LM :: Volume #4 神秘入侵

#984: Unexpected beginning

divine object has not ended Epic to release several Divinity Authority completely, their derelictions, but also accumulated some pollution. 神物“未完史诗”正在将数种神性权柄完全释放,它们无主,但也蕴着一些污染。 This inevitable, because these Authority previous master because of polluting to have the faction displacement. 这不可避免,因为这些权柄的上一任主人就是因为污染而发生阵营偏移。 It has fallen from the sky, divinity takes the spoils of war to be gathered by Tang Qi. 祂已陨落,神性作为战利品被唐奇收取。 Same Divinity Authority, in the different master hands, will actually burst out the different strengths, has some marvelous transformation. 同样的“神性权柄”,在不同主人手中,却会迸发出不一样的力量,发生一些奇妙的变化 Tang Qi looks at present situated in illusory and real the world, each world infiltrates during Time corrodes, sends out the strange attraction. 唐奇看着眼前一个个介于“虚幻”与“真实”之间的世界,每个世界都浸润在时间侵蚀之中,散发出奇异的吸引力。 He is understanding them, the progress is quick. 他正在理解它们,进度很快。 In the mind, the relevant information and rule of related this Divinity Authority strength, were trying to find out by Tang Qi summarizes. 脑海中,有关这神性权柄力量的相关信息和规则,被唐奇摸索着总结出来。 Epic, is the tragicomedy, situated in false and real.” “不论是史诗,还是悲喜剧,都介于虚假和真实间。” Their source was unable to change, not like Freak Town in these Forced Narrative, Can reorganize at will, so long as conforms to the rule, arranges randomly.” “它们的‘源头’已经无法改变,不像怪诞镇内那些【强制叙事】,可以随意改编,只要符合规则,乱编都可以。” Source is unable to change, actually represents the carrier is not good, proliferates in the books of various Boundless Occult universe dimensions, perhaps or memory in trillion life mind, spread Epic legends of long years...... the normal life unable to change them, but if were the Epic, tragicomedy and declining god, as if Ok?” “源头无法改变,却代表着载体也不行,不论是遍布在无垠神秘各宇宙维度的书籍,或是亿万生灵脑海中的记忆,流传了漫长岁月的史诗传说……正常的生灵或许不能改变它们,但如果是史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡之神,似乎可以?” Looks for an example?” “找个例子?” Summarizes here, in the world that the Tang Qi vision was pierced by the oneself tentacle innumerably patrols back and forth, selects a familiar story example quickly: One of human Hero Epic, Origin Star Divine Eagle Federation founding of the nation history. 总结到这里,唐奇目光在无数被自己触手洞穿的世界中梭巡,很快选中一个熟悉的故事示例:人类英雄史诗之一,起源星神鹰联邦建国史。 Without a doubt, this timeline length spans several hundred years of Hero Epic, what description is federation from the initial human agglomeration, becomes a country history gradually. 毫无疑问,这部时间线长度跨越数百年的英雄史诗,描绘的是联邦从初始的人类聚集地,渐渐成为一个国度的历史。 Martin Simms these Saint, in has the extremely heavy actor's pay. 马丁·西姆斯这些“圣徒”,在其中都有着极重的戏份。 This world, as well as this timeline, is real existence. 这个世界,以及这段时间线,都是是真实存在的。 But Tang Qi is unable really to return to later period Dark Period, when sees is young Martin Simms, is unable to look on and participate in that phase of history. 唐奇无法真的回到黑暗纪晚期,见到年轻时的马丁·西姆斯,无法旁观、参与那段历史。 Must achieve this point, must wield the share extremely high Time Authority. 要做到这一点,必须执掌着份额极高的“时间权柄”。 Up to now, Tang Qi has not met such God, that ancient times God of Time can achieve surely, but It already mysteriously missing. 截至目前,唐奇还未遇上过这样的神灵,那位远古时间之神必定可以做到,但祂已神秘失踪 Then, can Tang Qi reorganize this Epic? 那么,唐奇可以改编这段史诗么? Answer yes. 答案是可以。 Enters this Epic world with the aid of the Authority strength jump, can the unzoned participation, the change even subvert inside all completely, but needs to take the consequence. 借助权柄力量跳跃进入这个史诗世界,可以不受限制的参与进去,改变甚至完全颠覆里面的一切,只是需要承担后果。 Once changed it, is corresponding, federation or other places, any recorded this Epic books, as well as in residents mind related memory, will change. 一旦改变了它,那么相应的,联邦或是其他地方,任何记载了这段史诗的书籍,以及居民们脑海中相关记忆,都会发生改变。 Before some important personage gains fame and fortune kills it, for example that founds a country founding father John Hamilton. 在某个重要人物发迹之前将其杀死,比如那位开国元勋约翰·汉密尔顿”。 Then, in all books this founding father name will be cancelled, in people mind related to his memory, becomes fuzzy, vanishes gradually, even if most learned historian, is unable to recall again with this name related background and story. 