LM :: Volume #5

#17: „Moon” authority

Enters in the room, what Klein first sees is an entrance hall, here is spacious, suspends many chair and umbrella-stand, moreover arranges elegantly, the decoration is appropriate, if not know that in advance the structure and has inspected on the spot, Klein even thinks that this is one treats the living room. 进入屋内,克莱恩首先看见的是一个门厅,这里非常宽敞,摆有多把椅子和伞架,而且布置典雅,装饰得体,如果不是预先知道结构并实地考察过,克莱恩甚至会认为这是一个待客厅。 Through the second leaf of front door, he at present suddenly open, presented one to be able for the hall that dozens over a hundred guests danced. 通过第二扇大门,他眼前霍然开朗,出现了一个可以供几十上百个客人跳舞的大厅。 This business hall is spreading the rug of color bright thick soft, all around is the luminous defined marble floor tile, places piano, stone carving and other item, and supports to mount the stone column of accessory to support second floor. 这大厅中央铺着色彩鲜艳厚实绵柔的地毯,四周是光亮明晰的大理石地砖,摆放有钢琴、石雕等物品,并支起一根根镶嵌饰品的石柱撑住二楼 Left side of it is a row of window, outside is the garden that the green lawn and puts, the right has the wall, wooden door and corridor, to lounge, storeroom, washroom, kitchen and steward room and other places. 它左侧是一排落地窗,外面是青碧的草坪和盛放的花园,右侧有墙壁、木门和走廊,通往休息室、储藏室、盥洗室、厨房和管家房间等地方。 The hall reaches as high as two, has the crystal chandelier to let fall from the ceiling, making people one after conceivable the night to approach the appearance. 大厅高达两层,有水晶吊灯从天花板上垂落,让人一下就可以想象出夜晚来临后的样子。 Leads the way to the end, the both sides have the staircase respectively to second. 前行至尽头,两侧各有楼梯通往第二层。 Here winding corridor becomes the square, center empties some is the hall spreads the position of rug, Klein is wanting with one glass of liquor, stands after the second floor parapet, can appreciate the following dance party easely. 这里的回廊成正方形,中央空出来的部分正好是大厅铺着地毯的位置,克莱恩只要拿一杯酒,站在二楼栏杆后,就能悠然地欣赏下面的舞会。 The second room is numerous, has the living room, has the living room, has the dining room, has the washroom, has the billiards room, there are massive bedroom, if the guest needs to stay overnight, will live here. 第二层房间众多,有客厅,有起居室,有餐厅,有盥洗室,有桌球室,有大量的卧房,如果客人需要留宿,就会住在这里。 Similarly, second floor has two staircases to third, there is the place that Dawn Dantes lives, has master bedroom of exaggeration, has to expose to the sun to the belt/bring bar half opening room that Sun admires the scenery, may be called the study room in small library, two cloak room and personal male servant and bed closet of Night Watcher female servant separately housing, as well as belongs to the room and washroom of family member, but Klein at present is only single one person. 同样的,二楼有两处楼梯通往第三层,那里才是道恩.唐泰斯住的地方,有夸张的主卧,有可以晒到太阳欣赏风景的带吧台半开放房间,有一个堪称小型图书馆的书房,有两个衣帽间和贴身男仆、值夜女仆分别居住的小卧室,以及属于家庭成员的房间、盥洗室,不过克莱恩目前只是单身一人。 As for other servants, in building that row of one-story house, another direction is the horse stable. 至于其他仆人,则在楼房后方的那一排平房内,另一个方向是马厩。 The building underground portion is similarly spacious, has the big storeroom and wine cellar. 楼房地下部分同样宽敞,有大储藏室和酒窖。 