LM :: Volume #4 神秘入侵

#983: Devour new Authority

False follower must have the false follower determination, although is Furnace Witch King, but Tang Qi's clone did not plan that chats following Furnace offers sacrifices Heretical God this work. 信徒就要有伪信徒的自觉,虽然已经是熔炉巫王,但唐奇的分身并不打算顺着熔炉去聊聊献祭邪神这项工作。 What is that? Can it change your result?” “那是什么?它能改变你的结局么?” In the Tang Qi clone surface full is the curious color, asked directly. 唐奇分身面上满是好奇之色,直接问道。 That calls does beginning fire the ancient unnatural thing is Tang Qi sends, but he indeed does not know that seems like very ordinary matter, whether can Furnace that helps border on to fall from the sky. 那唤作“初火”的古怪异物是唐奇送来的,但他也的确不知道那看起来很普通的物事,是否能帮助到濒临陨落的熔炉 However looked before Furnace , when faces that foreign matter response, obviously It longs for that thing very much. 不过看熔炉之前面对那异物时的反应,显然祂很渴望那物。 Especially now, It obviously secretly joyful, at least beginning that the fire to him is a good thing. 尤其现在,祂明显正在暗自喜悦,至少那初火对于祂来说是一件好东西。 The brilliance is surging, the reply of Furnace sounds roars as before probably. 光焰涌动着,熔炉的回答听起来依旧像是咆哮。 Stupid false follower...... are you in care great Dominion...... the pure curiosity?” “愚蠢的伪信徒……你是在关心伟大的主宰……还是纯粹的好奇?” What is that? Great Furnace does not know that is anything, does not know that it can change my result.” “那是什么?伟大的熔炉也不知道那是什么,不知道它能不能改变我的结局。” „???” “???” In the roaring sound, Tang Qi is the question mark of whole face. 咆哮声中,唐奇又是满脸的问号。 Heart complaining Desire, is unable to suppress, immediately spits the say/way: Does not know that you to do what joyfully?” 心底的吐槽欲望,无法压制,立刻吐了道:“不知道你这么欣喜干什么?” Although No. 2 not complaining really says, but places in Furnace Universe, his thought is actually not able to hide the truth from Furnace Dominion. 虽然二号没有把吐槽真的说出口,但身处于熔炉宇宙,他的意念其实无法瞒过熔炉主宰 Shut up, lazy false follower.” “闭嘴,懒惰的伪信徒。” Great I do not know that Flame is anything, but I can feel, it does not belong to Boundless Occult, it...... it contains the indescribable strength from unknown place, it is an pinnacle, pure divinity, as if has a special relation with my source...... when is unable to let I return to most powerful, but it indeed has the marvelous function.” “伟大的我不知道那火焰是什么,但我能感受出来,它不属于无垠神秘,它来自一个未知之地……它蕴含着无法形容的力量,它是一种极致的,纯粹的‘神性’,与我的本源似乎有种特殊的联系……虽然无法让我回到最强大之时,但它的确有着奇妙作用。” It is a pleasantly surprised gift, saw weakly by its me, is beating vitality.” “它是一份惊喜礼物,透过它我看到了一点微弱的,跳动着的生机。” Your main body kept the promise...... It to earn my respect......, but you, your stupid, lazy false follower, worked quickly, offers sacrifices Heretical God, you were my gift, most liked blaspheming Dominion Furnace Witch King...... you is not burnt despicably is really a miracle.” “你的本体信守了诺言……祂获得了我的尊重……但是你,你这个愚蠢的,懒惰的伪信徒,快去工作,去献祭邪神,你是我赐予过的,最卑劣最喜欢亵渎主宰熔炉巫王……你还没被烧死真是个奇迹。” Was saying to be saying, Furnace also roared. 说着说着,熔炉又咆哮了起来。 Moreover, is so easy to produce complains the idea. 而且,还是那么容易让人产生吐槽想法。 Although Tang Qi II indeed has the certain extent independency, he is independent on wisdom, can ponder, can act alone. 