦纳德继续问道: What do you have to understand to him? Or in you, what person he is?” “你对他有什么了解?或者说,在你心里,他是什么样的人?” Mentioned this, Starling like already considered the answer saying: 提及这个,斯塔琳像是早就考虑过答案一样道: He came from Midsea County, has that side voice, is very able detective, once helped Mary solve the matter that her husband has an affair, but, his income is not high, even could not invite the odd jobs female servant of duty, can only let my female servant concurrent job help...... My child told me, he is will speak the person of story very much, especially excelled at the story in detective aspect, this perhaps was the reason that he chose that profession......” “他来自间海郡,有那边的口音,是一个很有能力的侦探,曾经帮助玛丽解决她丈夫偷情的事情,不过,他的收入并不高,甚至请不起职的杂活女仆,只能让我的女仆兼职帮忙……我的孩子告诉我,他是个很会讲故事的人,尤其擅长侦探方面的故事,这或许是他选择那个行业的原因……” To the opportunity of Leonard interruption, she has not continued to say incessantly: 没给伦纳德打断的机会,她滔滔不绝地继续说道: He is not uncouthly like general detective, has attended the grammar school, has studied the history, the most enviable point is, obtains thanks of Mary, has joined Klag Club, person who there very much has the status, I had gone to several times...... “他不像一般的侦探那么粗鲁,读过文法学校,学过历史,最让人羡慕的一点是,得到玛丽的感谢,加入了克拉格俱乐部,那里都是很有身份的人,我曾经去过几次…… Afterward he probably had become famous in the detective circle, has private detective to look for him frequently......” “后来他好像在侦探圈子里出名了,经常有私家侦探来找他……” Leonard hears some not to be impatient, cannot bear lift hand rubbed one's temples. 伦纳德听得有些不耐烦,忍不住抬手揉了下额角 From Mrs. Starling here, he cannot obtain any useful information, except for the Sherlock Moriarty financial circumstance is not good , and excels in speaking detective story these two points, other in the information range of him investigating, he even also knows that Sherlock Moriarty and Isengard Stanton relates well. 斯塔琳太太这里,他没能得到什么有用的信息,除了夏洛克莫里亚蒂经济状况不是太好且擅于讲侦探故事这两点,其余都在他之前调查出来的情报范围内,他甚至还知道夏洛克莫里亚蒂艾辛格斯坦顿关系不错。 Then Moriarty relations good several since Klag Club and Sherlock looks up...... Bears the temper to listen to talking incessantly of Mrs. Starling, 接下来从克拉格俱乐部内和夏洛克莫里亚蒂关系较好的几位查起……耐着性子听完斯塔琳太太的唠叨, Leonard thanked the opposite party immediately, left her dreamland. ............ 伦纳德当即感谢对方,离开了她的梦境。………… Boklund street No. 160, in Dawn Dantes mansion. 伯克伦德街160号,道恩唐泰斯的府邸内。 May for the hall that over a hundred guests dance, Klein is supporting a 30-year-old woman to dance lightly. 可供上百个客人跳舞的大厅内,克莱恩正拥着一位30多岁的女士翩翩起舞。 This is the etiquette teacher who Walter looks, is called Vannah Haessen. 这是瓦尔特找来的礼仪教师,叫做瓦哈娜海森 She has female name that long sees, oneself am not ordinary, facial features obviously only medium on, but has the makings extremely, every action and every movement very much have the flavor. 她有着长见的女性名字,本人却并不普通,五官明明只中等偏上,但极有气质,一举一动都很有韵味。 According to Walter introduction, she was born the Baron family, since childhood was educated good, afterward entered the palace, is the court lady, until marriage. 瓦尔特介绍,她出生男爵家庭,自幼受到良好的教育,后来进入宫廷,担任女官,直到结婚。 