那么接下来,所有书籍内这位元勋的名字都将被抹去,人们脑海中有关他的记忆,也将变得模糊,渐渐消失,哪怕最博学的历史学家,也无法再回忆起与这个名字相关的背景和故事。 However, this did not represent John Hamilton to be really cancelled. 但是,这并不代表着约翰·汉密尔顿真的被抹去了。 In the real history, his as before existence, he as before is Hero founding father, descendant also existence that even he leaves behind. 在真实历史上,他依旧存在,他依旧是英雄元勋,甚至他留下的后代也还是存在着的。 Was cancelled, is all carrier John Hamilton. 被抹去的,是所有“载体”中的约翰·汉密尔顿 Moreover this Divinity Authority radiation range, is not infinite, the books at least in library, will not have any transformation. 而且这种神性权柄辐射范围,也并不是无限的,至少在图书馆内的书籍,将不会发生任何变化 Although is only the carrier, but this inside boundary is very fuzzy, the revision, will easily cause some seriously irretrievable consequences.” “尽管只是载体,但这里面的界限很模糊,轻易修改,将造成一些严重不可挽回的后果。” If wields Authority me to want, even can enter that Epic world, federationwill cancel directly ‚.” “如果执掌权柄的我愿意,甚至能进入那史诗世界,直接将‘联邦’抹去。” Is only such words, several hundreds of millions federation resident nights will wake up will find that oneself did not have country, memory in mind to present the fundamental conflict, does not know that many people will therefore be crazy, the world will fall into backlash that Chaos...... triggered directly, will be withstood by Authority master.” “只是这样的话,数亿联邦居民一夜醒来会发现自己没了国度,脑海中的记忆出现根本性冲突,不知多少人会因此疯狂,世界将直接陷入混乱……由此引发的反噬,都将由权柄主人来承受。” Must cancel federation actually not to imagine easy, even if only all carrier federation, still possibly involves some to interfere with timeline powerful existence, they will therefore possibly have the hostility to distortion.” “不过要抹去联邦却也没有想象中容易,即便只是所有‘载体’中的联邦,也可能涉及一些能干涉时间线的强大存在,祂们可能会因此对篡改者产生敌意。” Without this kind of existence, that is indeed more relaxed, these Saint have Martin Simms to be harder to deal with.” “如果没有这类存在,那的确轻松很多,那些圣徒也只有马丁·西姆斯最难缠一些。” Tang Qi strokes to be clearer regularly, simultaneously guessed Epic, tragicomedy and god of Meri Ersi it declining 唐奇捋清楚一些规则,同时猜测上一任史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡之神梅里尔斯之 Therefore the faction displacement, has such reason, has It also tampered with some Epic? 所以阵营偏移,是不是就有这样的原因,祂也篡改过某一段史诗 clear(ly) became aware the strength of new Authority representative, Tang Qi conducted the impulsion of attempt to be even more intense. 明悟了新权柄代表的力量,唐奇进行尝试的冲动愈加强烈。 Naturally, cannot choose influence huge Epic, for example all stories in Origin Star. 当然,不能选择影响力过于巨大的史诗,比如起源星内的所有故事。 In unnecessary situation, do not conduct distortion. 在没有必要的情况下,也不要进行“篡改”。 The best way, chooses one to have few impact, and far away from the Origin Star's world, first conducts an experience. 最好的方式,选择一个影响轻微,且远离起源星的世界,先进行一次体验。 Epic and tragicomedy, first from Epic......” 史诗与悲喜剧,先从史诗还是……” Un?” “嗯?” Must fall into chooses dread Tang Qi, suddenly discovered that conforms to the world that he requests perfectly. 原本要陷入选择恐惧唐奇,忽然发现一个完美符合他要求的世界。 Tang Qi through the tentacle of oneself, looked black light interweaves with the orange light directly to that forever glorious special world. 唐奇通过自己的触手,径直看向那个黑光与橙光交织,光芒万丈的特殊世界。 Not is only Epic, is the comedy, is the tragedy?” “既是史诗,也是喜剧,同时也是悲剧?” Obviously, even in «Has not ended Epic», such world is still not much. 显然,就算是在《未完史诗》中,这样的世界也是不多的。 Is digesting Divinity Authority Tang Qi is excessively nitpicking, he conducts an experience, process that accelerates to digest. 正在消化神性权柄唐奇没有进行过多挑剔,他只是进行一次体验,加速消化的过程。 No matter he whether jumps to enter that world, that story is at already withering away timeline, Epic and tragicomedy and will decline not reversiblily several Divinity Authority will integrate Tang Qi's Dream Country. 不管他是否跳跃进入那世界,那故事所在的“已消亡时间线”,史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡数种神性权柄都将不可逆的融入唐奇的梦幻国度 These both false and real story, as Dominion Tang Qi, so long as is moved slightly, can learn about all, including story, involved all characters and world outlooks, as well as their results and Destiny...... 这些既虚假又真实的故事,作为主宰唐奇只要稍稍动念,就能知悉一切,包括故事本身,涉及的所有人物与世界观,以及他们的结局和命运……。 But such does, was a wee bit pleasure does not have. 但那样做,却又是一丁点乐趣都没有了。 