尽管二号唐奇的确有着一定程度的“自主性”,他在智慧上是独立的,可以自我思考,也可以独自行动。 But investigates the source, No. 2 is also Tang Qi. 但追究源头,二号也是唐奇 Now sounds like Furnace is not familiar with commend Tang Qi, then looks for his clone to spurt on. 现在听起来像是熔炉不习惯称赞唐奇,转而又找他的分身喷上一顿。 The joyful fluctuation that but It releases actually cannot cheat, therefore his actually very satisfied No. 2 sent promptly beginning fire. 可祂释放出的欣喜波动却是做不了假,所以祂其实还是很满意二号及时送来了“初火”。 The No. 2 character, actually must enliven a lot compared with main body. 二号的性格,却是比本体要活跃得多。 clear(ly) knows that by perception, will spit the mortise in the heart as before: Really is dislikes the body to be honest!” 明知道会被感知,依旧在心底吐槽道:“真是口嫌体正直啊!” Then for is not roared immediately, No. 2 has not stopped, transmits main body, obtains the second retrieval method that to put out from infinite secret He. 然后为了不被立刻咆哮,二号没有停顿,将本体传递过来的,从无限秘盒中获得的第二种挽救方法吐出。 Seeming like beginning that the fire is the true return, the first method that the secret box gives can ignore, but the second type has not the low chance of success, was only the price was extremely huger. 看起来那初火才是真正回报,秘盒给出的第一种方法可以忽略不计,但第二种还是有着不低成功几率的,只是代价太过于巨大了一些。 Before saying, No. 2 first has the judgment, that retrieval method will be rejected by Furnace surely. 在说出口之前,二号先就有判断,那种挽救方法必定会被熔炉拒绝。 Thinks is great Dominion Furnace, may be willing to discard all, including Divinity Authority, as well as other treasures. 自认为是伟大主宰熔炉,或许会愿意舍弃一切,包括神性权柄,以及其他的宝物。 But the key of these not that method, most important, is the factor that Furnace will not accept, is rebirth. 但这些并不是那方法的关键,最重要,也是熔炉绝不会接受的因素,是“重生”。 A wisp of large explosion later birth Source fire, Waters It again, until It returns...... this to be equal again molds new Furnace Dominion, perhaps accumulates It again to become after the long years powerful incomparable, even is more powerful, but that no longer is present Furnace. 大爆炸之后诞生的一缕【源火】,再浇灌祂,直至祂再度归来……这等同是塑造一尊新的熔炉主宰,或许经过漫长岁月积累祂可以再度变得强大无比,甚至更加强大,只是那都不再是现在的熔炉 Perhaps by the cognition of No. 2 to own Dominion, It rather falls from the sky, will not use this method. 二号对自家主宰的认知,祂恐怕宁愿陨落,也不会使用这种方法。 After he information rephrased in own words, the premonition is confirmed. 他将信息转述完之后,预感得到验证。 Familiar incomparable roaring, sneaks in the No. 2 mind along with the brilliance that exploding wells up. 熟悉无比的咆哮,伴随着爆涌的光焰钻进二号脑海之中。 Rejection, I reject.” “拒绝,我拒绝。” Great Dominion cannot be picked by your fellow, cannot be accepted your country, was watered and looked after by you, that is unacceptable...... forgot absolutely this method, gives me to work quickly, I need many Heretical God.” “伟大的主宰绝不能被你这家伙捡走,绝不能被收容到你的国度,被你浇灌、照顾,那是绝对不能接受的……忘掉这个方法,快给我去工作,我需要更多邪神。” Thunders, Tang Qi II brutal threw the Furnace gateway. 轰鸣中,二号唐奇被无情的丢出了熔炉门户。 ...... …… Occult Library, synchronized perception to finish Tang Qi of sound to the clone place, the corners of the mouth cannot bear show the happy expression. 神秘图书馆,同步感知分身处已结束动静的唐奇,嘴角忍不住露出笑意。 