KMD :: Volume #8

#708: Metal Stone Sect

Does not have the soul to surge , during the exist(ence) life trend, should not nobody ambush slightly.” “没有灵魂波荡,也不存在丝毫生命动向,应该没有人潜伏当中。” Nie Tian narrows the eyes to focus, releases Soul Consciousness, uses Life Bloodline to induce slightly, has given the answer. 聂天眯着眼,释放出灵魂意识,动用生命血脉略加感应,就给出了答案。 That is good.” Qiao Yunxi nodded, then felt relieved that controls flame bird to approach that shining Star River Ancient Battleship. “那就好。”乔昀曦点了点头,便放下心来,驾驭着“焰鸟”接近那金灿灿的星河古舰 All over the body as if Star River Ancient Battleship that becomes by the golden casting, the hull damages seriously, but also by meteorite card hosts, was been difficult to move. 通体仿佛由黄金铸造而成的星河古舰,舰体破损严重,还被一块块陨石卡主,再难活动。 When approaches to flame bird, Nie Tian carefully looked that can see numerous claw marks, has covered entirely the hull. 待到“焰鸟”临近,聂天仔细去看,能看到众多爪痕,布满了舰体。 These claw marks, just like the sharp knife blade iron hooks, some claw marks are quite obvious, but also some as if directly tear the hull, looks that made the person palpitation restless. 那些爪痕,犹如利刃铁钩,有的爪痕极为明显,还有的似乎将舰体直接撕裂开来,看着就令人心悸不安。 This Star River Ancient Battleship of unknown origin, probably by some giant beast attack.” Qiao Yunxi secret heart startled, „the casting Star River Ancient Battleship primary materials, as if are Gold Bright Stone! Gold Bright Stone is high-level 7 - Rank spirit material, the value not poor. Entire Star River Ancient Battleship, majority of material qualities, unexpectedly are Gold Bright Stone!” “这艘来历不明的星河古舰,好像是被某种巨兽袭击了。”乔昀曦暗暗心惊,“铸造这艘星河古舰的主要材料,似乎是金耀石金耀石乃是高级七品灵材,价值不菲。整艘星河古舰,大部分的材质,居然都是金耀石!” high-level 7 - Rank spirit material!” Nie Tian also slightly changes countenance. 高级七品灵材!”聂天也微微变色 He is very clear, high-grade spirit material and spirit stones, are quite rare in Place of Meteor, high-level 7 - Rank spirit material, is scarce. 他很清楚,高等级的灵材灵石,在陨星之地都颇为罕见,高级七品灵材,更是稀少。 High-grade spirit material and spirit stones, can be used to refine high-level Spirit Item, but can also serve as the Spirit Wisdom Supreme Treasure auxiliary material. 高等级的灵材灵石,能够用来炼制高级灵器,还能用作通灵至宝的辅材。 So many Gold Bright Stone, are used for casting Star River Ancient Battleship, perhaps that this Star River Ancient Battleship master, has the extremely astonishing inside story. 如此多的金耀石,都用来铸造一艘星河古舰,那这艘星河古舰的主人,恐怕有着极为惊人的底蕴。 In our Wall Heavenly Star Territory, few Sect, by high-level 7 - Rank spirit material, builds Star River Ancient Battleship completely. In the middle of many Star River Ancient Battleship, mixed with spirit stones and spirit material of different rank. Only the hull main part, will use high-level spirit material.” “在我们垣天星域,也没有几个宗门,全部都以高级七品灵材,去打造一艘星河古舰。很多星河古舰当中,都掺杂着不同等级的灵石灵材。只有舰体最主要的部分,才会使用高级灵材。” Qiao Yunxi is controlling flame bird, falls to that golden light shining Star River Ancient Battleship, hints Nie Tian to get down, separately inspection. 乔昀曦掌控着“焰鸟”,落向那艘金光灿灿的星河古舰,示意聂天下来,分头检查。 