LM :: Volume #3

#103: Buys the medicine

Did Church of the Storms begin to Bansi Harbor finally? Klein makes a fist to arrive at the mouth, has coughed two, is unafraid asks confidently: 风暴教会终于对班西港动手了?克莱恩握拳抵嘴,咳嗽了两声,一点也不心虚非常坦然地问道: What situation?” “什么情况?” Elland from Gelman Sparrow had not discovered that the unusual response, takes back the line of sight, looks all around one saying: 艾尔兰没有从格尔曼.斯帕罗身上发现异常的反应,收回视线,环顾一圈道: Specifically what happened I unclear, only knows that possibly involves the Church of the Storms top-level strength. “具体发生了什么事我也不清楚,只知道可能涉及风暴教会的高层次力量。 However before then some time, all the Bansi Harbor route was cancelled, this perhaps is the so-called indication.” “而在此之前一段时间内,所有去班西港的航线都被取消了,这也许就是所谓的征兆。” Related to the Church of the Storms top-level strength? No, should be the top layer strength, I suspect Church of the Storms that Pope, that Earth Angel, personally take action, even has also used „0” level sealed item, perhaps after all the opposite has King of Angels, compared with fourth era more ancient King of Angels, as well as his descendants...... Klein nodded, asked lightly: 涉及风暴教会的高层次力量?不,应该是顶层力量,我怀疑风暴教会那位教皇,那位地上天使,都亲自出手了,甚至还动用了“0”级封印物,毕竟对面也许存在着一位天使之王,比第四纪更古老的天使之王,以及祂的后裔们……克莱恩点了点头,平淡问道: „Is result what kind of?” “结果怎么样?” Regarding Church of the Storms until recent several days to the matter that Bansi Harbor begins, he is not surprised, even if Justice Enforcer for hot tempered is famous crudely, at similar important matter, should have the procedure that to have, for example, does confirmed initially, for example, evacuates some innocent people, for example, blockades the surrounding sea area, but this requires the time. 对于风暴教会直至最近几天才对班西港动手的事情,他一点也不惊讶,哪怕“代罚者”们以暴躁鲁莽著称,在类似大事上,该有的程序还是会有的,比如,做初步确认,比如,撤离无辜的部分民众,比如,封锁周围海域,而这都需要时间。 Elland is unable to distinguish the Gelman Sparrow real mood, the sigh says with a smile: 艾尔兰无法分辨格尔曼.斯帕罗真实的情绪,叹息笑道: A long time, will not have Bansi Harbor.” “很长一段时间内,不会有班西港了。” ...... Worthily is Church of the Storms...... Klein is flabbergasted secretly, is curious about a more detailed process. ……不愧是风暴教会……克莱恩暗自咋舌,对更加详细的过程充满好奇。 He wants to know that Red Angel Medici whether has the appearance, whether real deep sleep nearby Bansi Harbor, whether was eliminated by Church of the Storms, he wants to know that Bansi Harbor these native residents what's the matter, want to know actually the off and on speech way means anything, wants to know that Lime Restaurant and in the telegraph bureau is hiding any secret separately. 他想知道“红天使梅迪奇是否有出现,是否真的沉睡于班西港附近,是否已经被风暴教会清除,他想知道班西港那些土著居民是怎么回事,想知道断断续续的说话方式究竟意味着什么,想知道青柠檬餐厅和电报局内分别藏着什么秘密。 What what a pity is, along with the destruction of Bansi Harbor, he is also again hard to obtain the definite answer. 可惜的是,随着班西港的毁灭,他再也难以获得确切的答案。 Perhaps the Church of the Storms restricted data can record some, but Klein is unable to inquire, by Hanged Man the level, cannot contact this security classification the dossier. 也许风暴教会的内部资料会记载一些,但克莱恩无从打听,以“倒吊人”的位阶,根本接触不到这种保密等级的卷宗。 Waits mister to train half God and half human high sequence expert Hanged Man, I may know these issues the answers...... Klein silent sighed, the expression invariably said: 等把“倒吊人”先生培养成半神半人高序列强者,我才有可能知道那些问题的答案……克莱恩无声叹息了一句,表情不变地说道: There is truly dangerous......” “那里确实很危险……” His voice has not fallen, the throat itches once more, has coughed fiercely several. 他话音未落,喉咙再次发痒,剧烈地咳嗽了几声。 Fell ill?” Elland slightly feels the doubts to ask. “生病了?”艾尔兰略感疑惑地问道。 