LM :: Volume #3

#102: Pot

Puts down copper whistle time, Klein already opened spirit vision. 放下铜哨的时候,克莱恩已然开启了灵视 He sees the illusory white bones of ground to upcast worn out, is composing the huge body slowly, if before the fountain of similar scene likely singularly varied version, that present is only an ordinary faucet in reverse. 他看见地面的虚幻白骨有气无力地上抛,缓慢组成着巨大的身躯,如果说之前的同样场景像奇幻版的喷泉,那现在的就只是一个倒过来的普通水龙头。 The Klein corners of the mouth slightly cannot the insight move, disguise themselves not to discover any exceptionally. 克莱恩嘴角微不可见地动了动,假装自己没发现任何异常。 Crossed for several seconds, white bones messenger pieces together finally completes, a about four meters high body penetrated the ceiling once again, the pitch-black flame static combustion in eye socket. 过了好几秒钟,白骨信使终于拼凑完成,近四米高的身躯又一次穿透了天花板,眼窝里的漆黑火焰静静燃烧。 Before Klein, letter/believes fold that writes is neat, has thrown upwardly. 克莱恩将之前写好的信折叠整齐,向上投了出去。 He described rich merchant Jimmy Necker and in southern continent Empire of Balam tomb in the letter/believes in detail the unearthed Death God literature, Vice Admiral Hurricane Klingus and Vice Admiral Disease the Tracy and other things between the relations, and mentioned oneself to complete one time to submerge, although the assassination cannot succeed, but stayed behind could be used to determine the item of The Black Death position. 他在信里详细描述了富商吉米.内克南大陆拜朗帝国陵寝内出土的死神文献、“飓风中将齐林格斯和“疾病中将特雷茜等事物间的关系,并提及自身完成了一次潜入,虽然刺杀未能成功,但留下了可以用来确定黑死号位置的道具。 Naturally, how to submerge specifically, his hidden has not said that only approximately returned to original state Vice Admiral Disease the Tracy fight skill and style. 当然,具体是怎么潜入的,他隐去未讲,只大致还原了“疾病中将特雷茜的战斗技巧和风格。 When the messenger can a hand of long-handled fan flying grown human race catch that letter/believes, Klein coughed, clear settles the throat saying: 等信使能一掌扇飞成年人类的手接住了那封信,克莱恩咳嗽一声,清了清喉咙道: I had own messenger.” “我已经有属于自己的信使了。” pitch-black flame in white bones messenger eye socket beat obviously two, the body broke up suddenly, the waterfall same whereabouts, have drilled into the wooden floor. 白骨信使眼窝内的漆黑火焰明显跳动了两下,身躯霍然崩解,瀑布一样下落,钻入了木制的地板内。 Then didn't need to be afraid to become my messenger? Do I have such make you dislike? Un...... Should be these came from the Underworld messenger not to give up Mister Ards, after all that is the Death God direct line descendant, perhaps the skip-generation, has not held the thigh, I understand! Klein is just about to tidy up returns a house, nose suddenly one itchy, sneezed. 这下不用害怕成为我的信使了吧?我有这么让你们讨厌吗?嗯……应该是这些来自冥界的信使舍不得阿兹克先生,毕竟那是死神的直系后裔,说不定都未曾隔代,抱大腿嘛,我懂!克莱恩正要收拾退房,鼻子突然一痒,打了个喷嚏。 Achoos! Achoos! Coughs! 阿嚏!阿嚏!咳咳咳! He flows the nasal mucus to cough, forehead slowly but firmly boiling hot. 他又流鼻涕又咳嗽,额头缓慢但坚决地滚烫了起来。 Miserable, Vice Admiral Disease disease also residual within the body, but I brave about 10 degrees Celsius cold wind to hurry back to Bayam, then really fell ill...... Klein blows nasal mucus with the inferior toilet paper, is thinking wants to summon itself, by the spiritual body condition activity, making mortal body convalesce. 