Nie Tian jumps down according to the word, two people moves separately, in this shining Star River Ancient Battleship, other regions searched for searching. 聂天依言跳落,两人分头行动,在这艘金灿灿的星河古舰内部,还有其它区域搜了搜。 After half quarter, two people berth converges in flame bird again. 半刻钟后,两人重新在“焰鸟”停泊处汇合。 „The central key position in cabin seriously destroyed, we are impossible to repair.” Qiao Yunxi frowns, said: I have not seen the trail of any life.” “船舱内的中央枢纽严重破坏了,我们不可能修复。”乔昀曦皱着眉头,说道:“我没有看到任何生灵的踪迹。” Nie Tian and her discovery are similar, except for this Star River Ancient Battleship itself, I have not discovered anything. Star River Ancient Battleship, since is the giant beast attack sinks, that...... If there is a life dead in battle, the corpse also tearing into shreds to swallow by the giant beast, will not leave behind the corpse.” 聂天和她的发现差不多,“除了这艘星河古舰本身,我也没发现什么。星河古舰,既然是巨兽袭击沉落,那么……如果有生灵战死,尸体也会被巨兽给撕碎吞下,连尸体都不会遗留。” I also think.” Qiao Yunxi nodded, hesitates half sound, said: This Star River Ancient Battleship, belongs to Gold Ocean Sect.” “我也是这么想的。”乔昀曦点了点头,沉吟半响,才说:“这艘星河古舰,属于金瀚宗。” Gold Ocean Sect?” Nie Tian is astonished, also your Wall Heavenly Star Territory Sect?” 金瀚宗?”聂天讶然,“也是你们垣天星域宗门?” „It is not.” Qiao Yunxi shakes the head, I from Sect some ancient ancient books, once had found the record about Gold Ocean Sect, this Sect does not belong to Wall Heavenly Star Territory. However, has Gold Ocean Sect Qi Refinement Warrior, has appeared and disappeared in our Wall Heavenly Star Territory. Passed on a message Gold Ocean Sect to have the Saint Domain powerhouse, from high-grade Star Territory, plan compared with our Wall Heavenly Star Territory Sect powerfully.” “不是。”乔昀曦摇头,“我从宗门的一些古老的典籍上,曾瞧见过关于金瀚宗的记载,这个宗门不属于垣天星域。不过,却有金瀚宗炼气士,在我们垣天星域出没过。传言金瀚宗圣域强者,来自更高等级的星域,要比我们垣天星域宗门强盛一筹。” Completely by high-grade Gold Bright Stone, Star River Ancient Battleship that builds, only has these inside story more terrorist Sect influences, has the possibility of casting.” “全部以高等级的金耀石,去打造的星河古舰,也唯有那些底蕴更为恐怖的宗门势力,才有铸就的可能。” Was a pity that this Star River Ancient Battleship unified whole, we do not have the means partition to carry off.” “可惜,这艘星河古舰浑然一体,我们没办法分拆带走。” Otherwise, solely is only remnant broken Star River Ancient Battleship, gets so far as Wall Heavenly Star Territory, can gain the rich reward.” “不然的话,单单只是残碎的星河古舰,弄到垣天星域,都能获取丰厚的报酬。” Star River Ancient Battleship was too huge, Storage Ring does not have the means to hold, this Star River Ancient Battleship is quenchinged by hard such as steel and iron Gold Bright Stone all over the body, is very difficult to open, strips in turn Gold Bright Stone. 星河古舰太庞大了,储物戒是没办法容纳的,这艘星河古舰通体由坚硬如钢铁的金耀石淬炼而成,也很难拆下来,分批将金耀石剥离出去。 Nie Tian two people looks at broken Ancient Battleship that anchors, had to plant to enter treasure mountain, actually cannot carry off any treasure the depressed feeling. 聂天两人看着停泊的残破古舰,有种进入了宝山,却不能带走任何宝物的沮丧感。 