LM :: Volume #4 神秘入侵

#990: Creation Authority

Tang Qi can look, Hall · Lodge actually wants to begin, wants to divulge with another way, for example to has at present attracts the aura infinitely, so-called Messenger forces, under the counter- right person is the soft snow white bed not. 唐奇能看出来,哈尔·洛奇其实更想动手,更想用另一种方式宣泄,比如对眼前有着无穷魅惑气息,所谓的“信使”进行强迫,反正身下就是柔软雪白的床不是么。 But pitifully he was still paralyzed, has a mind to be incapable. 但可惜他仍旧瘫痪着,有心无力。 Tang Qi also knew at this moment, why Black Mud think what in Witztonian these members most cute is Messenger. 唐奇此刻也知道了,为什么黑泥们会认为维茨顿人那些成员中最可爱的是“信使”。 At present this Life body, having one type can transformation be „the Occult myriad things marvelous ability. 眼前这个生命体,拥有一种能变化为“神秘万物”的奇妙能力 Tang Qi places illusory domain, not hesitant, peeps at the opposite party with Understanding All. 唐奇身处虚幻领域,没有犹豫,用万物通晓窥视对方。 If the goal is Infancy Creator, Tang Qi naturally not courting death, but is only the servant of opposite party, he did not have what scruples. 如果目标是幼年造物主,唐奇当然不会作死,但只是对方的仆人,他却没了什么顾忌。 The next quarter, the viscous smooth silver light erupts, complex Info Fragment gushes out. 下一刻,粘稠光滑的银光爆发,复杂的信息碎片涌出。 Divinity Entity: Messenger.】 神性实体:信使。】 Status: clone.】 状态:分身。】 Info Fragment 1: One of great race Witztonian remaining several members, were ancient and old and mysterious Life, Witztonian had once had the magnificent civilization and history, they have even slaughtered incessantly God, each Witztonian has to go far beyond human as well as most races wisdom, each grown Witztonian was Great Learned.】 信息碎片一:伟大种族维茨顿人剩下数位成员之一,是一种古老神秘的生命,维茨顿人曾有过辉煌的文明与历史,它们甚至屠戮过不止一尊神灵,每一位维茨顿人都有着远远超过人类以及大部分种族的智慧,每一位成年的维茨顿人都是“大博学者”。】 Info Fragment 2: demise of Witztonian, stems from the God Slayer action that a time is defeated, because they some unknown reason, attack judgment incomparable mysterious Infancy Creator, once slaughtered the God's splendid civilization to be evaporated suddenly.】 信息碎片二:维茨顿人的灭亡,源于一次失败的屠神行动,它们因为某种未知原因,选择攻击无比神秘的幼年造物主”,曾经屠戮神灵的灿烂文明在眨眼间被蒸发。】 Info Fragment 3: In order to retain the civilized seed, in Witztonian have several a member to the Creator hope forgiveness, and pledged that is willing to serve It forever, these several members respectively are Engineer, Prober, Judger and cleaning up and Messenger.】 信息碎片三:为了保留文明种子,维茨顿人中有数位成员向造物主祈求宽恕,并承诺愿意永远侍奉祂,这数位成员分别是工程师探索者裁决者、清理者、信使。】 Info Fragment 4: Five Witztonian that lives, were donated the different strengths by Creator, the similarity was they obtained Perpetual Life, but four members were eliminated birth multiplication ability, only had Messenger to retain, but did not have permission of Creator, it cannot similarly multiplication bloodline.】 信息碎片四:活下来的五位维茨顿人,被造物主赠予了不同的力量,相同点则是它们都获得了永生,但其中四位成员都被剥夺了生育繁衍能力,仅有信使得以保留,只是没有造物主的允许,它同样不能繁衍血脉。】 Info Fragment 5: the strength that Messenger has is Perpetual Life, evolved, shuttle Time and Space shift, the Mind control and Flesh Magic...... she has transformed into some Divinity Creature, her within the body will gather Witztonian all the achievements of experiment, Engineer will name as „the Life equation.】 信息碎片五:信使拥有的力量为永生、演化、穿梭时间空间转移、心灵控制、血肉魔法……她已蜕变为某种神性生物,她的体内汇聚了维茨顿人所有实验的成果,工程师将之命名为“生命方程式”。】 