LM :: Volume #4 神秘入侵

#989: Great race and Infancy Creator

Also good penalty.” “还不错的惩罚。” In the starry sky of dark nihility, was still Tang Qi of transparent person looks that changes Quaid who the golden sea retreated, slightly commended one. 幽暗虚无的星空中,仍旧是透明人的唐奇看着化作金色大海退去的奎德,小小称赞了一句。 Although not impressive creativity, but Quaid knows how obviously should punish Hall · Lodge to make him remember. 虽然并没有让人惊叹的创意,但奎德显然知道该怎么惩罚哈尔·洛奇才能让他记住。 At present, was the answer. 眼前,就是答案了。 Has disgusting supernatural ability, exuberant Vitality, the chatterbox venomous tongue Hall · Lodge, was broken the bone of whole body at this moment, was imprisoned all strengths, the body was imprisoned in a capsule, was discarded by Quaid in the universe extremely deep place, strange place. 有着恶心超凡能力,旺盛生命力,话痨又毒舌的哈尔·洛奇,此刻被打断了全身的骨头,被禁锢了所有的力量,躯体被囚禁一个太空舱内,被奎德丢弃在了宇宙极深处,一个陌生之地。 According to Quaid's setting, the capsule can supply Hall · Lodge to maintain all nutrition that Life needs and ensure he will not starve to death. 按照奎德的设定,太空舱会供给哈尔·洛奇维持生命所需的一切营养,保证他不会饿死。 The capsule will flutter unceasingly, roams about in the universe everywhere. 太空舱会不断飘荡,在宇宙中到处流浪。 Quickly except for outside Quaid that above leaves behind the mark, anybody is unable to find Hall · Lodge again. 很快除了在上面留下印记的奎德外,任何人都无法再找到哈尔·洛奇 In other words, Hall · Lodge , to return to the hometown, must wait for Quaid forgiving, when Quaid's Wrath eliminates, he will meet Hall. 也就是说,哈尔·洛奇如果想要回归家乡,必须等待奎德的“原谅”,等奎德的愤怒消除,他才会将哈尔接回去。 Before Quaid departs, but told Hall a · Lodge basic deadline, at least since 10 year. 在奎德离去前,只是告诉了哈尔·洛奇一个基本期限,至少年起。 Hall · Lodge knows obviously oneself courting death will welcome the penalty, after all Quaid not that stodginess, perseveres variant Hero of principle, he is the arrogant and arrogant king, has not butchered him is also a gracious gift. 哈尔·洛奇明明知道自己作死会迎来惩罚,毕竟奎德并不是那种死板,坚守原则的变种英雄,他是个自大、傲慢的君王,没有将他宰了也算是一种恩赐。 He knows, but he did. 他知道,但他还是做了。 This is Hall · Lodge, one side the excessive pursue pleasure, other were placed. 这就是哈尔·洛奇,过度追求乐趣,其他都被放在一边。 Will have the 10 year pitiful day then obviously, before Quaid departs, Hall · Lodge has not forgotten to provoke this powerhouse. 明明接下来会有年悲惨日子,在奎德离去前,哈尔·洛奇还不忘撩拨这位强者 Pastes a oneself face on the transparent cabin door, shouts greatly: 自己一张脸贴在透明舱门上,大喊道: Hey, remembers that passed on to my Anna · Armas, told her to persevere the pure and chaste, cannot wear green hat to me.” “嘿,记得转告我的安娜·阿玛斯,告诉她要坚守贞洁,不能给我戴绿帽子。” Particularly your Quaid, do not covet my girlfriend, I have inspected your thing, was smaller than me were too many, you could not satisfy her, gave up that shameless idea.” “尤其是你奎德,你不要觊觎我的女友,我检查过你的那东西,比我小太多了,你满足不了她的,放弃那个无耻的想法。” ...... …… This fellow can long not be killed greatly, but also is really lucky.” “这家伙能长这么大没有被打死,还真是幸运啊。” Tang Qi stands in side of the capsule, the heart says after a sigh. 唐奇站在太空舱之侧,心底感叹道。 At once, he starts to exercise Authority, downward a stage jump. 旋即,他开始行使权柄,往下一阶段跳跃。 After all the following development is very good to guess, nothing but is Hall · Lodge is then bored, and suffering vagrant profession, his again rare and beautiful flowers and chatterbox, impossible long Time and oneself spoke. 