LM :: Volume #5

#13: The knowledge is equal to money

Finally...... Achieves this moment of transaction, Klein quietly relaxed, thought that pressure relief were many. 总算……达成交易的这一刻,克莱恩悄然松了口气,觉得身上的压力减轻了不少。 Although the messenger young lady said that 10,000 Ruen gold coins can amortize, and when has not stipulated starts, but Klein does not want to tow too for a long time, the fear angers Renette Tinichole. 虽然信使小姐说那10000枚鲁恩金币可以分期偿还,且没规定什么时候开始,但克莱恩还是不想拖得太久,害怕惹怒蕾妮特.缇尼科尔 This is spiritual world lifeform of half God level, so long as really vitality/angry, even if there is a contract gauge bunch, her some are the means is also awkward employer! 这可是半神级的灵界生物,只要真的生气,哪怕有契约规束,她也有的是办法为难“雇主”! Moreover acted the expenses of wealthy man is really too big, the wage of 20 servants with corresponding expense was very small part, the following carriage, horses and liquor water, delivered the disbursement of gift and dance party of neighbor, to conceal the investment of status same compared with same awfully, were not many stockpiles a cash, I feared really when was hard to continue on the bankruptcy...... 而且扮演富翁的开销真是太大了,20来个仆人的薪水和相应费用只是其中很小一部分,接下来的马车、马匹、酒水、送邻居的礼物、舞会的支出、掩饰身份的投资一样比一样要命,不多储备点现金,我真怕什么时候就破产难以继续了…… Yeah, on 6500 pounds in addition money originally, sufficed to support the definite goal? No, the two days experience told me, never imagine the life of wealthy man with own experience, should also probably have the 5-6 thousand pounds to maintain reluctantly...... Klein wants to lift the hand to rub the temples very much, but has borne finally this impulsion. 哎,6500镑加身上原本的钱,够撑到确定目标了吧?不,这两天的经历告诉我,永远不要拿自己的见识去想象富翁的生活,应该还得有个五六千镑才能勉强维持……克莱恩很想抬手揉一下太阳穴,但最终还是忍住了这个冲动。 He tidies up the mood, making World observe the situation once more, hoarse said with a smile: 他收拾心情,让“世界”再次环视一圈,嘶哑笑道: Second item is Biological Toxin Bottle......” “第二件物品是‘生物毒素瓶’……” He that brown translucent glass small bottle that used the relatively succinct language to describe to have appears, spoke several characteristics of toxin with emphasis, negative impact that the means that the time of activation, prevented ahead of time and carried along. 他用相对简洁的语言描述了具现出来的那个棕色半透明玻璃小瓶,重点讲了几种毒素的特点,生效的时间,提前预防的办法和随身携带的负面影响。 Justice Audrey hears is the spine feels cold slightly feels embarrassed, the former is because that type can grasp the fearful toxin of own skin and flesh, the latter is because that wide scope urges the sentiment effect strangely. “正义”奥黛丽听得又是脊椎骨发冷又略感不好意思,前者是因为那种能让人抓下自身皮肤和血肉的可怕毒素,后者是由于那大范围的奇怪催情效果。 This is really crazy magical item...... It cannot prepare to be able effectively to play role ahead of time the type, to ordinary Audience, quite carves with, because observes and mind reading can help this path low sequence Extraordinary realize the danger ahead of time, makes to deal...... But, I do not use this, if has realized the danger ahead of time, can shout the protector directly...... Moreover . Moreover the effect is not I likes! Is easy to harm itself! Audrey, you are mature sane Extraordinary, cannot see that anything wants to buy! Audrey had seriously pondered several seconds, gave up the inquiry price idea. 这真是一件疯狂的神奇物品啊……唔,它是必须提前准备才能有效发挥作用的类型,对普通的“观众”来说,相当锲和,因为观察和读心能帮助这条途径的低序列非凡者提前察觉危险,做出应对……可是,我不用这样,如果提前察觉了危险,可以直接呼喊保护者……而且,而且效果不是我喜欢的!还容易危害到自己!奥黛丽,你已经是成熟理智的非凡者,不能看到什么都想买!奥黛丽认真思考了几秒,放弃了询问价格的想法。 