LM :: Volume #4 神秘入侵

#987: Our babies

These picture that descends this world over a half hour, does not see are not harmonious, the comedy effect had, what a pity the 18 year can not watch.” 降临这世界不超过半小时,所看到的这些画面没有一幕是和谐的,喜剧效果是有了,可惜十八岁以下不得观看。” In the chaotic room, in many Chaos aura increases some bloody flavors, as well as that even more strong movement smell, a pair is conducting the exchange of most Primitive with the normal person uninterested lover. 乱糟糟的房间内,诸多混乱气息中又增添一些血腥味道,以及那愈加浓烈的运动气味,一对与正常人毫无关系的情侣正在进行着最原始的交流。 Incessantly is the body, these two fellows' exchanges in language also makes Tang Qi unable to bear hold the volume. 不止是躯体,这两个家伙在语言上的交流也让唐奇忍不住扶额。 Has not endured patiently eventually, Tang Qi decides to look at one secretly protagonist the background of setting as well as this world. 终究没有忍耐住,唐奇决定偷偷看一眼“主角”设定以及这世界的背景。 As the current Epic, tragicomedy and declining god, must achieve this only to need to blink, move are moved then. 作为现任史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡之神,要做到这点只需要眨眨眼,动动念头即可。 In order to retain the following pleasant surprise, Tang Qi has not peeped at too, only conducted in view of the present picture some extended. 为了保留后续惊喜,唐奇没有窥视太多,只针对眼前的画面进行了些许延伸。 Hall · Lodge, Nero reputation worst variant person, is on this star one of the reputation worst variant mercenaries.” “哈尔·洛奇,德尼洛市声名最差的‘变种人’,也是这颗星球上名声最差的变种雇佣兵之一。” Most powerful variant people are glad to help others, they are called Hero, with the variant person who they oppose naturally is the criminal, is the villain.” “大多数强大的变种人都乐于帮助他人,他们被统称为英雄,与他们对立的变种人自然便是罪犯,是恶棍。” However Hall, he situated in the two.” “而哈尔,他介于二者之间。” Although Hall had also once saved other Nero areas repeatedly, even has participated big event that saves the world, the weak favorable impression that but these good deeds bring, was destroyed in a moment by his these bad customs finally.” “尽管哈尔也曾多次拯救过德尼洛市其他地区,甚至参与过拯救世界的大事件,但这些好事带来的微弱好感,最终都被他的那些恶劣习惯毁于一旦。” Hall · Lodge has one to make anybody want with the rubber hydraulic packing on, fastens with the nail, the extremely smelly mouth, he taunted the opposite party extremely smelly incessantly, ridiculed a teammate of oneself side.” “哈尔·洛奇有着一张让任何人都想要用胶水封上,用钉子钉住,极臭极臭的嘴,他不止嘲讽对方,同时也嘲笑自己一方的队友。” Some Hall · Lodge character crazies, make some anti-logics frequently the unnatural actions, this causes his most times is the source of Chaos.” “哈尔·洛奇性格有些疯癫,经常做出一些反逻辑的怪异举动,这导致他多数时候都是混乱之源。” Hall · Lodge exceptionally craves in ‚the Primitive exchange, he is very nitpicking, is a thorough dregs male, his hunting range included ordinary human and variant people as well as various intruder...... the known most long-time companion, is a female psychology doctor, Anna · Armas.” “哈尔·洛奇异常热衷于‘原始交流’,他很挑剔,也是一个彻底的渣男,他的狩猎范围囊括了普通人类、变种人以及各类入侵者……已知最长久的伴侣,是一位女性心理医生,安娜·阿玛斯。” „The latter is ordinary human, actually because of much crazy interview, but world-renowned, Hall · Lodge, for she snatched accumulated specially 【The strength of undying The variant crystallization, must know Hall oneself is unable undying.” “后者是普通人类,却因大量疯狂的采访事件而全球知名,哈尔·洛奇为了她特意抢来了蕴着【不死之力】的变种结晶,须知哈尔自己都无法不死。” ...... …… Also is really inborn one pair.” “还真是天生一对。” Tang Qi watches at present the live broadcast of limiting stage, while is complaining. 