LM :: Volume #4 神秘入侵

#986: Most disgusting supernatural ability

Facing having supernatural ability variant person, the powerful mercenary will not have the strength of what resistance. 面对拥有超凡能力的“变种人”,再强大的雇佣兵也都不会有什么反抗之力。 However these people originally the cannon fodder who comes also attracts the attention, is responsible for beginning truly, was still that several Supernaturalist. 不过这些人本来也就是吸引注意力的炮灰,真正负责动手的,仍旧是那几个超凡者 The next second, Tang Qi then saw just like the movie picture scene. 下一秒,唐奇便看到了宛如电影画面般的场景。 Stated differently, he places, can participate really momentarily to him, but this is only the world beginning, but also spreads such a protagonist, Tang Qi obviously is not the idea that is possible to participate. 不同的是,他身处其中,真实到他随时能参与进去,但这只是世界开端,还摊上这么一个“主角”,唐奇显然是不可能有参与的想法。 What is most essential, Tang Qi always thought that at this moment has not put on the fellow of pants in his not far away that has not shown the true pleasant surprise to him, or frightens. 最关键的是,唐奇总觉得此刻在他不远处那个没有穿裤子的家伙,还没有给他展现出真正的惊喜,或者说惊吓也可以。 bang bang bang 嘭嘭嘭 The mercenaries were slivered the twinkling of fragment, this room, no, should be the entire building encounters the surprise attack. 雇佣兵们被切成碎块的瞬息,这个房间,不,应该是整栋楼都遭遇突袭。 dark-green vine by the unthinkable speed invasion, the hard reinforced concrete by the disintegration, was adhered to stick cohere the vine of sharp thorn directly like several hundred over a thousand poisonous snake windings to the handsome man of that spicy person eyes. 黑绿色的“藤蔓”以匪夷所思的速度入侵,坚硬的钢筋水泥直接被崩碎,附着尖刺的藤蔓如同数百上千条毒蛇般缠绕向那个辣人眼睛的英俊男人。 In the process the vine blossoms, emits accumulated the pollen spore of hypnosis effect. 过程中藤蔓开花,喷吐蕴着催眠效果的花粉孢子。 Does not have the pants male to lower the head to seek to hang the place of blade, sees this, immediately yells: Many xx, is thick and strong, but also pitch-dark...... were too many, no matter also handsome Sir Hall can withstand......” 没裤子男正低头寻找挂刀的地方,见到这一幕,立刻哇哇大叫:“好多条xx,又粗又壮,还黑漆漆的……太多了,也不管英俊的哈尔大人能不能承受……” These were very that easy the words made one misunderstand just saying that he is the speed is extremely quick, nearly was flickers move to is separated from the room. 这些很容易让人误会的话刚说出口,他已是速度极快,近乎是瞬移般脱离房间。 But this still kept audience Tang Qi from stopping complaining, before cracking-up the glass departs, this man who calls is Hall has sufficient Time to wear the pants as before, because of that quality of material rough pants, hangs on the clothes rack before window directly. 但这仍旧让观众唐奇无法停止吐槽,在撞碎玻璃离去之前,这个唤作哈尔的男人依旧有充足时间穿上裤子,因为那条质地粗糙的裤子,就直接挂在窗户前的衣架上。 It is but strange, he has not planned to put on. 可是很诡异,他就是没打算穿。 Or...... has a look again?” “要不……再看看?” Tang Qi blinks, he still in must watch all information of this world hesitant directly. 唐奇眨了眨眼,他还在犹豫要不要直接观看这个世界的所有信息。 The quick negative answer appears, although some are not quite harmonious. 很快否定答案出现,虽然有些不太和谐。 However up to now, is very splendid, when like previous generation Earth he will buy a ticket the big piece that watches. 不过截至目前,还是很“精彩”的,像极了前世地球时他会买票观看的大片。 Hall is separated from the room, immediately is under the true attack. 哈尔一脱离房间,立刻就遭遇真正的袭击。 