LM :: Volume #5

#18: Attraction?

Reads many magazine Klein to know the circle that oneself want to enter has the dance party much, is unconsciously accidental to the suggestion of steward Walter, the nod said: 翻看过不少杂志的克莱恩知道自己想要进入的圈子多有舞会,对管家瓦尔特的建议不觉意外,点头说道: Good.” “好。” Then, he leans to say to personal male servant Richardson: 说完,他侧头对贴身男仆理查德森道: Prepares the carriage, I must go to Church of Saint Samuel.” “准备马车,我要去圣赛缪尔教堂。” Klein remembers very clearly, own main purpose is to act the Goddess of the Night reverent follower, contacts the corresponding clergy, thus found to mix in the Chanis Gate opportunity, therefore, planned that has free time to go to the church to make a pray, displays the sincerity, mixes to look familiar. 克莱恩记得很清楚,自己的主要目的是扮演黑夜女神的虔诚信徒,接触相应的神职人员,从而找到混入查尼斯门的机会,所以,打算有空就去教堂做个祈祷,展现诚意,混个面熟。 Yes, Sir.” Richardson replied respectfully. “是,先生。”理查德森恭敬回答道。 In a while, wears the coat to wear the luxurious four rounds sedan horse-drawn vehicles that top hat Klein boarded to rent, appreciation scenery along the way, was showing the lemon piece the black tea. 没过多久,穿上外套戴好礼帽克莱恩就登上了租来的豪华四轮轿式马车,边欣赏沿途的风景,边品着放有柠檬片的红茶。 Actually, has a small bar in the compartment, inside is putting steward Walter preparation gold/metal simultaneous/uniform and cold winter Highlander and other liquors and seedling sources in the Intis red and white wine. 其实,在车厢内有一个小吧台,里面放着管家瓦尔特预备的金朗齐、凛冬黑兰德等蒸馏酒和各种源于因蒂斯的红白葡萄酒。 However Klein does not like drinking, as Extraordinary, he does not like that drunken feeling, this is easy to make him associate to have out-of-control, therefore, with going to the church cannot drink for the excuse, told that personal male servant Richardson has prepared pot marquis black tea in advance. 不过克莱恩并不怎么爱喝酒,身为一名非凡者,他也不喜欢那种醉醺醺的感觉,这容易让他联想起失控,所以,用去教堂不能喝酒为借口,吩咐贴身男仆理查德森预先准备了一壶侯爵红茶。 If, I want one cup of sweet ice tea actually, this is the southern flavor.” Klein said to Richardson half jokingly. “如果可以,其实我更想要一杯甜冰茶,这是南方的味道。”克莱恩半开玩笑地对理查德森道。 I will prepare next time.” Richardson responded immediately. “我下次会预备的。”理查德森当即回应道。 Klein shook the head with a smile: 克莱恩笑着摇了摇头: No, does not use, this is not very dignified. “不,不用,这不够体面。 I have been familiar with here neighbors, will hold one to have the Disu characteristics banquet, when the time comes prepares the sweet ice tea again, hehe, I think that their children should like very much.” “等我和这里的邻居们熟悉了,会举行一场有迪西特色的宴会,到时候再准备甜冰茶,呵呵,我想他们的孩子应该很喜欢。” Richardson sees itself to understand that has made a mistake the meaning of employer, is busy at slightly anxiously opening the mouth saying: 理查德森见自己理解错了雇主的意思,忙略显紧张地开口道: I will remember.” “我会记住的。” From Boklund street No. 160 to Church of Saint Samuel of Percival street, the walk only takes about 20 minutes, if not for dignity, and has rented the carriage to hire the cart driver, Klein is willing to walk, digests food, strong and healthy body. 从伯克伦德街160号到佩斯菲尔街的圣赛缪尔教堂,步行只需要20分钟左右,如果不是为了体面且已经租了马车雇了车夫,克莱恩更愿意走过去,消化食物,强身健体。 Quick, the carriage stopped outside the church square edge, Klein took is inlaying the gold/metal cane, walked, stopped to watch dance of a pigeon. 很快,马车停到了教堂外面的广场边缘,克莱恩拿着镶金手杖,走了下去,驻足观赏了一阵白鸽们的舞蹈。 Enters the church, goes to big pray hall, he gives Richardson top hat and cane, oneself looked to approach the position of corridor to sit down, buries the low head, the junction grasps both hands, earnestly and started to pray peacefully. 进入教堂,来到大祈祷厅,他将礼帽和手杖交给理查德森,自己找了个靠近过道的位置坐下,埋低脑袋,交握双手,认真而安静地开始祈祷。 Richardson sits to his side behind, puts away various item, looked at Sacred Emblem of Darkness on chancel, has closed the eye. 理查德森坐至他的侧后方,放好各种物品,瞄了眼圣坛上的黑暗圣徽,也跟着闭上了眼睛。 