KMD :: Volume #9

#881: Ancient sacrificial altar

The Huang Jinnan form dodges, then arrived at that handle Spirit Wisdom spirit sword place. 皇津南身影一闪,便到了那柄通灵的灵剑处。 He lifts the hand to grasp, that handle spirit sword, such as by the iron slab of magnet attraction, fell into his palm suddenly. 他抬手一抓,那柄灵剑,如被磁石吸引的铁块,忽落入他掌心。 The spirit sword expresses the low cry, trembling, is planning to work loose. 灵剑发出低鸣,颤栗着,欲图挣脱。 Huang Jinnan smiles in a low voice, the fingertip golden color ray, seeps to the sword blade edge. 皇津南低声一笑,指尖点点金色光芒,渗透到剑刃。 The low whining noise of that handle spirit sword, immediately stops, the spirit sword such as is hoodwinking 1-layer golden light, was gripped by him peacefully in the palm, resembles is tamed by it instantaneously. 那柄灵剑的低鸣声,立即停止,灵剑如蒙着一层金光,安静地被他攥在掌心,似被其瞬间驯服。 In sword Item's Soul, is first eight levels of Golden Horn Beast Beast Soul. Golden Horn Beast is [gold/metal] Attribute Variation Beast, integrates in the sword, can significantly promote the sharpness of this handle sword, is good Spirit Wisdom Item.” The Huang Jinnan two fingers gather, the finger is clamping the sword body, shot a look at Nie Tian one, said: Nie Tian, does this handle sword, give me to be good?” “剑内器魂,为一头八级金角兽兽魂金角兽为金属性异兽,融入剑内,能大幅度提升这柄剑的锋锐,算是一件不错的通灵器物。”皇津南两指并拢,指头夹着剑体,瞥了聂天一眼,笑着说:“聂天,这柄剑,让给我可好?” He for Five Elements Sect Gold Sect Branch God Child, practice Spiritual Power magic arts Attribute, is the mystery of [gold/metal]. 他为五行宗金宗一系神子,修炼的灵力法决属性,也是金之奥秘。 Spirit sword that handle eight levels of Golden Horn Beast Item's Soul move into, compared with is suitable he to use, this sword will fall into his hand, the might compared in the Xing Bai hand, even better. 那柄有八级金角兽器魂入驻的灵剑,比较适合他来使用,此剑落入他手,威力将会比在邢柏手中,更胜一筹。 Nie Tian said: You helped me clear away barrier, this sword turned over to you is.” 聂天道:“你帮我扫清了障碍,此剑归你便是。” Ha Ha, I will not occupy you to be cheap in vain.” Huang Jinnan long smiles one, from its Storage Ring, takes out a thing, throws to Nie Tian, takes away, this thing is also my occasional income, is only this thing and I am not suitable, I can see that you have also practiced flame magic arts, it is quite possibly suitable you.” “哈哈,我不会白白占你便宜。”皇津南长笑一声,从其储物戒内,取出一物,抛给聂天,“拿去,这东西也是我偶然所得,只是此物和我不适合,我能看出,你还修炼了火焰法决,它可能比较适用你。” Nie Tian received curiously, lowers the head looks, the discovery unexpectedly is a scarlet red tortoise shell. 聂天好奇接过,低头一看,发现竟然是一个赤红色的龟壳。 The tortoise shell only has the palm of the hand size, actually blazing incomparable, such as one group of flame combustion. 龟壳仅有巴掌般大小,却炽烈无比,如一团火焰燃烧。 On the tortoise shell, has the natural turtle mark, these marks wind likely are fire line, resembles to engrave some true meaning of flame strength. 龟壳上,生出天然的龟纹,那些纹络像是一条条火线,似镌刻着火焰力量的某种真谛。 „A nine levels of Scarlet Drill Turtle piece of tortoise shell, Scarlet Drill Turtle is not Desolate Ancient Era Ancient Beast, but this Scarlet Drill Turtle after 100,000 years layer upon layer enters the step, had nine levels of bloodlines, even if places Desolate Ancient Era, is the fierce fellow.” Huang Jinnan explained that this piece of tortoise shell, is my Five Elements Sect elder, when with its fight, flakes from it.” “九级赤练龟的一片龟壳,赤练龟不是荒古时代古兽,可这个赤练龟经过100000年时间的层层进阶,却拥有了九级的血脉,即便放在荒古时代,也是厉害的家伙。”