Because the family declined, the husband financial circumstance is also ordinary, believes Goddess of the Night her to choose to become the tutor in etiquette, frequently the difference different aristocrats or the rich and powerful people family, taught their children. 因为家族已败落,丈夫经济状况也一般,信仰黑夜女神的她选择成为礼仪方面的家庭教师,经常出入不同的贵族或富豪家庭,教导他们的孩子。 Although the steward has not stated clearly, but Klein knows, cannot display too badly before this woman, otherwise the wind commented basically is incurable. 虽然管家没有明说,但克莱恩知道,在这位女士面前不能表现得太差,否则风评就基本没救了。 -- aristocrat, the rich and powerful people, with other men about town inquired that one of the person situation important path is to pass the common acquaintance. But sometimes, contact between servants also has meaning in this aspect. ——贵族,富豪,和其他上流社会人士打听一个人情况的重要途径之一就是通过共同的熟人。而某些时候,仆人间的交往也有这方面的意味。 The footsteps move lightly, the body rocks, Vannah applause nodded that the black hair pulls lightly: 脚步轻移,身体晃动,黑发轻挽的瓦哈娜赞许地点了下头: Mr. Dantes, is very before really difficult to imagine you, has not studied this dance step. 唐泰斯先生,真的很难想象你之前并没有学过这种舞步。 Is less than two quarters, you are skilled have accepted the aristocrat of similar education likely since childhood.” “不到两刻钟,你就熟练得像是从小接受过类似教育的贵族。” Is you teaches well.” Klein smiles modestly, the expression is temperate, does not see to make widely known. “是你教导得好。”克莱恩谦虚一笑,表情温和,不见张扬。 Has the Clown balance coordination ability, dances for him, is a very simple matter. 有着“小丑”的平衡协调能力,跳舞对他来说,是一件非常简单的事情。 Vannah lowered the head, chuckle a sound said: 瓦哈娜低下头,轻笑了一声道: You are one can let the woman happy gentleman very much.” “你是一位很能让女士高兴的绅士。” Her light brown pupil lifted immediately, has swept the temple and deep and quiet blue pupil of Dawn Dantes doping silver thread. 她浅棕色的眸子随即抬起,扫过了道恩唐泰斯掺杂银丝的鬓角和幽邃的蓝眸。 This is the best praise that I hear today.” Klein smiles the response at the same time, footsteps have not stopped, bringing Vannah to turn circle dexterously, the orchestra that not far away, invited made the beautiful melody continue to reverberate in the hall. “这是我今天听到的最好的赞美。”克莱恩笑着回应的同时,脚步没有停顿,带着瓦哈娜轻巧地转了个圈,不远处,请来的乐队让优美的旋律继续回荡于大厅内。 He has a mind to be familiar with Vannah, not only the promotion wind comments, because also the opposite party has been the palace court lady. 他有心与瓦哈娜熟悉,并不只是提升风评,还因为对方担任过宫廷女官。 After Vannah corrected a Dawn Dantes small mistake, said: 瓦哈娜纠正了道恩唐泰斯一个微小的错误后道: Invited the woman to dance, not only and danced, but must have to conversation, cannot likely be two human puppet, only if you immersed in the music immersion do not want to speak in the dance rhythm, naturally, this was also a communication, the communication of mind. “邀请女士跳舞,并不仅仅只是跳舞,还要有必须的交谈,不能像是两个人偶,除非你们都沉浸于音乐沉浸于舞蹈的节奏里不想说话,当然,这也是一种沟通,心灵的沟通。 Conversation time, is certainly implicit, here is Ruen, is not Intis. “交谈的时候,一定要含蓄,这里是鲁恩,不是因蒂斯 Simply speaking is, directly should not be uncouthly, appears has by oneself the demeanor. “简单来说就是,不要直接不要粗鲁,让自己显得有风度。 I give an example, if you want to praise lady's perfume, cannot say the flavor directly how nice-smelling, cannot ask that is which type of perfume and gives the praise, you must associate to a more implicit implication, the side puts on one, un, you can say: I arrived at spring suburb probably. “我举个例子,如果你想赞美女士的香水,不能直接说味道多么好闻,也不能问是哪种香水并给予赞美,你要联想到更含蓄的意蕴,侧面提上一句,嗯,你可以这么说:我好像来到了春天的郊外。 