Takes off Klein of coat, back stands stiffly in the big balcony in third floor half opening room, is looking into the scenery of surrounding block, could not bear was sighing one at heart: 脱掉外套的克莱恩,腰背挺直地立在三楼半开放房间的大阳台上,眺望着周围街区的风景,忍不住在心里感叹了一句: Expensive really has the expensive significance, that 315 pounds rent does not calculate that too wastes......” “贵果然还是有贵的意义,那315镑租金也不算太浪费……” He has paid one year of rent yesterday afternoon, can only force itself to be getting more and more pleasing to the eyes to here. 他已在昨天下午支付了一年的租金,只能强迫自己对这里越来越顺眼。 Meanwhile, his also direct payment Walter one year of wage 115 pounds, because after he goes well Antigonus family notebook, likely must flee, implicates the steward mister to be unemployed. 与此同时,他还直接支付了瓦尔特一年的薪水115镑,因为他得手安提哥努斯家族笔记后,很可能就要潜逃,连累管家先生失业。 Based on such idea, he this morning also one time has paid a housekeeper Tanaia 42 pounds yearly salary, making this woman feel Mr. Dawn Dantes initially the extravagance of take action, the conducting oneself bearing. 基于这样的理念,他今早也一次付了女管家塔内娅42镑的年薪,让这位女士初步感受到了道恩.唐泰斯先生出手的阔绰,做人的气度。 But in discussing of two stewards and busy , the servants have hired neat, one masculine family asset manager yearly salary 30 pounds, one personal male servant Richardson yearly salary 35 pounds, two are responsible for receiving the guest in the male servant yearly salary of by the dinner table serving respectively 25 pounds, two first-grade female servant yearly salaries respectively 18 pounds, two second-rate female servant yearly salaries respectively 12 pounds, two heavy manual labor male servant yearly salaries are also respectively 12 pounds. 而在两位管家的商量和忙碌下,仆人们已经雇齐,一位男性的家庭财产管理员年薪30镑,一位贴身男仆理查德森年薪35镑,两位负责接待客人在餐桌旁伺候的男仆年薪各25镑,两位一等女仆年薪各18镑,两位二等女仆年薪各12镑,两位粗活男仆年薪也是各12镑。 Except for these, chef yearly salary 30 pounds, the kitchen assistant 15 pounds, the kitchen maid 13 pounds, the storeroom female servant 11 pounds, the home nurse 25 pounds, the unskilled laborer 10 pounds, two horse cart drivers respectively 25 pounds, two gardeners respectively 20 pounds, two wash the female servant respectively 10 pounds, amounts to 413 pounds, similar per week 8 pounds. 除了这些,厨师年薪30镑,厨房助手15镑,厨房女仆13镑,储藏室女仆11镑,家庭护士25镑,小工10镑,两个马车夫各25镑,两个园丁各20镑,两个洗涤女仆各10镑,总计413镑,差不多每周8镑。 Is counted the yearly salaries of two stewards again, Klein must pay 570 pounds every year, about per week 11 pounds, this has not calculated that provides the expenditures of various food, clothes and types of life daily necessities. 再算上两位管家的年薪,克莱恩每年要支付570镑,约合每周11镑,这还没算提供食物、衣服、各种生活日用品的开支。 Every week opens the eye, any income did not have, must disburse several 20 pounds...... Klein has done mental arithmetic at will, forces oneself to carry over the garden the vision. 每周一睁开眼睛,什么收入都还没有,就要支出十几20镑……克莱恩随意心算了一下,就强迫自己将目光移向花园。 At noon pays the first week wage of rents and servants of two horse-drawn vehicles, after and gives 1000 pounds cash that the housekeeper Tanaia daily expenses have used, on him only remaining 1286 pounds bills and 18 gold coins, but Miss Justice and within Lady Hermit fund week one after another to account. 中午付掉两辆马车的租金和仆人们的第一周薪水,并给了女管家塔内娅日常开销用的1000镑现金后,他身上只剩下1286镑钞票和18枚金币,不过“正义”小姐“隐者”女士的款项这周之内就会陆续“到账”。 