KMD :: Volume #9

#880: Kills with one's own hand the foe!

Nearby Stone Building, is scattering Huang Jinnan, Human Race major Star Territory Supreme Talent. 石楼附近,散落着皇津南,还有人族各大星域天骄 Including Yin Yanan and the others. 包括殷娅楠等人。 The people are focusing attention on Nie Tian and Xing Bai the war. 众人都在注目着聂天邢柏的这一战。 The Huang Jinnan eye resurgence sends richly, wants to know that is Child of Stars Nie Tian, should in what way, cut to kill Xing Bai. 皇津南眼中兴致浓郁,也想知道身为星辰之子聂天,该以何种方式,将邢柏斩杀。 He believes that Nie Tian can certainly succeed. 他相信聂天一定能成功。 Because of Nie Tian, after all through Broken Star Ancient Temple Heavenly Gate bloody trial, seventh Child of Stars that thus becomes. 因为聂天,毕竟是通过碎星古殿天门的血腥试炼,从而成为的第七个星辰之子 He fully realizes the brutality of Heavenly Gate trial. 他深知天门试炼的残酷。 Other these other Star Territory Supreme Talent, is quite curious, wants to know that this by Broken Star Ancient Temple was recognized for the seventh Child of Stars fellow, actually to have any unusual place. 其余那些其它星域天骄,也极为好奇,也想知道这个被碎星古殿认定为第七个星辰之子的家伙,究竟有什么奇特之处。 Nie Tian, has not directed Star Boat, cannot use Flame Dragon Armor.” Yin Yanan frowns, a little worried at heart that is considering secretly. 聂天,没有使唤星舟,也不能动用炎龙铠。”殷娅楠皱着眉头,心里有点担忧,暗自思量着。 Mu Biqiong light snort|hum, said: Must show off power!” 穆碧琼轻哼一声,道:“非要逞强!” The Xie Wanting complexion is tranquil: Mortal Realm late stage, the match is Mysterious Realm middle stage, the middle has missed two ranks,...... Can succeed?” 谢婉婷脸色恬静:“凡境后期,对手为玄境中期,中间差了两个级别,到底……能否成功?” 12 handle spirit swords, handle Spirit Wisdom was gripped by Xing Bai in the palm. 12柄灵剑,一柄通灵的被邢柏攥在掌心。 Other handle handle spirit sword, flies from Xing Bai to the day, 11 handle spirit swords, fly suddenly void. 另外的一柄柄灵剑,从邢柏旁边飞向天,11柄灵剑,忽地虚空飞逝。 Bunch sword glow, weaves the sword glow net, sword glow is pliable but hard to break and sharp. 一束束剑芒,编织成剑芒网,剑芒柔韧而又锋利。 After several seconds, a giant sword net, the Xing Bai encirclement. 数秒后,一个巨大的剑网,就将邢柏环绕在内。 Note spirits!” “注灵!” Xing Bai shouted lowly, that handle Spirit Wisdom spirit sword, had obvious soul silk, the leisurely enters sword net. 邢柏低呼,那柄通灵的灵剑,有非常明显的魂丝,逸入剑网。 Sword net suddenly had intelligence. 剑网似突然有了灵性。 Xing Bai is raising that handle Spirit Wisdom spirit sword, strides comes to Nie Tian, sword net that a top of the head handle handle spirit sword surrounds, likely is a meat grinder, covers toward Nie Tian. 邢柏提着那柄通灵的灵剑,跨步向聂天而来,头顶一柄柄灵剑环绕的剑网,像是绞肉机般,朝着聂天覆盖而来。 Hanging congealing swordsmanship.” “悬空凝剑术。” Nie Tian cracks into a smile, recognizes this Sword Arts origin. 聂天咧嘴一笑,一眼就认出这种剑决的来历。 You have a cousin, named Xing Beichen?” Nie Tian asked. “你是不是有个堂哥,名叫刑北宸?”聂天笑问。 How has?” Xing Bai bursting out laughing. “是有如何?”邢柏哑然。 He then dies in my hands.” The Nie Tian smiling face is bright, two hands such as hold-up invisible great cauldron, holds up high. “他便死在我手中。”聂天笑容灿烂,两手如托浮着无形巨鼎,高高举起。 Gathers spirit......” “聚灵……” His innermost feelings meditate, contamination energy, gathers his palm from eight sides suddenly. 他内心默念,污秽的能量,忽从八方汇聚到他掌心。 Gigantic energy ball of light, congeals at the naked eye obvious speed, the inflation, flickers like the grinding pan. 一个硕大的能量光球,以肉眼可见的速度凝结,膨胀,瞬如磨盘。 This type Secret Technique, derives Heaven Holding Djinn similarly, he when Crack Space Domain, withstands the test. 