Although Furnace has roared hot tempered, but this Dominion has actually helped Tang Qi clearly multiple, and has not received what reward. 虽然熔炉一直都是暴躁咆哮,但这位主宰却是真切帮助过唐奇多次,而且并未收取什么报酬。 Why this is also, Tang Qi said wants the infinite number of times prevents It to fall from the sky the reason that. 这也是为何,唐奇说要无限次数的阻止祂陨落的原因。 On concerned about the contract, Tang Qi has in fact included the oneself friends list Furnace outwardly, with Raphael and big octopuses is the same place. 明面上是碍于契约,实际上唐奇早已将熔炉列入自己的好友名单,与拉斐尔、大章鱼们是一起的。 His first retrieval attempt just ended, from the result, was succeeds without doubt temporarily. 他的第一次挽救尝试刚刚结束,从结果来看,无疑算是暂时成功了。 So long as there is Hope, having Hope is good.” “只要有希望,有希望就好。” After whispering, Tang Qi searches the hand to get up infinite secret Heshou. 低语了一句之后,唐奇探手将无限秘盒收起。 secret He does not limit exchange, Tang Qi also indeed also has many demands, for example he faces now, an urgent issue, promote to Dream Dominion way. 秘盒不限制交换次数,唐奇也的确还有着不少需求,比如他如今面对的,迫切的一个问题,晋升至“梦幻主宰”的路径。 Boundless Occult, the self- strength is basic. 无垠神秘,自我的力量才是根本。 There are several Dominion Grade Ten-thousand Spirits to take the good friend, change by Destiny Whore fact of this despicable God threat. 有着数位主宰级万灵作为好友,也改变不了被“命运婊”这种卑劣神灵威胁的事实。 Because of this, Tang Qi exceptionally longs for promote to Dominion. 正因为如此,唐奇异常渴望晋升主宰 Has that position standard, that strength, must resist Destiny Whore so is not then strenuous. 拥有那种位格,那种力量,要对抗命运婊子便不会这般费力了。 Tang Qi wants to conduct actually exchanges once again, exchange that but secret He proposed, weak god rank Knowledge Authority, Tang Qi is unable to bring temporarily. 唐奇倒是很想进行又一次交换,只是秘盒提出的交换物,一份【弱神级别知识权柄】,唐奇暂时无法取来。 Receives secret He, his vision falls finally, in nearby static float for a long time divine object has not ended Epic above. 收起秘盒,他的目光终于落在一旁静静漂浮许久的神物“未完史诗”之上。 divine object is only the representation, its outer covering is decayed, but can also continue to maintain is because replaced supplied main body, no longer was that Epic, tragicomedy and declining god, changed into Tang Qi, changed into Dream Country. 神物只是表象,它的外壳早已朽烂,还能继续维持是因为更换了供给主体,不再是那位史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡之神,换成了唐奇,换成了梦幻国度 Its intrinsic, is actually one incessantly „the weak god level Divinity Authority. 它的内在,却是一份远不止“弱神级”的神性权柄 Epic, tragicomedy and declining, can belong to Knowledge Authority reluctantly ‚’ category, but reluctantly, this are Authority also more should belong to...... Time domain?” 史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡,勉强也能归入‘知识权柄’的范畴,但也只是勉强,这份权柄更多应该归入……时间领域?” Tang Qi is not assured, because in Boundless Occult that is unable to count clear Authority, majority are very complex. 唐奇并不笃定,因为无垠神秘中那无法数清楚的权柄,大多数都很复杂。 However he has also attempted, whether can Epic and tragicomedy these three divinity resolutions, give secret He as exchange. 不过他也尝试过,是否可以将史诗、悲喜剧这三种神性拆分,作为交换物给秘盒。 What a pity, secret He rejected. 可惜,秘盒都拒绝了。 