唐奇一边看着眼前限制级的现场直播,一边吐槽着。 Hall · Lodge without a doubt is bastard Supernaturalist, has the powerful strength, but some character crazies, the conduct is unscrupulous, wallows with leading a life of comfort, and does not care about the so-called Hero title. 哈尔·洛奇毫无疑问是个混蛋般的超凡者,拥有强大的力量,但性格有些疯癫,行事则是肆无忌惮,沉迷自我与享乐,并不在意所谓的英雄称号。 His girlfriend, the style is similar, other are more like boldly, and wisdom capable woman. 他的女友,行事风格类似,其余则更像是个大胆且智慧的女强人。 Looked at the setting of lover, Tang Qi roughly swept the basic situation in eye world. 看完情侣的设定,唐奇又大致扫了眼这个世界的基本状况。 „An ordinary Life star, initial purely by massive wisdom not high wild animal race rule, then is human this race, starts to enter the Primitive society...... to start from the erectness ape to erupt until the mechanical science and technology, then is Variety crystallization Was discovered, massive Supernaturalist, or are the variant person starts to blowout.” “一颗普通的生命星球,初始纯粹由大量智慧不高的野兽种族统治,而后便是人类这个种族,从直立猿开始进入原始社会……直到机械科技开始爆发,然后便是【变种结晶】被发现,大量超凡者,或者说是变种人开始井喷。” Not existence spiritual tide abates this setting, crystallizes sign that this mineral resource seems like simply has not dried up, naturally also causes Supernaturalist quantity explosivity growth in this star.” “不存在灵潮消退这种设定,结晶这种矿产资源看起来也根本没有枯竭的迹象,自然也就导致这颗星球内的超凡者数量爆炸性增长。” Not only the speed and do the quantity, go far beyond Origin Star?” “不但速度与数量,远远超过起源星?” Even invaded frequency, forms the steamroll to Origin Star, almost must invade every day, this makes in this star the residents pursue the variant to crystallize, cannot be the luxurious idea every.” “甚至被入侵的频率,同样对起源星形成碾压,几乎每天都要入侵,这使得本星球内居民都追求变种结晶,人手一颗都不能算是奢侈的想法。” Un?” “嗯?” Tang Qi looks at the foundation setting, in the surface appears to have doubts. 唐奇看完基础设定,面上不由浮现出一丝疑惑来。 In the mind, the train of thought turns wells up. 脑海中,思绪翻涌。 His intuition told him, this star historical process, some essential big events, for example that variant crystal was discovered, filled the stereotypical trace, seemed operated? 他的直觉告诉他,这颗星球的“历史进程”,还有一些关键的大事件,比如那变种结晶被发现,都充满了呆板痕迹,仿佛是被人所操纵? This naturally has the idea of reason, before Tang Qi by Understanding All gazed at that accumulated the variant crystallization of strength of undying, together Info Fragment directly makes known: All varieties crystallize, is deliberately made by some Occult race. 这自然不是没有来由的想法,之前唐奇万物通晓注视那蕴着不死之力的变种结晶时,其中一道信息碎片直接揭晓:所有变种结晶,都是由某个神秘种族刻意制造出来的。 Perhaps, is this star crystallization the place of delivery? 说不定,这颗星球就是结晶的投放之地? Tang Qi when the thinking, actually can definitely oneself wields now Authority jumps with the aid of Epic and tragicomedy that” to the ending, conducts the self- play to pass, understands all. 唐奇在思索之时,其实完全可以借助自己如今执掌的“史诗与悲喜剧”权柄跳跃至结尾,进行自我剧透,了解一切。 But he has not done that besides retaining pleasantly surprised this reason, what are more is a discretion. 