皇津南解释,“这片龟壳,是我五行宗的一位长辈,和其战斗时,从它身上剥落下来。” Although is only a piece of tortoise shell, may is containing flame strength, is as before astonishing. The turtle mark on tortoise shell, includes marvelously, but is very difficult to understand.” “虽只是一片龟壳,可其中蕴藏着的火焰力量,依旧惊人。龟壳上的龟纹,也含有奇妙,只是很难参透罢了。” „A nine levels of Scarlet Drill Turtle piece of tortoise shell, compared with that handle spirit sword, the value is small, slightly will not be many, but also asked you do not shut out.” “九级赤练龟的一片龟壳,比起那柄灵剑,价值便是小一点,也不会小太多,还请你不要嫌弃。” Does not shut out, does not shut out.” Nie Tian he he smiles, this thing, suits me by chance.” “不嫌弃,不嫌弃。”聂天呵呵笑着,“此物,恰巧适合我。” The Scarlet Drill Turtle tortoise shell starts, Nie Tian anything has not done, when can induce dantian Spirit Sea Flame Vortex, rotating, from the tortoise shell, pulls out to faint trace Flame Energy unceasingly. 赤练龟的龟壳入手,聂天什么都没做,都能感应出丹田灵海火焰漩涡,旋动之际,不断地从龟壳内,抽离丝丝炎能 Scarlet Drill Turtle Flame Energy, pours into Flame Vortex, such as point sparks sinks, is speeding up quenching of Flame Vortex unexpectedly. 赤练龟炎能,注入火焰漩涡,如点点火星子沉落下来,竟在加快着火焰漩涡的淬炼。 He judges secretly, discovers this small piece of Scarlet Drill Turtle tortoise shell, even can help him, in a short time, Flame Vortex concise to peak. 他暗自判断,发现这小小一片赤练龟的龟壳,甚至能帮助他,在短时间内,就将火焰漩涡凝炼极致 Scarlet Drill Turtle that piece of tortoise shell, can render his assistance, compared with good fortune Flame Energy that in Nature Source's Well spout, is only not weak. 赤练龟的那片龟壳,能给予他的帮助,比造化源井内喷涌的造化炎能,都只强不弱。 As for Xing Bai that handle spirit sword, because of the thing of [gold/metal] Attribute , he even if has gathered, in the future also can only bring the transaction, can receive in exchange for Scarlet Drill Turtle tortoise shell kind suiting his spirit material, did not add certainly. 至于邢柏那柄灵剑,因为金属性之物,他即便收取了,将来也只能拿来交易,能否换取赤练龟龟壳这类适合他的灵材,还说不准。 You do not shut out well.” Huang Jinnan is situated in that golden Imperial Carriage, said: Was killed that person by you, the punishment is deserved, we have wasted the time on him, do not delay again.” “你不嫌弃就好。”皇津南坐落于那辆金色辇车,说道:“被你所杀那人,罪有应得,我们在他身上已经浪费了时间,就不要再耽误下去了。” Nie Tian nods, then the diving posture falls to Star Boat, said: Was good, we continue are.” 聂天点点头,便飞身落向星舟,说道:“好了,我们继续便是。” Huang Jinnan pushes to the front, is controlling golden Imperial Carriage, wanders in Stone Golem Race Main City. 皇津南一马当先,操控着金色辇车,又在石人族主城游荡开来。 Obtains Nie Tian of Scarlet Drill Turtle tortoise shell, uses Star Boat, is following him, while diverts attention to refine the Scarlet Drill Turtle that tortoise shell strength of remaining. 得到赤练龟龟壳的聂天,一边动用星舟,跟随着他,一边分心去提炼赤练龟那片龟壳中的余留之力。 He discovers in this piece of tortoise shell, not only there is blazing Flame Energy, some vitality strength remain. 他发现这片龟壳内,不仅有炽烈炎能,还有部分气血之力残留。 He, by Life Bloodline Life Drain, buys in that some Scarlet Drill Turtle vitality strength silently, immediately was nibbled by Life Bloodline crazily cleanly. 他默不作声地,以生命血脉生命汲取,将那部分赤练龟气血之力吸纳,立即被生命血脉疯狂蚕食干净。 At once, he one continuously, from the Scarlet Drill Turtle tortoise shell, extracts this 9-Step Scarlet Drill Turtle Flame Energy. 旋即,他就一缕缕地,从赤练龟龟壳之中,抽取这九阶赤练龟炎能 Flame Energy emerges, changes into point fire glow, sinks Flame Vortex, Vortex rotating, such as was being washed by the unique flame, the inflation is gradually liberal. 