The unlimited secret box recognizes regarding the standard of exchange extremely strictly, does not mix in the impurity possibly. 无限秘盒对于交换物的标准认定极为严格,不容许掺入杂质。 „It is not able to exchange, that then digested.” “无法交换,那便消化了吧。” Said, Epic and tragicomedy and I have Forced Narrative Also has the extremely high relatedness, similarly can also be to supplement divinity, strengthens my Fantasy Authority.” “说起来,史诗、悲喜剧与我拥有的【强制叙事】也有着极高关联性,同样也可以作为补充神性,增强我的幻想权柄。” After having the decision, Tang Qi did not delay again, «Will not have ended Epic» directly sends in Dream Country. 有了决定之后,唐奇再没有耽搁,直接将《未完史诗》送入梦幻国度 Digests new Divinity Authority, he is not strange. 消化新的神性权柄,他一点也不陌生。 Since fact Tang Qi has left Origin Star, has obtained flesh, Forced Narrative, Tranquility and nature wait/etc. Divinity Authority one after another. 事实上唐奇离开起源星以来,已经接连获得血肉、强制叙事宁静与自然等等神性权柄 Some are snatch, some obtain the gift. 有些是抢来的,有些是获得赠予。 accumulated Epic, tragicomedy and declining divinity has not ended Epic, since falls into the Tang Qi hand, was digested gradually. 蕴着史诗、悲喜剧与衰亡神性的“未完史诗”自从落入唐奇手中,本就渐渐被消化。 Now, is Dream receives it officially. 现在,则是梦幻正式接收它。 That is very sincere, ancient and old, is flooding the yellow black books of decayed aura, appears when the Dream Dominion hand, seems thoroughly decayed, it starts to become the powder shatter, each in broken bits slip of paper, has the unusual strength, the aura that the sending out selling person changes countenance. 那无比厚重、古老,充斥着腐朽气息的黄黑书籍,出现在梦幻主宰手中时,仿佛是彻底朽烂般,它开始破碎成粉末,每一道细碎的“纸片”,都有着非同一般的力量,散发出让人动容的气息。 In each slip of paper, seems to be hiding a world, a universe. 每一道纸片内,似乎都藏着一个世界,一个宇宙。 On the decayed page fragment, has Boundless Occult most writing, they write the related story of different race, the special life and individual. 朽烂的书页碎片上,有着无垠神秘大部分的文字,它们书写着不同种族、特殊生灵与个体的相关故事。 Has various Epic, there is an inexhaustible tragicomedy, the common ground is they are declining. 有各种史诗,也有无穷无尽的悲喜剧,共同点是它们都在衰亡。 The slip of paper flutters to dance in the air, floods entire Dream Country gradually. 纸片飘荡飞舞,渐渐充斥整个梦幻国度 These slips of paper follow the hauling aura finally, attaches respectively , is glittering the phosphorescent glow Dream tentacle above. 这些纸片最终循着牵引气息,各自附着在一条条闪烁着磷光的“梦幻触手”之上。 Not wonderful transformation, therefore however happened. 无妙的变化,因此而发生。 Has entered Body of Dominion Tang Qi, is feeling all tentacles of oneself at this moment. 已进入“主宰之躯”的唐奇,此刻感受着自己的所有触手。 They had to disregard world barricade, in shuttle Boundless Occult the jurisdiction strength of endless dimension. 它们原本就拥有无视世界壁障,穿梭无垠神秘中无尽维度的权限力量。 But at this moment, all tentacles had/left the new jurisdiction. 但这一刻,所有触手又多出了新的权限。 Incomparable Dream and inconceivable phosphorescent glow creeping motion, bit by bit, are entering brand-new world, or...... domain. 无比梦幻、不可思议的磷光物蠕动着,一点一点,进入全新的“世界”,或者说……领域 Time!” 时间!” The first time, Tang Qi incomparably felt Time Divinity existence clearly. 第一次,唐奇无比清晰感受到了时间神性存在 His that inexhaustible tentacle, starts to invade Time domain, at least is part of Time domain. 