KMD :: Volume #8

#707: Direction direction

When Nie Tian's wisp of Soul Consciousness, moves into Dark Soul Bead that Star Chart, had the discovery instantaneously. 聂天的一缕灵魂意识,入驻冥魂珠那幅星图时,瞬间就有了发现。 Flame God Temple bottom deep place, remnant soul that departs from that furnace, in a that Star Chart special region. 炎神殿地底深处,从那熔炉内飞出的残魂,在那幅星图的一片特殊区域。 That special region, is in that palace, Broken Star Ancient Temple that large-scale Space Transmission Formation, fourth Space coordinate the place of connection. 那片特殊区域,就是那座宫殿内,碎星古殿那座大型空间传送阵,第四个空间坐标的连接之处。 There, exactly is the Foreign Domain starry sky that Nie Tian is at now. 那里,也恰是聂天如今所在的外域星空。 That region, once was prohibited thousands of years, is wonderland that Star River Ancient Battleship is unable to navigate. 那片区域,曾经被封禁千万年,是星河古舰都无法航行的奇地 His Soul Consciousness, after going down to that region, that region as if suddenly was enlarged did not have the several fold. 他的灵魂意识,深入那片区域以后,那片区域就仿佛被突然放大了无数倍。 He at that time in the Flame God Temple bottom, the little dim light that found from Dark Soul Bead, became gigantic dark light ball. 他当时在炎神殿地底,从冥魂珠内瞧见的一点点幽光,也都成为硕大的幽暗光团 He knows faintly that stems from Evil Dark Race mysterious Star Chart, the luminous spot of sparkle, is representing domain stars, the black luminous spot, is representing deathly stillness stars domain. 他隐隐知道,那幅出自邪冥族的神秘星图内,闪耀的光点,代表着一个域界星辰,黑色光点,则是代表着死寂的星辰域界 The dark luminous spot, actually the unknown origin, massively exists in Star Chart that special region. 幽暗光点,却不明来历,大量存在于星图中那片特殊区域。 Now when the little dim light, in his wisp of Soul Consciousness since, becomes enormous. 如今一点点幽光,在他一缕灵魂意识进入时,变得极大。 But these formidable remnant soul, pace back and forth the place of gathering, in a dark light ball place. 而那些强大的残魂,徘徊汇聚之地,就在其中一个幽暗光团处。 He guessed that several special remnant soul locales, have the unique merit. 他猜测,那几个特殊残魂所在处,定有独特之处。 Then, his wisp of Soul Consciousness, realizes the dazzling bright ray. 然后,他的那缕灵魂意识,又察觉到一点明耀光芒。 That dazzling bright ray, seems representing him...... 那点明耀光芒,仿佛代表着他本人…… In order to determine this point, he makes Qiao Yunxi control flame bird to fly once more, he stands in flame bird above, along with flame bird howling, realized really that dazzling bright ray, is fluctuating quietly the position. 为了确定这一点,他让乔昀曦再次驾驭“焰鸟”飞动,他站在“焰鸟”之上,随着“焰鸟”的呼啸,真的察觉到那明耀的光芒,悄然变幻着方位。 He understands at once, he in that Star Chart, there is an accurate coordinate position. 他旋即明白,他本人在那幅星图内,也有准确的坐标方位。 His coordinate position, with that group of dim light of that several formidable remnant soul accumulations, the great distance is extremely far. 他的坐标方位,和那几个强大残魂聚集的那团幽光,相隔极远。 So long as there is Star Chart to exist, has own coordinate, that locates coordinate, he can arrive. 但只要有星图存在,有自己的坐标,还有那处坐标,他就能抵达。 These special remnant soul locales, perhaps and Broken Star Ancient Temple has not related, is not Divine Fire Sect Yue Yanxi and the others the destinations, may have some marvelousness inevitably. 那些特殊残魂所在处,或许和碎星古殿没有关系,也不是神火宗岳炎玺等人的目的地,可必然有着某种奇妙。 Realized that this, he facial expression in flame bird fluctuates unceasingly, hesitates secretly. 认识到这点,他在“焰鸟”身上神情不断变幻,暗自犹豫。 