Info Fragment 6: the source of Life equation is Infancy Creator, is its wields Creation Authority one extends the direction, has Messenger of Life equation, if main body descends, can resist even strikes to kill powerful God.】 信息碎片六:生命方程式的源头为幼年造物主,是其所执掌“造物权柄”的一种延伸方向,拥有生命方程式的信使,如果是本体降临,可以对抗甚至击杀一尊强力神灵。】 ...... …… Life equation, Creation Authority.” 生命方程式,造物权柄。” Tang Qi peeped at new secret Knowledge, can with the Occult existence secret information that Origin God Race compared. 唐奇窥视到了新的隐秘知识,一尊能与起源神族相比的神秘存在的秘密信息。 Is only Main Authority that the opposite party wields, fully explained that Infancy Creator great strength. 仅仅只是对方所执掌的主权柄,也足以说明那位“幼年造物主”的强大。 Creation myriad things! 创造万物! This Divine Power, as if compared with Creation Authority that” Tumu wields must terrifying. 这种神力,似乎比图姆所执掌的“创造权柄”要更加恐怖 But, if Boundless Occult real existence Supreme is unsurpassed Creator, Then such as Origin God Race, Destiny Whore and Rot Father God these Ten-thousand Spirits, should not have survival Space, since It can the Creation myriad things, be able to destroy the myriad things inevitably, It should be most powerful Supreme.” “可是,如果无垠神秘真的存在一位至高无上的【造物主】,那么诸如起源神族命运婊腐烂父神这些万灵,应该都不会有生存空间,祂既然能创造万物,必然也能毁去万物,祂才应该是最强大至高。” Black Mud once said, Infancy Creator is only new Supreme, is less powerful than Origin God Race, but the It's goal is Creation new...... Boundless Occult?” 黑泥曾说,幼年造物主只是一位新的至高,并不比起源神族强大,而祂的目标则是创造新的……无垠神秘?” Great race Witztonian serves It, conducts various experiments for It, plays with massive Life and world, in accumulation data?” “伟大种族维茨顿人侍奉祂,为祂进行各种实验,玩弄大量的生命与世界,是在积累数据?” Even incomplete, Creator of childhood, is still not present I can resist inevitably.” “不过即便是残缺的,幼年的造物主,也必然不是如今的我可以对抗的。” These trains of thought fall, Tang Qi has not been separated from the idea of this world. 这些思绪落下,唐奇并没有脱离这个世界的想法。 Believing firmly oneself is unable to resist Infancy Creator, does not represent to flee. 确信自己无法对抗幼年造物主,并不代表要逃离。 Since there is the opportunity of peeping at a Supreme God secret, Tang Qi will not let off. 既然有窥视一位至高神灵秘密的机会,唐奇不会放过。 Moreover, the present plot becomes exciting seems to be more interesting. 而且,眼前的剧情似乎变得更加刺激有趣起来。 That powerful incomparable Messenger, has no response regarding the insult of Hall · Lodge, the object who as if these contamination languages blasphemed was not oneself. 那位强大无比的“信使”,对于哈尔·洛奇的辱骂没有任何反应,仿佛那些污秽语言所亵渎的对象并不是自己 Tries to insult the Creator action as for Hall · Lodge repeatedly, he cannot achieve. 至于哈尔·洛奇屡次试图辱骂造物主的举动,他根本做不到。 His heart life has the idea, instantly will be eliminated. 他的心底一生出想法,即刻就会被消除。 Messenger sees the doubts and Wrath of Hall · Lodge, opens the mouth gently, inviting say/way: 信使看出哈尔·洛奇的疑惑与愤怒,轻轻开口,充满诱惑道: „The serial number of this universe in laboratory is sf1725, at the beginning of this universe all Life are born, the Soul deep place will be left behind the brand mark by Engineer.” “本宇宙在实验室内的编号是sf1725号,本宇宙内所有生命诞生之初,灵魂深处都将被工程师留下烙印。” „An setting: In this universe any Life is unable to blaspheme great Creator.” “其中一个设定:本宇宙内任何生命都无法亵渎伟大造物主。” This setting is unable to violate, even if you in the star, that have the opportunity to ascend the human Life body of god is still same.” “此设定无法违背,就算是你所在星球,那位有机会登神的人类生命体也一样。” This is your fate, accepts it.” “这是你们的宿命,接受它吧。” Messenger beautiful like angel, these words that but she puts out, regarding Hall · Lodge is cruel. 