LM :: Volume #5

#14: Similar night

Listened to narration of Hanged Man, Klein inevitably and associates to have Red Angel Medici, the association had in the bottom vestige that evil spirit. 听完“倒吊人”的讲述,克莱恩不可避免地又联想起了“红天使梅迪奇,联想起了地底遗迹内那个恶灵。 However, he has not shared the discovery of this exploration ; first, temporarily does not need ; second, related to Miss Sharon. 不过,他没有分享这次探索的发现,一是暂时没有必要,二是涉及莎伦小姐。 As for other members, the previous time has known the Bansi Harbor destroyed news, Hanged Man also had not disclosed that the recent information, naturally does not have the idea of response. 至于其他成员,上次已经知晓班西港被毁灭的消息,“倒吊人”又未透露新的情报,自然没有回应的想法。 Sees everyone not to open the mouth, Argel swept World one, takes back the vision, said calmly: 见所有人都未开口,阿尔杰扫了“世界”一眼,收回目光,平静说道: This you.” “该你们了。” Cattleya The Hermit the leaning head, looks immediately to Forsi The Magician: “隐者”嘉德丽雅当即侧头,望向“魔术师”佛尔思: Madame, regarding Mister 'Gate', what you also has to understand? I can pay the corresponding reward.” “女士,对于‘门’先生,你还有什么了解?我可以支付相应的报酬。” Originally does not want to disclose Forsi of own issue hears the following half a word words, suddenly hesitant, a vacillation. 本来不想透露自己问题的佛尔思听到后面半句话,忽地犹豫,一阵动摇。 The reward, does not know that Lady Hermit can...... I know insufficiently about Mister "Gate" to my how much money are also many......, moreover partially is stems from the Mister "Fool" words...... Forsi The Magician to look again to bronze long table most first: 报酬,不知道“隐者”女士能给我多少钱……我对“门”先生了解得也不够多啊……而且部分是源于“愚者”先生的话语……“魔术师”佛尔思再次看向青铜长桌最上首道: esteemed Mister Fool, can I say?” 尊敬的‘愚者’先生,我可以讲吗?” When each time full moon, will see the opposite party, Klein knows that the Miss Magician economic situation is not good, then the smile nod said: 因为每次满月时,都会见到对方,克莱恩知道“魔术师”小姐经济状况不是太好,遂微笑点头道: Ok.” “可以。” Forsi silent relaxed, then said to Cattleya The Hermit: 佛尔思无声松了口气,转而对“隐者”嘉德丽雅道: 500 pounds, you can apply to exchange alone.” “500镑,你可以申请单独交流。” Cattleya does not have the counter-offer, thinks saying: 嘉德丽雅没有还价,想了想道: Does not use, you said directly.” “不用,你直接说吧。” She hopes after other member hears narration of Miss Magician, remembers many Mister "Gate" to be relevant. 她希望别的成员听到“魔术师”小姐的讲述后,想起更多的“门”先生相关。 Forsi nodded, considers the language saying: 佛尔思点了下头,斟酌着语言道: I had obtained magical item, it can help the person conduct the spiritual world shuttle, after may use, whenever full moon or blood moon time, will hear strange talking during sleep, this will bring nearly the pain of out-of-control. “我曾经得到过一件神奇物品,它能帮助人进行灵界穿梭,可使用之后,每当满月或血月的时候,就会听见奇怪的呓语,这会带来近乎失控的痛苦。 However according to the Mister Fool lecture, this talks during sleep from Mister 'Gate'.” “而据‘愚者’先生讲,这呓语来自‘门’先生。” She one second, added: 她顿了一秒,补充道: He may be is seeking help.” “祂有可能是在求助。” Originally Forsi is bearing such pain...... she usually not to display silently, always enjoys the appearance of life very much...... Justice Audrey the subconscious sympathy has the friend, while reviews itself not to have the effect on discover improper of Forsi using the 《Audience》 ability. 原来佛尔思在默默承受着这样的痛苦啊……她平时一点也没有表现出来,总是一副很享受生活的样子……“正义”奥黛丽一边下意识同情起朋友,一边检讨自己没有效利用“观众”的能力发现佛尔思的不妥。 When magical item that spiritual world shuttles back and forth...... full moon talks during sleep...... doubtful, in praying for rescue...... Cattleya The Hermit is repeating the key point in Miss Magician words at heart, satisfaction nods said: 灵界穿梭的神奇物品……满月时的呓语……疑似在求救……“隐者”嘉德丽雅在心里复述起“魔术师”小姐话语里的重点,满意颔首道: Thank your description.” “感谢你的描述。” Her vision has also swept other members, discovered regrettably no one has the extra response. 