LM :: Volume #5

#15: The head kills( thanked silver pledge killer Zhong Kui large size)

Crimson but under the dim moonlight, Emlyn pulls out a metal small bottle, twists off the cover, rumble drank one. 绯红但黯淡的月光下,埃姆林掏出一个金属小瓶,拧开盖子,咕噜喝了一口。 Then, he as if turned into the shadow, fluctuates on the wall the ground, fast however silent is following Rus Bathory. 然后,他似乎变成了阴影,浮动于墙上地面,飞快而无声地跟随着鲁斯.巴托里 blood race is always famous at the speed, two barons in tandem, run in the gloomy lane and do not have the street edge light, used the most hour to arrive in chaotic dirty eastern district, stopped before an obsolete apartment. 血族一向以速度著称,两位男爵一前一后,奔跑于阴暗的巷子里和无光的街道边缘,用了大半个小时就抵达混乱肮脏的东区,停在一栋陈旧的公寓前。 Saw with own eyes that the Rus Bathory choice climbs up the pipeline, with the sound smallest way to third floor, Emlyn slows down the footsteps, is not anxious is decorating behind the opposite party, because this was discovered very much easily. 眼见鲁斯.巴托里选择攀爬管道,用动静最小的方式前往三楼,埃姆林放缓脚步,没急切着缀在对方后面,因为这样很容易被发现。 Seriously considered two seconds, he puts out a translucent kind of scent-bottle, twists off the cover, holds back downward, sprayed inside liquid on the body. 认真考虑了两秒,他拿出一个半透明的类香水瓶,拧开盖子,往下按压,将里面的液体喷洒在了身上。 The function of this magical medicine only then one, that eliminates smell, with surrounding consistent! 这种魔药的作用只有一个,那就是消除本身的气味,与周围一致! Puts the jar in star, Emlyn puts out a brass color metal small bottle, rumble drinks cleanly inside liquid. 放好手中的瓶子,埃姆林又拿出一个黄铜色的金属小瓶,将里面的液体咕噜一声喝得干干净净。 Magical Medicine Professor really troubled......” him to whisper, lowered the head to see own both hands inch by inch to become transparent, the brass color metal small bottle as if floated in the sleeve cuff front. “‘魔药教授’真麻烦……”他嘀咕了一句,低头看见自己的双手一寸一寸变得透明,黄铜色的金属小瓶似乎漂浮在了袖口前方。 When the Emlyn stopper returns to this small bottle, is only left over one set of formal dress, top hat and a pair same place not takes away no bandage leather shoes, they compose the human form, moves about there. 埃姆林塞回这个小瓶时,原地只剩下一套正装、一顶礼帽和一双无扣无绑带皮鞋,它们组成人形,在那里动来动去。 Another entire transparent kind of scent-bottle flew, floats in the midair, held back, incites to spurt on that clothing inside magical medicine. 另一个全透明的类香水瓶飞了出来,浮在半空,自行按压,滋滋有声地将内里的魔药喷到了那身衣物上。 The outline of formal dress, top hat and leather shoes little becomes pale, finally vanishes does not see. 正装、礼帽和皮鞋的轮廓一点点变淡,最终消失不见。 Completed stealth Emlyn looks at the room that Rus Bathory entered, invisible silent climbs up the pipeline, pursued at the pinnacle speed. 完成了“隐身”的埃姆林瞄了眼鲁斯.巴托里进入的房间,无形无声地攀爬管道,以极致的速度追了上去。 Is ajar while the window, he seems like transparent cloud, has not produced the least bit sound to sift the room, hides in the corner, the looks at face is lanky, but has the flavor Rus Bathory pathfinding very much. 趁着窗户半开,他像是一朵透明的云,没有产生半点动静地飘入了房间,躲到角落,看着脸庞瘦长但很有味道的鲁斯.巴托里寻找目标。 Latter's brow gradually wrinkles, because here empty, do not say the person, is recent for a week to start the active mosquito not to have. 