信使美丽如同天使,但她吐出的这一句句话,对于哈尔·洛奇来说则是残忍至极。 Again, he knows that oneself played with experiment body, the world is false. 再一次,他知道自己是被玩弄的实验体,世界是虚假的。 Hall stops blaspheming, he is looking straight ahead at present beautiful unusually Messenger, hoarse the sound is asking: Why not ruin I? Why can make me know these?” 哈尔停止亵渎,他直视着眼前美丽异常的“信使”,嘶哑着声音问道:“为什么不毁灭我?为什么要让我知道这些?” Because, great Creator wants to play game, you are the beginning of new method, is an interesting item.” “因为,伟大的造物主想玩一个游戏,你是新玩法的开端,是一个有趣的道具。” Messenger is replying Hall, simultaneously her back wing falls to have the soft touch silver-gray feather unceasingly, wraps gradually Hall · Lodge. 信使回答着哈尔,同时她背后的翅膀不断落下有着柔软触感的银灰色羽毛,渐渐将哈尔·洛奇包裹起来。 Each piece of feather, as if there is extraordinary strength, making Hall · Lodge feel numb itch, the body is starting to have the mutation. 每一片羽毛,似乎都有着非凡力量,让哈尔·洛奇感受着麻痒,躯体开始发生异变。 His mind, the Messenger sound was still making a sound. 他的脑海,信使声音仍在响着。 According to the custom of Engineer, the similar experiment world, Time will restart every other, that is not complex, is not difficult, but conducts to compile the design, some experiment bodies meet existence as before, some will vanish, but the development of timeline will change.” “根据工程师的习惯,类似这样的实验世界,每隔一段时间都会重启,那并不复杂,也不困难,只是重新进行编造设计,有些实验体依旧会存在,有些则会消失,但时间线的发展都将发生改变。” After multiple restarting, the experiment world will be overwhelmed with emotion.” “在多次重启之后,实验世界会被销魂。” „A bad news, this world from was destroyed a time only remains restarting opportunity.” “一个坏消息,这个世界距离被销毁仅剩一次重启的机会。” You are lucky, because you gazed at one time by great Creator, It decides to give you, as well as this world opportunity.” “不过你是幸运的,因为你被伟大造物主注视了一次,祂决定给你,以及这个世界一次机会。” It will leave behind together projection in this universe, that projection regarding great lord it is incomparably weak, tiny, looks like all methods that a sand in vast desert...... you can exhaust you to think, found great projection, so long as can complete looking at each other, this world was free.” “祂将留下一道投影在这宇宙,那投影对于伟大的主本身是无比微弱的,渺小的,就像是沙海中的一粒沙……你可以用尽你能想到的一切方法,找到伟大的投影,只要能完成一次对视,这世界就自由了。” Hall · Lodge is unable to say anything, he is in the transformation of suffering. 哈尔·洛奇无法开口说什么,他正处于痛苦的蜕变中。 His body was still paralyzing, but Soul has whinned crazily. 他的躯体仍旧瘫痪着,但灵魂已是疯狂哀嚎。 He looks at that helplessly Messenger, bit by bit, pastes with oneself completely in the same place. 他眼睁睁看着那“信使”,一点一点,与自己完全贴在一起。 If before knowing truth, this picture will make him feel the pinnacle the joyfulness, but he feels now only has the humiliation. 如果是在知晓真相之前,这画面会让他感受到极致的愉悦,但现在他感觉到的只有屈辱。 His body, is having the strange matter. 他的身上,正在发生奇怪的事。 He is obtaining some to the strength of surpassing him imagining powerful, that is massive numerous and diverse and fearful divinity, infiltrates from the Messenger body to Haar · Lodge within the body bit by bit, incomparably thorough makes him have the transformation. 