Could not repair, cannot the partition carry off Gold Bright Stone, that...... Only can discard?” Nie Tian said. “修复不了,又不能分拆带走金耀石,那么……只能舍弃?”聂天道。 Perhaps also can only discard.” Qiao Yunxi also is very helpless, „some discovery, had not expected with great difficulty, not only could not find the live person to ask about the situation, is unable to take away it, but also is really bad luck.” “恐怕也只能舍弃了。”乔昀曦也很是无奈,“好不容易有了点发现,没料到不但找不到活人询问情况,也无法将其带离,还真是倒霉。” In secret is annoying when her, prepares starts flame bird once more, in her eyes the different light dodges, said suddenly: Comes up quickly!” 就在她暗中懊恼,准备再次发动“焰鸟”时,她眼中异光一闪,突道:“快上来!” The Nie Tian diving posture falls into flame bird, induced slightly, the look also changes, has the person!” 聂天飞身落入“焰鸟”,稍稍感应了一下,神色也是一变,“有人!” The person who emits swiftly, not having deliberately/meticulously to cover up the soul to surge, can induce clearly. 倏然冒出的人,没有刻意遮掩灵魂波荡,能非常清晰地感应到。 Comes the person quantity to be numerous, he was sketchy the sensation, discovery several hundreds . Moreover the wide scope was dispersing, surrounds faintly that shining Star River Ancient Battleship that he and Qiao Yunxi were. 来人数量众多,他只是粗略感知了一下,就发现有数百之多,而且大范围分散着,隐隐将他和乔昀曦所在的那艘金灿灿的星河古舰包围住。 To! The place of Item(s) survey, in front!” “到了!器物探测之地,就在前方!” A loud and clear and excited sound, resounds through suddenly from a neighboring meteorite, afterward sees golden light bright Flight Spirit Item to roar. 一个洪亮而又激动的声音,突然从邻近的一块陨石后方响彻出来,随后就见一辆辆金光熠熠的飞行灵器咆哮而出。 Many Flight Spirit Item, appear from other region fiercely, changes into bunch of golden light, gathers rapidly. 更多的飞行灵器,从别的区域猛地浮现,化为一束束金光,迅速聚拢而来。 Metal Stone Sect.” Qiao Yunxi coldly smiles, has not worried to leave actually. 金石宗。”乔昀曦冷然一笑,倒是没有着急离开。 This is your Wall Heavenly Star Territory Sect?” Nie Tian means. “这个是你们垣天星域宗门?”聂天意味过来。 Un, Metal Stone Sect is only Three Sword Sect dependency Sect, Sect most powerhouse, is only Void Domain initial stage. That person year to year closes up, will not arrive at this place.” Qiao Yunxi when facing Metal Stone Sect, performance is also calm, has not treated Bliss Mountain terrified restless. “嗯,金石宗只是三剑宗的附庸宗门,宗门的最强者,仅为虚域初期罢了。那人常年闭关,绝不会降临此地。”乔昀曦在面对金石宗时,表现的还算是淡定,远没有对待极乐山时的惶恐不安。 She is Divine Fire Sect Young Sect Master, Divine Fire Sect is one of the Wall Heavenly Star Territory five sects, three families, shares the honor with Three Sword Sect. 她乃神火宗少宗,神火宗垣天星域五宗三家之一,和三剑宗齐名。 But Metal Stone Sect, merely is only the Three Sword Sect dependency influence, Metal Stone Sect in the Three Sword Sect status, is just like Lei Family in their Divine Fire Sect status. 金石宗,仅仅只是三剑宗的附庸势力,金石宗三剑宗的地位,好比雷家在他们神火宗的地位。 She as if knows, Metal Stone Sect only Void Domain initial stage powerhouse, certainly not possible appear(ance) in this, therefore was not worried specially. 她似乎知道,金石宗唯一的虚域初期强者,也绝无可能出现于此,所以不是特别担心。 hū hū hū!” 呼呼呼!” golden light bright Flight Spirit Item, run out one after another, quick loses that Gold Ocean Sect in this's Star River Ancient Battleship spheres. 