In the peaceful quiet atmosphere, Klein thought that own spirituality had the slight radiation phenomenon, regarding this not surprise, the believers who because prayed in the church, will have similar bitter experience-- brought reverent faith few spirituality to gather bit by bit, was providing the strength for the Chanis Gate seal of place bottom. 安宁静谧的气氛里,克莱恩觉得自己的灵性出现了轻微的发散现象,对此并不诧异,因为在教堂内祈祷的信众,都会有类似的遭遇——带着虔诚信念的少量灵性一点一滴汇聚,为地底的查尼斯门封印提供着力量。 Has not known how long, his inspiration touched suddenly, opened the eye quietly, the area of concealment looks to the slanting front. 不知过了多久,他灵感突有触动,悄然睁开眼睛,隐蔽地看向了斜前方。 There station the position is putting on the old man of clergy black long gown, the hair is sparse, the color like the frost, face is pale likely is a deceased person. 那里站着位穿神职人员黑色长袍的老者,头发稀疏,颜色如霜,脸庞苍白得像是死人。 Looks from afar, his aura gloomy and cold, the expression lacks, in the environment of dim glimmer with the big pray hall has blending to a certain extent. 远远望去,他气息阴冷,表情缺乏,与大祈祷厅内昏暗微光的环境有某种程度上的交融。 Internal watchmen...... Klein has swept one, makes the judgment, closes/obstructs eye prayed again, naturally, he has remembered the appearance characteristics of opposite party: 内部看守者……克莱恩只是扫了一眼,就做出判断,重新闭目祈祷,当然,他已记住了对方的容貌特点: The big nose, gray-blue eye, the face skin relaxation, has not left leeway the beard. 大鼻子,灰蓝色眼睛,脸部皮肤松弛,未留有胡须。 Old man who that clergy dress up also sat at this time, to the Goddess prayer, in the entire pray hall, only the place above of front wall has several holes wholly absorbed, illuminates into the pure ray, like the radiant stars, making the dark environment appear gentle and sacred. 那位神职人员打扮的老者此时也坐了下来,专心致志地向女神祷告,整个祈祷厅内,只前方墙壁的上方有几个孔洞,照入纯净的光芒,像璀璨的星辰一样,让黑暗的环境显得柔和与神圣。 Time one minute one second passes by, the Klein inspiration was touched once again. 时间一分一秒过去,克莱恩灵感又一次被触动。 He opens the eye carefully, seeing that to put on internal watchmen of black long gown to leave the seat, entered the flank channel. 他小心睁开眼睛,看见那位穿黑色长袍的内部看守者离开座位,进入了侧方的通道。 There should lead to behind the church...... Internal do watchmen live in church? Don't they have the family member not to have family not oneself residence? From their conditions, 那里应该是通往教堂后方的……内部看守者们都住在教堂内?他们没有亲人没有家庭没有自己的住所?从他们的状态来看, This is not too as if accidental, moreover guards the Chanis Gate internal person, accepts bishops' supervision, is the normal measure...... This means that I truly must become the friend with Church of Saint Samuel bishop pastors, has behind the free difference church opportunity...... Klein has not looked, closes both eyes, is pondering all sorts of issues. Also the period of time, he had set out slowly, moves toward the chancel, stands the offer box front, puts out 50 pounds cash, has thrown devotionally. 这似乎也不算太意外,而且看守查尼斯门内部的人,接受主教们的监管,也是正常的措施……这意味着我确实得与圣赛缪尔教堂的主教牧师们变成朋友,获得自由出入教堂后方的机会……克莱恩没有多瞧,闭上双眼,思考着种种问题。又过了好一阵子,他缓慢起身,走向圣坛,站到奉献箱前方,拿出50镑现金,虔诚地投了进去。 Today this let bishop and pastors who the value defends looked, the vision became friendly, has remembered his appearance. 这让今日值守的主教和牧师都望了过来,目光变得友善,记住了他的模样。 Completes all these, Klein nodded the head to several clergy gently, turns around to move toward the exit|to speak along the corridor, Richardson was taking his hat and cane, followed closely. 完成这一切,克莱恩对几位神职人员轻轻颔首,转身沿过道走向了出口,理查德森拿着他的帽子和手杖,紧随于后。 Left the big pray hall, his line in fine the rays of mural and in penetration high place stained glass, walks toward the front door position. 出了大祈祷厅,他行于一幅幅精美壁画和穿透高处彩色玻璃的光芒中,往大门位置走去。 At this moment, there has come in several person's shadows, the leader is two temple hair is profound, the facial features outline gentle middle-aged man, he wears the black windproof coat, has not worn the glove, has not taken the cane. 