He thinks Gelman Sparrow is the same with oneself, belongs to the physique to have obvious enhancement Extraordinary, before being senile, in the normal condition is impossible to fall ill, but now looks like, own guess is perhaps wrong. 他原本以为格尔曼.斯帕罗和自己一样,属于体质有明显增强的非凡者,衰老之前,正常情况下根本不可能生病,可现在看来,自身的猜测也许是错误的。 Klein un, has not done excessively explained much. 克莱恩“嗯”了一声,未做过多解释。 Without any issue of value and significance...... Battles one after Lady of Diseases, has not fallen ill strangely...... Danis despised in side mumbled two. 没有任何价值和意义的问题……和“疾病少女”激战一场后,没生病才奇怪……达尼兹在旁边鄙视地嘟囔了两句。 Elland laughed: 艾尔兰呵呵笑道: I can recommend Medicine Master to you, compares the hospital and clinic is useful. “我可以给你推荐一位药师,比去医院和诊所有用。 His extraordinary occupation is this, his herbal medicine shop in the lane of Red Theater diagonally opposite, to trade the fortifying yang medicament to be famous, but this is not the domain that he most excels.” “他的非凡职业就是这个,他的草药小店在红剧场斜对面的巷子里,呵,以贩卖壮阳药剂著称,但这不是他最擅长的领域。” Is each Medicine Master will develop similar medicament? Also is, one of medicament business this most makes money absolutely, in the able situation, does not do strangely...... Klein nodded the head gently, hints itself to know. 是不是每一位药师都会开发类似的药剂?也是,这绝对是最赚钱的药剂生意之一,有能力的情况下,不做才奇怪……克莱恩轻轻颔首,示意自己知道了。 How haven't I heard?” The Danis surprise asked. “我怎么没听说过?”达尼兹诧异问道。 He comes Bayam for the recent several months, your previous time to City of Generosity when is?” The Elland chuckle asked back. “他最近几个月才来拜亚姆,你上次到‘慷慨之城’是什么时候?”艾尔兰轻笑反问。 Travels by your broken ship time...... Danis in replied at heart silently. 搭乘你那条破船的时候……达尼兹在心里默默回答道。 He had recalled carefully, discovers for the recent several months, except for these days, oneself only in the commencement of leave stage, passed by time Bayam, other times either float in marine, track down the buried treasure, either in other place other harbor drinking amusement, the change of details to City of Generosity truly insufficiently understood. 他仔细回想了一下,发现最近几个月里,除了这段时间,自己只在假期开始阶段,路过一次拜亚姆,其余时候要么漂在海上,追寻宝藏,要么在别的地方别的港口喝酒玩乐,对“慷慨之城”细微处的变化确实不够了解。 I have treated many days in Bayam, went to several Red Theater, but completely has not actually heard that Medicine Master! This can only explain that his fortifies yang the kind of medicament effect to be limited!” Danis boasted obstinate argumentative. “我在拜亚姆已经待了不少天,去了好几次红剧场,但却完全没有听说过那个药师!这只能说明他的壮阳类药剂效果有限!”达尼兹嘴硬吹牛道。 Elland smiled, had not argued with some great pirate, then said to Gelman Sparrow: 艾尔兰笑了笑,没和某个大海盗争论,转而对格尔曼.斯帕罗道: If the normal disease, that Medicine Master initial price at most is high. “如果只是正常疾病,那位药师开价顶多偏高一点。 Moreover, to you, expensive is unimportant, more importantly recovers the health as soon as possible. Each adventurer is not willing to be at the disease condition, because this means the danger, means that momentarily becomes others' hunting goal, means increase of out of control risk.” “而且,对你来说,昂贵并不重要,重要的是尽快恢复健康。每一位冒险者都不愿意处于疾病状态,因为这意味着危险,意味着随时成为别人的狩猎目标,意味着失控风险的增加。” Truly, the upkeep to Extraordinary is a quite important part, but, is the price very importantly also good, if that Medicine Master initial price 1000 pounds, I might as well go to the hospital to buy the medicine, the process that or the detailed description falls ill, looks for Emlyn White this sincere Vampire to make several medicament! Although I currently had more than 6000 pounds deposits, but also is taking several Extraordinary characteristics, but must consider in the future, I also want to acquire one to have magical item of fatal striking power, but must find the high sequence magical medicine formula clue...... Klein was muttering several at heart. 