他那无穷无尽的触手,开始侵入时间领域,至少是一部分时间领域 Tang Qi perception, is a completely new world. 唐奇感知到的,是一个全新的世界。 Different that can touch in Boundless Occult clearly, can in the universe dimension of heartfelt feeling, open wide in Tang Qi slowly at present, is a deviation in illusory, not the real world, as if all were fictionalized, will be similar to the bubble dissipation momentarily. 不同于无垠神秘内那一个个可以清晰触碰,可以在真切感受的宇宙维度,缓缓在唐奇眼前洞开的,是一个偏向于虚幻的,不真实的世界,仿佛一切都是被虚构出来的,随时会如同泡影般消散。 No, majority of this world, has dissipated. 不,这世界的大部分,早已经消散。 Also part of dissipation, filled, different in Forced Narrative that reality. 也正是消散的部分,又充满了真实,迥异于“强制叙事”的那种真实。 If must conduct the quite vivid analogy, in the Tang Qi mind the immediate memory he brings one crowd of Furnace Sorcerer initially, intruded one accidentally/surprisingly Time-Space Bubble, inside is wrapping the pitiful story of Saint Miko Penelope Vitala young girl years, as well as that miko protector Domo Giant lets the person incomparably affected experience. 如果要进行比较形象的比喻,唐奇脑海中即刻回忆起当初他带着一群熔炉巫师,意外闯入了一个“时空气泡”,里面包裹着圣巫女佩内洛普·维塔拉少女时代的悲惨故事,以及那位巫女守护者多摩巨人让人无比感动的经历。 That „the wasteland love story, is not only false, has happened. 那段“废土爱情故事”,既是虚假的,又是真实发生过的。 But at this time, Tang Qi is controlling trillion Dream tentacle invasions world, they similarly are not only false, is real. 而此时,唐奇控制着的亿万梦幻触手侵入的“世界”,它们同样既是虚假的,却又是真实的。 They are Epic, is the tragicomedy story, by the transcript, existence in the innumerable scripts and poetry anthology, or recited mouth of Poet roaming and in the relaters. 它们是史诗,是悲喜剧故事,被文字记录下来,存在于无数剧本、诗集,亦或是吟游诗人、讲述者们的口中。 That world existence, but real Life is unable to enter, is unable to change. 那一个个世界存在过,但真实的生命无法进入,更无法改变。 Until this moment, Tang Qi broke that boundary. 直到这一刻,唐奇打破了那个“界限”。 If I think, I can jump to enter on real timeline has had one instantly Epic within, or some real tragicomedy world that fictionalizes.” “如果我想,我可以即刻跳跃进入真实时间线上发生过的某一段‘史诗’之内,或者一些真实的、虚构的悲喜剧世界。” I can disregard Time, experiences some Epic with these historical personages in one second together, experiences tragicomedies.” “我可以无视时间,在一秒内与那些历史人物一起经历某段史诗,体验一个个悲喜剧。” That, can I change their results?” “那么,我可以更改它们的结局么?” When this thought flashes through, Tang Qi also has the choice immediately, and conducts the impulsion of jump. 这意念闪过时,唐奇也立刻有了选择,并进行跳跃的冲动。 ps: Thank the red rose and splendor that ryan and zzyy38 book friend Something went wrong, book friend Something went wrong, Al Ain Stan deliver Planck, to express my landscape and startled great wild goose and plume damask silk spirit and Guangling relatives three ask and cultivate/repair hitting of source to enjoy, several hit the book friend who enjoyed unable to look for the name that side qq reading, the fat fish felt the intention. Sought a chapter to mediate the monthly ticket, excuse me. ps:感谢书友[Not Found]、书友[Not Found]、爱因斯坦送普朗克的红玫瑰、辉ryan、zzyy38、抒我河山与惊鸿、翎绫灵、广陵戚三问、修尔源的打赏,还有几位在qq阅读那边打赏的书友找不着名字了,胖鱼感受到心意了。求点章说和月票吧,拜托啦。
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