KW :: Volume #7

#7: Shock

Lanshan Town. 蓝山镇。 In the morning the small town of seems very peaceful, the person of getting up early are not many, azure stone Zhuanpu on path, when one team of horse-drawn vehicles walk forward creaking sound that hears. 清晨时分的小镇显得十分安静,早起的人并不多,青色石砖铺成的道路上,只有一队马车向前行走时传来的嘎吱声。 The townspeoples swept one, was is busy at own matter. 镇民们只是扫了一眼,便是自己忙自己的事了。 The teams of this more than 20 people, on the middle carriage are carving the complex trace, obvious non- rich is expensive . Moreover the body of knights, divulged that the Expert aura, looked is not affable. 这种约有二十多人的队伍,中间马车上雕着复杂的纹路,明显非富即贵,而且骑士们的身上,都透漏出强者的气息,一看就不好惹。 Lenah, your soul is very chaste, to Holy See, the archbishop will certainly recognize very your.” “琳娜,你的灵魂十分纯洁,到了教廷,大主教一定会十分赏识你的。” The middle-aged man who in the carriage, in the surface brings the warm smiling face is saying with a smile. 马车中,面上带着温煦笑容的中年男子笑着道。 I do not want to become the person of any Holy See, Hanno deacon Sir, please put me to go back, I only want reunite with my newly-born son and husband.” “我不想成为什么教廷的人,安诺执事大人,请您放我回去吧,我只想与我刚出生的儿子以及丈夫团聚。” The female named Lenah is pale, in a soft voice sorrowful Seeking the Dao. 名叫琳娜的女子脸色苍白,轻声哀求道 Has such talent, Holy See, if missed, that is not only your loss, is the loss of Holy See.” “拥有这样的天赋,教廷若是错过了,那不仅仅是你的损失,更是教廷的损失。” Hanno manages to say with a smile. 安诺执事笑道。 Lenah lowers the head, she knows that said anything is useless. 琳娜低下头,她知道说什么都没用。 Encountered after two people initially, was doomed oneself unable to evade. When the present person every is looking at her one time look, seems like appreciating a perfect artware, that type excitedly and makes the person mind tremble greedily. 从当初无意间两人遭遇后,便注定了自己无法躲过。眼前之人每一次望着她时的眼神,就像是在欣赏一件完美无瑕的艺术品,那种兴奋与贪婪让人心灵颤栗。 She does not know that the opposite party must make anything, but the faint premonition, is not so wonderful. 她不知道对方到底要做什么,但是隐隐中的预感,却并不那么美妙。 Hanno manages to notice that the opposite party did not speak, pursed the lips to smile , was peaceful. 安诺执事看到对方不说话,抿嘴笑了笑,也是安静下来。 He can think of the archbishop, if sees the present woman, excitement in his heart, but oneself following status, reward, incomparable richness. 他能够想到大主教若是看到眼前的女人,其心中的激动,而自己接下来的地位,奖励,也将无比的丰厚。 This is the life will be earth-shaking, an opportunity of changing the world. 这将是自己人生翻天覆地,改天换地的一次机会。 Creaks!” “嘎吱嘎吱!” The car(riage) wheel-pressure crosses the rock road, spreads the low and deep sound, all appear as if are very peaceful. 车轮压过石路,传出低沉的声音,一切都显得似乎很安静。 Actually at this time. 却在这时。 Cry!” “唳!” The sky of small town, the sharp warbling resounds together suddenly. 小镇的上空,一道尖锐的鸟鸣声豁然响起。 The knights raise the head, the horse was frightened, the first hoof jumps, neighed loudly. 骑士们抬头,马儿受到惊吓,前蹄跃起,大声嘶鸣。 „Is that?!” “那是?!” Seventh-level demon beast iron hawk!!” “七级魔兽铁鹰!!” The knights in great surprise, make noise loudly shout, draws out the weapon. 骑士们大惊,出声大喝道,纷纷拔出武器。 Alert! Alert!” “戒备!戒备!” The chaotic cry resounds, the knights pupil contraction, instantaneous is intense, they are looking at the sky, that huge iron hawk is nervous extremely. 纷乱的叫声响起,骑士们瞳孔收缩,瞬间紧张起来,他们望着天空,那庞大的铁鹰心情紧张万分。 