Naturally, this must conform to the characteristics of perfume.” “当然,这必须符合香水的特点。” Without the literary feeling, should not say that tonight moonlight is really beautiful? Klein with Japanese-style contained the stem unstated criticism, self-ridiculed that said with a smile: 没有文学感,不是应该说“今夜月色真美”吗?克莱恩用日式含蓄梗腹诽了一句,自嘲一笑道: Thank you had not said a moment ago my these praises insufficiently have the demeanor.” “谢谢你刚才没说我的那些赞美不够有风度。” Vannah smiling face variable depth: 瓦哈娜的笑容一下变深: Mr. Dantes, you knows what the social occasion receives the gentleman who the female welcome is?” 唐泰斯先生,你知道社交场合很受女性欢迎的绅士是什么样的吗?” Does not know.” Klein shakes the head confidently. “不知道。”克莱恩坦然摇头。 The Vannah smiling face does not reduce said: 瓦哈娜笑容不减地说道: What second is popular is makes the woman feel he very intelligent male.” “第二受欢迎的是让女士觉得他很聪明的男性。” First?” The Klein coordination asked. “第一呢?”克莱恩配合问道。 Vannah looked at his one eyes saying: 瓦哈娜瞄了他一眼道: What first is popular is makes the woman feel own very intelligent male.” “第一受欢迎的是让女士觉得自己很聪明的男性。” Here, she smiled, has not opened the mouth again, Klein one understood her hidden commendation. 说到这里,她笑了笑,没有再开口,克莱恩则一下明白了她暗藏的称赞。 This is the Ruen type contains...... Likely is not that side Intis, rushes to the lower part to go...... Un, this is in the newspaper report, the real Intis public relations field is any appearance, is unable to determine based on this, both countries always mutually slandered in any case...... Great Emperor's era, conforms to that description actually very much...... Klein has the institute to nod suddenly. 这就是鲁恩式的含蓄啊……不像是因蒂斯那边,都奔着下半身去的……嗯,这都是报纸杂志上的报道,真实的因蒂斯社交场是什么样子,无法据此确定,反正两国总是互相诋毁……大帝的时代,倒是很符合那种描述……克莱恩有所恍然地点了点头。 Two hours of etiquette curricula arrived at the last act in harmonious such atmosphere, Klein led steward Walter and personal male servant Richardson to deliver to the entrance Vannah Teacher Haessen, has given her a small gift. 两个小时的礼仪课程就在这样融洽的氛围里来到了尾声,克莱恩带着管家瓦尔特、贴身男仆理查德森瓦哈娜海森老师送到门口,给了她一件小礼物。 That is Delimu Corporation moonlight perfume, inside is doping the grey amber, the price is quite expensive. 那是德里姆公司的“月光”香水,里面掺杂着灰琥珀,价格相当昂贵。 As for concrete is many, Klein is not clear, because is steward Walter is responsible for buying, the disbursement walks from housekeeper there, when that 1000 pounds flower similar, when needs the new fund, Tanaia will be taking the bill and form asks him to verify. 至于具体是多少,克莱恩并不清楚,因为是管家瓦尔特负责买的,支出从女管家那里走,等到那1000镑花得差不多了,需要新的资金时,塔内娅才会拿着票据和表单找他审核。 Reason that Klein knows that is which company, any perfume , because the steward mister has to tell him ahead of time, when Ms. Vannah asked that his anything was not clear, appears insufficiently has the sincerity. 克莱恩之所以知道是哪家公司,什么香水,是因为管家先生提前有告诉他,免得瓦哈娜女士问起时,他什么都不清楚,显得不够有诚意。 From these details, he profoundly comprehended a good steward's function. 从这些细节,他深刻领会到了一位好管家的作用。 