Sees Miss Justice not to open the mouth, Klein not being able to bear made World make up one: “正义”小姐没有开口,克莱恩忍不住让“世界”补了一句: 5200 pounds.” “5200镑。” The Justice Audrey tooth has bit inside lip lightly, the politeness shakes the head saying: “正义”奥黛丽牙齿轻咬了下嘴唇内侧,礼貌地摇头道: I hope what obtains has offensive magical item.” “我希望获得的是更有攻击性的神奇物品。” Audience is also an earlier period lacks the frontal attack strength, only excels in the path of influence and control objective. “观众”也是一条前期缺乏正面攻击力,只擅于影响和控制目标的途径 5200 pounds.” Hanged Man Argel, Forsi the Magician and Emlyn the Moon simultaneously low voice are duplicating the price, does not have the tiny bit unnecessary idea again. “5200镑。”“倒吊人”阿尔杰“魔术师”佛尔思“月亮”埃姆林同时小声地重复着价格,再没有一丝一毫多余的想法。 5200 pounds...... Cattleya the Hermit does not know that has remembered anything, stops paused a bit obviously, then adds fast, for me, does not need.” “5200镑……“隐者”嘉德丽雅不知想起了什么,明显停顿了一下,然后快速补充道,“对我来说,没有必要。” Lady Hermit seems afraid anything...... Justice Audrey read out the mood of opposite party keenly. “隐者”女士似乎在害怕什么……“正义”奥黛丽敏锐读出了对方的情绪。 That instance, Cattleya thought a moment ago first Biological Toxin Bottle and "Poison Expert" Frank Lee agreed with very much . Moreover the ability was too not overlapped, had the supplementary place, is thinking must help oneself first officer buy, he also accumulated a lot of money in any case, at once considered after Frank Lee obtained Biological Toxin Bottle, does not know that will make any fearful experiment, hit to tremble inexplicably, gives up the idea of most starting. 刚才那个瞬间,嘉德丽雅先是觉得“生物毒素瓶”“毒素专家”弗兰克.李很契合,而且能力不算太重叠,有互补的地方,想着要不要帮自家大副买下来,反正他也攒了不少钱,旋即就考虑到弗兰克.李获得“生物毒素瓶”后,不知会做出什么可怕的实验,莫名打了个寒颤,放弃了最开始的想法。 She does not hope that sees in the The Future deck to grow the child of crew, that moo moo said. 她并不希望看见未来号的甲板上长出船员们的孩子,还是哞哞叫的那种。 After the meeting, gives Miss Sharon to write a letter, tells her, the Admiral of Blood necklace sold, only remained Biological Toxin Bottle...... Klein conceals the innermost feelings the disappointment, thinks and makes World open the mouth saying: 等聚会后,就给莎伦小姐写信,告诉她,“血之上将”的项链卖出去了,只剩“生物毒素瓶”了……克莱恩掩饰住内心的失望,想了想又让“世界”开口道: I have Book of Secrets, is mysticism books that southern continent Wizard King Karaman leaves behind, suits has middle sequence Extraordinary of good foundation. “我有一本《秘密之书》,是南大陆巫王卡拉曼留下的神秘学书籍,适合有不错基础的中序列非凡者 Price 1000 pounds.” “价格1000镑。” The knowledge is equal to money! 知识就等于金钱! One was excited after Mister Fool, Mister Hanged Man and Psychology Alchemy Union other Justice Audrey of member long-time guidance. 经过“愚者”先生“倒吊人”先生心理炼金会其他成员长久教导的“正义”奥黛丽一下心动了。 She had very solid mysticism elementary knowledge now, is longing for enters the step the content. 她现在已经拥有非常扎实的神秘学基础知识,正渴望着进阶的内容。 Later Psychology Alchemy Union should also teach the mysticism knowledge of my part of top levels, but will not be definitely comprehensive, limits in the mind domain...... Audrey convinced itself simply, the slight nod said: 之后心理炼金会应该也会教导我一部分高层次的神秘学知识,但肯定不会很全面,局限在心灵领域……奥黛丽简单地说服了自己,微微点头道: This is I wants.” “这正是我想要的。” Forsi the Magician is interested similarly very much, may think money, has closed the mouth silently, as for other members, not deficient similar knowledge. “魔术师”佛尔思同样很感兴趣,可想了想身上的金钱,又默默闭上了嘴巴,至于其他成员,并不缺乏类似的知识。 Worthily is Miss Justice, does not have counter-offer completely, my bottom line actually only then 800 pounds, no, simply does not have the bottom line, knowledge type of thing only cannot sell one time...... The Klein mood makes World say with a smile joyfully lowly: 不愧是“正义”小姐,完全没还价,我的底线其实只有800镑,不,根本没有底线,知识这种东西又不是只能卖一次……克莱恩心情愉悦地让“世界”低笑道: Deal. “成交。 