Qiao Yunxi obeyed his referring to call, stimulates to movement flame bird to look for help everywhere, saw him to be lost in thought that also stopped, the doubts visit him. 乔昀曦听从他的指唤,催动着“焰鸟”四处活动了一圈,见他怔怔出神,也就停了下来,疑惑地看着他。 Partly after making a sound, Qiao Yunxi really could not bear, said: What direction did you find?” 半响后,乔昀曦实在忍不住了,道:“你找到什么方向没有?” Had a direction, but......” Nie Tian does not conceal, truth truth: There somewhat is perhaps mysterious, but searches the place of observing with your Divine Fire Sect, possibly does not have anything to relate. Moreover there leaves us to be very far, perhaps if we in the past, can be increasingly estranged with your Divine Fire Sect.” “有了一个方向,只是……”聂天也不隐瞒,实话实话:“那儿或许有些奥妙,不过和你们神火宗探察之地,可能没什么关系。而且那儿离我们很远,我们要是过去,兴许会和你们神火宗渐行渐远。” „Had you come?” Qiao Yunxi is stunned. “你曾经来过?”乔昀曦愕然。 Does not have.” “没。” Has not come, do you have the direction? How you know that the place does include marvelously?” “没有来过,你怎么有方向?你又怎么知道,有一个地方含有奇妙?” I in our Land of Fallen Star, from Evil Dark Race Star River Ancient Battleship, obtained this bead. In this bead, is hiding vast Star Chart, our region, is in the middle of that Star Chart part.” “我在我们陨星之地,从一艘邪冥族星河古舰中,获得了这枚珠子。在这枚珠子内,藏匿着一幅辽阔星图,我们脚下这片区域,就是那幅星图当中的一部分。” In that Star Chart, Evil Dark Race has labelled one specially, I can through own coordinate migration, rush to the place of Evil Dark Race labelling.” “在那星图内,邪冥族特意标注了一处,我能通过自身的坐标移动,赶往邪冥族标注之地。” His reply, lets Qiao Yunxi is very surprised, Great Elder invited you to come, was because Star Chart in your hand?” Qiao Yunxi inquired. 他的回答,让乔昀曦很是惊奇,“大长老邀请你过来,难道就是因为你手中的星图?”乔昀曦询问。 „It is not.” Nie Tian shakes the head. “不是。”聂天摇头。 Yue Yanxi invited him to come, because of his Broken Star Ancient Temple Inheritor status, Yue Yanxi had discovered in this place with the Broken Star Ancient Temple related thing, tirelessly, repeatedly will make Lei Tianqi urge him. 岳炎玺邀请他过来,是因为他碎星古殿传承者的身份,岳炎玺在此地发现了和碎星古殿有关的东西,才会不厌其烦地,一遍遍地让雷天启催促他。 Qiao Yunxi is poking the brow, the good silence, to say suddenly: You direct the direction!” 乔昀曦戳着眉头,好一阵沉默,突然道:“你指引方向吧!” Nie Tian one startled, you determined that can pass?” 聂天一惊,“你确定要过去?” I think that we and Great Elder were very difficult to converge.” Qiao Yunxi sighed one lowly, Bliss Mountain appeared, that slut had found Divine Fire Symbol, this can Bliss Mountain, through that Divine Fire Symbol, determined Great Elder position along the way. They will harvest new Divine Fire Symbol unceasingly, is tagging along after Great Elder, arrives in Great Elder to search the place of observing.” “我想,我们和大长老很难汇合了。”乔昀曦低叹一声,“极乐山出现了,那贱人又找到了神火符,这能够让极乐山的人,通过那一枚神火符,确定大长老的沿途方位。他们会不断收获新的神火符,尾随着大长老,抵达大长老探察之地。” Does not have Divine Fire Symbol, we lost the possibility that and Great Elder they converged.” “没有神火符,我们已经失去了和大长老他们汇合的可能性。” With its does not have the goal, drifts in all directions, might as well try one's luck, goes to you saying that the place has a look.” “与其没有目的的,四处漂泊,不如碰碰运气,去你所说之地看看。” Perhaps, will have the discovery of accident also perhaps.” “兴许,会有意外的发现也说不定呢。” Nie Tian has thought that also gave up and thought of Divine Fire Sect convergence, said: Good, our two go it alones, hope that will not bump into the Bliss Mountain person along the way once more.” 