In this team, only then Captain of knight is the sixth-level soldier, that Hanno manages is the seventh-level magician, even so, facing the seventh-level demon beast iron hawk, still felt incapable. 这支队伍中,只有骑士的队长是六级战士,那位安诺执事则是七级魔法师,但即便如此,面对七级的魔兽铁鹰,依然感到一丝无力。 Demon beast compared with it ordinary human, even under the same step, still has the powerful advantage. 魔兽比之普通人类,即便同阶之下,依然拥有着强大的优势。 But quick, with the whereabouts of iron hawk, the people saw that hawk conducts the back a person who sits cross-legged. 但很快,随着铁鹰的下落,众人看到了那鹰背上盘坐的一个人。 On iron hawk has the person!!” “铁鹰上有人!!” They are shocked, this iron hawk was tamed unexpectedly. But this has not made them relax, instead was more anxious. 他们更加震惊,这只铁鹰竟然是被驯服的。但这并没有让他们松一口气,反而更紧张了。 The direction of iron hawk, obviously comes to them, represents Expert that hawk conducts the back to rush their. 铁鹰的方向,明显是冲着他们来的,也就代表那鹰背上的强者是奔他们的。 Cry!” “唳!” With a hawk cry, the huge sandstorm heads on, the knights block the face, avoids being injured by this sandstorm. 伴随着一声鹰鸣,庞大的风沙扑面而来,骑士们挡住脸,避免被这风沙所伤。 After the wind sound/rumor is tranquil, their anxious looks forward. 当风声平静下来后,他们紧张的向前看去。 Sees only that huge iron hawk to stand on the street, in eye sharp, during the expressions as if has to disdain. 只见那庞大的铁鹰立在街道上,眼中锐利,表情间似乎有着不屑。 But conducts the back in that hawk, that say/way sitting cross-legged person's shadow is shutting the eyes, did not speak, did not open eyes to visit them. 而在那鹰背上,那道盘坐的人影则是微闭着双眼,也不吭声,更不睁眼看他们。 This, this Sir, what thing do you block us to have?” “这,这位大人,请问您拦住我们是有什么事情吗?” Captain cautious inquiry of lead. 领头的队长小心翼翼的询问。 In carriage, has a woman?” “马车中,是否有个女人?” Qin Yi opens the eye, light Asking (the Dao). 秦逸睁开眼睛,淡淡问道 After looking at each other one, Captain is dignified, in the carriage has a woman, and managing Sir has the goal of this woman, he faintly is also clear. 对视一眼后,队长凝重起来,马车中是有一个女人,并且执事大人带这女人的目的,他也隐隐清楚。 Slightly after hesitant one next, Captain nods. 略微犹豫一下后,队长点点头。 Has!” “有!” Makes her come out!” “让她出来!” Qin Yi cold sound said. 秦逸冷声道。 The knight facial color stagnates, has not moved, in the meantime, the iron hawk opens mouth, the iron hook claw grasps in the ground, immediately the big piece brick bat disrupts, making him get up pale. 骑士面色一滞,没有动弹,就在此时,铁鹰张嘴,铁钩爪子抓在地面上,顿时大片砖块碎裂,让他脸色苍白起来。 What happened?” “发生了什么事情?” Hanno manages to lift the curtain, in the eye with the doubts, looks to here. 安诺执事掀开门帘,眼中带着疑惑,看向这里。 His appearance, making the knight relax immediately, the Qin Yi vision also turned to him. 他的出现,让骑士顿时松了口气,秦逸的目光也是转向了他。 , Qin Yi then saw clearly the female in that carriage, is younger brother's wife Lenah. 只是一眼,秦逸便看清了那马车中的女子,正是自己弟弟的妻子琳娜。 Really here!” “果然在这里!” His vision swift and fierce it, others do not know that this person of Holy See collects the soul pure person to make anything, he is actually clear. 他目光凌厉其,别人不知道这教廷的人收集灵魂纯净之人做什么,他却是一清二楚。 „Who are you?” “你是什么人?” Hanno also saw Qin Yi, the sinking sound drank Asking (the Dao). 安诺也是看到了秦逸,沉声喝问道 His facial color alert, the right hand has prepared for starting magic secretly. 他面色戒备,右手已是暗暗做好发动魔法的准备。 Makes the woman in carriage come out, I must lead her to walk.” “让马车里的女人出来,我要带她走。” Qin Yi cold sound said. 秦逸冷声道。 