LCGIR :: Volume #49

#4862: The fragrant cocoon, bans, 7 to return to the unrefined resin fragrant

However, did not wait just to dress the good Xiao Ming identification direction, rumbling ~ around mountain range collapsed, great hands plunged Xiao Ming, obviously wanted to strangle this intruder! 但是,不等刚刚穿戴好的萧明辨认方向,“轰轰~”山脉四周崩溃,一个个巨手扑向萧明,显然想要扼杀这个闯入者! Xiao Ming in great surprise, wants not to wave to resist, wū wū ~ flames give birth, keep off before the great hand. 萧明大惊,想也不想挥手抵挡,“呜呜~”一道道火光生出,挡在巨手之前。 Puff ~ “噗噗~” The flame is extremely weak, several were hit by the great hand annihilates. 火光太过微弱,几下就被巨手打得湮灭。 Xiao Ming has a look at all around, the hurried stimulate to motion figure runs away, he escapes goes see everywhere 萧明看看四周,急忙催动身形逃遁,他边逃边是四处探看 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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