聂天想了一下,也放弃了和神火宗汇合的念头,道:“那好,我们两个单独行动,希望沿途不会再次碰到极乐山的人。” Only if the Void Domain powerhouse, otherwise there is my flame bird, we can withdraw easily.” Qiao Yunxi said proudly. “除非是虚域强者,不然有我的焰鸟在,我们都能轻易脱身。”乔昀曦傲然道。 Later, often takes out Dark Soul Bead by Nie Tian, is distinguishing the direction unceasingly, directs Qiao Yunxi flame bird speeds away. 之后,就由聂天不时取出冥魂珠,不断辨别着方向,指引乔昀曦的“焰鸟”疾驰。 They have been separated from the Bliss Mountain activity region gradually. 他们渐渐脱离了极乐山活动的区域。 ...... …… Saintess, does not have the trace of that girl, she not the position that goes to second Divine Fire Symbol to be.” On the horn shape meteorite, the named Feng Lu Profound Realm late stage powerhouse, the face darken, in the eye has filled together puzzled, our people, in the region that the Divine Fire Sect large unit leads the way, the search, has achieved nothing in all directions.” “圣女,没有那丫头的踪影,她没有去第二个神火符所在的位置。”一块棱形陨石上,名叫冯禄玄境后期强者,脸色阴沉,眼中充满了困惑,“我们的人,在神火宗大部队前行的区域,四处搜查,一无所获。” Could not find also normally.” Mu Biqiong is looking into the distance, looks at various countless kind of meteorites, said: That Divine Fire Symbol, she, since has not attained, she does not know Divine Fire Sect the place of vanguard, could not find new Divine Fire Symbol.” “找不到也正常。”穆碧琼眺望着远方,看着数不尽的各类陨石,道:“那枚神火符,她既然没有拿到,她就不知道神火宗的前行之地,也就找不到新的神火符。” After that Divine Fire Symbol loses, she and Divine Fire Sect Yue Yanxi, almost broke the relation.” “在那枚神火符失去后,她和神火宗岳炎玺,几乎就断了联系。” Meteorite that here scatters millions , the flame bird is also too quick, our manpower are also limited, when is not clear her intention and trend, wanted to find her, without doubt looked for a needle in a haystack.” “这里散落的陨石千千万万,焰鸟又太快,我们的人力也有限,在不清楚她的意图和动向时,想要找到她,无疑是大海捞针。” Feng Lu said regrettably: Girl talent is peerless, the small age, is Mortal Realm middle stage. Hundred years later, she could break through to Profound Realm late stage, even aspires to seize Spiritual Realm hopefully. This time cannot kill her, when she lives is returning to Wall Heavenly Star Territory, in the future, she can definitely be your lifetime archenemy.” 冯禄遗憾地说道:“那丫头天赋绝伦,小小年纪,便是凡境中期。百年后,她或许能突破到玄境后期,甚至有希望问鼎灵境。这次没能杀了她,等她活着返回垣天星域,在将来,她必然会是您的毕生大敌。” Our Bliss Mountain and Divine Fire Sect, always do not gather, between you and her, feared that must fight the millenniums.” “我们极乐山神火宗,向来不合,你和她之间,怕是要争锋千年。” Mu Biqiong said indifferently: I will fear she is inadequate?” 穆碧琼淡然道:“我难道会怕了她不成?” Feng Lu smiled awkwardly, asked: Saintess, now what to do should we?” 冯禄尴尬地笑了笑,又问:“圣女,我们现在该怎么办?” Did not need to pay attention to her, we also as soon as possible and large unit converged. Since our Bliss Mountain can obtain the news, knows that this region had the change, can enter searches to observe, other Sect influences, might catch up.” Mu Biqiong said slowly: If we bump into several other sides carelessly the key forces, we must be buried in this.” “不用理会她了,我们也尽快和大部队汇合。我们极乐山既然能得到消息,知道这片区域发生了变化,已能够进入探察,其它宗门势力,也有可能赶来了。”穆碧琼缓缓说道:“要是我们不慎碰到其它几方的核心力量,我们也要葬身于此。” Yes.” “明白。” ...... …… Time in a hurry, in an instant in three months. 时间匆匆,转眼就过了三个月。 This period of time, Nie Tian is directing flame bird, all day long is speeding away to hurry along. 这段时日,聂天指引着“焰鸟”,终日在疾驰赶路。 