毕竟接下来的发展很好猜测,无非便是哈尔·洛奇无聊且痛苦的流浪生涯,他再奇葩与话痨,也不可能长时间自己说话。 As the reader and audience, will not like the arid plot. 作为读者与观众,不会喜欢枯燥的情节。 Happy after the comedy beginning, and not having graded, is Epic, is the tragedy?” “欢乐且未分级的喜剧开端之后,是史诗,还是悲剧?” The Tang Qi mind just flashed through this thought that the transparent figure is glittering instantly, time-space jumps downward. 唐奇脑海刚闪过这道念头,本就透明的身形即刻闪烁着,往下一个时空跳跃。 This is he as current Authority of Epic, tragicomedy and declining god, smooth incomparable. 这是他作为现任史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡之神的权柄,顺畅无比。 “呼” 1 in 10,000 second of even shorter Time, Tang Qi comes as in the starry sky, the body side was still imprisoning Hall · Lodge capsule. 万分之一秒甚至更加短暂的时间,唐奇依旧现身在星空中,身侧仍旧是囚禁着哈尔·洛奇的太空舱。 He jumped successfully, this was not worth surprisedly, should be the normal matter. 他跳跃成功了,这不值得惊讶,原本该是很正常的事。 But at this moment, is exceptionally towering, the Tang Qi's mind thunders. 但这一刻,异常突兀的,唐奇的脑海轰鸣起来。 His Mind starts the raging tide, the body shivers, the birth that one type intense, palpitation of terrifying is unable to contain, and sweeps across Tang Qi all senses. 他的心灵掀起狂潮,躯体颤动,一种强烈、恐怖的悸动无法遏制的诞生,并席卷唐奇所有的感官。 Bang “轰” Is the omen, Tang Qi takes Dream Dominion, as the god of Epic, before the fearful crisis approaches omen that can feel. 是预兆,唐奇作为梦幻主宰,作为史诗之神,在可怕的危机来临之前能感受到的预兆。 „Is this possible? Here is not a real world, but is situated between real and false the Epic tragicomedy world, here existence, but later withers away.” “这怎么可能?这里并不是真实世界,只是介于真实与虚假间的史诗悲喜剧世界,这里曾经存在过,但之后消亡。” Theoretically some indeed Epic tragicomedies wait/etc. can span timeline related to such as Origin God Race, Destiny Whore, Rot Father God, threat until now my existence...... their strengths, ends omnipotence to reverse real and false the boundary, is away from the withered away Time injury, even is strikes to kill me.” “理论上的确有一些史诗悲喜剧,会涉及诸如起源神族命运婊腐烂父神等能跨越时间线,威胁到如今的我的存在……祂们的力量,也完全能扭转真实与虚假间的界限,隔着已消亡的时间伤害,甚至是击杀我。” But did that unlucky, choose one to meet casually?” “但就这么倒霉,随便挑选一个就遇上了?” „The strength upper limit of this world as if stops in True God, But this fearful omen, means that the plot continues, will emit Dominion Grade even more powerful existence suddenly?” “这个世界的力量上限似乎止于【真神】,可这种可怕的预兆,意味着情节继续下去,会忽然冒出一个主宰级甚至更强大的存在?” Moreover, after several seconds?.” “而且,就在数秒之后?。” Tang Qi Mind trembles, panic-stricken, massive thoughts turn to well up. 唐奇心灵震颤,惊骇不已,大量念头翻涌而出。 However these have not affected Tang Qi to start the concealment of deeper level, this time incessantly was use Epic, tragicomedy and declining Authority, his Fantasy Authority. 不过这些并未影响唐奇开始更加深层次的隐匿自我,这次不止是动用史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡权柄了,还有他的幻想权柄 In the starry sky as if presents together eraser, smudges Tang Qi little eliminates. 星空中仿佛出现一块橡皮檫,将唐奇一点点涂抹消去。 He still existence, but is only relative to Tang Qi oneself, regarding other existence, including some Dominion Grade God, Tang Qi actually not existence. 他仍旧存在,但只相对于唐奇自己,对于其他存在,包括一些主宰级神灵,唐奇却是不存在的。 Tang Qi believes firmly, even Destiny Whore here is unable to detect his existence. 唐奇确信,即便是“命运婊”在这里也无法发觉他的存在 Naturally, the prerequisite is he does not use the strength to expose oneself. 