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#16: 1 sang 1 and

The thunder church, vault tall Kuo, the arch connection, all around mural is connected, without a blank, is primarily the gold/metal and blue color, lets walk in inside person feels subconsciously sacredly dignified, cannot help but low head. 雷霆教堂内部,穹顶高阔,拱券接续,四周壁画相连,没有一点空白,以金和蓝色为主,让行走在里面的人下意识就感觉神圣庄严,不由自主低下了脑袋。 Argel Wilson contacts with hidden existence frequently, gets together in the God residence palace for a long time, regarding this did not have the past feeling, no longer that awes, but he has not displayed this point, is the same to Sailor of surroundings, throughout lowers the head the looks at ground, puts puts the supple footsteps lightly, does not dare to be obvious the breath. 阿尔杰.威尔逊经常与隐秘存在接触,长期于神灵居所般的宫殿里聚会,对此已没有以往的感觉,不再那么敬畏,不过他并没有表现出这一点,与周围的水手们一样,始终低头看着地面,放轻放柔脚步,就连呼吸都不敢明显。 In peaceful atmosphere, they under the pastor eagerly anticipates, arrives at behind the church clergy dwelling, obtained a room respectively. 安静的氛围里,他们在牧师引领下,一路来到教堂后方的神职人员住处,各自得到了一个房间。 Closes the front door, Argel sees only such as the moonlight of blood to enter from the window photo, making the environment gloomy and cold evil different, but innumerable shadow Resentful Soul as if are away from the light curtain to gaze at the real world. 关上大门,阿尔杰只见如血的月光从窗户照入,让环境变得阴冷邪异,而无数的幽影怨魂仿佛正隔着薄薄的帷幕注视着现实世界。 Whenever blood moon appearance, the spirituality association/will surges upward, will stem from the strength of spiritual world and hell will obtain the enormous promotion, the negative mood of life is also the eruption condition, sequence will be higher, feeling for obvious. 每当“血月”出现,灵性总会高涨,源于灵界和地狱的力量将得到极大的提升,生灵的负面情绪也呈爆发状态,序列越高,感受越为明显。 Indistinct within, Argel heard wail, low shout, confidence sound, before this and him , the solemn and respectful feeling in thunder church is entirely different. 隐隐约约间,阿尔杰听见了哭泣声,低喊声,私语声,这与他之前在雷霆教堂内的肃穆感觉截然不同。 His as if appears at present illusory arms, they from the wall, from the floor, extend from the ceiling outward, like the three-dimensional pale forest. 他的眼前仿佛浮现出了一道道虚幻的手臂,它们从墙上,从地板上,从天花板上延伸往外,就像立体的苍白森林。 When Argel knows blood moon the unusuality, startled has not cast off the captain hat, enters the washroom, washes face with the running water. 阿尔杰知晓“血月”时的异常,没有一点惊慌地摘掉船长帽,进入盥洗室,用自来水洗涤起脸庞 In this process, he heard a distant interesting to listen to singing sound suddenly. 这个过程里,他忽然听见了一道悠远动听的歌声。 This singing sound is slurred, resembles transmits from the islands center, surrounds unceasingly, as if side Argel, it does not make people feel the fear, was similar to is far away from the family member to be far away from the relatives to be far away from lover's female in the cliff edge, the looks at racing wells up tide, recited lightly sings slowly, sad layer on layer/heavily. 这歌声模糊不清,似从岛屿中央传来,又环绕不绝,仿佛就在阿尔杰身旁,它并不让人感觉恐惧,就如同一位远离了家人远离了亲眷远离了爱人的女子在悬崖边缘,看着奔涌的潮水,轻吟慢唱,忧伤重重。 Argel tears off a towel, has scratched under face, then has inclined the head and listened attentively for several seconds. 阿尔杰扯下一块毛巾,擦了下脸庞,然后侧耳倾听了几秒。 