但他并没有这么做,除了保留惊喜这个原因外,更多的是一种谨慎。 In the world background that just an institute learned about, although Haar · Lodge has special and troublesome ability, but he cannot be the top position in the huge quantity of variant person community. 刚刚一眼所知悉的世界背景中,哈尔·洛奇虽然有着特殊且麻烦的能力,但他在数量庞大的变种人群体中并不能排在前列。 Some truly top that variant people, smallest and weakest is Half-God Grade. 真正顶尖的那部分变种人,最弱小的都是“半神级”。 Has 10 several powerhouse, even was separated from the Half-God Grade category, starts to turn toward True God to launch the impact. 几位强者,甚至脱离了半神级范畴,开始向着真神发起冲击。 The Supernaturalist reserve of this rank, ends omnipotence and full recovery Origin Star places on a par, un, in the surface is so. 这种级别超凡者储备,完全能与全面复苏的起源星相提并论,嗯,表面上是如此。 But manufacture all these that Occult race, existence of what level should also be? 而制造这一切的那个“神秘种族”,又该是什么层次的存在 The doubts give birth have not solved, the demented lover on bed was still fighting bravely. 疑惑生出还未解决,床上的癫狂情侣仍在奋战。 Towering this moment, Tang Qi looks up unexpectedly to the vault of heaven. 突兀的这一刻,唐奇蓦地抬头看向天穹。 Bang “轰” hōng hōng hōng 轰轰轰 The sky and land start to tremble simultaneously, the dazzling flame first step shines, the entire star was covered by brilliance. 天空与大地同时开始震颤,耀眼的火光先一步照耀下来,整颗星球都被光辉所笼罩。 But the source, is the meteor. 而源头,是陨星。 One after another, is binding Flame huge aerolite, no omen tears Night, pounds toward the land. 一颗接着一颗,裹着火焰的巨大陨石,毫无预兆撕裂黑夜,就这么朝着大地砸下来。 Natural Disaster? 天灾 No, is not Natural Disaster. 不,并不是天灾 As because these aerolite appear together, many intruder. 因为随着这些陨石一起出现的,还有大量入侵者。 The vault of heaven breaks open large cave/hole, thousands of large machine skyship invasion, they open the cabin door to emit the quantity over hundred million, fully-armed soldier. 天穹破开一个个大洞,数以千计的大型机械飞船侵入,它们打开舱门喷吐出数量过亿,全副武装的“士兵”。 Obviously this is one invades War, from some foreign lands science and technology race. 显然这是一场侵略战争,来自某个异域科技种族。 According to common sense, does not have any omen, does not have any sign encounters this aggression, the resident on this star should be panic, even is hysteric is right. 按照常理,没有任何预兆,也没有任何迹象就遭遇这种侵略,这颗星球上的居民应该要惊慌失措,甚至是歇斯底里才对。 But they do not have, the residents as if have long been used, they even not to refuge shelter and so on place. 但他们没有,居民们仿佛早已习惯,他们甚至都没有去往避难所之类的地方。 But treats in home, even turned on the television, prepares to watch the live broadcast. 而是就待在家中,甚至打开了电视机,准备观看直播。 That calm appearance looked like the Origin Star's residents, no, they were calmer, even was very excited. 那种淡定的模样像极了起源星的各国居民们,不,他们更加淡定,甚至于还很兴奋。 not too long Tang Qi knew the reason, as because these aerolite fall, on this star in each city, ascended human form to be glorious. 不多时唐奇就知道了原因,因为随着那些陨石落下,这颗星球上每一座城市内,都升腾起了一道道人形光辉。 Each, is representing one powerful variant person. 每一道,都代表着一位强大的“变种人”。 They first easily disintegrated the aerolite day to fall, later was splendid War extremely. 他们先是轻易瓦解了陨石天降,之后则是精彩万分的战争 Participates in the resistance, besides world background Superhero, lots of supernatural variant person villain. 