Also does not know how long Tanaia there 1000 pounds can support, is only the store up deals with various alcohols of dance party banquet sufficiently, at least takes several hundred pounds...... Wealthy man Mr. Dawn Dantes is lost in thought that is hard to extricate oneself. 也不知道塔内娅那里的1000镑能支持多久,仅是贮备足以应对舞会宴会的各种酒类饮料,就至少要几百镑吧……富翁道恩.唐泰斯先生陷入沉思,难以自拔。 For the returning to normal mood, he decided that is bustling about the time of processing new home business while the stewards and servants, goes to above the grey mist to transfer, that strange puppet that under the research Emlyn White offers sacrifices. 为了平复情绪,他决定趁管家、仆人们忙碌着处理新家事务的时间,去灰雾之上转一圈,研究下埃姆林.怀特献祭的那个怪异木偶。 After occurred, Klein has to return to that piece of mysterious space, drags into Forsi, suppresses the sleepiness to listen to the opposite party to be verboser daily of Beckland, when all subside, he is too trapped/sleepy, accepts offering sacrifices of Emlyn, after not confirming exceptionally, returned to the real world, to the end went to sleep. ——血月发生后,克莱恩不得不重返那片神秘空间,将佛尔思拉入,强忍着睡意听对方絮叨些贝克兰德的日常,等到一切平息,他实在太困,接受完埃姆林的献祭,确认没有异常后,就回到现实世界,倒头入睡。 Managed under the line to have the dark-colored waistcoat, Klein walks to the entrance, opened the door, stood personal male servant Richardson that to say to outside: 理了下线条有型的深色马甲,克莱恩走至入口,拉开房门,对外面侍立的贴身男仆理查德森道: I am familiar in this time take a nap three quarters, do not make anybody disturb me.” “我习惯在这个时间午睡三刻钟,不要让任何人打扰我。” Good, Sir.” Richardson responded humbly. “好的,先生。”理查德森谦卑地回应道。 He is a hybrid illegitimate child, the father is the Ruen person, a steward in manor, mother is east Balam native, the slave in that manor. After he was born, was intensively discriminated and humiliation, raised the disposition of spiritless obedience, because the semblance was quite good, suited the reception guest, the master choice by that manor was the male servant, brought Beckland. 他是一个混血私生子,父亲是鲁恩人,一个庄园的管事,母亲是东拜朗土著,那个庄园的奴隶。他出生以后,饱受歧视和欺凌,养起了懦弱服从的性格,因为外表相当不错,适合接待客人,被那个庄园的主人挑选为男仆,带到了贝克兰德 When the Ruen Kingdom high and low two institutes passed abolished the slavery the bill, he suffered the unemployment, has to metropolis help family servant association request aid. 等到鲁恩王国上下两院通过了废除奴隶制的法案,他惨遭失业,只好向“大都市帮助家庭仆人协会”请求援助。 Before Klein, he has served two families, has made some mistakes, gained in the substantial experiences, settled on by steward Walter, became the Dawn Dantes personal male servant. 克莱恩之前,他服务过两个家庭,犯了些错误,也积累了不少经验,被管家瓦尔特看中,成为了道恩.唐泰斯的贴身男仆。 Looked at a stature to be tall and straight, with present almost high Richardson, Klein slightly did not shake the head obviously, was sighing one at heart: 看了眼身材挺拔,与自己现在差不多高的理查德森,克莱恩微不可见地摇了摇头,在心里感叹了一句: The fellow who „ in this contour can be the star, can only be a servant in this age unexpectedly, moreover is obviously long that big, actually timid spiritless, but, this is also the merit, is obedient, silent, the obedience, the master told that anything makes anything, does not independently decide absolutely...... “这种外形上可以当明星的家伙,在这个年代竟然只能做个仆人,而且明明长得那么高大,却胆小懦弱,不过,这也算是优点,听话,沉默,服从,主人吩咐什么就做什么,绝对不自作主张…… If