她的目光随之扫过其他成员,遗憾地发现无人有额外反应。 The free alternating current continues, no mighty waves arrived at the last act. 自由交流继续进行,没什么波澜地来到了尾声。 After gazing after fellow members left and help them complete the essence operation parts of several transactions, Klein returns to the real world, slightly the feeling relaxed sits to the easy chair on, rested. 目送各位成员离开并帮助他们完成了几笔交易的实质操作部分后,克莱恩返回现实世界,略感放松地坐到安乐椅上,休息了一阵。 Then, before he arrives at the desk, puts out the written records, writes a letter to Sharon, tells the opposite party the lucky necklace to sell, is only left over living creature toxin bottle, in addition has 'Madman' extraordinary characteristics. 接着,他走到书桌前,拿出纸笔,给莎伦写信,告诉对方幸运项链已经卖出,只剩下“生物毒素瓶”,另外还有“疯子”非凡特性 Folds the letter paper, after inscribing Hillston District Gardeux Street 126 th and Ma Mrs. and other information, Klein turns on the made of iron volume cigarette case again, making Admiral of Blood Senor appear silently in side. 折好信纸,写上希尔斯顿区加尔德街126号、玛瑞亚太太等信息后,克莱恩再次打开铁制卷烟盒,让“血之上将塞尼奥尔无声无息浮现在旁边。 This Resentful Soul like the personal male servant, takes up the letter on table humbly, vanished in the room. 这位“怨魂”就像贴身男仆一样,谦卑地拿起桌上的信,消失在了房间内。 Mail box places outside several block, a letter produced baseless, fell into inside. 几个街区外的一个邮筒处,一封信凭空产生,落入了里面。 ............ ………… Eastern Chester County, in Hall Family castle. 切斯特郡,霍尔家族城堡内。 Audrey bluish green eye does not have the focal distance looks at mirror, in the mind reverberates is " Book of Secrets » contents. 奥黛丽碧眸没有焦距地看着镜子,脑海内回荡的都是《秘密之书》的内容。 These knowledge interlocked was composing illusory books, once were recalled, can present, and glanced through the corresponding number of pages according to the thought. 这些知识交错着组成了一本虚幻的书册,一经回想,就能呈现,并根据意念翻阅到相应的页数。 After this is Klein can mobilize the above the grey mist mysterious space little strengths directly, the information and 《Divinator》 dreamland that will grant recalled that the ability links product, 这是克莱恩能直接调动灰雾之上神秘空间少许力量后,将赐予的信息与“占卜家”梦境回想能力结合在一起的产物, Can maintain one to two weeks of time. But this makes Audrey read off «Book of Secrets» sufficiently, if later has to record not the clear place, but can also continue to request to grant. 能维持一到两周的时间。而这足以让奥黛丽读完《秘密之书》,之后若有记不清楚的地方,还能继续请求赐予。 „The Mister Fool condition seemed getting better and better......” Audrey to think joyfully, pupils gradually restored the brilliance. ‘愚者’先生的状态似乎越来越好了……”奥黛丽欣喜地想着,眼眸逐渐恢复了光彩。 She stood, moves toward the entrance, to lies to sit bored outside golden hair big dog says with a smile: 她站了起来,走向门口,对无聊趴坐在外面的金毛大狗笑道: Susie, your appearance may the insufficient virtuous young woman.” 苏茜,你这个样子可不够淑女。” Susie about looked at one vigilantly, pulled out sniffing, then says: 苏茜警惕地左右看了一眼,抽了抽鼻子,然后才开口说道: „When this is the hunting dog training most standard movement.” “这是猎犬训练时最标准的动作。” But you were not the qualified hunting dog...... the Audrey unstated criticism one, said with a smile: 可你并不是合格的猎犬……奥黛丽腹诽了一句,笑着说道: I also think that you will reply me: Audrey, I'm only a dog ~ “我还以为你会这么回答我:奥黛丽,我只是一条狗~” Susie responded earnestly: 苏茜认真回应道: Redundant words were grasped by others to own custom and psychological activity easily. “过于重复的话语容易被别人把握到自身的习惯和心理活动。 Audrey, in the book of that conscience Neo-Confucianism said.” 奥黛丽,那本心理学的书上是这么说的。” ...... Audrey could not find the language to deal for a while unexpectedly, at this moment, she sees oneself father Count Hall with a personal male servant, an aide, walked along the castle staircase. ……奥黛丽一时竟找不到语言应对,就在这时,她看见自家父亲霍尔伯爵带着一名贴身男仆,一名侍从,沿着城堡的楼梯走了上来。 