炎能涌入,化为点点火芒,沉落火焰漩涡,漩涡旋动着,如被独特的火焰洗涤着,渐渐膨胀阔大。 Meanwhile, he also has the free time, calls Dark Soul Bead. 与此同时,他还有闲工夫,将冥魂珠唤出。 Soul Consciousness flies into together, his suddenly surprisingly discovered that Dark Soul Bead that is corresponding the Blood Burial Mountain Range map, already clearly to degree of enough identification. 一道灵魂意识飞入,他突然惊奇地发现,冥魂珠那一幅对应着血葬山脉的地图,已经清晰到足够辨认的程度。 He in the map, found his localization first, saw the Stone Golem Race Main City outline. 他在地图内,先找到自己的定位,看到了石人族主城的轮廓。 Flutters numerously in the Stone Golem Race Main City ominous soul, bought by Dark Soul Bead one by one, the disorderly memory cross references, give the clear portray this place, but......” “众多飘荡在石人族主城的凶魂,被冥魂珠逐个吸纳,许多凌乱的记忆相互对照,将此地给清晰刻画而出……” His that wisp of thought that in the Dark Soul Bead internal map, searching. 他的那一缕念头,在冥魂珠内部的地图内,搜寻着。 Suddenly wonderland, was noted by him. 忽然一个奇地,被他注意到。 That is the six places of Stone Building standing in great numbers, six Stone Building center, the broad squares, in the square are standing erect many Stone Pillar. 那是六座石楼林立之地,六座石楼中央,有一个宽阔广场,广场上竖立着很多石柱子。 The map sketchily draws to carve this place, may have the white luminous spots in this place, dense and numerous is surging, these white luminous spot Nie Tian only looked, approximately guessed that should be the corpse ghost. 地图只是粗略绘刻出此地,可在此地有一个个白色光点,密密麻麻的涌动着,那些白色光点聂天只看了一下,就大致猜测出,应该是尸鬼。 The innumerable corpse ghosts, gather to square, in Stone Pillar activities, quite strange. 无数尸鬼,汇聚向广场,在一根根石柱子活动,颇为奇异。 He compares position that oneself are, that six Stone Building central squares, have distinguished a while, had found the direction. 他对照自己所在的位置,还有那六座石楼中央的广场,辨别了一会儿,就找到了方向。 His soul thought returned, has hesitated, suddenly said to Huang Jinnan: How do I dominate the direction?” 魂念回归,沉吟了一下,突然对皇津南说道:“我来主导方向如何?” Huang Jinnan of team front line, has gawked obviously staring, postpones golden Imperial Carriage the speed, strange saying: What has to discover?” 队伍最前方的皇津南,明显愣了愣,放缓金色辇车的速度,奇道:“可是有什么发现?” Nie Tian nods. 聂天点头。 Huang Jinnan eye one bright, said joyfully: So just right!” 皇津南眼睛一亮,欣然道:“如此正好!” He does not doubt the Nie Tian's excuse, thinks Nie Tian, since dares to dominate the direction, has taken advantage inevitably. At this time, they have also loafed in Stone Golem Race Main City the period of time, he also merely from within the well of that feminine Demon protection, found a valuable thing. 他毫不怀疑聂天的说辞,认为聂天既然胆敢要主导方向,必然有所依仗。这时候,他们在石人族主城也游荡了一阵子,他也仅仅只是从那女性妖魔守护的井内,找到点有价值的东西。 He also in worry, this Stone Golem Race Main City, spirit material of hideaway actually where. 他还在烦恼,这座石人族主城,隐藏的灵材究竟在何处。 „!” “咻!” Star Boat intensifies suddenly, flies to the team front line directly, Nie Tian according to the direction that in the heart plans, is adjusting the position, leads the vanguard of people. 星舟陡然加剧,直接飞逝到队伍最前方,聂天根据心中规划出来的方向,调整着位置,主导众人的前行。 Item(s) of behind headed by golden Imperial Carriage, with lightning speed, one by one follows. 后面以金色辇车为首的器物,风驰电掣,一一追随。 Bang!” “轰隆隆!” The extremely far place, transmits sad thundering faintly, such as everything may become vulnerable. 极远之处,隐隐传来沉闷的轰鸣,如地动山摇。 These bellows, to Stone Golem Race Main City that they are, including Blood Burial Mountain Range, as if there is very far distance, as if transmits from the Fragmentary Destroyed Battlefield deep place. 