Tang Qi has not examined any relevant information of this/should world, even the name has not even gone to look. 唐奇没有查看该世界的任何相关信息,甚至于连名字都没有去看。 Blinks, he has followed that pierces boundary the phosphorescent glow tentacle, jumps to go toward an unknown world. 眨了眨眼,他已顺着那洞穿“界限”的磷光触手,往一个未知世界跳跃而去。 The experience of jump world and timeline, Tang Qi has actually had more than once. 跳跃世界和时间线的体验,唐奇其实有过不止一次。 For example enters that Time bubble, or uses Domo Giant to leave his divine object. 比如进入那时间气泡,又或是使用多摩巨人留给他的神物 But the world, as Dream Dominion, the It's Divinity Authority strength can let he enters any existence Fantasy the world, for example that helps him obtain divine object Spirit-connecting Box With Chair of Bakefast spirit-connecting master world. 而世界,作为梦幻主宰,祂的神性权柄力量可以让他进入任何存在着“幻想”的世界,比如那个让他获得神物通灵之匣】和【贝克法斯特之椅】的通灵师世界。 The front one type, Tang Qi is unable to change anything, the latter type radically is the reality. 前面一种,唐奇无法改变任何事,后一种则根本就是现实。 Now the Tang Qi jump, is more complex much conditions. 现在唐奇进行的跳跃,是复杂得多的状况。 First, the world that he goes to is not real, but is existence in various books and scripts, or in some Life mind Epic tragicomedy. 首先,他去往的世界并不是真实的,而是存在于各类书籍、剧本,或是一些生命脑海中的“史诗悲喜剧”。 But that this Epic tragicomedy, Tang Qi jumps especially, records according to real existence, or the reorganization comes. 而这史诗悲喜剧,尤其唐奇跳跃去的这一个,又是根据“真实存在”而记录,或是改编而来。 This sounds complex, but tongue-twister, therefore Tang Qi chose one to be easiest to understand, will have the best experience descends node. 这听起来复杂而绕口,所以唐奇选择了一个最容易理解,也会有最好体验的降临节点。 The beginning, he chose the beginning. 开端,他选择了开端。 ...... …… The new world, just descends Tang Qi first Time received the feedback. 新世界,刚刚降临唐奇第一时间收到反馈。 He is not main body descends, but by a section of Dream tentacle clone, but this does not affect his feeling. 他并不是本体降临,而是由一截梦幻触手所化的“分身”,不过这并不影响他的感受。 Almost has not distinguished with the real world, but one type weak enough to can neglect the isolation feeling of not counting.” “与真实世界几乎没有区别,只是有一种微弱到可以忽视不计的隔离感。” Tang Qi looks to oneself, for a better experience, he does not have earnestly chooses, but is crude choice this Epic and beginning of tragicomedy story, therefore the present all are strange regarding Tang Qi. 唐奇看向自己面前,为了更好的体验,他没有认真的进行挑选,而是粗暴的选择这段史诗与悲喜剧故事的开端,所以眼前的一切对于唐奇来说都是陌生的。 Maps in his eye pupil, is one, although Chaos but is full of the modern age, will be as for the future science and technology feeling room. 映入他眼眸中的,是一个虽然混乱但充满现代,乃至于未来科技感的房间。 The convenient food packing box that the under foot incomparably gaudy metal floor, various places pile up, various bright clothing, as well as are bustling about, the shape strange robot, its strangeness lies in the body as if mixes by a man and a woman, has both two sex characteristics, and exceptionally striking. 脚下无比花哨的金属地板,各处堆积的便捷食物包装盒,各类鲜艳衣物,以及正在忙碌着的,形态诡异的机器人,它的诡异在于躯体仿佛是由一男一女糅合而成,兼具两种性别特征,且都是异常的醒目。 In addition, in this room is also resounding through some type of heavy taste, may be called the music of noise, the sour odor that after the air flutters various food remaining laying aside are too long, produces. 除此之外,这房间内还响彻着某种重口味,堪称噪音的音乐,空气中则飘荡着各类食物残余放置太久之后产生的酸臭味。 These, Tang Qi can also endure. 这些,唐奇都还能忍受。 Makes his facial color one black truly, instantly produces wants to tamper with Epic impulsive, to his several meters beyond, performing scene. 真正让他面色一黑,即刻就产生要“篡改史诗”冲动的,是离他不过数米外,正在上演的场面。 There, has a giant and soft bed. 那里,有着一张巨大、柔软的床。 But on the bed, two forms is forgetting kindnesses pesters together. 而就在床上,两道身影正忘情的纠缠在一起。 ahhhhh......” 啊啊啊……” Is similar this sound, unceasing sneaks in the Tang Qi's ear. 类似这种声音,不断的钻进唐奇的耳中。 Tang Qi thinks that the oneself imagination has calculated very richly, even if makes him estimate tens of thousands times, is still very difficult to find out this beginning. 唐奇认为自己的想象力已经算很丰富,但就算让他预想几万次,也很难想出这种开端来。 Epic? Tragicomedy? Entered the wrong world?” 史诗?悲喜剧?是不是进错世界了?” The Tang Qi mind, the question mark thunders. 唐奇脑海,问号轰鸣。
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