惨,“疾病中将”的疾病还残留体内,而我又顶着10摄氏度左右的冷风赶回拜亚姆,这下真的生病了……克莱恩用劣质卫生纸擤起鼻涕,想着要不要自己召唤自己,以灵体状态活动,让肉身自己痊愈。 After pondered seriously, he thinks this does not have the feasibility \; first, the body condition will affect obviously the spiritual body condition, between both has the close and strange relation \; second, in the situation of not going to the manages, the physical condition worsens inevitably. 经过郑重地思考,他认为这没有可行性,一是身体状态会明显影响灵体状态,两者间有密切而奇异的联系,二是不去管的情况下,身体状况必然恶化。 This was burns a little muddled...... Klein has touched under the forehead, prepares to return to deep blue wind first hotel and Danis meets, then considered that must issue that goes to the hospital or the clinic buys to instill. 这是烧得有点糊涂了啊……克莱恩摸了下额头,准备先回“蔚蓝之风”旅馆与达尼兹会合,然后再考虑要不要去医院或诊所买点药的问题。 ............ ………… Silver City, Berg family. 白银城,伯格家 Derrick attains the radiant carved tree fruit that The Hermit woman pledged finally, mixed Sun God Officer magical medicine. 戴里克终于拿到了“隐者”女士承诺的光辉契灵树果实,调配出了“太阳神官魔药 Its luster golden yellow, when brings the boiling hot temperature, Derrick drinks next, the throat has the fired feeling. 它色泽金黄,自带滚烫的温度,戴里克一口喝下时,喉咙都有被灼烧的感觉。 His eye shines suddenly, is getting more and more bright, is hiding two micro Sun like inside. 他的眼睛霍然发亮,越来越亮,就像里面藏着两轮微缩的太阳。 His body surface blooms one after another bright pure light splendor, on the exposed skin outside highlights the naked eye obvious black mottling. 他的体表绽放出一圈又一圈明净光辉,裸露在外的皮肤上凸显出肉眼可见的黑色斑块。 Meanwhile, his fine hair is lengthening, as if turned into the feather of winding golden color flame. 与此同时,他的汗毛在变长,似乎化成了缠绕金色火焰的羽毛。 When Derrick knows Sequence Seven, will take magical medicine to have similar change, not panic-stricken, not flurried, will clench the teeth, recalled repeatedly after when killing oneself parents pain and meeting personally Fool mister, will burst out the hope that from the heart of hearts, in that type bordered on the out of control situation to support firm and resolute. 戴里克知道序列7时,服食魔药会有类似的变化,没有惊恐,没有慌乱,咬紧牙关,反复回想起亲手杀死自己父母时的痛苦和遇见“愚者”先生后从内心深处迸发的希望,在那种濒临失控般的处境里坚毅支撑了下来。 Crossed good one, his all exceptionally one after another obtained returning to normal, the gas that but puts out is also mixing with the warmth of Sun. 过了好一阵,他的一切异常都相继得到了平复,只是吐出的气体还夹杂着太阳的温暖。 He felt that own physique was also enhanced, had not the small resistance to the disease to the bad environment. 他感觉自身的体质又得到了增强,对疾病对恶劣的环境有了不小的抵抗能力。 But this is not the key point, what Derrick likes is stuffs oneself mind the kind of god technique knowledge. 而这不是重点,戴里克更喜欢的是充塞自己脑海的类神术知识。 They including Fire of Light and immunity of fears and Sacred Oath and Purification Slash and Sunlight Ring and Light Summoning and holy water production, wait/etc., wait/etc.. 它们包括“光明之火”、“免疫恐惧”、“神圣誓约”、“净化之斩”、“太阳光环”、“召唤圣光”、“制造圣水”,等等,等等。 Derrick back and forth walked slowly and aimlessly joyfully two steps, thought that these kind of god techniques are very suitable to be used to cope with these hideaways in the depths of darkness evil monster. 