He frowned gradually, takes out not big iron box from secret pocket of priest long gown, approached by it the ear. 他逐渐皱起眉头,从教士长袍的暗袋内取出一个不大的铁盒,将它凑近了耳旁。 What this inside installs is he Ocean Singer Extraordinary characteristics that purchases from World there, he suspects is in item the residual spiritual under the influence of blood moon, has the temporary growth. 这里面装的是他从“世界”那里购买来的“海洋歌者”非凡特性,他怀疑是物品内残留的精神在血月的影响下,出现临时的增长。 As iron box approaches, by the Argel ear singing sound has immediately partially becomes clear, melancholy, sad, missing, pain and other mood just like essence. 随着铁盒靠近,阿尔杰耳旁的歌声顿时有部分变得清晰,忧郁,悲伤,思念,痛苦等情绪宛若实质。 But, in addition, has the faintly recognizable ancient singing sound to transmit as before, is distinct with some clear boundaries, seemed singing a duet! 可是,除此之外,依旧有飘渺古老的歌声传来,与清晰的部分界限分明,似乎在一唱一和! Whose singing sound is this? Likely is the elf...... Some church interior does stem from the elf item? On me this Ocean Singer does Extraordinary characteristics stem from a elf? ” Argel has guessed nodded. “这是谁的歌声?像是精灵的……教会内部某件源于精灵的物品?我身上这份“海洋歌者”非凡特性源于一位精灵?”阿尔杰有所猜测地点了下头 Because with is Sailor path, since Church of the Storms has been collecting the elf relic, some of them were mixed magical medicine, some achievement sealed item, were isolated in the place bottom, some negative roles are minor, was rewarded to give the clergy, therefore, similar thing each other stimulates in „the night of blood moon, appears exceptionally, is not strange. 因为同为“水手”途径,风暴教会一直以来都在搜集精灵遗物,它们有的被调配成了魔药,有的作为封印物,被隔离于地底,有的负面作用较小,被奖赏给了神职人员,所以,类似事物在“血月之夜”彼此激发,出现异常,不算奇怪。 If magical item, a that matter not issue, if sealed item, the singing sound can penetrate the isolation to show it not simply...... Argel takes back the train of thought that has brushed a tooth, lay down on the bed. 如果是神奇物品,那事情没有一点问题,若是封印物,歌声能穿透隔离则说明它绝不简单……阿尔杰收回思绪,刷了个牙,躺到了床上。 He fell asleep quickly, entered dreamland. 他很快睡着,进入了梦境。 Has not known how long, Argel somewhat is suddenly sober, knows indistinctly oneself are having a dream, but also has the initiative consciousness to size up the surroundings. 不知过了多久,阿尔杰突然有些清醒,隐约知道自己在做梦,但又有主动的意识打量周围。 He discovered that place above is the dark blue sea water of rippling, has overlapped layer by layer, cannot see the sky, the front is one as if the magnificent palace comprised of the coral, big, sublime, gloomy, dark sinks. 他发现上方是荡漾的深蓝海水,一层又一层重叠了起来,根本看不见天空,前方则是一座仿佛由珊瑚组成的华丽宫殿,高大,壮美,阴暗,晦沉。 Argel moved toward that palace subconsciously, entered the front door of wide open. 阿尔杰下意识走向了那座宫殿,走进了敞开的大门。 Inside a rhizophyllum great column towered, has haunched the vault of exaggeration, the wall and place above draws fills focusing on displaying storm terrifying the mural. 内里一根根珊瑚巨柱耸立,撑起了夸张的穹顶,墙壁和上方绘满以表现风暴恐怖为主的壁画。 The end over a hundred meters away, mounts sapphire and chair of the emerald and clear pearl to be above nine stairs, particularly appealing eyeball. 上百米外的尽头,一个镶嵌着蓝宝石、祖母绿、圆润珍珠的座椅处于九层台阶之上,分外吸引人眼球。 