当然,前提条件是他不使用力量暴露自己 Several breath then pass quickly, in the starry sky does not know how long roamed about capsule, was being imprisoned Hall · Lodge soulless looks at the front. 数个呼吸很快便流逝过去,星空中一个不知流浪了多久的“太空舱”内,被囚禁着的哈尔·洛奇正无神的看着前方。 He already unclear oneself imprisoned Time, does not have the interest and oneself speech again. 他已经记不清自己被囚禁的时间,也再没有兴致和自己说话。 He did not have the collapse to be crazy, purely is the strongest variant Hero Quaid's benevolence. 他还没崩溃疯狂,纯粹是最强变种英雄奎德的仁慈。 Quaid left behind the foreign transparent window to Hall, letting Hall can look at the outside world. 奎德给哈尔留下了对外的透明窗口,让哈尔能看着外界。 If dark Space, is unable to move, normal person several days will be insane, Hall · Lodge can certainly support is very long, but he is not still happy. 如果是黑暗空间,又无法动弹,正常人几天就会疯掉,哈尔·洛奇当然可以支撑很久,但他依旧不怎么开心。 He is the person who a hope exchanges, all forms of exchange. 他是个渴望交流的人,任何形式的交流都可以。 When Hall inertia is quiet, in his eye pupil, presented light suddenly. 正当哈尔惯性沉寂时,他的眼眸里面,忽然出现了“光”。 With capsule that receiving the strange strength hauling shifts, Hall · Lodge saw he had never seen in the past scene. 伴随着受到诡异力量牵引而转向的太空舱,哈尔·洛奇看到了他以往从未见过的景象。 It is not Star Sea, is not the beam storm, is not aerolite. 不是星海,不是射线风暴,不是陨石 The dark universe by baring, this was described very unnatural suddenly, but is exceptionally accurate. 黑暗的宇宙忽然被“剥开”了,这形容很怪异,但异常准确。 It looks like the egg shell to present the slit, the light wells up, but quick was camouflaged by the shadow. 就像是蛋壳出现缝隙,外界的光涌进来,但很快又被阴影所遮蔽。 Hall by that slit, he saw one pair...... the eye! 哈尔透过那缝隙,他看到了一双……眼睛! hōng lóng 轰隆 His body, Will and Soul melt in the instantaneous disintegration, Hall · Lodge is unable eye to make to describe to that that surpasses all concepts that he knew, surpassed him to exhaust the understanding of thought that he only felt dread, keeping his Soul from stopping decomposing, inexhaustible dread. 他的躯体、意志灵魂都在瞬间崩解融化,哈尔·洛奇无法对那“眼睛”做出形容,那超出了他所知的一切概念,超出了他穷尽思维的理解,他只感受到了恐惧,让他灵魂无法停止分解的,无穷无尽的恐惧 The whole world was stripped in this moment, the vast universe also becomes incomparably tiny. 整个世界在这一刻似被剥离,浩瀚的宇宙也变得无比渺小。 All start to exhaust ability presents the detail, for only shows all mystery to that eye. 一切都开始竭尽所能的呈现细节,只为了将所有“奥秘”展现给那双眼睛。 It unknown! 祂是未知的! It is great! 祂是伟大的! It is all sources, surpasses existence that any Life knows to think, is higher than the concept, is higher than the logic, is Dominion above nihility. 祂是一切的源头,是超出任何生命所知所想的存在,高于概念,也高于逻辑,是虚无之上的主宰 Hall · Lodge has extraordinary Soul, he thinks that oneself faces true God even, still can not conceal, he dare to blaspheme God, even wants to blaspheme God. 哈尔·洛奇有着非凡灵魂,他认为自己就算是面对真正的神灵,也可以不隐藏自我,他敢于亵渎神灵,甚至想要亵渎神灵 But regarding this eye, he does not dare. 但对于这双眼睛,他不敢。 He will lose oneself in that suddenly, the dust annihilates in the starry sky. 他原本会在那瞬息间失去自己,灰尘般在星空中湮灭。 But, all these have not happened. 可是,这一切并未发生。 Hall · Lodge lived, that eye master because as if detected some interesting small ant, gift his something. 哈尔·洛奇活了下来,那双眼睛的“主人”似乎因为发觉了某个有趣小蚂蚁,赐予了他一些东西。 But if Ok, Hall · Lodge rather does not want this gracious gift. 但如果可以,哈尔·洛奇宁愿不要这恩赐。 Bang!” “轰!” Forever without limits thunders to start to suffer Hall's Soul, he obtained Occult Knowledge. 