戴里克欣喜地来回踱了两步,觉得这些类神术真的很适合用来对付那些隐藏于黑暗深处的邪恶怪物。 He has not concealed, directly soars Twin Tower, the information registration that will promote makes an entry. 他没有隐瞒,直奔双塔,将自己晋升的信息登记入册。 As the matter stands, after preliminary verification, he had to hold the post of the qualifications of patrol squad captain, can contact many Silver City materials. 这样一来,初步的审核后,他就有担任巡逻小队队长的资格了,能接触更多的白银城资料。 In this includes in elimination Extraordinary characteristics that „the world mister wants the means of spiritual pollution...... Derrick when various issues of reply registration personnel, cannot help but remembers that commitment that oneself have not been able to carry out. 这里面就包括“世界”先生想要的去除非凡特性内精神污染的办法……戴里克在回答登记人员的各种问题时,不由自主想起了自己一直未能实现的那个承诺。 Owes others the thing always to make him restless, the feeling is uncomfortable, but now, he sees to restore the tranquil dawn finally. 欠别人事物总是让他不安,感觉难受,而现在,他终于看见恢复平静的曙光了。 ............ ………… In Agarwood Leaf Bar, Adulator Misol Jin is carrying the cup red wine, sits to Great Strongman the opposite of Ozil this old man, lifts the right leg, asked leisurely: 香树叶酒吧内,“巧言者米索尔.金端着杯红葡萄酒,坐到“巨力士奥兹尔这位老者的对面,跷起右腿,慢悠悠问道: Inquired the specific situation?” “打听出具体的情况了吗?” He accepts captain Vice Admiral Disease the arrangement of Tracy, returns to Bayam, investigates the false Elaine issue, for this reason, found had initially helped him promulgate the duty Ozil-- he is impossible to ask the rebellious army to inquire directly, because the opposite party has not the small probability and false Elaine is the cooperation, visits to interrogate and go to the governor's mansion to trade not to post a reward any difference with own head directly. 他接受船长“疾病中将特雷茜的安排,重返拜亚姆,调查假伊莲的问题,为此,找到了当初帮他颁布任务的奥兹尔——他不可能直接去找反抗军询问,因为对方有不小的概率与假伊莲是合作关系,上门质问和直接去总督府拿自己的脑袋换悬赏没有任何区别。 Ozil has pulled a chair, sat: 奥兹尔拉过张椅子,坐了下来: That side has not concealed, but I did not determine what they said is the truth or the lie, you know that I like the fist exceeding the ponder. “那边没有隐瞒,但我不确定他们说的是真话还是谎言,你知道的,我喜欢拳头胜过思考。 They said that Elaine is Raging Flame Danis sends, he is representing Vice Admiral Iceberg the will, hopes and rebellious army establishes the cooperation, provides certain aid for them, but Elaine is the good intentions of expression.” “他们说,那个伊莲是‘烈焰达尼兹送来的,他代表着‘冰山中将’的意志,希望与反抗军建立合作关系,为他们提供一定的援助,而伊莲则是表达的善意。” Raging Flame Danis? Vice Admiral Iceberg......” Misol chewed these two names, the expression sinks to congeal slowly. “‘烈焰达尼兹?‘冰山中将’……”米索尔咀嚼起这两个名称,表情缓慢沉凝了下来。 He leans against the chairback backward, the brow wrinkles little. 他向后靠住椅背,眉头一点点皱起。 Before Vice Admiral Hurricane attached captain, presently Vice Admiral Disease flagship third officer, he is not strange to other pirate admiral, knows that Vice Admiral Iceberg is powerful, the collection is rich, only depends on a ship and does not calculate that many subordinates, can other mechanical reactance pirate admiral, speak the battle efficiency purely, him around two boss probably want to be stronger, but the issue is, Vice Admiral Iceberg little mixes the battle between pirates, to collect material, exploration unknown, seeks for the buried treasure to be famous, exceeds the pirate like the adventurer. 