I only have a personal male servant, needs him to handle various business, that Richardson is definitely unqualified, but, I have the Walter steward, that many servants, the remaining matters, by his experience and ability, enough dealt with.” “如果我只有一个贴身男仆,需要他处理各种事务,那理查德森肯定不合格,但是,我还有瓦尔特管家,还有那么多仆人,剩下的事情,以他的经验和能力,足够应付了。” Had not said, Klein closes to lock on the other side, returns to by the easy chair, counter four steps, entered above the grey mist. 没有多说,克莱恩关门反锁,回到安乐椅旁,逆走四步,进入了灰雾之上 He sits to belonging to the Fool position, hand one move, letting that all over the body burned black Moon Puppet flew, fell front. 他坐至属于“愚者”的位置,将手一招,让那个通体焦黑的“月亮木偶”飞了过来,落到面前。 After repeated carefully examining, Klein had not found the special place, therefore has appears the written records, under writing divination sentence: 经过反复的审视,克莱恩没找到特异的地方,于是具现出纸笔,书写下占卜语句: Its origin.” “它的来历。” Put down the fountain pen, Klein waited for several seconds took up the paper, leaned against the chairback backward. 放下钢笔,克莱恩等待了几秒才拿起纸张,向后靠住椅背。 Un, the spirituality intuition has not prevented my divination, this explained the danger that Moon Puppet hides does not have Rose School Extraordinary characteristics in a big way...... Klein whispered, has a thought the divination sentence skilled lowly. 嗯,灵性直觉没有阻止我占卜,这说明“月亮木偶”潜藏的危险没有玫瑰学派非凡特性大……克莱恩嘀咕了一句,熟练地低念起占卜语句。 In the grey mist world, he saw one to insert a sacrificial altar of flare. 灰蒙蒙的天地里,他看见了一个插着一圈火把的祭台。 The sacrificial altar upper berth the doubtful human skin thing, is being the bloody trace, the center places three candles and several everywhere tall and slender is being similar to human puppet of wooden stake. 祭台上铺着疑似人皮的事物,到处都是血淋淋的痕迹,中央摆放着三根蜡烛和几个细长如同木桩的人偶 These small puppet eyes curved, mouth curved, seems corresponding the sky crimson crecent moon. 这些小型木偶眼睛弯弯,嘴巴弯弯,似乎对应着天空绯红的新月。 Therefore, they are hanging the strange smiling face throughout, body mounts the full subtilis and dried flowers. 所以,它们始终挂着诡异的笑容,身上则镶嵌满枯草与干花。 Puts on the priest footsteps of dark red long gown to make an effort to turn circle around the altar, like is dancing the dance that an epilepsy patient invents. 一位穿着暗红长袍的祭司正脚步用力地绕着祭坛转圈,就像在跳一支癫痫病患者发明的舞蹈。 When does not know, the moonlight gathering, according to these puppets, was getting more and more bright, to finally, there as if had the wave to sway gently. 不知什么时候,月光汇聚,照在了那些木偶身上,越来越亮,到了最后,那里仿佛有水波在轻轻晃荡。 The ceremony is close to the end quickly, that priest takes up a tall and slender puppet, arrives ties up before the human race body on side rack, one has inserted the opposite party eye socket it. 仪式很快进入尾声,那名祭司拿起一个细长的木偶,走到被绑在旁边架子上的人类身前,一下将它插入了对方的眼窝。 In sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, picture fast changes, these eye sockets are inserting Moon Puppet dead by rule burying in a place. 凄厉的惨叫声里,画面飞快改变,那些眼窝插着“月亮木偶”的死者被规律地埋葬在了一片地方。 The scene starts the leap-style development, whenever full moon with blood moon time, the splendor glow will sprinkle in the place of that grave, the water same seeps, the surroundings are dark and deep. 