永无止境的轰鸣开始折磨哈尔的灵魂,他获得了神秘知识 That is the truth, making Hall · Lodge probably become out-of-control to be crazy truly, must the truth of collapse. 那是真相,让哈尔·洛奇真正要变得失控疯狂,要自我崩溃的真相。 In the capsule, this courting death succeeds the variant person who is unable to move, in the past paralyzed suffering that and brought lonely becomes tiny, surpasses him to withstand ability suffering truly, bit by bit is dismembering his all. 太空舱之内,这个作死成功无法动弹的变种人,以往瘫痪、孤独带来的痛苦都变得渺小,真正超出他承受能力痛苦,正在一点一点肢解他的所有自我。 Acting like a madman Hall · Lodge stared in a big way the eyes, inside was died the general delay, the tears unceasing flows, moistens face that he as if died. 疯疯癫癫的哈尔·洛奇瞪大了双眼,里面是死一般的呆滞,眼泪不断的流淌出来,打湿他仿佛死去的脸。 Not existence illusory domain, Tang Qi controls oneself not to look at that eye strongly, but is listening respectfully to shouting in Hall · Lodge mind. 存在的虚幻领域,唐奇竭力控制着自己不去看那双眼睛,只是聆听着哈尔·洛奇脑海中的嘶吼。 He obtains secret Knowledge: World truth. 他获得隐秘知识:世界真相。 This world, is false.” “这个世界,是假的。” All is false, our stars, this universe...... all laboratoryCreation came out by some ‚.” “所有的一切都是假的,我们的星球,这个宇宙……全部是被某个‘实验室’创造出来的。” History is to fictionalize, all big events deliberately promote, some powerful Life bodies are make, is used to observe, is used for the experiment body that plays with.” “历史是虚构的,所有的大事件都是刻意推动的,一些强大生命体是制造出来,是用来观察,用来玩弄的实验体。” All that we make, combat, falls in love with, Joy, sadly, Wrath...... is designs, everyone, all Life together with this world, are some race is used in trying to please that great existence the item.” “我们所做的一切,战斗、相爱、快乐、悲伤、愤怒……都是设计好的,所有人,所有生命连同这个世界,都是某个种族用于取悦那‘伟大存在’的道具。” ...... …… Tang Qi feels terrifying continued for several seconds, that eye winked winking, put aside. 唐奇所感受到的“恐怖”持续了数秒,那眼睛眨了眨,移开了。 In illusory domain, his eyes also stared in a big way. 虚幻领域中,他的双眼同样瞪大了些。 Pleasantly surprised? Or frightens. 惊喜?或者说惊吓也可以。 Tang Qi has not thought, is only an optional choice Epic tragicomedy world, unexpectedly such lucky ran upon incomparably powerful existence. 唐奇也没有想到,只是随意选择的一个史诗悲喜剧世界,竟然就这么幸运的撞上了一个无比强大的存在 This moment Tang Qi some understanding predecessors Epic, tragicomedy and god of Meri Ersi declining The aggrievedness, It is not weak god, is turning toward powerful God position standard to launch the impact. 此刻唐奇有些理解前任【史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡之神梅里尔斯】的憋屈,祂并不是弱神,正在向着强力神灵位格发起冲击。 Authority that because wields perhaps, It needs very carefully, will be slightly negligent It perhaps to run upon the non-solution existence. 但因为所执掌的权柄,祂恐怕需要很小心谨慎,稍稍大意祂或许就会撞上无解的存在 For example just that if jumps is not Tang Qi, but is Meri Ersi. 比如刚刚那一幕,若是跳跃来的不是唐奇,而是梅里尔斯。 So long as one time looking at each other, even if away from withering away timeline, is hard to guarantee that master of that eye will not detect It. 只要一次“对视”,纵然隔着消亡时间线,也难以保证那眼睛的主人不会察觉到祂。 If the opposite party produces malice, Meri Ersi falling from the sky will be very difficult to avoid. 若是对方产生恶意,梅里尔斯的陨落将很难避免。 Because Tang Qi has forewarns ahead of time, therefore has not looked at each other with that eye. 唐奇因为有着提前预警,所以没有和那双眼睛对视。 