他正在获得一些强大到超出他想象的力量,那是大量繁杂、可怕的神性,自信使躯体中一点一滴渗透到哈尔·洛奇的体内,无比彻底的让他发生蜕变。 In addition, his matter also had the response. 除此之外,他的那物事也有了反应。 Unusual is unable to revolt exchange, appeared between him and Messenger. 奇特的无法反抗的“交流”,就这么出现在了他与信使之间。 No upholstery, had not inquired whether he wants. 没有任何铺垫,也不曾询问过他是否愿意。 Near his ear, is Messenger the sound of seduction. 他的耳边,是信使的诱惑之音。 As new item, I will transform you, this was under permission of great Creator.” “作为‘新道具’,我将对你进行改造,这得到了伟大造物主的允许。” human experiment body Hall · Lodge, you will obtain to be close to the True God strength, in this universe other experiment bodies are unable to kill you truly.” 人类实验体哈尔·洛奇,你将获得接近真神的力量,本宇宙内其他的实验体将无法真正将你杀死。” As selected reward, I am willing to multiply some bloodline with you, I can guarantee that they will not become the experimental subject.” “作为被选中的奖励,我愿意和你繁衍一些血脉,我可以保证他们不会成为实验对象。” This is a commemoration, yes, commemorating.” “这是一个纪念,是的,纪念。” Such commemorating happened many are times, after all the experiment body and experiment world quantity arrived at the certain extent, would meeting some interesting objects, but I always liked exchanging with the interesting experiment body, and left behind some descendants, you are also one of them.” “这样的纪念发生过很多次了,毕竟当实验体和实验世界数量到达一定程度,总会遇上一些有趣的对象,而我总喜欢与有趣实验体交流,并留下一些后代,你也将是其中之一。” normal, Messenger these words make Hall · Lodge thorough be weak sufficiently. 正常来说,信使的这些话足以让哈尔·洛奇彻底疲软下来。 But no, he completely lost the control to the oneself body, can only passive withstands all these. 但没有,他完全失去了对自己躯体的控制权,只能被动的承受这一切。 Although Hall · Lodge Mind fully suffered to suffer, but the body is actually not. 虽然哈尔·洛奇心灵饱受折磨,但躯体却不是。 His within the body is feeling one after another, the joyful tsunami that as if will never stand still, his sense becomes sensitive incomparable, his Soul was almost submerged thoroughly. 他的体内正在感受着一波又一波,仿佛永不停歇的愉悦海啸,他的感官变得敏感无比,他的灵魂几乎彻底被淹没。 At this time, Messenger that fearful sound continues to convey. 偏偏此时,信使那可怕的声音又继续传来。 You obtained, if gives you Time, you could ascend the god.” “你获得了很多,如果给你时间,你或许可以登神。” But is very regrettable, I think that you are unable to save this universe, is unable to save the person who oneself as well as you love, you will face malice of massive experiment body......, and may prevent your, several other Witztonian.” “但很遗憾,我认为你无法拯救这个宇宙,无法拯救自己以及你爱的人,你将面对大量实验体的恶意……且可能会阻止你的,还有其他几位维茨顿人。” At this point, Messenger, the palm brandished, four images were summoned. 说到这里,信使顿了一下,手掌挥舞,四道影像被召唤了出来。 The first form, is a wisdom lifeform of mercury body, the body is proliferating the gray corrosion, wears the complex clothing, has is unable to count the clear organ and limbs massively, including trillion arms and fingers or other, but these are unimportant, is truly noticeable, is this biological forehead place, a triangle eyeball. 第一道身影,是一个水银般身躯的智慧生物,身上遍布着灰色斑点,穿着复杂衣物,有着大量无法数清楚的器官与肢体,包括亿万手臂、手指或是别的,不过这些都不重要,真正引人注目的,是这生物额头处,一颗三角形眼球。 In that pupil, as if hides is saying the terrifying shadow innumerably, making True God also give birth dreads. 那眼眸内,似乎藏着无数道恐怖阴影,让真神也生出畏惧。 