But even if outside right noon time radiance flatters, here is still dimly murky, even there is a candlestick to be lit, they mount on the wall, is illuminating the stair. 而哪怕外面正阳光明媚,这里依旧昏沉黯淡,甚至有烛台已被点燃,它们镶嵌在墙上,照亮着台阶。 This castle was really ancient, I think that it must overhaul one time greatly.” Count Hall complained one to the daughter at will. “这座城堡真是太古老了,我认为它必须有一次大的翻修了。”霍尔伯爵随意地对女儿抱怨了一句。 The Audrey reserved nod said: 奥黛丽矜持点头道: Yes, the dear Count, this is I do not like here reason, it makes me feel itself rottenly in slowly.” “是的,亲爱的伯爵,这正是我不喜欢这里的原因,它让我感觉自己在慢慢腐烂。” But I will actually spend 13000 pounds to repair here every year.” Count Hall said after a sigh with a smile. “但其实我每年都会花费13000镑修葺这里。”霍尔伯爵笑着感叹道。 Audrey looked at Susie one, is showing the smiling face to the father: 奥黛丽瞄了苏茜一眼,对着自家父亲露出笑容道: Father, what matter do you have to look for me?” “爸爸,你有什么事情找我?” Count Hall referred to the paper say/way in aide hand: 霍尔伯爵指了指侍从手里的纸张道: „A telegram from Beckland, some people in the sell bicycle company 10% stocks, the treasure, is interested? I think that this industry has the radiance prospect, but it is far from meeting the lowest expectation now.” “一封来自贝克兰德的电报,有人在出售脚踏车公司10%的股份,宝贝,有没有兴趣?我认为这个行业有着非常光明的前景,而它现在远没有达到最低的预期。” Bicycle?” Audrey is quite strange to this noun, the pupils slightly revolutions, the expression confuses. “脚踏车?”奥黛丽对这个名词颇为陌生,眼眸微转,表情迷惑。 The Count Hall smile looks at daughter said: 霍尔伯爵微笑看着女儿道: Two rounds, ride the good machinery, you can understand, the carriage of average person. “一种两轮的,供人骑行的机械,你可以这么理解,一般人的马车。 In Ruen, in Beckland, with the largest number of people are not the aristocrat, is not the merchant, but is engaged in the physical labor average person, next is in them has the technology to have the type of status, this is the crowd of bicycle aiming, they have absolute many and certain purchase ability, even if only then 10% are willing to purchase the bicycle, can make this company gain very good development. “在鲁恩,在贝克兰德,人数最多的不是贵族,也不是商人,而是从事体力劳动的普通人,其次则是他们之中较有技术较有地位的类型,这就是脚踏车瞄准的人群,他们有着绝对的多数和一定的购买能力,哪怕只有10%愿意购买脚踏车,也能让这家公司获得非常不错的发展。 Un, they have to grasp the corresponding patent.” “嗯,他们有掌握相应的专利。” Audrey believes father's vision, can understand the prospect of Count Hall description, gently nod: 奥黛丽相信父亲的眼光,也听得懂霍尔伯爵描述的前景,轻轻点头: That 10% stock general value many.” “那10%股份大概价值多少。” According to preliminary examination, Beckland bicycle company at present only value 50,000 pounds, this is because the eruption of promotion and sale of commodity also requires the time to ferment, therefore, cannot think 10% stock only value 5000 pounds simply, my suggestion is the first run offers 8000 pounds, the psychological base price is 15000 pounds, I will send people to help you be responsible for this matter.” Count Hall said succinctly. “根据初步调查,贝克兰德脚踏车公司目前仅价值5万镑,这是因为商品的推广和销售的爆发还需要时间来酝酿,所以,不能简单地认为10%的股份只值5000镑,我的建议是首轮报价8000镑,心理底价是15000镑,我会派人帮你负责这件事情。”霍尔伯爵简洁说道。 About the 10.000 pound...... my month cash used...... Audrey slightly embarrassed to say similarly: 1万镑左右……我这个月的现金都用得差不多了……奥黛丽略显不好意思地说道: Father, I one cannot spend this sum of money, but sells off the stock, real estate and mineral resource, or waits for their incomes, requires some time.” “爸爸,我一下拿不出这笔钱,而变卖股票、地产、矿藏,或等待它们的收益,都需要一定的时间。” Count Hall haha said with a smile: 霍尔伯爵哈哈笑道: Does not need such troublesome, you Beckland the stock short-term pledge of arms group or Pritz commercial ships company to the bank, can attain enough cash, when the matter ended, the stock long-term pledge bicycle company to the bank, returns the front loan with the loan again. “不需要这么麻烦,你将贝克兰德军火集团或者普利兹商用船舶公司的股份短期质押给银行,就能拿到足够的现金,等到事情结束,再把脚踏车公司的股份长期质押给银行,用贷款归还前面的贷款。 