作为前“飓风中将”的附属船长,现“疾病中将”的旗舰三副,他对其余的海盗将军并不陌生,知道“冰山中将”实力强大,收藏丰富,仅靠一条船和不算多的手下,就能力抗别的海盗将军,单纯讲战斗力,比他前后两任老大或许都要强一些,可问题在于,“冰山中将”很少掺合海盗间的争斗,以搜集资料,探索未知,寻找宝藏著称,像冒险家胜过海盗。 Why does she want to assassinate the captain suddenly? This does not conform to her disposition...... She had been harmed one time by Admiral of Blood with the rumor before, should retaliate the opposite party with single-hearted devotion...... Misol sips the lipstick wine, lifted another hand to rub the forehead. 她为什么突然要刺杀船长?这不符合她的性格……她之前被“血之上将”用谣言害了一次,应该正专心报复对方……米索尔抿了口红葡萄酒,抬另一只手揉了揉额头。 He no longer goes to think that temporarily Vice Admiral Iceberg, the attention will have returned Raging Flame on Danis. 他暂时不再去想“冰山中将”,将注意力放回了“烈焰达尼兹身上。 In the careful recollection, his pupil shrinks suddenly, discovers familiar that golden dream fourth boatswain recently really some issues. 仔细回忆中,他瞳孔突缩,发现那熟悉的“黄金梦想”号第四水手长最近真的有些问题。 He sets up the trap, struck to kill steel Maviti, Bloody Thorn Hendry and calm Squall, bounty enhances 4200 pounds, then in a short time, does not know that was involved in any event, bounty leap-style increased again, has reached 5500 pounds, this has surpassed me......” Misol silent to talk to oneself, at present does not reappear on own initiative Raging Flame the Danis form, only thinks that the opposite party now becomes mysterious and fearful. “他设下陷阱,击杀了‘钢铁’麦维提、‘血色荆棘亨特利和冷静的斯考尔,赏金提高到了4200镑,然后在很短时间内,又不知卷入了什么事件,赏金再次跳跃式增加,达到了5500镑,这已经超过了我……”米索尔无声自语,眼前不自觉浮现出了“烈焰达尼兹的身影,只觉对方现在变得又神秘又可怕。 „Did he promote? Gained the enormous advantage because of certain matters?” The Misol waist moves, body leans forward, has put down the wine glass. “他晋升了?或者因某些事情获得了极大好处?”米索尔腰部一动,身体前倾,放下了酒杯。 He whispered seriously: 他郑重低语道: I also regarded the joke to come to see his bounty promotion. “我原本还将他的赏金提升当成笑话来看。 „The present fact tells me, Raging Flame Danis is one conforms to 5500 pounds bounty great pirate!” “现在的事实告诉我,‘烈焰达尼兹就是一个符合5500镑赏金大海盗!” Misol raised the head fiercely, Ozil said to Great Strongman: 米索尔猛地抬头,对“巨力士奥兹尔道: Helps I collect Raging Flame the information, recent these!” “帮我搜集‘烈焰’的情报,最近的那些!” ............ ………… Deep blue wind hotel, in luxurious suite. “蔚蓝之风”旅馆,豪华套房内。 Danis opens the door to see is Gelman Sparrow, about looked at one busily vigilantly, then made way a path. 达尼兹开门看见是格尔曼.斯帕罗,忙警惕地左右望了一眼,然后才让开了条道路。 What kind of? Hunted successfully?” After the door closes, he curiously and asked excitedly. “怎么样?狩猎成功了吗?”房门关上后,他又好奇又兴奋地问道。 Vice Admiral Disease, but famous beautiful woman, saw before, imagines me is more attractive, if such died, a little wastes, should close her, life imprisonment, life imprisonment...... Bah, can she have the captain to be beautiful? Such appearance, what in Red Theater are many are! Danis quite contradictory is thinking. 