In this period, he often by the Soul Consciousness sensing, but actually cannot search for any life aura. 期间,他不时以灵魂意识感测,但却未能搜寻到任何的生命气息。 This piece once was prohibited thousands of years the mysterious regions, already forgot likely, not having the life race to move into, does not have any valuable spirit material and efficacious medicine, the several hundred every large or small meteorites of process, resemble all the way are mined completely, did not discover. 这片曾经被封禁千万年的神秘区域,像是早就被遗忘了,没有生命种族入驻,也没有任何有价值的灵材和灵药,一路上经过的数百大大小小的陨石,似被开采殆尽,毫无发现。 Nie Tian in these three months, except for occasionally is Qiao Yunxi points out the direction, in the day and night self-torture. 聂天在这三个月,除了偶尔为乔昀曦指明方向,就是在日夜苦修。 He after striding in Mortal Realm, that Spiritual Dan that has, is buying in Spiritual Power throughout. 他在跨入凡境以后,结出的那一枚灵丹,始终在吸纳着灵力 , He also will observe once for a while stars Vortex, Wood Vortex and Flame Vortex, that three Spiritual Power Vortex, have been possible for holding many three Attribute Spiritual Power. 时不时地,他也会观察星辰漩涡草木漩涡火焰漩涡,那三个灵力漩涡,已经可供容纳更多的三种属性灵力 This mysterious region, without all sorts of spiritual energy of heaven and earth available, but stars in vast star sea, actually through ancient times overflow Stars Energy. 这片神秘区域,没有种种天地灵气可用,可浩瀚星海内的颗颗星辰,却在亘古地外溢着星辰之力 Bottom of stars Vortex, takes root Star Lake Nine Stars Flower, constantly quietly is buying in Stars Energy, is growing continually. 星辰漩涡底部,扎根星湖九星花,无时无刻都在悄然吸纳星辰之力,持续生长着。 Is far?” Qiao Yunxi inquired. “还有多远?”乔昀曦询问。 Approached slowly, over one month, should be able to arrive in the goal.” Nie Tian replied. “慢慢接近了,再过一个多月,应该就能抵达目标了。”聂天答道。 Hope in position that you give, can discover, otherwise, we can only the old route return.” Qiao Yunxi knits the brows. “希望在你给出的方位,能够有所发现,不然的话,我们只能原路返回了。”乔昀曦皱眉。 The line, she by unique Item(s), drew to carve Star Chart. 一路行来,她以独特的器物,绘刻出了星图 In the place of Nie Tian direction, without any harvest, she will rely on the road, once more that Space Transmission Formation that returns to Lei Family to arrange, returns to Wall Heavenly Star Territory from there. 要是在聂天指向之地,没有任何的收获,她就会依循来时之路,再次回到雷家布置的那座空间传送阵,从那里回归垣天星域 Their this coming, have not ridden Star River Ancient Battleship, but relies on Lei Family that Space Transmission Formation. 他们这趟的过来,没有乘坐星河古舰,而是依赖雷家的那座空间传送阵 She must return to Wall Heavenly Star Territory, can only through Lei Family that Space Transmission Formation, undergo several relays again, can arrive. 她要回垣天星域,只能通过雷家的那座空间传送阵,再经过几次中转,才能抵达。 two people is once more silent, after several days dates, in crowded meteorite places, finds shining Star River Ancient Battleship suddenly. 两人再次沉默下来,数日后,突地在一块块密集陨石处,瞧见一艘金灿灿的星河古舰 That Star River Ancient Battleship, clearly suffered the heavy losses, the hull damaged is quite serious, some ship regions, but also had been caught by the meteorite, could not move. 那艘星河古舰,分明遭受了重创,舰体破损极为严重,船舰部分区域,还被陨石卡住了,动弹不得。 The great distance is extremely far, Qiao Yunxi hurriedly stops, said to Nie Tian: You induce, has a look to have the person to hide?” 相隔极远,乔昀曦就急忙停下,对聂天说道:“你感应一下,看看有没有人潜藏其中?” ...... …… The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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