As the matter stands, you only need to pay one to two weeks of high interest in be able to complete the transaction, but bicycle company every year drawing bonus pays the long-term loan interest sufficiently, enabling you to wait for the appreciation patiently, but this is the matter of big probability.” “这样一来,你只需要付出一到两周的较高利息就能完成交易,而脚踏车公司每年的分红足以支付长期贷款的利息,让你可以耐心地等待升值,而这是大概率的事情。” Although Audrey has not had the complete commercial finance education, but one as the father of big banker, is not strange to similar matter, slightly a thinking understands the entire flow, the confirmation asked back: 奥黛丽虽然没接受过完整的商业金融教育,但有一个身为大银行家的父亲,对类似的事情并不算陌生,略一思索就明白了整个流程,确认般反问道: In other words, do I only need to pay 200-300 pounds to attain the bicycle company 10% stocks?” “也就是说,我只需要付出200-300镑就能拿到脚踏车公司10%的股份?” Perhaps are less. Count Hall said with a smile. “或许更少一点。霍尔伯爵含笑说道。 Audrey understands that father's meaning, as the Pavat Bank biggest shareholder, the fourth major stockholder in Beckland bank, he is capable of sufficient making the daughter attain the interest reasonable short money. 奥黛丽明白父亲的意思,作为巴伐特银行的最大股东,贝克兰德银行的第四大股东,他有足够的能力让女儿拿到利息合理的短期借款。 Thank you, dear Count.” Audrey holds the smiling face, raised the skirt swayed, good a ritual. “谢谢你,亲爱的伯爵。”奥黛丽噙着笑容,提起裙摆,行了一礼。 ............ ………… Under night moonlight, sea water dark blue near black, Argel Wilson stands in the bow, the outline that looks at Passo Island calmly crawls. 夜晚的月光下,海水深蓝近黑,阿尔杰.威尔逊立在船头,看着帕苏岛静静匍匐的轮廓。 This is the Church of the Storms headquarters, the place of true God care! 这是风暴教会的总部,真神眷顾之地! As church's middle level, Argel remembers oneself only have come three times, one time was to find Serene Blue Avenger, was promoted after Mariner, one time was last year reporting on activities, one time, then before was very long, as a person of mixed blood who has the dark blue hair, was chosen into the headquarters, became one group of children's choir, but he of no singing talent, quick was sent to leave, returned to the chapel in birth islands to be the servant, but there pastor was to the subordinate very crude person. 作为教会的中层,阿尔杰记得自己只来过三次,一次是找到“幽蓝复仇者号”,晋升为“航海家”后,一次是去年的述职,还有一次,则是很久以前,作为一名有着深蓝头发的混血儿,被挑选入总部,成为儿童唱诗班的一团,但毫无唱歌天赋的他,很快就被打发离开,重回出生岛屿的小教堂内做仆役,而那里的牧师是个对下属非常粗暴的人。 Whenever recalls this experience, his expression will become will quite sink to congeal, is longing for will mount high position. 每当回忆起这段经历,他的表情都会变得颇为沉凝,渴望着登上高位 In the wind sound/rumor, the Serene Blue Avenger peaceful vanguard, moveed to the harbor. 风声之中,“幽蓝复仇者号”安静前行,驶向了港口。 ............ ………… Similarly has entered night Beckland, wore the straight formal dress to wear silk top hat Emlyn White to ambush another Baron blood race outside the Rus Bathory hotel. 同样已进入黑夜贝克兰德,穿着笔挺正装戴着丝绸礼帽埃姆林.怀特潜伏到了另一位血族男爵鲁斯.巴托里的宅邸外面。 He believes that the opposite party will take the action quickly, takes back the bait, but to blood race, such night of having scarlet moon is suitable to hunt. 他相信对方很快就会展开行动,收回鱼饵,而对一名血族来说,这样一个有着红月的夜晚非常适合狩猎。 How long crossed did not know, Emlyn eye suddenly one bright, seeing the form to leap after the window from the house together, silent fell to the ground. 过了不知多久,埃姆林眼睛突然一亮,看见一道身影从房屋朝后的窗户跃了下来,无声落地。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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