Argel along the power and reputation in the past, saw only there to sit one to put on the female of complicated plain long skirt, her hair shiny black, pulled tall Ji, the outline line was gentle, the facial features were fine, do not have because of the era change, but encountered the prejudice the beauty. 阿尔杰顺势望了过去,只见那里坐着一位穿繁复古朴长裙的女子,她头发黑亮,挽成了高髻,轮廓线条柔和,五官精致,有着不因时代改变而遭遇偏见的美丽。 This female expression is indifferent, the ear is slightly sharp, the brown pupil is profound, such exhaltedly looks at Argel. 这女子表情冷漠,耳朵稍尖,棕眸幽深,就那样居高临下地看着阿尔杰 In her hand is holding appreciatively a pattern complicated gold wine glass. 她的手里则把玩着一个花纹繁复的黄金酒杯。 Argel is just about to speak, female eyes Bank of China glow hold, as if there is lightning to shine greatly, flushed, punctured the dreamland! 阿尔杰正要说话,那女子眼中银芒大盛,仿佛有闪电亮起,冲了出来,刺破了梦境! ...... Argel turns over/stands up to sit up, the subconsciousness gasped for breath, only thought the dreamland both fuzzy and clear. 呼……阿尔杰翻身坐起,下意识喘了口气,只觉刚才的梦境既模糊又清晰。 And, what is fuzzy is the detail and concrete appearance of coral of palace appearance and mural of that female, what is clear is that pair contains the eye like lightning and slightly the sharp ear. 其中,模糊的是那女子的长相、壁画的细节和珊瑚宫殿的具体样子,清晰的是那双蕴藏闪电般的眼睛和略尖的耳朵。 A high-rank elf? Her legacy item under the function of blood moon, has produced the resonance with my Ocean Singer Extraordinary characteristics, affects my dreamland? Argel is making the guess, while is thinking at will which item can be. 一个上位精灵?她遗留物品血月的作用下,与我身上的“海洋歌者”非凡特性产生了共鸣,以至于影响到我的梦境?阿尔杰一边做着猜测,一边随意地想着会是哪件物品 Because the status is not high, sealed item and magical item that knows are limited, and understood that some others not clear knowledge, he had a goal quickly: 因为地位不高,知道的封印物神奇物品有限,且了解一些别人不清楚的知识,他很快就有了一个目标: "Disaster" Gasnum? ‘天灾’高希纳姆 That Book of Natural Disasters that „ he leaves behind should be has delivered to Passo Island...... “祂留下的那本《天灾之书》应该是已经送到帕苏岛了…… Reported on activities, leaves here, consults to Mister Fool again, looked whether the matter can legacy anything not be good to affect......” “等述职完,离开这里,再向‘愚者’先生请教,看刚才的事情是否会遗留什么不好影响……” Does not dare to read aloud in the Church of the Storms headquarters reads Fool esteemed name. ——阿尔杰可不敢在风暴教会的总部诵念“愚者”尊名 After dawn, he has not displayed a point to be unusual, under the influence of servant, entered one to suspend a sliver of table the room, accepts inquiry that three Justice Enforcer managed. 天亮以后,他没有表现出一点异常,在仆役的引领下,进入了一个摆有长条桌的房间,接受三位“代罚者”执事的询问。 In these three manage, only then has the dark blue hair, because after this does not take Sailor path magical medicine, change that can present, but this characteristics quite tenaciously will inherit, like a elf clan, the black hair many blue had sent, may to the modern age, have the person of mixed blood of elf blood relationship, the major part is sends blue. 这三位执事里,只有一位拥有深蓝色的头发,因为这并不是服食“水手”途径魔药后一定会出现的改变,但这种特征会相当顽强地遗传下去,就像精灵一族,原本黑发多过蓝发,可到了现代,有精灵血统的混血儿,绝大部分是蓝发。 Argel sits to the sliver table under head, replied orderly deacons' inquiry, has been anything in the sea these days, plans to make anything, which to have succeeded, which one by one failed to say. 