这一式秘法,同样得自擎天巨灵,他在裂空域时,屡试不爽。 Crack Space Domain contamination energy, can take such method condensation as Spiritual Energy Ball, he believes that the Blood Burial Mountain Range contamination energy, can build up similarly. 裂空域的污秽能量,也能以这样的手段凝聚为灵气球,他相信血葬山脉的污秽能量,同样可以集结出来。 Does not have the accident, huger Spiritual Energy Ball, will shortly form. 不出意外,一个更为巨大的灵气球,顷刻形成。 This place contamination energy, surpasses Crack Space Domain several times to continue, making this Spiritual Energy Ball not only huger, internal promiscuous many Foreign Domain impurity, various clan aura, is even more strong. 此地污秽能量,超出裂空域十几倍都不止,使得这个灵气球不仅更为巨大,内部混杂的诸多外域杂质,各族气息,也愈发浓烈。 Spiritual Energy Ball of grinding pan size, multi-colored, the energy of internal mutually conflict, after rubbing to refine the congealment, such as is breeding the unpreventible storm. 磨盘大小的灵气球,五彩缤纷,内部相互冲突的能量,经过揉炼凝结,如在孕育着不可阻止的风暴。 Goes!” “去!” Grinding pan Spiritual Energy Ball, departs immediately, pounds to that sword net. 磨盘般的灵气球,顿时飞出,砸向那剑网。 The energy in Spiritual Energy Ball, conflicting, was ignited by Nie Tian again instantaneously, loudly rupturing. 灵气球之中,本就冲突的能量,再被聂天瞬间引燃,轰然爆裂。 A lot of different light, mixed with the violent aura, is blasting out from that Spiritual Energy Ball boundless. 千百道异光,掺杂着暴烈的气息,从那灵气球内磅礴炸开。 Xing Bai by the sword net that hanging congealing swordsmanship weaves, has not supported including one second, was exploded the smashing directly, innumerable sword glow stir up the powder in all directions. 邢柏以“悬空凝剑术”编织出来的剑网,连一秒都没撑住,直接就被炸成粉碎,无数的剑芒四处激散。 Bloodline! Life Strengthening!” 血脉生命强化!” Nie Tian that strong body, the muscle dragon knot, membrane scales, resembled from skin flesh the piece by piece give birth naturally, in the scales, the golden color and silver mysterious line, as if are bringing Gold-Devouring Insect and Bloodline true meaning of silver beetle, gloss that spills over, ice-cold and tenacious. 聂天那具本就强健的躯体,肌肉虬结,有一片片角质般的鳞甲,似从皮肉上天然生出,鳞甲之中,还有金色、银色的神秘线条,仿佛带着噬金虫和银甲虫的血脉真谛,泛出的光泽,冰冷而又坚韧。 Shouted!” “呼!” The eruption of life vitality, causes gathering to his contamination energy, intensifies suddenly. 生命气血的爆发,导致汇聚向他的污秽能量,陡然加剧。 Nie Tian not only does not fear, but also laughs, displays gathering spirit Secret Technique once more. 聂天不仅不惧,还哈哈一笑,又再次施展出聚灵秘术 Compared with formerly also wanted big Spiritual Energy Ball, instead a quicker congealment, new Spiritual Energy Ball, floats once more to Xing Bai. 一个比先前还要大的灵气球,反而更快凝结,新的灵气球,再次漂向邢柏 The Xing Bai face whiten, the person the sword unites, such as one bunch of sword glow, transfer hurriedly. 邢柏脸色苍白,人剑合一,如一束剑芒,急忙挪移开来。 Bang!” “轰!” His flying from place, the roof of that Stone Building, broad stone platform, giant stones, explode in addition. 他飞离处,那栋石楼的楼顶,宽阔的石台,加上一块块巨石,都爆炸开来。 Contamination impurity the thing of congealment, in all directions the sputtering, making the fulmination sound of that region lingering on faintly. 污秽杂质的凝结之物,四处溅射,使得那片区域的爆鸣声不绝于耳。 The Nie Tian extremely arrogant laughter, resounds suddenly. 聂天的狂妄笑声,陡然响起。 star light dodges, the Nie Tian form loses, next one flickers, direct flickers to move to the Xing Bai front. 星光一闪,聂天身影顿失,下一瞬,就直接瞬移邢柏的面前。 A section light green such as the branch of emerald, was grasped by Nie Tian in the hand, thorn to Xing Bai. 