hōng hōng hōng 轰轰轰 chī chī chī 嗤嗤嗤 The sound of gunfire and blade light, twine Hall simultaneously. 枪声与刀光,同时缠绕哈尔。 No matter which type is the absolute supernatural strength, but the sponsor, is half robot, the body has the most flesh by some black metal substitution, the face also half of regions hollows out, the eyes are glittering the red light electronic eye. 不管哪一种都是绝对的超凡力量,而发起者,是个半机械人,躯体有大半血肉被某种黑色金属替代,脸部也有一半区域被镂空,双眼都是闪烁着红光的“电子眼”。 According to the common sense, this transformation should need surgeries to be able times to be completed, and not by some strange object gift. 按照常理,这种改造应该需要一次次手术才能完成,且不会是被某种奇物赐予的。 But Tang Qi swept the eye fast, the fact is actually these half robot strength originates, similarly is one variant crystallization. 唐奇飞快扫了眼,事实却是这半机械人的力量来源,同样是一颗“变种结晶”。 combat Tang Qi between two is not interested very much, his vision looks in turn to several other Supernaturalist. 二者间的战斗唐奇不是很感兴趣,他的目光依次看向其他几个超凡者 They have the emergence of plan, does not have the fellow of pants to course the hopeless situation that step by step. 他们有着计划的出现,一步步将那没裤子的家伙引向绝境。 Abatement half robot, removes that ability to be pure Supernaturalist that again, only then shields , the participation encircles has three that kills. 除却半机械人,再去掉那个能力单纯只有掩护的超凡者,参与围杀的还有三个。 Respectively before is, releases the violently poisonous vine in the room the female variant person, as well as another two can release frost, variant person who as well as can control the gravity. 分别是之前在房间内释放剧毒藤蔓的女性变种人,以及另外两个能释放冰霜,以及能控制重力的变种人。 These so-called variant person, the had strength is strong. 这些所谓的“变种人”,拥有的力量都还算强大。 However at the Tang Qi present level, they naturally seems like with the ants does not have the too wide difference. 不过处在唐奇如今的层次,他们自然看起来和蝼蚁没有太大差别。 Because is the world beginning, therefore the Tang Qi's patience slightly were many. 因为是世界开端,所以唐奇的耐心才稍稍多了些。 But in a while, some of his regrets. 但没过多久,他就有些后悔了。 Was encircled by four variant people kills, that calls is the handsome man of Hall is completely at leeward, must be defeated shortly is grasped, the accident/surprise happens. 被四个变种人围杀,那唤作“哈尔”的英俊男人完全处在下风,眼看着要落败被抓,意外发生。 Bang “嘭” On the street presents large cave/hole towering, was regarded is the shell smashes into the ground livingly, cannot put on the shameless man of pants. 街道上突兀出现大洞,被当成是炮弹般活生生砸入地面的,正是始终没能穿上裤子的无耻男人。 The dust flutters, his is flooding the sound transmission of dangerous meaning. 灰尘飘荡中,他那充斥着危险意味的声音传递出来。 Your these shameless fellows, think I just completed one time wonderfully xx...... present certain meeting is weak? Weak?” “你们这些无耻的家伙,是不是以为我刚刚才完成了一次美妙的xx……现在一定会是疲软的?无力的?” Was too naive, on this star all women can testify, Hall is strong.” “太天真了,这颗星球上所有女人都能作证,哈尔强壮无比。” I decided that gift your four fellows, and that dead fatty of Nero mining industry, a person send Hall essence.” “我决定赐予你们四个家伙,以及德尼洛矿业的那个死胖子,一人一发‘哈尔精华’。” These three obviously need by the harmonious words, most people's understanding of be that pit bottom man must stick out suddenly. 这三句明显需要被和谐的话,大部分人的理解都是那坑底的男人要暴起了。 But who can think? 但谁能想到? It is not such, the understanding of these words need to come according to the wording meaning. 