He is Engineer, is you accomplishment of all powerful Life bodies in this world, included your oneself.” “他是工程师,是你所在这世界内所有强大生命体的造就者,包括了你自己在内。” “呼” Does not wait for Hall · Lodge to examine carefully, the second image appears: 不等哈尔·洛奇细看,第二道影像浮现: That lifeform has like the black venus flytrap flat body, in slit that the head opens slightly, reveals black, is proliferating the cicada shape lifeform of green eye, when that cicada gaze, any Life or the dying thing will not have the secret, the naked eye not obvious whisker inexhaustible fills the air from its within the body, rushes to all unknown. 那生物有着如同黑色捕蝇草般的扁平身躯,头部微微打开的缝隙中,露出一只黑色的,遍布着绿眼的蝉形生物,当那“蝉”注视时,任何生命或者死物都将没有秘密可言,肉眼不可见的触须无穷无尽从它体内弥漫出来,涌向所有的未知。 He is Prober.” “他是探索者。” The Messenger voice falls, two forms appear. 信使话音落下,又两道身影浮现。 The spacious extremely fat red robe bound the most body, only has the head to stretch out with four arms, on its bird shape head wears the rusty stain stained iron royal crown, four arms are grasping respectively the long sword that torch and break that divulge Flame, twines own rope with breaking open egg shell. 宽大臃肿的红袍裹了大半躯体,唯有头颅与四条手臂伸出,它那鸟形头颅上戴着锈迹斑斑的铁王冠,四条手臂分别握着泄露火焰的火炬、断裂的长剑、缠绕自身的绳索与破开的蛋壳。 He is Judger.” “他是裁决者。” He is cleaning up.” “他是清理者。” As Messenger last introduced, Hall looks to fifth Witztonian. 随着信使的最后一句介绍,哈尔看向第五位维茨顿人 This time, he has not seen the true lifeform, he saw a pair of hand. 这次,他没有看见真正的生物,他只是看见了一双手。 In the starry sky of dark nihility, presented one pair to proliferate the black crack, the terrifying silver black palm. 黑暗虚无的星空中,出现了一双遍布着黑色裂纹,恐怖之极的银黑手掌。 hōng lóng 轰隆 Soul trembles, the warning of Messenger transmits. 灵魂震颤中,信使的警告传来。 Engineer, Prober and Judger, will perhaps only stop your at will, but cleaning up, meets him, you will certainly be cancelled.” 工程师,探索者裁决者,或许只会随意阻拦你一下,但清理者,遇上他,你一定会被抹去。” This is one of the new method exciting parts, great Creator Hope do not meet It most fearful servant.” “这是新玩法的刺激部分之一,伟大造物主希望你不要遇上祂最可怕的仆人。” Said these, almost with Hall · Lodge is pasting Messenger, the lip had gone forward completely the incomparably short distance, this made the two complete the final ceremony. 说完这些,几乎已经完全与哈尔·洛奇贴着的信使,嘴唇前进了无比短的距离,这使得二者完成了最后的仪式。 Hiss...... hé hé hé “嘶……荷荷荷 The body that towering this moment, Hall that has restored tightens, his full is the face of red light appears the unnatural look. 突兀的这一刻,哈尔那早已恢复的躯体绷紧,他那满是红光的脸浮现出怪异神色。 red, white and silver are combining the close liquid secretes from his whole body pore, his eyes stared to the limit in a big way, dread, Wrath and being unwilling that inside is unable to scatter. 红色白色银色混杂着的细密液体自他全身毛孔里面分泌出来,他的双眼则瞪大到了极限,里面是无法驱散的恐惧愤怒与不甘。 This condition continued for a long time, he has been draining oneself Life essence. 这种状态持续了许久,他一直在流失自己生命精华 If not he has to be close to the True God strength, as well as that unusual multiplication divine arts in addition holds, perhaps Hall · Lodge has become the dry corpse. 如果不是他已经拥有接近真神的力量,以及那种奇特的繁衍神术加持,哈尔·洛奇恐怕已成为干尸。 ps: Thank the black small tiger that hegemon Seuss, suffers the retribution for evildoing, to rest to hitting that the nature awakes enjoys. ps:感谢盟主瑟斯凯、遭受恶报的黑小虎、睡到自然醒醒的打赏。
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