But is away from illusory domain and Epic tragicomedy, already the information that the withering away timeline tertiary barrier perception arrives, also still let Tang Qi panic-strickenly. 但只是隔着虚幻领域史诗悲喜剧、已消亡时间线三重屏障所感知到的信息,也仍旧让唐奇惊骇不已。 Dominion Grade? No, is more powerful.” 主宰级?不,更加强大一些。” That terrifying feeling, the absolute ratio faces Lord of Radiance, Rot Father God More fearful, even surpassed Destiny Whore.” “那种恐怖感,绝对比面对【光明之主】、【腐烂父神】更加可怕,甚至超过了命运婊。” Can compare only, is the big octopuses as well as...... Origin God Race?” “唯一能比拟的,是大章鱼们以及……起源神族?” But, how is this possible?” “可是,这怎么可能?” When Boundless Occult had/left such existence, can a It's name be?” 无垠神秘什么时候多出了一尊这样的存在,祂的尊名会是?” Massive doubts ideas gush out, Tang Qi believes firmly that oneself has never had the contact with master of that eye. 大量疑惑想法涌出,唐奇确信自己从未与那双眼睛的主人有过接触。 But why does not know, he always has a light familiarity. 但不知为何,他总有种淡淡的熟悉感。 Tang Qi recalls memory, when seeks for that familiarity source, Hall · Lodge was still collapsing, is becoming crazy. 唐奇回溯记忆,寻找那熟悉感源头时,哈尔·洛奇仍在崩溃,在变得疯狂。 As is well-known, if any wisdom Life has such bitter experience, perhaps the feeling can be this. 很好理解,任何智慧生命如果有这样的遭遇,感受恐怕都会是这样。 existence of you and whole world, your Life and emotion, are false, is designs, and was always being observed. 你以及整个世界的存在,你的生命以及情感,都是虚假的,是设计好的,且始终被观察着。 The universe of vast nihility, in fact is in some laboratory. 浩瀚虚无的宇宙,实际上正处于某个实验室中。 Hall is also living, perception, in fact is master of that eye, gift his something, maintained him not dead. 哈尔之所以还活着,还有感知,实际上是那双眼睛的主人,赐予了他一些东西,保持着他不会死去。 But who can guarantee, this does not play with once again, is a bad joke? 但谁能保证,这不是又一次玩弄,是一次恶劣玩笑? After all that eye master, tried to please object. 毕竟那眼睛主人,正是被取悦的对象。 The good and evil regarding It, does not have the significance. 善恶对于“祂”来说,毫无意义。 Un?” “嗯?” Has been close to Tang Qi of answer, suddenly perception to anything, looked directly to the front. 已经接近答案的唐奇,忽然感知到了什么,径直看向前方。 In capsule not far away, the nihility place has the new Space crack, as if accumulated the infinite possible brilliance is surging, one group like mercury the matter is flowing coming out. 就在太空舱不远处,虚无处出现新的空间裂缝,仿佛蕴着无限可能的光辉涌动,一团如同“水银”般的物事流淌着出来。 It melts human form instantly obviously, it chose the female. 它即刻显化出人类形体,它选择了女性。 A breath, before capsule, then presented an attractive female who has the wheat-colored flesh, her body line is perfect, even the most outstanding sculptor does not dare to fluctuate. 一个呼吸,太空舱之前便出现了一位有着小麦色肌肤的诱人女性,她的躯体线条完美,就算是最出色的雕刻家也不敢进行增减。 She has wild nature, sends out the difference to attract the aura the face, her the silver-gray long hair hangs loose to the ankle area behind, the grayish white wing extends slowly. 她有着一张狂野自然,散发着异样魅惑气息的脸庞,她的身后银灰色的长发披散至脚踝,灰白的翅膀缓缓伸展开来。 But is most attractive, is on her is throwing over chiffon. 而最诱人的,莫过于她身上披着的一层薄纱 She waves, that capsule disappears. 她挥挥手,那太空舱不见了。 Displaces, is one does not have the wall and vault, floats in the starry sky, might be considered as is tall and pleasing to the eye, should not existence in crystal palace of this world. 取而代之的,是一座没有墙壁、穹顶,漂浮于星空,堪称是美轮美奂,原本不应该存在于这个世界的水晶宫殿 Paralysis Hall · Lodge lies on the snow white bed, before that woman flies his body slowly, the two are only away from several centimeters then to stick to importantly in the same place. 