一截嫩绿如翡翠的树枝,被聂天抓在手中,刺向邢柏 Sword Arts! Seven kill!” 剑决!七杀!” Spirit Wisdom spirit sword in Xing Bai hand, the void thorn strikes, seven sword glow, all intelligential, such as snake. 邢柏手中的通灵灵剑,虚空刺击,七道剑芒,皆有灵性,如蛇而来。 Another 11 handle spirit swords, heart moves at will, some innumerable sword rain crash. 另外11柄灵剑,心随意动,有无数剑雨坠落。 Works as ding-dong!” “当当当!” The sword rain is dependents sword glow, on Nie Tian natural spirit armor, blossoms gold and silver florets. 剑雨为碎小剑芒,在聂天身上的天然灵甲上,开出一朵朵金银小花。 Sword rain pouring, is uncontrolled, sprinkles on the Nie Tian scales, but makes Nie Tian have the pain slightly. 剑雨倾盆,却不受控制,洒落在聂天鳞甲上,只是让聂天稍有痛感。 But by the Spirit Wisdom spirit sword, by seven was killed seven sword glow that Sword Arts forms, has own consciousness, to the eye of Nie Tian, the mouth and nose, the ear had not been punctured respectively by the scales coverage place. 但被通灵的灵剑,以七杀剑决形成的七道剑芒,却有着自己的意识般,分别向聂天的眼睛,口鼻,耳朵等没有被鳞甲覆盖处刺来。 sword glow , the Nie Tian facial features then has not transmitted the stabbing pain, has the tall and slender bloodstain to appear the facial features. 剑芒未至,聂天面容便传来刺痛,有细长的血痕显现面容。 Sword intent is swift and fierce! 剑意凌厉无匹! Chaotic turbulent flow!” “浑沌乱流!” The Nie Tian innermost feelings roared, various different Attribute energies, were centered on it, the riot welled up crazily. 聂天内心咆哮,各类不同属性的能量,以其为中心,暴乱狂涌。 Seven smart sword glow, enter the chaotic turbulent flow, crookedly twists the tune, resembles is difficult to lock Nie Tian, has been separated from the original path. 七道灵性十足的剑芒,一入浑沌乱流,就歪歪曲曲,似再难锁定聂天,脱离了原先的轨迹。 In Nie Tian hand that section of clear branch, then departs suddenly, such as the light, tears Space together, the straight thrust Xing Bai chest. 聂天手中那一截晶莹树枝,则是忽地飞出,如一道光,撕裂空间,直刺邢柏胸口。 Xing Bai that handle Spirit Wisdom spirit sword, sword sharp one bunch of cold brightness depart. 邢柏的那柄通灵灵剑,剑尖一束寒光飞出。 Bang!” “砰!” Clear branch flying upside down turns over, is hidden in the Nie Tian sleeve cuff. 晶莹树枝倒飞而归,在聂天袖口隐没。 The Nie Tian eye hides has not moved, Stars Flash again changes, ghosts and demons to Xing Bai behind. 聂天眼皮子都没动一下,星烁再变,鬼魅般到了邢柏后方。 The chaotic turbulent flow takes advantage of opportunity to submerge Xing Bai. In the Nie Tian two hands palm, seemed to be that the innumerable star light gatherings, form two star light bright formation respectively. 浑沌乱流顺势淹没邢柏。在聂天两手掌心,似有无数星光汇聚,各自形成两个星光熠熠的法阵 Stars formation such as two marks, after one left one, seal to the Xing Bai back of the body. 星辰法阵如两个印记,一左一后,印向邢柏后心。 When Xing Bai has a big shock, turns around, Stars formation already twinkling, but. 邢柏大惊失色,转身之际,星辰法阵已瞬息而至。 He uses the spirit sword to melt without enough time, can only passively by Spiritual Power light shield firmly resist, but in that is used to resist the contamination energy in the light shield, suddenly are many many sea-monster sword shades. 他都来不及动用灵剑化解,只能被动地以灵力光盾硬抗,但在那用来抵御污秽能量的光盾之中,却忽地多出许许多多的游鱼般的剑影。 Stars formation has pressed. 星辰法阵还是按了下来。 Mysterious Stars Secret Technique, such as is including two star sea, erupts above that light shield. 神秘的星辰秘法,如囊括着两个星海,在那光盾上方爆发。 Dazzling and intoxicating star light, brightly, Xing Bai light shield, in which sword shade, the likely melted snow and ice, disappear all of a sudden. 令人目眩神迷的星光,灿然而出,邢柏的光盾,其中的剑影,像是被消融的冰雪,一下子就不见了。 