参与反抗的,除了世界背景的超级英雄外,还有大量超凡变种人恶棍。 Usually they can the crime do evil, but runs into „the world intruder each time, is two faction cooperation time. 平时他们会犯罪作恶,但每次遇到“世界入侵者”,便是两个阵营合作的时候。 Scoffs “啪嗤” Really is the happy cabaret, these extraterrestrial anomalies are quite intimate, if stature again attractively, runs fortunately our love nest, I did not mind that sends Hall essence to them.” “真是美好的余兴节目啊,这些外星怪胎好贴心,如果身材再好看点,又凑巧跑来我们的爱巢,我不介意给他们一发哈尔精华。” In Room Chaos, Hall · Lodge and girlfriend lie on the bed, is lifting some type of alcoholic beverage respectively, incomparably satisfied is watching in War that sky over the star conducts. 混乱内,哈尔·洛奇与女友躺在床上,各自举着某种酒精饮料,正无比惬意的观看着在星球上空进行的战争 Un, Hall has not worn the pants as before. 嗯,哈尔依旧没有穿裤子。 Nero that the two are, also presented aerolite and intruder. 二者所在的德尼洛市,同样出现了陨石和入侵者。 But Hall · Lodge has no sign of beginning, protects this city, is several other Supernaturalist. 但哈尔·洛奇没有任何动手的迹象,守护这座城市的,是其他几个超凡者 Occasionally when passed by this room, these supernatural variant people will also obloquy that Hall · Lodge, then obtains some Hall insult hand signal to retaliate. 偶尔路过这房间时,这些超凡变种人还会大骂哈尔·洛奇,然后得到哈尔某种侮辱手势回敬。 Naturally, has some exceptions the situation. 当然,也有例外的情况。 For example in intruder descends his region, quick will be hacked to death by Hall · Lodge by chance, is only Hall not real gift Life essence. 比如入侵者恰巧降临他的区域内,很快就会被哈尔·洛奇砍死,只是哈尔没有真的赐予生命精华”。 Until shortly , an accident/surprise happens: 直到不久后,一个意外发生: Sky over the star most focused attention on combat, appears between strongest Hero and strongest intruder. 星球上空最被瞩目的战斗,出现在最强英雄最强入侵者之间。 The former is the position wears black games armor, the back is fluttering the variant person of cloak, he has massive Power of the Supernatural, including crushes the strength and true Body of Undying of star, to move, the super magic resistance, the lethal beam and Death to spit the breath sufficiently instantaneously...... wait/etc., nearly perfect fusion on him. 前者是位身穿黑色甲,背后飘荡着披风的变种人,他有着大量超凡之力,包括足以击碎星球的力量、真正不死之躯、瞬间移动、超级魔法抗性、致死射线、死亡吐息……等等,近乎完美的融合在他身上。 Tang Qi looks at his apparent, this martial-looking strong, has the King dignified golden-haired youth to shake off the Half-God Grade fetter, becomes some type to be able gradually with Divinity Creature that True God compares favorably with. 唐奇只是看他一眼便知,这个英武强壮,有着王者威严的金发青年已经挣脱半神级束缚,渐渐成为某种能与真神媲美的神性生物 However his opponent, similarly so. 不过他的对手,同样如此。 That is a kind of person lifeform, the build is several meters, the whole body purple red skin, has the wild incomparable muscle, a giant one-eyed occupies the face central region, similarly lethal radiation pollution gushes out from its within the body always. 那是一尊类人生物,体型达数米,全身紫红色皮肤,有着狂暴无比的肌肉,一颗巨大独眼占据着脸庞中央区域,同样致死的辐射污染无时无刻从它的体内涌出。 combat between two may be called fearful, so long as any building were hacked to rub by two forms slightly, then becomes the ruins directly. 二者间的战斗堪称可怕,任何建筑物只要稍稍被两道身影剐蹭一下,直接便成为废墟。 