那些轰鸣声,离他们所在的石人族主城,包括血葬山脉,似乎都有很远的距离,仿佛从碎灭战场的深处传来。 Huang Jinnan looked that to position that the sound conveys, complexion slightly obviously dignified, said: Feared that has Void Domain and Saint Domain rank, or alien race fights of eight level and 9-Step. This great sound, can be separated by such far transmission to come, indicates the fearfulness of battle. The Fragmentary Destroyed Battlefield deep place, decided however had the bloody battle, hopes that cannot affect us.” 皇津南看向声音传来的位置,脸色稍显凝重,说道:“怕是有虚域圣域级别,亦或者八级、九阶的异族战斗。这种宏大的声音,能相隔如此之远传递而来,足见交战者的可怕。碎灭战场的深处,定然有了血战,希望不会波及到我们。” Other hear abnormal noise, is secretly anxious, once for a while looked to position that the sound resounds. 其余听到异响者,也暗自紧张,时不时看向声音响起的方位。 Although Nie Tian is surprised, but has not cared, in waiting and seeing all around scene, is comparing the map in Dark Soul Bead, the small scope is adjusting the direction. 聂天虽然惊讶,但并没有放在心上,还是在观望着四周场景,对照冥魂珠内的地图,小幅度地调整着方向。 After entire double-hour. 整整一个时辰后。 Six about hundred meters Stone Building, appear at present in the people, that six Stone Building, are higher than a big truncation compared with other Stone Building obviously. 六座近百米的石楼,在众人眼前浮现出来,那六座石楼,比别的石楼明显高出一大截。 Six Stone Building center, is the broad square, seemed the past Stone Golem Race clansman, held the sacrificial offering to use, in square giant Stone Pillar, the mysterious sacrificial altar existed. 六座石楼中央,则是宽阔的广场,仿佛是当年石人族的族人,举办祭祀所用,广场一根根巨大的石柱子中间,还有神秘的祭台存在。 Several hundred corpse ghosts, wander near square, around Stone Pillar unconsciousness activities. 数百尸鬼,游荡在广场附近,绕着一根根石柱子无意识活动。 In Stone Pillar, other designs, carefully look, these designs clearly are the formidable ominous souls, was fettered. 石柱子上,还有其它的图案,仔细去看,那些图案分明是强大的凶魂,被束缚在内。 Nie Tian looked at one sketchily, discovered that Stone Pillar has 18, each Stone Pillar, some numerous ominous souls is hovering, resembles is prohibited, was rearing in a pen. 聂天粗略看了一眼,就发现石柱子有18根,每一根石柱子,都有众多凶魂在其中游动着,似被封禁,又似被圈养着。 All the way the ominous soul, the corpse ghost, quantity must go far beyond them to meet, and is more formidable. 凶魂,尸鬼,数量要远远超过他们一路上所遇的,且更为强大。 Except for ominous soul and corpse ghost, on that mysterious sacrificial altar, peripheral, but also is building the countless skeletons, from the skeleton build, there is an alien race, may more is Human Race. 除了凶魂和尸鬼,在那神秘的祭台上,周边,还堆砌着数不尽的骸骨,从骸骨体型来看,有异族,可更多的则是人族 The Stone Golem Race clansman, in some ancient age, as if by the alien race and Human Race skeleton, has held a large-scale sacrificial offering. 石人族的族人,在某个古老的年代,仿佛以异族和人族的骸骨,举办过一次大型祭祀。 Takes the alien race and Human Race skeleton as the sacrificial offering, resembles in imploring Heaven, or the demon god in myth, shelters their clan. 以异族、人族的骸骨为祭品,似在祈求上苍,亦或者神话中的魔神,庇护他们一族。 Here, fears is in the city the most important place.” Huang Jinnan the eyes reveals look of surprise, making Nie Tian do not approach eagerly, comes to search to observe by him, actually will have a look to have anything. “这儿,怕是城池内最重要的地方。”皇津南目显异色,让聂天不要急于靠近,由他来率先探察一番,看看究竟会有什么。 After Nie Tian nod, uses Heavenly Eye secretly, Life Bloodline, goes to the sensing. 聂天点头之后,也暗自动用天眼,还有生命血脉,去感测内中奇奥。 ...... ……
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