并不是那样的,这几句话的理解需要按照字面意思来。 The following picture made Tang Qi know, why Hall always insisted that did not wear the pants. 接下来的画面让唐奇知道了,为什么哈尔始终坚持不穿裤子。 He starts „the supernatural strength that” uses oneself truly to have, is not a super speed, super defense and so on. 他开始动用自己真正拥有的“超凡力量”,并不是超级速度,超级防御之类。 Is another type, similar magic or curse. 是另一种,类似魔法或者说诅咒 Beforehand pesters Hall situated in absolutely leeward, but in process he also obtains the spoils of war that he wanted, these variant people blood, that half robot does not have the exception even, his blood has turned into similar petroleum special liquid freely. 之前的纠缠哈尔处于绝对下风,但过程中他也获得了他想要的战利品,那些变种人的“血液”,就算是那个半机械人也没有例外,尽管他的血液已经变成类似石油般的特殊液体。 Borrows these medium, he uses the lower part of oneself to launch the counter-attack that the scene indecently. 借用这些“媒介”,他用自己的下半身发起了场面不堪入目的反击。 Tang Qi endures not to examine carefully strongly, but opens Understanding All, automatic reception Info Fragment. 唐奇竭力忍着不去细看,只是开启万物通晓,自动接收信息碎片 Power of the Supernatural: This is exceptionally special Power of the Supernatural, Hall from having in the first variant crystallization obtains.” 超凡之力:这是一种异常特殊的超凡之力,哈尔从拥有的第一颗变种结晶中获得。” Its essence is actually divine arts, the source Mother of Beginnings, Is a auxiliary kind of technique law that helps Life multiply.” “它的本质其实是一种神术,源头正是【原初之母】,是一种帮助生命繁衍的辅助类术法。” It needs the blood medium, after obtaining, uses/gives technique may draw support from the medium, one hundred percent lets oneself Life essence injects into the opposite party within the body, this divine arts disregards Space from, disregards the clothing impediment, will disregard the sex...... to fall into the weak condition by uses/gives technique immediately, and will have the foundation favorable impression to uses/gives technique.” “它需要血液媒介,获得之后,施术者可借助媒介,百分百自己的‘生命精华’注入对方体内,此神术无视空间距离,无视衣物阻隔,甚至无视性别……被施术者将即时陷入虚弱状态,并对施术者生出基础好感。” uses/gives technique may decide whether ’ increases the Life seed inessence, that will also decide whether the opposite party will breed new Life.” “施术者可自行决定,是否在‘精华’中添加生命种子,那也将决定对方是否会孕育新生命。” This divine arts permanent change roomer bloodline, the process is slow, but is irreversible.” “此神术将永久性改变‘寄宿者’血脉,过程缓慢,但不可逆转。” ...... …… Silent, Tang Qi seemed under very serious impact, fell into for a long time silent. 沉默,唐奇仿佛受到了很严重的冲击,陷入了长久沉默。 „Very suitable his ability, unusual suiting.” “很适合他的能力,异常的适合。” For a long time later, Tang Qi put out a few words. 许久之后,唐奇吐出了一句话。 Although the Tang Qi's level to has been able to exchange with Dominion Grade God high, the supernatural strength that but that man has at present, makes Tang Qi feel the chill that one type is unable to contain as before. 虽然唐奇的层次已经高到能与主宰级神灵交流,但眼前那个男人拥有的超凡力量,依旧让唐奇感受到了一种无法遏制的恶寒。 Imagines, when is Tang Qi is small and weak. 想象一下吧,如果是唐奇还弱小之时。 For example also when is in Messer City, meets such an opponent, was not attained the blood by him carefully, that consequence......? 比如还处于梅瑟市时,遇上这样一个对手,不小心被他拿到血液,那后果岂不是……? Tang Qi knows that this divine arts has many limits surely, is impossible the unretentive multiple discharges. 唐奇知道这种神术必定有着诸多限制,不可能毫无保留的多次施放。 