确实,保持良好状态对非凡者而言是相当重要的一环,不过,价钱也很重要好不好,如果那药师开价1000镑,我还不如去医院买药,或者详细描述生病的经过,找埃姆林.怀特这实诚的吸血鬼弄几份药剂!虽然我现在已经有6000多镑的存款,还拿着几份非凡特性,但也要考虑将来啊,我还想添置一件拥有致命攻击力的神奇物品,还得追寻高序列魔药配方的线索……克莱恩在心里咕哝了几句。 high sequence magical medicine formula is unable to weigh with money in the mysterious world, therefore, what Klein thinks is the purchase corresponding clue. 高序列魔药配方在神秘世界里是无法用金钱来衡量的,所以,克莱恩才想的是购买相应的线索。 When Elland departs, Klein takes that 700 pounds bounty, has divided the Danis 200 pounds. 等到艾尔兰离去,克莱恩拿过那700镑赏金,分了达尼兹200镑。 He wears the hat, takes cane, from time to time coughs blows the nasal mucus to go out from time to time, prepares to ride the carriage to go to nearby Red Theater. 他戴好帽子,提上手杖,时而咳嗽时而擤鼻涕地出门,准备乘马车去红剧场附近。 Danis is very curious that Medicine Master the medicament, pasted two to cast aside the beard, put on the duckbill cap, followed to go-- after the Klein's instruction, he understands that covered face behavior to be noticeable in Bayam with the scarf, then accepted the suggestion, has purchased the false beard. 达尼兹很好奇那位药师的药剂,贴了两撇胡子,戴上鸭舌帽,跟随而去——经过克莱恩的指导,他已经明白用围巾捂脸这种行为在拜亚姆非常引人瞩目,遂接受建议,购买了假胡须。 ............ ………… In the lane of Red Theater diagonally opposite, Klein just entered, sees a man not to hang in the grass pharmacy of sign to shrink, a discovery has the person, immediately the low head, hurries away. 红剧场斜对面的巷子内,克莱恩刚一进入,就看见个男人从没挂牌子的草药店里畏畏缩缩出来,一发现有人,当即低下脑袋,匆匆而去。 Don't worry, we will not guess that actually you have purchased any medicament...... Klein coughs once more two, quickened pace, entered that dim grass pharmacy. 不用担心,我们不会猜测你究竟购买了什么药剂……克莱恩再次咳嗽两声,加快步伐,进入了那间昏暗的草药店。 His vision sweeps, is shocked suddenly, because the boss unexpectedly is an acquaintance. 他目光一扫,忽有愣住,因为老板竟然是熟人。 The boss wears the village witch doctor -type black long gown, 30 years old, the black hair brown pupil, face is very round, the build is chubby, the meeting that Beckland Eye of Wisdom old mister convenes that had a big mouth to like satirizing other people's fat Medicine Master, Klein once has met in some circus troupe and opposite party, has recognized him. 那老板穿着乡村巫医式的黑色长袍,30来岁,黑发棕瞳,脸庞很圆,体型胖乎乎的,正是贝克兰德智慧之眼老先生召集的聚会上那个口无遮拦喜欢讽刺他人的胖药师,克莱恩曾经在某个马戏团里与对方见过面,认出了他。 He no longer appears in Eye of Wisdom the Extraordinary meeting of old mister , because left Beckland...... Klein coughs, goes forward two footpaths: 他不再出现于“智慧之眼老先生非凡者聚会,是因为离开了贝克兰德啊……克莱恩咳嗽一声,上前两步道: Matches some medicament to me.” “给我配些药剂。” On the fat Medicine Master shoulder is stopping only the eye swollen owl, a person of animal also raised the head, looks to Klein. 药师肩膀上停着只眼睛圆鼓鼓的猫头鹰,一人一动物同时抬头,望向了克莱恩 After short observation, fat Medicine Master has shown the ambiguous smiling face: 短暂的观察后,胖药师露出了暧昧的笑容: Friend, the weather is so cold, do not handle that matter outside, although that is truly exciting.” “朋友,天气这么冷,就不要在外面做那种事情了,虽然那确实很刺激。” This anything with anything...... Klein is shocked first, at once understood why the opposite party will say. 这都什么跟什么啊……克莱恩先是愣住,旋即明白了对方为什么会这么说。 I and Tracy fight, there are to come under the influence of happy ability, under the blood wells up, ** fluctuating, this causes the body to be void, when the disease invasion rapidly is easier, runs away, the icy cold sea water is good, the bright technique protection, the wind on road is quite cold, lets my condition along with it aggravation, the synthesis, this does not look like the open country is happy, takes a chill to fall ill? Is Medicine Master, the vision is very worthily sinister......” Klein maintains the expression is invariable, such looks at fat Medicine Master, does not open the mouth, did not respond, waits for the opposite party to mix the medicament. “我和特雷茜战斗的时候,有受到欢愉能力的影响,血液下涌,**起伏,这导致身体空虚,疾病入侵地更加迅速更加容易,逃走时,冰凉的海水还好,有神术保护,路上的风却相当冷,让我病情随之加重,综合来看,这不就像是野外欢愉,受凉生病吗?