This is because they are restraining, if completely lets loose, this full of vitality star could not support for several seconds to be destroyed. 这还是因为他们都在克制自我,如果完全放开,这颗生机勃勃的星球支撑不了几秒就要被毁去。 Perhaps also realizes this point, two forms gradually toward starry sky shift. 或许也是意识到这一点,两道身影渐渐往星空转移。 Before that of human side was pounded a fist by the opposite party by chance, at the same time that the body flies upside down, in his mouth spouts many blood, a drop, flies fortunately in the region toward Hall · Lodge. 只是在那之前,人类方的那位碰巧被对方砸了一拳,躯体倒飞出去的同时,他口中喷出不少血液,其中一滴非常凑巧的,就朝着哈尔·洛奇所在区域飞来。 The average people are unable to see this drop of blood, most variant people noticed that will not make anything. 普通人无法看见这滴血液,大部分变种人看到也不会做什么。 But Hall · Lodge, his not normal. 可哈尔·洛奇,他不正常 “呼” This fellow flings east that flies westward to go out again, flies quickly. 这家伙再次甩着那东西飞出去,又很快飞回来。 Stated differently, in his hand are many glass bottle, inside has drop of dark red blood. 不同的是,他手里多出一个玻璃瓶,里面则有一滴殷红血液。 Then, Tang Qi did not have the means to watch the magnificent scene again. 接下来,唐奇没办法再去观看大场面了。 His attention, directly attracted to the rare and beautiful flowers lover's dialogue by Hall and Armas this. 他的注意力,直接被哈尔和阿玛斯这对奇葩情侣的对话吸引去了。 Hall takes that glass bottle, like holding what treasure, eye inside is glittering the ray of danger. 哈尔拿着那玻璃瓶,如同捧着什么宝物般,眼睛里面闪烁着危险的光芒。 Dear, is this will test among us True Love, I did not tell you, believes that you can also certainly guess, I want to take this drop from that the blood that fellow who was known as is the strongest variant person what made, right?” “亲爱的,这将考验我们之间是不是真爱,我不告诉你,相信你也一定可以猜出来,我想拿着这一滴来自那个号称是最强变种人的家伙的血液做什么,对吧?” Naturally, my small cute.” “当然,我的小可爱。” Mounts the name of flour gruel to listen from this, can with the woman who Hall matches, indeed not normal. 从这黏糊糊的称呼就能听出,能和哈尔这么配的女人,的确不怎么正常 This has the graceful body, similarly anything has not put on, calls is the brown-haired great beauty of Armas, licked a red lip of oneself with the soft bright red tongue gently, in the eye pupil full is the exciting color, she draws Hall · Lodge to return to the bed but actually, simultaneously the fast opens the mouth said: 这位有着曼妙身躯,同样什么都没有穿,唤作“阿玛斯”的棕发大美人,用柔软鲜红的舌头轻轻舔了一下自己的红唇,眼眸里面满是兴奋之色,她拉着哈尔·洛奇又要倒回床上,同时快速开口道: Quickly, we come again one time, making us first cause the perfect Life seed.” “快,我们再来一次,让我们先弄出完美的生命种子。” Again with the aid of your ability diode-pumped Quaid that arrogant and arrogant fellow within the body, several months later, he will certainly have one to gather our three person merits, beautiful wisdom the powerful baby.” “再借助你那个能力将种子注入奎德那个自大、傲慢的家伙体内,几个月之后,他一定会生出一个汇聚了我们三个人优点,美丽智慧又强大的宝宝。” I am impatient, what name should give for him?” “我已经迫不及待了,该为他取什么名字呢?” „Do you feelClark how? ” “你觉得“克拉克”怎么样?” ...... …… ps: Thank hitting of pupil of book friend sea to enjoy, thank book friend forever rainy season , the universe view wordly affairs and Our skin very happy hitting to enjoy for the emperor's inspection. ps:感谢书友沧海之瞳的打赏,感谢书友永远的雨季、御览乾坤观世尘、朕皮一下很开心的打赏。
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