LCGIR :: Volume #49

#4863: Floating moon/month

„...... Won't really have?” “不……不会真的有吧?” On the face that turns over to gives birth wild with joy, in the heart shouted lowly, quick, that fragrant root was a day of raising thing, my Human Race will only have the twinkling opportunity to obtain, misses the later fragrant root to belong to the world.” 归兮的脸上生出狂喜,心中低呼道,“快,那香根乃天养之物,我人族仅有瞬息机会得到,错过之后香根就会归于天地。” The slit is not big, is only more than hundred zhang (3.33 m), in unexpectedly some running water sounds. 缝隙不大,仅有百余丈,内中居然有些流水声音。 The fragrant cocoon arrives at the place of slit, has not waited to pass through, the human form outline vanishes immediately, changes to the cocoon shape to drop as before. 香茧到得缝隙之处,还不等穿过,人形轮廓立即消失,依旧化作茧状跌落。 Hehe ~ “呵呵~” Turns over to see that 归兮见状 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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