LCGIR :: Volume #49

#4864: Incense stick|Fragrant shape Bodhisattva

He, even if must extinguish kills me and others, can still wait for to seal/confer God to fight to open? Liu Xiangzu has self-respect, will not make the so rash action absolutely!” “他即便要灭杀我等,也得等封神大战揭幕吧?刘香祖爱惜羽毛,绝对不会做出这般莽撞之举!” The floating moon/month is saying, the vision observes closely to turn over to stubbornly, said every single word or phrase, „, therefore I quietly return, finally? I saw here opening that to seal/confer God fights, saw you...... disappoint my affection.” 飘月说着,目光死死盯住归兮,一字一句道,“所以我就悄然返回,结果呢?我在这里看到了封神大战的揭幕,也看到了你……辜负我的情意。” „It is not, is not ~ “不是,不是~” Turned over to smile bitterly, quickly beckoned with the hand saying that „ I have not changed to your affection 归兮苦笑了,急忙摆手道,“我对你的情意没有变的 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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