就在这时,那里进来了几道人影,为首者是个两鬓头发深长,五官轮廓柔和的中年男子,他穿着黑色风衣,没戴手套,也未拿手杖。 The left rear of this gentleman is puts on the young man of black windproof coat similarly, his black hair and green pupil, the appearance is handsome, is the hairstyle appears somewhat optional, after is the morning gets out of bed has not carried on has combed carefully. 这位男士的左后方是个同样穿黑色风衣的年轻男子,他墨发绿瞳,长相英俊,就是发型显得有些随意,像是早上起床后没进行过仔细梳理一样。 His appearance, his form, Klein exceptionally is familiar, misconception that may several years several years not see: 他的样子,他的身影,克莱恩都异常熟悉,可又有一种几年十几年未见的错觉: Leonard Mitchell! 伦纳德.米切尔 The Klein pupil light shrank, the sole slight stop, has not been maintaining the beforehand pace and stride width, welcomed to that several have worn the black windproof coat Night Watcher. 克莱恩眸光缩了一下,脚底没有丝毫的停顿,保持着之前的步频与步幅,迎向了那几位穿黑色风衣的“值夜者”。 Yes, Klein confirmed that they are Night Watcher! 是的,克莱恩确认他们是“值夜者”! When meet, he has swept Leonard and the others at will, then crosses them, moves toward the front door. 相遇之时,他随意地扫了伦纳德等人一眼,然后越过他们,走向大门。 The front door is opening wide, the outside stratus cloud is thin, the sunlight is pure, the pigeon dances in the air. 大门敞开着,外面层云稀薄,阳光纯粹,白鸽飞舞。 Leonard Mitchell also idle looked at believers one of the passing by, takes back the vision, the sigh said: 伦纳德.米切尔也无所事事般望了路过的信众们一眼,收回目光,叹息说道: Hopes that this time can treat in Beckland much for several days, rests well. This time case not only the danger is exciting, but must tighten the spirit frequently.” “希望这次能在贝克兰德多待几天,好好休息一阵。这次的案子不仅危险刺激,而且必须时刻绷紧精神。” Their this groups red gloves just uncovered one to throw over the human skin Devil event, seized two goals. 他们这组“红手套”刚破获了一起披人皮恶魔事件,抓捕到了其中两个目标。 This surface seems like relaxed, is actually not simple, they experienced many setbacks and counter-attack difficultly complete the task, each member not only the body is tired, but also the heart is weary. 这表面看似轻松,实际一点也不简单,他们经历了不少挫折和反扑才艰难完成任务,每位队员不仅身累,而且心疲。 captain Sost shakes the head to say with a smile: 队长索斯特摇头笑道: This is we red gloves life, you choose to join, should know to be able like this. “这就是我们‘红手套’的生活,你选择加入的时候,就应该知道会这样。 But, congratulates you, this time can promote Soul Calmer.” “不过,祝贺你,这次能晋升‘安魂师’了。” Leonard Mitchell curls the lip to say with a smile: 伦纳德.米切尔撇嘴笑道: This imagines slowly compared with me, Captain Sost you finally, can arrive at Sequence Five finally.” “这比我想象得慢,还有,索斯特队长你终于,终于能到序列5了。” This is not the church's issue, if I can withstand very well, five years ago can become Spirit Shaman.” Sost receives the smiling face, moves toward the big pray hall saying that „the whereabouts Goddess prayer, this can eliminate your pressure effectively, regains the state of mind.” “这并不是教会的问题,如果我能很好地承受,五年前就可以成为‘灵巫’了。”索斯特收起笑容,走向大祈祷厅道,“去向女神祷告吧,这能有效消除你们的心理压力,恢复精神状态。” During the speeches, this group red gloves entered the dim tranquil hall, looked for a position to sit down respectively. 说话间,这组“红手套”进入了昏暗宁静的大厅,各自找了个位置坐下。 Leonard is just about to pray with single-hearted devotion, suddenly hears in the mind being correct slightly old voice to resound: 伦纳德正要专心祈祷,忽然听见脑海内有道略显苍老的嗓音响起: A moment ago that person a little issue.” “刚才那个人有点问题。” Who?” Leonard lays down the head, presses voice to ask. “谁?”伦纳德埋下脑袋,压着嗓音问道。 That slightly old voice replied: 那略显苍老的嗓音回答道: You in one of that several people the entrance meets, I reside temporarily in your within the body, the strength have not restored, have no way to see too clearly.” “你们在门口遇见的那几个人之一,我寄居于你体内,实力也未恢复,没法看得太清楚。” Leonard recalled, asked in a low voice: 伦纳德回忆了一下,低声问道: What issue?” “什么问题?” On him has ancient aura.” The voice in Leonard mind said simply. “他身上有古老的气息。”