But, I must remind one, absolutely do not pray to Primordial Moon, this will make you turn with the different species crazy copulations and gives birth to various children's creeping motion flesh lumps, naturally, cannot pray to other hidden existence, this is similarly dangerous.” “不过,我必须提醒一句,绝对不要向‘原始月亮’祈祷,这会让你变成与不同物种疯狂交配并生下各种孩子的蠕动肉块,当然,也不能向其他的隐秘存在祈祷,这同样非常危险。” Justice Audrey hears a fear, could not bear change under the sitting posture. “正义”奥黛丽听得一阵害怕,忍不住改变了下坐姿。 She is quiet at once, looks to the bronze long table most head, said firmly: 她旋即平静,望向青铜长桌最上首,坚定说道: „When holds the secret ceremony, I only prayed to Mister Fool.” “举行秘密仪式时,我只向‘愚者’先生祈祷。” She said wholeheartedly, does not have the tiny bit falseness. 她说得真心诚意,没有一丝一毫的虚假。 Miss Justice worships to Fool really very much believes very much...... When Klein is moved inexplicably, is a little ashamed, because the Sea God Scepter domain and Primordial Moon is not quite overlapped, some ceremonies, he is unable to complete the most effective response, can only attempt to transfer above the grey mist this piece of mysterious space the little strength feedback. “正义”小姐“愚者”真的很崇拜很相信啊……克莱恩莫名感动之余,又有点惭愧,因为“海神权杖”的领域和“原始月亮”不太重叠,有些仪式,他无法完成最有效的响应,只能尝试着调动灰雾之上这片神秘空间的少许力量回馈。 Then, as Fool he, expressed the manner: 接着,身为“愚者”的他,表示了一下态度: Is very good.” “很好。” Meanwhile, initially he who achieves the goal makes World speak thoughtlessly saying: 与此同时,初步达成目的的他让“世界”随口说道: Here also has Interrogator Extraordinary characteristics, so long as 1200 pounds.” “我这里还有一份‘审讯者’非凡特性,只要1200镑。” ...... Some of his actually many item...... Forsi the Magician was shocked. ……他究竟有多少物品啊……“魔术师”佛尔思都惊呆了。 Considered the money of resting also misses much, and lacks corresponding formula, she can only take back the vision, pretends not to hear. 考虑到休的钱还差不少,且缺乏相应的配方,她只能收回目光,装作没有听见。 As for Mister Fool subordinate there Interrogator Extraordinary characteristics, she does not think that the opposite party will retain for oneself is so long. 至于“愚者”先生下属那里的“审讯者”非凡特性,她并不认为对方会替自己保留这么久。 Sees nobody to respond, World coughed a sound said: 见无人回应,“世界”咳了一声道: I have not traded.” “我没有交易了。” His voice just fell, waiting Hanged Man Argel has looked to Cattleya the Hermit said: 他话音刚落,一直等待的“倒吊人”阿尔杰就望向“隐者”嘉德丽雅道: I want to know where has does not belong to Church of the Storms Obnis sea monster to exist.” “我想知道哪里有不属于风暴教会奥布尼斯海怪存在。” Doesn't belong to Church of the Storms Obnis sea monster? Isn't Hanged Man really the Church of the Storms member? The brow of Cattleya the Hermit wrinkled, at once stretches: 不属于风暴教会奥布尼斯海怪“倒吊人”真的不是风暴教会的成员?“隐者”嘉德丽雅的眉头皱了一下,旋即舒展开来: I help you inquire, after having the actual clue, discussed the price again.” “我帮你打听一下,有确切的线索后再谈价格。” Good.” Argel silently sighed. “好。”阿尔杰无声吐了口气 The scene along with it silent several seconds, Emlyn the Moon has seen that said to Forsi the Magician: 场面随之静默了几秒,“月亮”埃姆林见状,对“魔术师”佛尔思道: That 100 pounds clue expense, I will give you today.” “那100镑线索费用,我今天就会给你。” Thanks.” The Forsi the Magician mood high ground did not say very much. “谢谢。”“魔术师”佛尔思情绪不是很高地说道。 A moment ago the transaction of Mister World was thousand pounds, ten thousand pounds, making her a little numb. 刚才“世界”先生的交易都是千镑,万镑,让她有点麻木了。 Emlyn the Moon turns the head to look at once to Derrick the Sun: “月亮”埃姆林旋即转头看向“太阳”戴里克: Tree of Elders rhizome crystallization and accessory material that „ you want had. “你要的长者之树根茎结晶和辅助材料都有了。 „ The detailed lists of which monster which resources around you Silver City have to me, I select several value suitable item. “你把白银城周围有哪些怪物哪些资源的清单给我,我挑几件价值相当的物品 Un, they altogether have spent my 2000 pounds, in addition my reward 200 pounds, amount to 2200 pounds.” “嗯,它们一共花了我2000镑,再加上我的报酬200镑,总计2200镑。” Emlyn only wants to trade the thing that some can let go of quickly at this time, otherwise on him did not have any money. 埃姆林此时只想换到一些能很快脱手的事物,否则他身上就没什么钱了。 Good, volume, thank you, Mister Moon.” In Derrick the Sun heart one happy, suddenly thought that Mister Moon probably is not that loathful. “好的,额,谢谢你,‘月亮’先生。”“太阳”戴里克心中一喜,突然觉得“月亮”先生好像也不是那么令人讨厌。 He has rapidly appears corresponding detailed list, has given Emlyn the Moon. 他迅速具现出相应的清单,递给了“月亮”埃姆林 Emlyn reads these paper at will, looks at looks at, does not feel suddenly right. 埃姆林随意地翻看起那些纸张,看着看着,忽地感觉不对。 Because is only this material itself, has very high value, further information and corresponding resources that can manifest the Silver City peripheral region! 因为仅是这份资料本身,就有很高的价值,能体现出白银城周围区域的详细情况和相应资源! I remember, they have not paid the reward to read this detailed list probably...... Emlyn the Moon could not bear look at Hanged Man Argel and Cattleya the Hermit respectively. This instance, he as if understood anything. 我记得,他们好像也是没支付报酬就看了这份清单的……“月亮”埃姆林忍不住瞄了“倒吊人”阿尔杰“隐者”嘉德丽雅各一眼。这个瞬间,他似乎明白了点什么。 When looks at Sun again, Emlyn not only had the new superiority feeling, and brought afraid that is unable to eliminate, clear to settle the throat saying: 再看“太阳”时,埃姆林既有了新的优越感,又带着无法消除的心虚,清了清喉咙道: This, this, this......” “这个,这个,还有这个……” Derrick the Sun wrote down earnestly, indicated oneself do not need to return to Silver City, can sufficiently collect these item around Afternoon Town. “太阳”戴里克认真记了下来,表示自己无需回到白银城,在下午镇周围就能凑够这些物品 Then, Justice Audrey also inquired the clue of hallucination wind chimes tree fruit, obtained has let her disappointed answer. 接下来,“正义”奥黛丽又询问了迷幻风铃树果实的线索,得到了让她失望的答案。 Traded this to finish, does not need Klein the Fool to announce, they entered the free alternating current link on own initiative. 交易到此结束,无需“愚者”克莱恩宣布,他们主动进入了自由交流环节。 Hanged Man Argel side said to little Sun: “倒吊人”阿尔杰侧头对小“太阳”道: You also in Afternoon Town?” “你还在下午镇?” Yes, but will soon return to Silver City, the new exploration squad arrived today.” Derrick the Sun not only earnestly answered the Mister Hanged Man issue, but also mentioned on own initiative, I told Chief, I in eliminating the process of Afternoon Town monster, obtained Notary magical medicine formula.” “是的,但即将返回白银城了,新的探索小队今天已经抵达。”“太阳”戴里克不仅认真回答了“倒吊人”先生的问题,还主动提到,“我已经告诉‘首席’,我在清除下午镇怪物的过程里,得到了‘公证人魔药配方。” Hanged Man lightly nodded and said: “倒吊人”轻轻颔首道: What manner is he?” “他是什么态度?” He only said is very good.” Derrick the Sun was recalling then situation attentively. “他只说了‘很好’。”“太阳”戴里克用心回忆着当时的情况。 Hanged Man Argel hearing this has smiled a sound said lowly: “倒吊人”阿尔杰闻言低笑了一声道: You can feel relieved initially, your Chief is glad to see you to grow like this, comparatively speaking, he guards to that Shepherd elder assembly.” “你可以初步放心了,你们‘首席’很乐意看见你这样成长,相比较而言,他对那位‘牧羊人’长老会更加提防。” He does not have continues this topic again, then ejected a news to all members: 他没再继续这个话题,转而对所有成员抛出了一个消息: Recently many pirates had gone to Bansi Harbor, discovered that there had been thoroughly destroyed, even if reconstructs, several years.” “最近有不少海盗去过班西港,发现那里已经被彻底摧毁,即使重建,也得好几年。” Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel network cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。4小说网手机版阅读网址:
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