后者的眉头逐渐皱起,因为这里空空荡荡,不要说人,就连最近一周开始活跃的蚊子都没有。 But this Baron blood race is certain exactly, moon puppet here. 而这位血族男爵可以确切地肯定,“月亮木偶”就在这里。 Suddenly, the sound resounded, broke the solidification peace. 突然,吱呀的声音响起,打破了凝固般的安静。 The front door of room also withdraws, the female who wears the black long skirt walked slowly, looks at Rus Bathory, the tone moves fast said: 房间的大门随之退后,一位穿着黑色长裙的女子慢悠悠走了进来,看着鲁斯.巴托里,语气飘忽地说道: Whom you are looking for......” “你们在找谁……” Emlyn goes following the prestige, sees only the comer skin chromatic polarization depth, the eyebrow is tall and slender, the outline line is gentle, the corners of the mouth sagging is fierce, is goal Windsor. 埃姆林循声望去,只见来者肤色偏深,眉毛细长,轮廓线条柔和,嘴角下垂厉害,正是目标温莎。 However, in the eye of Emlyn, this Primordial Moon the she in reverent follower and portrait has certain change, her eye of present bent, the eyebrow bends, the mouth bends, probably in imitation current scarlet moon. 不过,在埃姆林的眼中,这位“原始月亮”的虔诚信徒与画像上的她已经有了一定的改变,现在的她眼睛弯起,眉毛弯起,嘴巴弯起,像是在模仿当前的绯红之月 But her forehead, her cheeks, her neck, she exposes outside skin, grows are seasoning the subtilis and flowers, one after another, one after another. 而她的额头,她的脸颊,她的脖子,她裸露在外面的皮肤,都长着晒干般的枯草和花朵,一丛一丛,一朵一朵。 ...... Hiss, actually did Rus Bathory sell what thing to her? How to turn into this appearance? Emlyn has a scare, thought that neck rear fine hair stood. ……嘶,鲁斯.巴托里究竟卖了什么东西给她?怎么会变成这幅样子?埃姆林吓了一跳,觉得脖子后方的汗毛一根根立了起来。 Meanwhile, on the ground, wall, entrance and ceiling, the subtilis grew one after another, is mixing with the flowers of withering. 与此同时,地面、墙壁、门口和天花板上,一丛又一丛枯草长了出来,夹杂着干萎的花朵。 They isolated this room and outside world thoroughly, build very strange scene. 它们将这个房间与外界彻底隔离,营造出了一个非常诡异的场景。 Rus Bathory smelled the flavor of danger, has not tried to talk, puts out a metal small bottle without hesitation, rumble drank up inside liquid. 鲁斯.巴托里闻到了危险的味道,没有试图对话,毫不犹豫拿出一个金属小瓶,咕噜喝掉了里面的液体。 ! 啪! He threw down that jar, the body pulls off the remnant shadow to plunge mutation Windsor, both hands nail elongation, in outside the body black air/Qi wound around. 他丢下那个瓶子,身体拖出残影地扑向了异变的温莎,双手指甲伸长,体外黑气缭绕。 Mounts the Windsor of full subtilis and dried flowers like a large-scale cloth doll, moves forward to meet somebody at the similarly quick speed, did not care about a oneself injured claw to grasp completely to Ruen. Bathory. 镶嵌满枯草和干花的温莎就像一个大型布娃娃,以同样快的速度迎了上去,完全不在乎自己受伤地一爪抓向了鲁恩.巴托里 Bang bang bang! 砰砰砰! After a series of collisions, Rus Bathory flew upside down, hit on the wall. 一连串碰撞后,鲁斯.巴托里倒飞了出去,撞在了墙上。 His sleeves had been pulled apart, on the skin can see the grasping mark of white bones. 他的衣袖已被扯断,皮肤上是可以看见白骨的抓痕。 But among the flesh, the seasoned subtilis and flowers are growing slowly outward! 而血肉之间,晒干的枯草和花朵正缓慢地往外生长! Really the monster...... Emlyn first meets this enemy, has shrunk in the corner, almost forgets to help. 真是怪物啊……埃姆林初次遇上这种敌人,一直缩在角落里,差点忘记帮忙。 