瘫痪的哈尔·洛奇躺在雪白的床上,那位女士缓缓飞到他的身前,二者只隔着数厘米便要紧紧贴在一起。 The woman opens the mouth, is different from human, but attracts rank steamroll human million time, is slightly rough like the surface, but inside the soft incomparable palm, is stroking Hall · Lodge Mind, making him return to shortly normal. 女士开口,与人类迥异,但魅惑等级碾压人类百万倍,如同表面微微粗糙,但内里柔软无比的手掌,正在抚摸哈尔·洛奇心灵,让他顷刻间恢复了平静。 Hello, the interesting experiment body, I am Messenger.” “你好,有趣的实验体,我是信使。” Bang “轰” Answer that Tang Qi is looking, name that because the woman puts out, direct exposure. 唐奇正寻找的答案,因为那女士吐出的名字,直接暴露了出来。 Related memory appears, Tang Qi knows finally that subtle familiarity came from where, knew master of that terrifying eye. 相关记忆浮现,唐奇终于知道了那微妙熟悉感从何而来,也知道了那双恐怖眼睛的主人 Infancy Creator!” 幼年造物主!” The Tang Qi heart, ascended that great existence revering name. 唐奇心底,升腾起了那伟大存在的尊名。 Before he and Origin Black Mud slaughtered, in caught the opposite party after the trap, borrowed the Understanding All's strength, learned in some Boundless Occult from the Black Mud mouth true secret Knowledge. 之前他与起源黑泥厮杀,在用陷阱捕捉对方之后,借用万物通晓的力量,从黑泥们口中获知了一些无垠神秘中真正的隐秘知识 That issue, in Boundless Occult and Origin God Race existence with rank? 那个问题,无垠神秘中与“起源神族”同级别存在 Black Mud said the quantity unknown, they were only allowed to know one, that is Infancy Creator. 黑泥说数量未知,它们只被允许知晓一位,那便是【幼年造物主】。 Great Infancy Creator, It said that is novice Supreme, how It is studying Creation, how Creation new Boundless Occult, under It's also has the servant...... great race Witztonian, a member is called Messenger.” “伟大的幼年造物主,祂自称是一位新手至高,祂正在学习如何造物,如何创造新的无垠神秘,祂的麾下也有仆人……伟大种族维茨顿人,其中一位成员就叫做信使。” Initially borrowed Rose husband's leather bag, secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator who tries to conduct some plot, is great race Witztonian another member Engineer.” “当初借用萝丝丈夫的皮囊,试图进行某种阴谋的幕后黑手,则是伟大种族维茨顿人的另一个成员‘工程师’。” Therefore, this world is actually in the Witztonian laboratory?” “所以,这个世界其实处于维茨顿人的实验室内?” These so-called variant crystallization, all big events, such as Quaid, as well as intruder and so on powerful Life body, is Witztonian makes.” “那些所谓的变种结晶,所有的大事件,诸如奎德,以及入侵者之类的强大生命体,也都是维茨顿人制造出来的。” Their goals, are to try to please Infancy Creator.” “它们的目的,是为了取悦幼年造物主。” The whole world is Creator's Toy, It will observe occasionally, will conduct certain game, or... will play with this world and all Life.” “整个世界都是造物主的玩具,祂偶尔会观察,会进行某些游戏,或者说…会玩弄这个世界和所有生命。” For example is this time, new game?” “比如这次,是新游戏?” This thought falls, Tang Qi looks to that palace. 这念头落下,唐奇看向那宫殿内。 Restores tranquil Hall · Lodge, is exhausting the languages of all contamination oneself knows, insulted wantonly blasphemes plays with the world and their chief criminals, was Witztonian and their master, Infancy Creator. 恢复平静的哈尔·洛奇,正在用尽自己所知晓的一切污秽的语言,大肆辱骂亵渎玩弄世界和他们的罪魁祸首,也就是维茨顿人和它们的主人,幼年造物主 Fxxx...... fxxx......” “fxxx……fxxx……” The shield, can the normal demonstration words not have entirely. 统统屏蔽,一句能正常显示的话都没有。 ps: Thank the book friend not to have the rain, the grey night dancer and hitting of Kuang Hua 10 character street to enjoy startled. ps:感谢书友愕然无雨、灰夜舞者、字街的打赏。
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