阿尔杰坐到长条桌下首,有条有理地回答起执事们的询问,将自己这段时间在海上做过什么,打算做什么,成功了哪些,失败了哪些一一讲了出来。 But this can compare with narrations of other crew, preventing some people to lie. 而这会与其他船员的讲述进行对比,防止有人撒谎。 Arrived the reporting on activities last act, the deacon of that dark blue hair looked at Argel one, the voice asked thickly: 到了述职尾声,那位深蓝色头发的执事看了阿尔杰一眼,嗓音粗厚地问道: „Do you know Admiral of the Stars Cattleya?” “你认识‘星之上将’嘉德丽雅吗?” Not only knew...... Argel nearly frightens, thinks to reply: 不仅认识……阿尔杰险些吓到,想了想才回答: Has seen at the pirate congress.” “在海盗大会上见过。” That managed has not pestered a moment ago that issue, said straightforwardly: 那位执事并没有纠缠刚才那个问题,直截了当地说道: Finds the way to know her, investigates the Gelman Sparrow situation from her there.” “想办法认识她,从她那里调查格尔曼.斯帕罗的情况。” Originally is this...... Because Gelman did hunt Admiral of Blood? Argel does intentionally asks puzzled: 原来是这样……因为格尔曼狩猎了“血之上将”阿尔杰故作不解地问道: What has Gelman Sparrow made?” 格尔曼.斯帕罗又做了什么?” The deacon of that dark blue hair said ill-humoredly: 那位深蓝头发的执事没好气地说道: Almost destroyed Bayam! Good, this is not the matter that you should know, in brief, you remember, Gelman Sparrow is a very dangerous fellow, the back has a secret evil organization, that organization has half God, is hostile with Rose School!” “差点把拜亚姆毁了!好了,这不是你该知道的事情,总之,你记住,格尔曼.斯帕罗是一个非常危险的家伙,背后有一个隐秘邪恶的组织,那个组织有半神,与玫瑰学派敌对!” Almost ruins Bayam? Does the organization have half God? Is hostile with Rose School? Argel has not concealed to display own stunned intentionally. 差点毁掉拜亚姆?组织有半神?与玫瑰学派敌对?阿尔杰故意没有掩饰地表现出了自己的错愕。 He also thinks that Gelman is valued that doubles is because hunted "Admiral of Blood" Senor, who knows the matter to imagine the complex many exaggeration more than him! 他还以为格尔曼受到加倍的重视是因为狩猎了“血之上将”塞尼奥尔,谁知事情比他想象得复杂很多夸张很多! Actually has Gelman Sparrow made what? Waited to pass by Bayam, I must seek for the scene to look...... Also, isn't our Tarot Society mortal enemy Aurora Union? Isn't Mister Fool continuously in view of True Creator? Turned, no, many Rose School? Argel was talking to oneself at heart several. 格尔曼.斯帕罗究竟做了什么?等路过拜亚姆,我得寻找现场看一看……还有,我们塔罗会的死敌不是极光会吗?“愚者”先生不是一直在针对“真实造物主”吗?怎么变成了,不,又多了一个玫瑰学派阿尔杰在心里自语了几句。 Has the half God matter as for Tarot Society, he is not accidental/surprised, even thought that then conforms to the common sense, won't the subordinate who has ancient, how have half God? 至于塔罗会半神的事情,他并不意外,甚至觉得这才符合常理,一位古老存在的手下,怎么会没有半神 Moreover the matter that initially Vice Admiral Hurricane Klingus silently strangely died, has made him believe that Mister Fool has high sequence favored one! 而且当初“飓风中将”齐林格斯无声无息诡异死去的事情,已经让他相信“愚者”先生有一位高序列眷者 Fortunately I and Gelman meeting is very secret, otherwise the matter troubled...... Argel secure listens quietly, had not asked that as usual, receives the duty, set out to leave the room. 还好我与格尔曼的碰面很隐秘,要不然事情就麻烦了……阿尔杰安静听完,没有多问,像往常一样,接下任务,起身离开了房间。 ............ ………… Beckland northern district, outside Boklund street No. 160, servant platoons become two rows, is welcoming own master arrival. 贝克兰德北区,伯克伦德街160号外面,一位位仆人排成两列,迎接着自己的主人到来。 