伦纳德脑海内的嗓音简单说道。 „Did live very long Extraordinary?” The Leonard whisper said, I will try to look up.” “一位活了很久的非凡者?”伦纳德嘀咕道,“我会试着查一查的。” Meanwhile, he in wants to say at heart: 与此同时,他在心里想道: The old man definitely has to conceal some situations, who he little such on own initiative reminded me to have the issue, said unclearly...... Waited to find the goal, confirmed that temporarily has not harmed, first was putting, no matter, so as to avoid therefore was involved in the fourth era these not dead monster in the battle...... If that will bring disaster, directly reports to the archbishop...... 老头肯定有隐瞒一些情况,他很少这么主动地提醒我谁有问题,却又说得含糊不清……等找到了目标,确认暂时没有危害,就先放着不管,免得因此卷入第四纪那些不死怪物的争斗里……如果那位真会带来灾难,就直接向大主教汇报…… ............ ………… Chowod District, in a house. 乔伍德区,一栋房屋内。 This was before borrows your money.” Forsi has given resting 220 pounds debt. “这是之前借你的钱。”佛尔思将220镑欠款递给了休。 She received 100 pounds from Mister Moon with stemming from the Lady Hermit 500 pounds. 她已经收到来自“月亮”先生的100镑和源于“隐者”女士的500镑。 Quinn Dierra has grasped under the disorderly insufficiently mild-mannered golden hair, looked at money, looked up Forsi, blurted to ask: 休.迪尔查抓了下自己杂乱不够柔顺的金发,看了看钱,又抬头看了看佛尔思,脱口问道: „ Did you participate really gamble illegally? “你真的参与非法赌博了? I must tell you, this gambling definitely is the snare and trap, making you win money to let you loses many! Although you are Master of Magic Tricks, has opportunity to deceive them, but similar gambling house is very possible to hide other Extraordinary!” “我必须告诉你,这种赌博肯定是圈套和陷阱,让你赢钱只是为了让你输得更多!虽然你是戏法大师,有机会欺瞒过他们,但类似的赌局很可能藏着别的非凡者!” Stops, stops, stops!” Forsi presses down both hands, aerobic also funnily said, I will seem like that type will participate in the person of illegal gambling?” “停,停,停!”佛尔思按下双手,好气又好笑地说道,“我看起来像是那种会参与非法赌博的人吗?” Like!” Rests replies without hesitation, „, if not I prevents, you purely will not even smoke, you also want to smoke the hemp!” “像!”休毫不犹豫回答道,“如果不是我阻止,你甚至不会单纯地吸烟,你还想抽大麻!” That is because the full moon talks during sleep the pain of bringing to make me seek the paralysis, now cannot like this...... Forsi with resting argued, explained directly: 那是因为满月呓语带来的痛苦让我寻求麻痹,现在不会这样了……佛尔思没和休争辩,直接解释道: „In I get together the mysticism knowledge that sold me to have in Extraordinary, hehe, that had generous very much, bid several hundred pounds.” “我在一个非凡者聚会里卖了我拥有的神秘学知识,呵呵,那位很有慷慨,出价几百镑。” „After this......” rests the issue will throw into the brain instantaneously, then said, eastern district recently presented a new Extraordinary meeting, I was invited.” “这样啊……”休瞬间将刚才的问题抛到脑后,转而说道,“东区最近出现了一个新的非凡者聚会,我被邀请了。” New Extraordinary meeting?” Forsi stares first, at once some anticipations. “新的非凡者聚会?”佛尔思先是一愣,旋即有些期待。 According to her teacher Dorian Gray and some Mister Fool's words, she knows that Louis Wayne is Aurora Union Envoy of God, this time comes Beckland, before possible is replaces, missing Mr. A, rebuilds the Aurora Union influence in this metropolis, therefore, he has not slightly possibly masquerades, makes new Extraordinary to get together. 根据她老师多里安.格雷“愚者”先生的一些话语,她知道路易斯.维恩极光会神使,这次来贝克兰德,很可能是顶替之前失踪的A先生,重建这座大都市内的极光会势力,所以,他有不小的可能乔装打扮,弄一个新的非凡者聚会出来。 Forsi thinks, resembles accidentally to resting said: 佛尔思想了想,状似无意地对休道: „Do you want to participate?” “你要参加吗?” Naturally, I must prepare Interrogator magical medicine formula.” Rests is replies very much resolute. “当然,我得准备‘审讯者’魔药配方了。”休很是果决地回答道。 Forsi nodded, covered mouth to have a yawn saying: 佛尔思点了下头,捂嘴打了个哈欠道: You have the qualifications invited new member the time, remembers that took me.” “你有资格邀请新成员的时候,记得带上我。” PS: Has not retained the draft.. 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