What?” “什么?” Hanno look changes, this woman is he is promoted the developed opportunity, how he possibly gives others. 安诺色变,这女人是他升职发达的机会,他怎么可能让给别人。 This not!” “这不!” But, his a few words have not said that Qin Yi that the hawk conducts the back has wielded the sword. 可是,他一句话还没说完,鹰背上的秦逸已是将战刀挥出。 Crash-bang!” “哗啦啦!” Indistinct within, in the ear has the underwater/splashing sound to thunder unexpectedly, again following close on, Hanno has not been responding, his body then ran upon by a flowing impact, the huge strength, makes him vomit blood immediately, the frame of that carriage is split up suddenly. 隐约间,耳中竟是有水声轰鸣,再紧跟着,安诺还未反应过来,他的身躯便被一浪浪冲击撞上,庞大的力道,当即让他吐血,那架马车的框架更是瞬息间四分五裂开来。 Eight, eighth-level soldier!” “八,八级战士!” In Hanno eyes flashes through the shock, was collapsed to fly. 安诺眼中闪过震惊,被崩飞出去。 Nearby Cavaliers is frightened, the crotch horse neighed unceasingly, wants to flee in abundance. 旁边的骑士队受惊,胯下马儿嘶鸣不断,纷纷想要逃离。 „!” “咣咣!” Swallowed several saliva, the knights are in the heart the fear. This mysterious Expert, was too fearful, but strikes, then killed Hanno to manage. 吞了几口唾沫,骑士们都是心中恐惧。这神秘强者,实在太可怕了,只是一击,便杀死了安诺执事。 Also is this matter, the mood vibrates, had not responded that has anything's Lenah, saw Qin Yi that the hawk conducts the back. 也是这事,心情震动,还没反应过来发生什么的琳娜,看到了鹰背上的秦逸 Hogue!” “霍格!” Her surprised calling out, was the great happiness. 她惊讶的叫道,紧接着便是大喜。 Un, Lenah, comes up!” “嗯,琳娜,上来!” The Qin Yi ice-cold look had the silk warming, the nod said in a soft voice. 秦逸冰冷的神色有了丝暖化,轻声点头道。 Lenah not hesitant, several cross in the past, then jumped onto the back of iron hawk. 琳娜没有犹豫,几步跨过去,便是跃上铁鹰的背。 Told the person of Holy See, this I can treat as time cross nothing happened.” “告诉教廷的人,这一次我可以当做什么都没有发生过。” But, if there are the next time, annoys the person of my Baruch family again, I will go to Kingdom Western city personally, asks your Popes to chat.” “但,若有下一次,再惹到我巴鲁克家族之人,我会亲自前往芬莱王国西城一趟,找你们的教皇聊聊。” In the knight heart the pressure is huge, but was killed a deacon by the opposite party, after going back, will also subject to a penalty inevitably. 骑士心中压力庞大,但被对方杀了一个执事,回去之后必然也会受罚。 „Is your excellency, who?” “阁下,是什么人?” He clenches teeth Asking (the Dao). 他咬牙问道 Hehe. Qin Yi smiled, in the vision brings wipes the cool color. “呵呵。秦逸笑了,目光中带着一抹冷色。 Told your above. I am.” “告诉你的上头。我是。” Dragon blood soldier! Horne Baruch.” “龙血战士!霍恩・巴鲁克。” Hears the dragon blood soldier four characters, the knight Captain shock is on the rise, then he then saw, Qin Yi that the hawk conducts the back, the figure changes, above a azure dragon scale covers, has Dragon's Tail, dragon corner/horn appears, the feeling of boundless vigorous strength, and Dragon's Tail releases. 听闻龙血战士四个字,骑士队长震惊抬头,然后他便看到,鹰背上的秦逸,身形变化,一层青色龙鳞覆盖其上,更有龙尾,龙角出现,磅礴的浑厚力量之感,以及龙尾释放而出。 Hiss hissing!” “嘶嘶嘶!” The crotch horse is frightened immediately, trembles, under this dragon prestige, kneels in the ground unexpectedly completely, the hanging down head. 胯下马儿顿时受惊,瑟瑟发抖,竟是在这股龙威下,全部跪在地面,低垂头颅。 Walked!” “走了!” Qin Yi coldly smiles, then racket crotch iron hawk. 秦逸冷冷一笑,然后拍拍胯下铁鹰。 Cry!” “唳!” The latter sounds, flutters to rush to the horizon. 后者鸣叫一声,振翅冲上天际。
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