一辆辆金光熠熠的飞行灵器,接连冲出,很快就将那艘金瀚宗遗落于此的星河古舰围住。 A Metal Stone Sect Spiritual Realm middle stage powerhouse, wears golden battle armor, powerful, in the eye is glittering greedy and hope. 金石宗一位灵境中期的强者,身披金色战甲,威风凛凛,眼中闪烁着贪婪和渴望。 Finally found!” He laughs, shouted loudly shouts to clear the way: We through that Item(s), seek the several months painstakingly, found here, excavates this Gold Ocean Sect Star River Ancient Battleship!” “终于找到了!”他哈哈大笑,放声吆喝道:“我们通过那件器物,苦寻数月,才找到这里,将这艘金瀚宗星河古舰发掘出来!” Several hundred Metal Stone Sect Qi Refinement Warrior, disperse on different Flight Spirit Item, rouses. 数百名金石宗炼气士,分散在不同的飞行灵器上,也都振奋不已。 Their Metal Stone Sect several hundred years ago, has harvested Item(s), Star River Ancient Battleship of that Item(s) from Gold Ocean Sect losing. 他们金石宗在数百年前,收获了一件器物,那件器物来自金瀚宗一艘遗落的星河古舰 After obtaining that Item(s), Metal Stone Sect in the Wall Heavenly Star Territory all parties domain ascertainment, has achieved nothing. 得到那件器物以后,金石宗垣天星域各方域界探知,都一无所获。 However, before more than one year, a Metal Stone Sect powerhouse accidentally passed by that piece by the Forbidden Land border, Item(s) in his hand suddenly had the induction. 然而,在一年多前,金石宗一名强者偶然路过那片被封禁之地的边沿时,他手中的器物突然有了感应。 He confirmed at that time, Star River Ancient Battleship that Gold Ocean Sect loses, in that piece by Forbidden Land. 他当时就确认,金瀚宗遗落的一艘星河古舰,就在那片被封禁之地 When initial, Metal Stone Sect does not dare to act rashly, but searches to observe quietly. 初始时,金石宗不敢轻举妄动,只是悄悄探察。 Afterward, they discovered that piece by Forbidden Land, after thousands of year time, there is a very big change, has been able to step. 后来,他们才发现那片被封禁之地,历经千万年时光后,有了很大的变化,已经可以涉足其中。 Metal Stone Sect is overjoyed, the Sect powerhouse completely leaves, comes to search for that losing Star River Ancient Battleship specially. 金石宗大喜过望,宗门强者尽出,专门过来搜寻那艘遗落的星河古舰 Their Metal Stone Sect and Gold Ocean Sect, do not have what origin actually, but Spirit Secret Art of two Sect practice, Attribute is consistent. 他们金石宗金瀚宗,其实并没有什么渊源,不过两个宗门修炼的灵诀,却属性一致。 They obtain that to stem from Gold Ocean Sect Star River Ancient Battleship Item(s), knows after that Star River Ancient Battleship exist(ence), had the thoughts, wants to seek that losing Star River Ancient Battleship not at any cost. 他们得到那件出自金瀚宗星河古舰器物,知道那艘星河古舰存在以后,就起了心思,想要不惜一切代价寻到那艘遗落的星河古舰 Well!” “咦!” Wears the golden battle armor tall and strong old man, the carefree laughter stops suddenly, finally has discovered Qiao Yunxi and Nie Tian two people. 身穿金色战甲的魁梧老者,畅快的笑声戛然而止,终于发现了乔昀曦聂天两人 Elder Mao, you come hurriedly, wants to do?” Qiao Yunxi cold -ly snorted and said. 茅长老,你们急匆匆过来,想干什么?”乔昀曦冷哼道。 Qiao, Miss Qiao!” Mao Mingyuan one dull, waves hurriedly, hints Metal Stone Sect other people patient, making them not worry to act unreasonably. “乔,乔小姐!”茅明远一呆,急忙挥手,示意金石宗的其他人稍安勿躁,让他们别着急乱来。 Many Metal Stone Sect Mortal Realm and Mysterious Realm Qi Refinement Warrior, saw that is well-known Wall Heavenly Star Territory „after flame bird, calms down instantaneously. 