looks at satisfied Vannah Ms. Haessen leaves, Klein bore has rubbed the impulsion of forehead, was sighing heartfeltly at heart: 看着满意的瓦哈娜海森女士离开,克莱恩忍住了揉额角的冲动,由衷地在心里感叹道: This ratio and Extraordinary fight are tired, must pay attention to act frequently, considers the excuse...... I must result in rest.” “这比和非凡者战斗还累,必须时刻注意动作,斟酌说辞……我必须得休息一下了。” At this moment, wears Walter of white gloves to go forward a footpath: 就在这时,戴着白手套的瓦尔特上前一步道: Sir, since you progress in etiquette study are quick, that can be ahead of time other curricula. What curriculum?” A Klein headache. “先生,既然您在礼仪学习上的进展很快,那就可以将其余的课程提前了。什么课程?”克莱恩一阵头疼。 History, the international politics, philosophy, the music, as well as the golf, horse racing, hunting and other movement of the general knowledge......” Walter replied meticulously. “历史,国际政治,哲学,音乐,以及高尔夫、赛马、狩猎等运动的常识……”瓦尔特一丝不苟地回答道。 Philosophy?” Klein slightly feels asks consternation. “哲学?”克莱恩略感愕然地反问道。 Walter nodded said: 瓦尔特点了下头道: This is the upper circles of society one of topics is easy to mention, does not need you to have very thorough research, but at least must know that others were discussing anything, knows that the pragmatism philosophy the source was Consil Szo, Mared and Patterson, was not Great Emperor Russell, knows to propose what life came freedom was Lormi. “这是上流社会最容易谈起的话题之一,不需要您有非常深入的研究,但至少要知道别人在讨论什么,知道实用主义哲学的源头是孔西索、马雷德和帕特森,不是罗塞尔大帝,知道提出‘人生来自由’的是卢尔弥 „When many rich and powerful people first enter upper circles of society, always easy to make mistakes in this aspect, the philosophic thinking that they are familiar with in Jiang not to know the words that do not know to push to Great Emperor Russell.” “许多富豪初次进入上流社会时,总是容易在这方面犯错,他们习惯于将不知道的话语不知道的哲学思想推给罗塞尔大帝。” Klein was said even more has a headache, said with a smile forcefully: 克莱恩被说得愈发头疼,强行笑道: I recently nothing, and went to the church except for midday nap, you can arrange the curriculum at any time.” “我最近没什么事情,除了午睡和去教堂,你可以将课程安排在任何时候。” ............ ………… In a dark room, the envelope floated, opened voluntarily, shake-out the paper. 一个幽暗的房间内,信封漂了起来,自行打开,抖出了纸张。 Sharon wears the form of exquisite soft hat to outline in side, grasps the letter paper, looked earnestly. 莎伦戴着小巧软帽的身影勾勒于旁边,拿住信纸,认真看了一遍。 She writes the reply at once, arranges ceremony, starts to summon the Sherlock Moriarty messenger. 她旋即书写回信,布置仪式,开始召唤夏洛克莫里亚蒂的信使。 In this process, she has not forgotten to put a gold coin. 这个过程里,她没有忘记放上一枚金币。 Quick, Sharon read incantation, seeing the candlelight to inflate, catches dark green. 很快,莎伦念完了咒文,看见烛火膨胀,染上阴绿 Renette Tinichole is raising the forms of four blond hair, red eyes heads along with it drilling candlelight, arrived at the Sharon front. 蕾妮特缇尼科尔提着四个金发红眼脑袋的身影随之钻出烛火,来到了莎伦的面前。 The Sharon vision stagnates, human puppet face suddenly had the strong mood to change. 莎伦目光一滞,人偶般的脸庞突然有了强烈的情绪变化。 She blurted out: 她脱口而出道: Teacher! “老师! You are not already......” “你不是已经……” ps: On Monday asked monthly ticket recommendation ticket ~ ps:周一求月票推荐票~ Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel network cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。4小说网手机版阅读网址:
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