But this, is still even fearful enough. 可就算是这样,也足够可怕。 Said that is the auxiliary kind of technique law, so long as is not a blind person, can see the terrifying might of this Evil technique law, some angle is one of the most disgusting supernatural ability. 说是辅助类术法,但只要不是瞎子,都能看出这邪恶术法的恐怖威力,某种角度算是最恶心的超凡能力之一。 At present is the best example, Hall must be dismembered. 眼前就是最好例子,那哈尔原本已经要被分尸。 But only takes out four drops blood, is only in two seconds, four powerful variant people are direct the whole body to twitch, the shivering whereabouts place, that is a typical reaction, is in the Life multiplication movement, when the last link happened can have the response that. 但只取出四滴“血液”,只是两秒内,四位强大的变种人便直接浑身抽搐、颤抖着落地,那是一种典型反应,就是生命繁衍运动中,最后一个环节发生时会有的反应。 In this, -and-a-half robot, vine female, frost male, and old man of another control gravity. 这里面,有一位半机械人,藤蔓女,冰霜男,以及另一位控制重力的老者。 They can solve combat, but now is not good. 他们原本可以解决战斗,但现在不行了。 Twitches in the ground entirely, the body is little, even if struggles to continue, the strange discovery, they are actually not able to act to Hall again. 统统在地面抽搐,躯体一点点虚弱,即便挣扎起来想要继续,却又诡异的发现,他们无法再对哈尔出手。 Between they and Hall, established a relation of incomparable unnatural. 他们与哈尔之间,建立了一种无比怪异的联系。 What a pity, they are unable to act, actually does not represent Hall is not good. 可惜,他们无法出手,却不代表哈尔也不行。 This handsome and shameless man, on the face hangs up the incomparably bright smile, he got up, once again is raising the blade, flung that matter to come up. 这个英俊且无耻的男人,脸上又挂上无比灿烂的笑容,他上了,又一次提着刀,甩着那物事就上去了。 After several seconds, combat finished. 数秒后,战斗结束。 The man does not attend to the corpse of avenue completely, immediately rotates the room to dig up to pull out the oneself girlfriend. 那男人完全不顾满大街的尸体,立刻回转房间扒拉出自己的女友来。 The normal person should lead the girlfriend to evacuate this battlefield, but man normal? 正常人应该是带着女友撤离这战场,但那男人正常么? No, incessantly is Hall not normal, his girlfriend also not normal. 不,不止是哈尔不正常,他女友也一点不正常 This pair of people, ignore the possible descends danger quite the same as, is very excited, once again enters the condition. 这一对狗男女,浑然不顾可能降临的危险,无比激动的,又一次进入状态。 Starts the beforehand dialogue, is unable to prevent to flutter into the Tang Qi ear. 开始之前的对话,无法阻挡飘荡入唐奇耳中。 Dear, you consume today several times, essence?” “亲爱的,你今天消耗几次了,还有精华么?” Hey, you should not suspect me, I am strongest Hall, my ammunition depot will never meet forever is spatial.” “嘿,你不该怀疑我,我可是最强哈尔,我的弹药库永远永远不会是空的。” ...... …… ps1: Opened car result Carvin to explode, a lesson, the fat fish such pure author was not likely suitable to write this, sighed. ps1:开了个小车结果卡文卡爆,一个教训,像胖鱼这么纯洁的作者不适合写这个,叹气。 ps2: Thanking book friend national male god complicated/many bamboo flute, ywzz3293, Our skin one is very happy, the colored glaze rain scenery, the Yayoi new moon and book friend Something went wrong, kcwesley, to contain, to cultivate source and book friend Something went wrong, hidden dragon deep pool hitting not to enjoy. ps2:感谢书友国民男神繁笙、ywzz3293、朕皮一下很开心、琉璃雨景、弥生朔月、书友[Not Found]、kcwesley、涵杰杰、修尔源、书友[Not Found]、潜龙勿渊诸位的打赏。
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