The temple blanch, blue eye deep and quiet Dawn Dantes wears the dovetail formal dress, wears silk top hat, takes is inlaying the gold/metal cane, in steward Walter and under the personal male servant Richardson accompaniment, passed through from the servants, arrived at the entrances of three story of buildings. 鬓角发白,蓝眼幽邃的道恩.唐泰斯穿着燕尾正装,戴着丝绸礼帽,拿着镶金手杖,在管家瓦尔特和贴身男仆理查德森陪同下,从仆人中间经过,来到了三层楼房的入口。 Here was waiting for what is he this morning chooses good housekeeper Tanaia. 这里等待着的是他今早挑选好的女管家塔内娅 She is 40 years old over, the chignon grips meticulously, the facial features are ordinary, but the makings are capable, wears gold-edged eyeglasses, puts on black and white interweaves, but is different from the long skirt of female servant. 她40岁出头,发髻扎得一丝不苟,五官普通,但气质干练,戴着一副金边眼镜,穿着黑白交织但有别于女仆的长裙。 Klein learned from the material and face-to-face talk, this woman was born in eastern district, is the Goddess of the Night follower, chose to have training of church charitable foundation at age 15, became a qualified female servant. 克莱恩从资料和面谈得知,这位女士出生于东区,是黑夜女神的信徒,在15岁的时候选择接受教会一个慈善基金的培训,成为了一名合格的女仆。 Benefits from more than ten years of efforts, as well as the free curriculum of night school, she from the lowest grade female servant has achieved chief maid in a rich business, then after the opposite party daughter gets married, follows, holds the post of housekeeper, presents the crisis until that finance, has to leave, is experienced to the family internal management. 得益于十多年的努力,以及夜间学校的免费课程,她在一个富商家里从最低等的女仆一直做到了女仆长,然后于对方女儿出嫁后,跟随过去,担任女管家,直至那一家财政出现危机,才不得不离开,对家庭内部管理非常有经验。 This woman just signed contract, after obtaining 1000 pounds early this month cash that Dawn Dantes gives, disputed with steward Walter the carriage is buys or rents. 这位女士刚签完合同,得到道恩.唐泰斯给予的1000镑本月初笔现金后,就与管家瓦尔特争执起马车是买还是租。 In her opinion, since the goal of Mr. Dantes is to enter the upper circles of society, moves to western district, even Queen District, then the carriage need specially is definitely custom-made, this will not have to lose the status, before then, rents upscale carriage one year, waited for the matter to have the hope, had custom-made again, was relatively a more reasonable choice, did not waste, was not disrespectful. 在她看来,既然唐泰斯先生的目标是进入上流社会,搬到西区,甚至皇后区,那么马车肯定需要特别定制,这样才不会有失身份,在此之前,租用高档马车一年,等事情有了希望,再去定制,是相对更合理的选择,既不浪费,也不失礼。 She convinced Walter, naturally also convinced Klein, because rents one year of upscale carriage only to use 88 pounds including the horses, two rounds 42 pounds. 她说服了瓦尔特,当然也说服了克莱恩,因为租一年高档马车含马匹只用88镑,两轮的42镑。 Really, controls the family expenditure must be excels at excelling in the comparison in the person of computation...... A Klein feeling, was nodding to the Tanaia smile, takes a step to pass the front doors of three story of buildings. 果然,控制家庭支出的必须是一个擅于比较擅于计算的人……克莱恩一阵感慨,对着塔内娅微笑点头,迈步通过了三层楼房的大门。 Here is the wealthy man Dawn Dantes following stage. 这里将是富翁道恩.唐泰斯接下来的舞台。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel network cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。4小说网手机版阅读网址:
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