不愧是药师,眼光很毒辣啊……”克莱恩保持表情不变,就那样看着药师,不开口,不回应,等着对方调配药剂。 Danis turns head to look to sloppy pharmacy, represses laughter to bear is very laborious. 达尼兹则扭头望向了草药店外,忍笑忍得很是辛苦。 This what bullshit Medicine Master? Disease of dissemination cannot look including Lady of Diseases!” He must imagine to say. “这什么狗屎药师?连‘疾病少女’散播的疾病都看不出来!”他得意想道。 Fat Medicine Master sees the opposite party not to initiate own topic, turns on cabinets senselessly, puts out or common or strange herbal medicine, insect shell and other thing, loads in a paper bag, handed over saying: 药师见对方没接自己的话题,无趣地打开一个个柜子,拿出或常见或奇怪的草药、虫壳等物,装入一个纸袋里,递了过去道: Puts in the water completely, boils for a half hour, drinks liquid that boils. “全部放入水里,煮半个小时,喝熬出来的液体。 4 sule.” “4苏勒。” Was expensive a point...... Klein has swept nearby Danis one. 是偏贵了一点……克莱恩扫了旁边的达尼兹一眼。 The latter has pulled out the cash immediately automatically on own initiative. 后者立刻自动自觉地掏出了现金。 Fat Medicine Master receives money, while curved under back, lowers the voice, hehe said with a smile: 药师一边收钱,一边弯下腰背,压低嗓音,嘿嘿笑道: I have to let you in that aspect more outstanding medicament, increased of mummy powder, the need? Guaranteed that you satisfy. “我有让你在那方面更加出众的药剂,添加了木乃伊粉的那种,需要吗?保证你满意。 I know, you are very perhaps strong, but the man, always pursues is stronger.” “我知道,你也许很强,但男人嘛,总追逐更强。” First, I must have a girlfriend...... Klein shook the head desolately, has rejected the sales promotion of fat Medicine Master. 首先,我得有个女朋友……克莱恩冷淡地摇了摇头,拒绝了胖药师的推销。 Fat Medicine Master drew out the body disappointedly. 药师失望地直起了身体。 His eyeball revolution, takes a look at two people, spoke thoughtlessly to ask: 他眼珠一转,打量起两人,随口问道: „Are you adventurers?” “你们是冒险家?” Right.” Klein succinct reply. “对。”克莱恩简洁回答。 Fat Medicine Master rubbed rubbed hands saying: 药师搓了搓手道: I have an request, but, must complete had the reward.” “我有个委托,不过,必须完成了才有报酬。” How many rewards?” Klein has pinched under the nose. “多少报酬?”克莱恩捏了下鼻子。 100 pounds!” Fat Medicine Master loves dearly shouts, helps me find a person, he called Roy Jin, he was my teacher, he let me and he meets to here, but I waited for several months not to see him, moreover could not contact again.” “100镑!”胖药师心疼地喊道,“帮我找一个人,他叫罗伊.金,他是我的老师,他让我到这里和他见面,但我等了几个月也没见到他,而且再也联络不上了。” Has the portrait, or picture?” Klein inquired. “有画像,咳咳,或者照片吗?”克莱恩询问道。 Fat Medicine Master shows a picture from secret pocket of waist, has handed over. 药师从腰间的暗袋里拿出张照片,递了过去。 Above is the phase works as young man, after the hair is neat combs, wears the subframe eyeglasses, appears gentle. 上面是位相当年轻的男子,头发整齐后梳,戴着副框架眼镜,显得文质彬彬。 Your teacher?” Klein asked. “你老师?”克莱恩反问道。 Said that you are his teacher, perhaps my meeting believes...... 说你是他的老师,我也许会信…… Fat Medicine Master coughs two sound tracks: 药师干咳两声道: He at least is 60 years old, but looks like young.” “他至少有60岁了,只是看起来年轻。” Extraordinary capability or magical item? Klein looking pensive nodded, asked about the specific situation. 非凡能力还是神奇物品克莱恩若有所思地点了点头,询问起具体的情况。 After the determination does not have item to be able is used to assist divination, he is taking the paper bag, left this grass pharmacy. 确定没有物品可以用来辅助占卜后,他拿着纸袋,离开了这家草药店。 When their backs vanish in alley entrance, on the fat Medicine Master shoulder is standing that owl opened the mouth suddenly: 等到他们的背影消失于巷子口,胖药师肩膀上站着的那只猫头鹰突然开口了: Darkwill, that fellow possibly knows you.” 达克威尔,那个家伙可能认识你。”
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