After Nie Tian inflation, such as the hill body, the shell layer on layer hits Xing Bai. 聂天膨胀后,如小山般的躯体,炮弹般重重撞击到邢柏 In the Xing Bai mouth the blood sprays, flies upside down suddenly. 邢柏口中鲜血喷洒,猛然倒飞。 Drop of blood essence, burns in the Nie Tian heart place. 一滴精血,在聂天心脏处燃烧。 Thump!” “咚咚咚!” Richer contamination energy, the several fold gathering comes, the Nie Tian imposing manner, such as is throwing over the ominous beast of person skin, tags along after Xing Bai to chase down to go. 更为浓郁的污秽能量,数倍汇聚而来,聂天气势更甚,如一头披着人皮的凶兽,尾随着邢柏追杀而去。 11 handle spirit swords, fly back one by one, intercepts Nie Tian. 11柄灵剑,逐个飞回,去拦截聂天 Nie Tian makes a fist, a fist then fist pounds. 聂天握拳,一拳接着一拳砸来。 That handle handle spirit sword, was pounded after by a Nie Tian fist strikes, every iron waste copper, is suddenly curving, one by one crashes in the place. 那一柄柄灵剑,被聂天一拳砸击后,凡铁废铜般,陡然弯曲,一一坠落于地。 Mysterious Realm middle stage, mediocre!” 玄境中期,不过如此!” A Nie Tian final fist, transfer within the body many strengths, rumble in the Heaven Holding Anger way. 聂天最后的一拳,调用体内诸多力量,以擎天之怒的方式轰出。 This fist, the contamination energy, was scattered, in the fist vigor, transmits roaring of Heaven Holding Djinn faintly, roared, other people as if could not hear, the Xing Bai mind of actually shaking was defeated and dispersed. 此拳一出,就连污秽的能量,都被打散,拳劲内,隐隐传来擎天巨灵的咆哮,声声咆哮,其余人仿佛听不见,却震的邢柏心神溃散。 He strives to puncture that handle Spirit Wisdom spirit sword. 他勉力刺出那柄通灵灵剑。 But Item's Soul of that handle Spirit Wisdom spirit sword, as if by the Heaven Holding Djinn roaring sound scared out of one's wits, becomes low-spirited does not have up. 可那柄通灵灵剑的器魂,都仿佛被擎天巨灵的咆哮声吓破胆,变得黯然无光。 Heaven Holding Anger is bringing Dreadful Anger, is reposing Heaven Holding Djinn to the heaven does not submit to with angrily, bombing. 擎天之怒带着滔天怒意,寄托着擎天巨灵对苍天的不屈从和愤怒,轰炸而来。 „!” “蓬!” Spirit Wisdom spirit sword by rumbling throws other side, Xing Bai the body of flesh, after losing light shield, received that fist stiffly. 通灵灵剑被轰的抛落别方,邢柏血肉之躯,在失去光盾后,硬生生受了那一拳。 Xing Bai blasts open for everywhere blood rain suddenly. 邢柏猛然炸裂为漫天血雨。 Was too relaxed.” “太轻松了。” After Heavenly Gate trial, obtains the Broken Star Ancient Temple approval worthily, seventh Child of Stars!” “不愧是历经天门试炼,得到碎星古殿认可的,第七位星辰之子!” Strive to excel!” “好强!” He Mortal Realm!” “他才凡境啊!” These major Star Territory Supreme Talent that accompanies Huang Jinnan to come, the startled sound shouted lowly, to see the Demon ghost vision, was looking at him with amazement. 陪同皇津南而来的那些各大星域天骄,惊声低呼,以看到妖魔鬼怪般的目光,骇然望着他。 Huang Jinnan cannot help laughing, shakes the head saying: Your this fellow, victory not military. Bloodline of your within the body, feared that has 6-Step, the sole Bloodline strength, sufficiently fights with this person. Besides 6-Step Bloodline, you have in dantian Spirit Sea many Spiritual Power available, magic arts is also exquisite mysteriously, his can it be that your match?” 皇津南哑然失笑,摇头说道:“你这家伙,胜之不武啊。你体内的血脉,怕是有六阶,单单血脉的力量,就足以和此人一战。除了六阶血脉,你还有丹田灵海内诸多灵力可用,法决又精妙神奇,他岂是你对手?” „If there is not grasped, how I will insist that can kill him personally?” Nie Tian response. “要是没把握,我怎会坚持非要亲手杀他?”聂天回应。 Huang Jinnan smiled, said: Also right.” 皇津南笑了笑,道:“也对。” ...... …… ps: Makes up owes ~ ps:补欠~
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