He does not have to come crudely, in the mind various ideas flash through fast, observes Rus Bathory and Windsor's fight, considers this to cope with such aspect in what way. 他没鲁莽地现身,脑海内各种想法飞快地闪过,边观察鲁斯.巴托里与温莎的战斗,边考虑该以什么样的方式应对这样的局面。 What is strangest is these subtilises and flowers...... the subtilis and flowers...... they should fear the fire very much! In the Emlyn heart moves, immediately gives up the stealth, puts out another metal small bottle, twists off the cover, rumble drinks into. 最怪异的是那些枯草和花朵……枯草和花朵……它们应该很怕火!埃姆林心中一动,当即放弃隐身,拿出另一个金属小瓶,拧开盖子,咕噜喝入。 , he spouted mouth all liquids. 噗的一声,他喷出了嘴里所有的液体。 These grey red water drops meet the air, immediately the conflagration, extends the blazing flame toward side. 那些灰红色的水珠一遇到空气,立刻爆燃,往旁边延伸出炽热的火焰。 The flame folds the flame, the flame continually flame, made the room turn into the scarlet sea instantaneously! 火焰叠火焰,火焰连火焰,瞬间就让房间变成了赤红的海洋! In the sound, season the subtilis and flowers were lit one after another, and is infecting the companion at the extremely quick speed. 噼里啪啦的声音里,晒干般的枯草和花朵相继被点燃,并以极快的速度感染着同伴。 Merely 2-3 seconds, the environment of this seal close to was destroyed, but on Windsor subtilis and dried flowers also start to burn. 仅仅2-3秒钟,这密封的环境就接近被破坏,而温莎身上的枯草和干花也开始燃烧。 At this time, the Rus Bathory chest front had been dug a large cave/hole, lost most battle efficiencies, is depending upon the blood race strong resilience to maintain difficultly. 这个时候,鲁斯.巴托里的胸前已被挖了一个大洞,失去了大部分战斗力,正依靠血族的超强恢复能力艰难维持。 The looks at torch enemy, Emlyn detected keenly the decline of opposite party aura, threw without hesitation, around Windsor, does to grasp continually strikes. 看着火炬般的敌人,埃姆林敏锐察觉到了对方气息的衰落,毫不犹豫就扑了过去,绕着温莎,连做抓击。 His sole, black air get up, twines to that Primordial Moon follower, like having vitality shackles. 他的脚底,一道道黑气升起,缠绕向那位原始月亮的信徒,就像有了生命力的枷锁。 Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang! 砰砰砰!砰砰砰! In the intense and short sound, two forms draw close to suddenly. 激烈而短促的响声里,两道身影忽然贴近。 All sounds also vanish, Emlyn left palm held Windsor's throat, raised her. 一切动静随之消失,埃姆林左掌抓住了温莎的喉咙,将她提了起来。 Hesitant one second, sees the opposite party fierce appearance, his crack, twisted and broke the neck of enemy. 犹豫了一秒,看到对方狰狞的样子,他喀嚓一声,拧断了敌人的脖子。 ! 啪! Tall and slender, mounts the small puppet of full subtilis and dried flowers falls from Windsor in the place, the flame in room gradually subsides. 一个细长的,镶嵌满枯草与干花的小型木偶从温莎身上掉落于地,房间内的火焰逐渐平息。 Emlyn tears off the Windsor variation head, has transferred the body, looks to Rus Bathory of fierce respite, with emptying right hand according to chest front, with a smile good a ritual: 埃姆林扯下温莎变异的脑袋,转过身体,望向正剧烈喘息的鲁斯.巴托里,用空着的右手按在胸前,含笑行了一礼: Thank your help.” “感谢你的帮忙。” Saw that Rus Bathory one becomes angry, is incapable of robbing, the Emlyn mood made up two well: 看到鲁斯.巴托里一下变得愤怒,又无力抢夺,埃姆林心情非常不错地补了两句: Remembers that gives Sir Nibais that puppet and separation extraordinary characteristics, they have the issue very much.” “记得把那个木偶和析出的非凡特性交给尼拜斯大人,它们很有问题。” Then, his back black air/Qi condensed, grew two illusory bat wings. 