疾病中将”可是出名的美人,之前见到的时候,比我想象得更有魅力,如果就这么死了,还是有点浪费啊,就应该把她关起来,永远监禁,无期徒刑……呸,她能有船长美丽?这样长相的,红剧场里多的是!达尼兹颇为矛盾地想着。 Klein grasps the fist, arrives before the mouth, has coughed intensely two. 克莱恩握起拳头,抵在嘴巴前,激烈地咳嗽了两声。 Almost.” After returning to normal, he responded desolately. “差一点。”平复之后,他冷淡回应道。 Was a pity that......” Danis sighed along the taste. “可惜啊……”达尼兹顺口感叹道。 He thinks is actually: 他心里想的却是: Gelman Sparrow this lunatic is very strong! 格尔曼.斯帕罗这个疯子真的很强啊! Sneaks the The Black Death assassination Vice Admiral Disease only almost to succeed, even if failed, can almost not be injured by anything successfully returns! 潜入黑死号刺杀“疾病中将”只差一点就能成功,而即使失败,也能几乎没受什么伤害地顺利返回! Must know, reason that each pirate admiral can famous biography five seas, be next to Four Kings, except that they suffice, because also they represent a team influence, has numerous Extraordinary, can after the assassination failure, escape from The Black Death, fully explained that Gelman Sparrow this fellow will not compare any pirate admiral difference! 要知道,每一位海盗将军之所以能名传五海,仅次于四王,除了他们本身够强,还因为他们代表一个团队一个势力,旗下有着为数众多的非凡者,能在刺杀失败后,逃出黑死号,足以说明格尔曼.斯帕罗这家伙不会比任何一位海盗将军差! ‚Is Hunger's Squirming so really fierce? No, if I, even if there is Hunger's Squirming, has no way to accomplish similar matter......” Danis even more to think initially when faced Gelman Sparrow the resolution that has not tried to revolt against was too wise. “‘蠕动的饥饿’真的这么厉害?不,假如是我,即使有‘蠕动的饥饿’,也没法办到类似的事情……”达尼兹愈发觉得当初面对格尔曼.斯帕罗时没试图反抗的决断实在太明智了。 Klein has coughed two, prepares to tell that Danis goes to the hospital to buy some medicines for oneself. 克莱恩又咳嗽了两声,准备吩咐达尼兹去医院给自己买些药。 He thinks at once oneself condition origin is somewhat complex, does not make the doctor inspect, the medicine that prescribes carefully is not necessarily effective, even if Great Emperor Russell invents to have the practical medicine to be also same ahead of time. 他旋即想到自己的病情来源有些复杂,不让医生仔细检查,开出的药物未必有效,哪怕罗塞尔大帝提前发明有很多实用药物也一样。 If no no way to establish the long-distance diagnosing and treating system using grey mist, I want to make Emlyn White that fellow help me see a doctor, make several medicament...... Klein washroom has cleaned itself, changes clothing originally, has burnt down that from fisherman. 如果不是没法利用灰雾建立远程诊疗系统,我都想让埃姆林.怀特那家伙帮我看病,弄几份药剂……克莱恩去盥洗室清洗了下自己,换上原本的衣物,烧掉了来自渔夫的那份。 Sees him to come out, Danis is taking the paper bag, welcomed, flatters to say with a smile: 见他出来,达尼兹拿着纸袋,迎了过去,讨好笑道: This is 700 pounds bounty that divides to arrive.” “这是分到的700镑赏金。” At this moment, he and Klein simultaneously hears the sound that some people knock on a door, the visitor is Captain Elland. 就在这时,他和克莱恩同时听见有人敲门的声音,来访者是艾尔兰船长 This captain flashes into the room, deeply looked at Gelman Sparrow one, pulls down the throat sound said: 这位船长闪入屋内,深深看了格尔曼.斯帕罗一眼,压低嗓音道: I must return to Pritz Harbor, but received a message. “我原本要返回普利兹港了,但又收到了一个消息。 That side Bansi Harbor has the important matter to occur probably.” 班西港那边好像有大事发生。”
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