场景开始跳跃式发展,每当满月和血月的时候,辉芒就会洒落在那片墓葬之地,水一样渗透进去,周围黑暗而深沉。 Klein opens the eye, has adjusted under the sitting posture, understood Moon Puppet approximately origin: 克莱恩睁开眼睛,调整了下坐姿,大致明白了“月亮木偶”的来历: They stem from one to Primordial Moon the ceremony of hope, is several hundred years of ceremony! 它们源于一场向“原始月亮”祈求的仪式,长达几百年的仪式! In these several hundred years, they are absorbing the scarlet moon strength, the little variation, until was unearthed by certain colonizers. 这几百年里,它们吸收着红月的力量,一点点变异,直到被某些殖民者挖掘出来。 They will usually not have any strange place, only then Primordial Moon the follower can open with the correct means that as for the effect is anything, Klein is not clear. 它们平常不会有什么古怪的地方,只有“原始月亮”的信徒用正确的办法才能开启,至于效果是什么,克莱恩并不清楚。 In some sense, these puppets are equal to Primordial Moon god graciousness...... Last night after I divided one, that Evil God was angry, therefore there is blood moon? The Klein finger taps motley long table edge, had the preliminary judgment. 从某种意义上来讲,这些木偶相当于“原始月亮”的神恩者……昨晚被我劈死一个后,那邪神就愤怒了,于是有了血月克莱恩手指轻敲斑驳长桌边缘,有了初步的判断。 Un, Primordial Moon the anger direct change moon/month shape, the performance is blood moon...... If this guess is right, that explained that in scarlet moon this domain, Goddess is inferior to Primordial Moon, even has possibly occupied a given name, is wielding one „0” level sealed item...... The Klein small scope nods, tries divination Moon Puppet the weakness. 嗯,“原始月亮”的怒火直接改变月象,表现为血月……如果这个猜测是对的,那就说明在红月这个领域,女神是不如“原始月亮”的,甚至可能只是占了一个名号,执掌着一件“0”级封印物……克莱恩小幅度点头,尝试起占卜月亮木偶”的弱点。 This time, he saw the sunlight, saw the lightning. 这一次,他看见了阳光,看见了闪电。 In other words, the lightning of the extraordinary capability and Storm domain of Sun domain, most suits copes with it...... Klein content of explanation enlightenment, while Moon Puppet will lose into the junks pile, returned to the real world. 也就是说,“太阳”领域的非凡能力和“风暴”领域的闪电,最适合对付它……克莱恩一边解读启示的内容,一边将“月亮木偶”丢入杂物堆里,返回了现实世界。 After one hour, attire straight Walter wears the white gloves to knock on a door to enter the room, good a ritual said: 一个小时后,衣着笔挺的瓦尔特戴着白手套敲门进入房间,行了一礼道: Sir, I will then print some of your name cards, with the small gift same place, delivers to the hand of surrounding neighbor. “先生,我接下来将印制一些您的名片,和小礼物一起,送到周围邻居的手里。 They will observe for several days, confirmed your situation, if willing to admit you, will return a courtesy, and invited you to be a guest. “他们会观察几天,确认您的情况,如果愿意接纳您,就会回礼,并邀请您去做客。 What title does your name card need to increase?” “您的名片需要添加什么头衔?” Title...... Fool of another era? Klein spat the trough secretly, the smile responded: 头衔……不属于这个时代的愚者克莱恩暗自吐槽了一句,微笑回应道: Merchant Dawn Dantes from Disu was enough.” “来自迪西的商人道恩.唐泰斯就足够了。” Walter nodded, then said: 瓦尔特点了下头,转而说道: According to your intention, I gives you to arrange the etiquette class, the key point to dance immediately, I will hire a specialized tutor to come.” “根据您的意图,我将立刻给您安排礼仪课,重点是跳舞,我会请一位专业的家庭教师过来。” Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel network cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。4小说网手机版阅读网址:
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