说完,他背后黑气凝聚,长出了两只虚幻的蝙蝠翅膀。 Crash-bang, the wing fans, Emlyn turned around to depart the window, fell to nearby gloomy lane. 哗啦一下,翅膀扇动,埃姆林转身飞出了窗户,落向附近的阴暗巷子。 After stepping on the steady ground, he receives the black air/Qi that condenses, then looked at one. 踩稳地面后,他收起凝聚的黑气,回头看了一眼。 Sees Rus Bathory not with, Emlyn relaxed, makes a fist to resist the mouth, cough muttered: 鲁斯.巴托里没有跟来,埃姆林松了口气,握拳抵住嘴巴,边咳嗽边咕哝道: I dislike the flame, repugnant haze!” “我讨厌火焰,讨厌烟气!” He is just about to be far away from eastern district, the back suddenly fresh cool feeling. 他正要远离东区,背后忽生凉意。 The Emlyn spirit one ties tight, is taking the Windsor variation head, turned around slowly, looks to the shadow place of corner. 埃姆林精神一下紧绷,提着温莎变异的脑袋,缓慢转身,望向了角落的阴影处。 He first saw there station a very small shadow, then saw clearly the appearance of opposite party: 他首先看见那里站了一个很小的黑影,接着看清楚了对方的样子: The body like the wooden stake, the eye mouth becomes moon tall and slender curved, the surface is mounting many subtilises and dried flowers, was in the former room moon puppet! 身体细长如同木桩,眼睛嘴巴弯成月亮,表面镶嵌着不少枯草和干花,正是之前房间内的“月亮木偶”! Actually it entangled me...... this is any item...... here also from the residence of Sir Nibais very far...... outside is really dangerous...... ideas to reappear in the Emlyn mind, making his vertebra send coolly, the muscle tied tight. 它缠上我了……这究竟是什么物品……这里距离尼拜斯大人的住所还有很远……外面真危险……一个个想法在埃姆林脑海内浮现,让他脊椎发凉,肌肉紧绷。 During the thought twinkles, his life feeling, is staring at that suddenly „the moon puppet, opens the mouth to say with ancient Hermes language in a low voice: 念头闪烁间,他忽生灵感,盯着那个“月亮木偶”,用古赫密斯语低声开口道: Fool of another era ; 不属于这个时代的愚者; Mysterious Ruler of Above the Grey Mist ; 灰雾之上的神秘主宰; King of Yellow and Black that controls the luck......” 执掌好运的黄黑之王……” ............ ………… Whose greater part of the night does not sleep!” Klein turns over/stands up to sit up, slightly angrily rubbed one's temples. “谁大半夜的不睡觉啊!”克莱恩翻身坐起,略显愤怒地揉了下额角 He leaves the bunk fast, goes against four steps, enters above the grey mist, sits belonged to Fool position. 他快速离开床铺,逆走四步,进入灰雾之上,坐到了属于“愚者”的位置。 Emlyn White this fellow? Klein looked at one, doubts spread spirituality, touches to the representative Moon dark red stars. 埃姆林.怀特这个家伙?克莱恩瞄了一眼,疑惑地蔓延灵性,触碰向代表“月亮”的深红星辰。 He sees stance stiff Emlyn at once, sees to gaze at a tall and slender strange puppet uprightly. 他旋即看见了姿态僵硬的埃姆林,看见对方正注视着一个细长怪异的木偶。 The body of that puppet, is throwing over richly, but illusory scarlet moonlight, they like tidal fluctuate gently, in some type of thing with upper air is having the relation. 那木偶的身上,披着浓郁但虚幻的绯红月光,它们如同潮水般轻轻起伏,与高空中的某样事物产生着联系。 At this time, this crimson moonlight silent spreads, covers to Emlyn White. 此时,这绯红的月光正无声蔓延,笼罩向埃姆林.怀特 Has the issue...... this puppet issue big...... to see many Klein to make Sea God Scepter with the aid of grey mist leave the junks pile without hesitation, flew into own hand. 有问题……这个木偶问题不小……借助灰雾看见更多的克莱恩毫不犹豫让“海神权杖”离开杂物堆,飞入了自己的手中。 The blue gem of white bones swagger stick peak also shines one after another, blooms the dazzling ray. 白骨短杖顶端的青蓝色宝石随之一颗接一颗亮起,绽放出耀眼的光芒。 ............ ………… Read aloud to read Mister "Fool" esteemed name, after requesting the aid, Emlyn only thinks that the blood of low temperature was getting more and more cool, had to congeal gradually the feeling of frost. 诵念完“愚者”先生尊名,请求了援助后,埃姆林只觉本就低温的血液越来越凉,渐渐有凝结成霜的感觉。 This makes his body rapid, looks at that „the moon puppet swung to suspend to walk helplessly. At this moment, the midair in lane silver white scurried about, scattered all gloomy and gloominess. 这让他身体迅速僵硬,眼睁睁看着那个“月亮木偶”一摇一摆地走了过来。就在这时,巷子内的半空银白乱窜,驱散了所有的阴沉和晦暗。 ! 啪! These lightnings twist one group, fell on „the moon puppet the body, submerged it in silver white. 那些闪电绞成一团,落在了“月亮木偶”的身上,将它淹没于银白之中。 The ray flashes to pass, that strange puppet whole body burned black, lost the decoration but actually, but the blood of Emlyn within the body no longer froze, resumed flowing. 光芒一闪而逝,那奇异的木偶全身焦黑,失去装饰地倒了下去,而埃姆林体内的血液不再冻结,恢复了流动。 Gets rid of stiff him quickly, knows that Mister "Fool" is still gazing here, asked busily in a low voice: 很快摆脱僵硬的他,知道“愚者”先生还在注视着这里,忙低声问道: You need, no, what can I offer to you?” “您需要,不,我可以向您奉献什么?” He has believed Mister "Fool" is abiding by the rule of inequitable exchange, therefore thinks that requested the aid must pay the corresponding price. 他一直相信“愚者”先生遵循着等价交换的规则,所以认为请求了援助就得付出相应的代价。 After short silentness, he saw limitless grey mist and indistinct form, heard the dignified sound of occupying a commanding position: 短暂的静默后,他看见了无边无际的灰雾和隐隐约约的身影,听到了居高临下的威严声音: That puppet.” “那个木偶。” Good.” Emlyn goes forward two steps, bent the waist to pick up that puppet, then the processing scene, left eastern district fast. “好的。”埃姆林上前两步,弯腰拾起了那个木偶,接着处理现场,飞快离开东区 But Klein carefully after paperman Angel disturbed divination, returns to the real world. 克莱恩在小心谨慎地用纸人天使干扰了占卜后,才回到现实世界。 When he prepares to continue to sleep, stunned discovery outside moonlight greatly is bright, such as dyes the blood. 当他准备继续睡觉时,却愕然发现外面月光大亮,如染鲜血。 Well...... the Klein doubts arrive at the window, looks to outside, sees only curved moon not to know when has changed the circle, scarlet as blood. 咦……克莱恩疑惑地走到窗边,看向外面,只见弯弯的月亮不知什么时候已经变圆,赤红似血。 Once again blood moon. 又一次“血月”。 ............ ………… blood moon? Argel Wilson looked up a sky, entered the front thunder church steadily, this was the place that he will report on activities tomorrow. 血月”?阿尔杰.威尔逊抬头望了眼天空,平稳走进了前方的雷霆教堂,这是他明天述职的地方。 But in the islands center, the peak of standing tall and erect mountain peak, a church, is called „the deep pool of storm, it is the headquarters in Church of the Storms headquarters, the temple in temple. 而在岛屿中央,高耸山峰的顶端,还有一座教堂,叫做“风暴之渊”,它是风暴教会总部里的总部,圣殿中的圣殿。 PS: Thank silver pledge killer Zhong Kui large size ~ PS:感谢白银盟杀手钟馗大号~ Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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