很多金石宗凡境玄境炼气士,看到那辆闻名垣天星域的“焰鸟”后,也瞬间冷静下来。 Flame bird the master, is Divine Fire Sect decided but not yet announced Young Sect Master, the status is aloof, this is the fact that entire Wall Heavenly Star Territory Qi Refinement Warrior knows. “焰鸟”的主人,为神火宗内定的少宗,身份超然,这是整个垣天星域炼气士都知道的事实。 Since Qiao Yunxi appear(ance) in this, then Divine Fire Sect person, most likely also in nearby. 乔昀曦既然出现于此,那么神火宗的人,十有八九也在附近。 She stands on that Gold Ocean Sect Star River Ancient Battleship now, wants from the Divine Fire Sect hand, takes that Star River Ancient Battleship, feared that isn't easy? 她如今又站在那艘金瀚宗星河古舰上,想要从神火宗手中,将那艘星河古舰拿下来,怕是没那么容易? Sister-in-law paternal grandmother, this Gold Ocean Sect Star River Ancient Battleship, we sought for several hundred years.” Mao Mingyuan puts on a long face, the nod bows in salute, cups one hand in the other across the chest again and again, said: Also asked you to spare and not punish too severely, gave our Metal Stone Sect this thing, we must have the generous thank-you gifts.” “小姑奶奶,这艘金瀚宗星河古舰,我们已经找寻了数百年。”茅明远哭丧着脸,点头作揖,连连拱手,说道:“还请您高抬贵手,将此物让给我们金石宗,我们必有厚谢。” „Did you look for several hundred years?” Qiao Yunxi came the interest, mentioned listens, how will you find here?” “你们找了数百年?”乔昀曦来了兴趣,“说来听听,你们怎会找到这里?” We obtained a thing, that thing...... Comes from present Star River Ancient Battleship. We in the Wall Heavenly Star Territory secret search, had not always discovered that a while ago an elder way stretch of region border, that thing had the response......” Mao Mingyuan to explain finally simply, said: Sister-in-law paternal grandmother, this Star River Ancient Battleship, the breakage is serious, you bring unable to carry off, does not have the means partition to come, might as well give us.” “我们得到了一物,那物……就来自眼前的星河古舰。我们在垣天星域秘密搜查,始终没有发现,前段时间一名长老途径这片区域边沿,那物终于有了反应……”茅明远简单解释了一句,说道:“小姑奶奶,这艘星河古舰,破损严重,你带也带不走,又没办法分拆开来,不如交给我们。” I cannot carry off, my doesn't Divine Fire Sect have the means?” Qiao Yunxi groans to say. “我带不走,我神火宗难道也没办法?”乔昀曦哼哼道。 This......” Mao Mingyuan hollow laugh, sighed: Sister-in-law paternal grandmother, you said to look, how can you be willing this thing, to give us Metal Stone Sect?” “这……”茅明远干笑一声,叹息道:“小姑奶奶,你说说看,你要如何才肯将此物,交给我们金石宗?” That must have a look in your hand, there are thing that can make me move.” Qiao Yunxi raises head, the facial expression is arrogant. “那就要看看你的手中,有没有能够让我动心的东西了。”乔昀曦仰头,神情傲慢。 Nie Tian visits her to blackmail Metal Stone Sect, innermost feelings smiles. 聂天看着她敲诈金石宗,内心一笑。 He is naturally clear, Qiao Yunxi and Divine Fire Sect lost the contact, two people is the go it alone. 他自然清楚,乔昀曦神火宗已经失去了联系,两人是单独行动。 If Metal Stone Sect can also determine this point, feared that is not good to speak, the meeting soldier is risking danger also perhaps. 金石宗要是也能确定这一点,怕是没有那么好说话,会兵行险着也说不定。 What what a pity is, Metal Stone Sect does not know this matter. 可惜的是,金石宗并不知晓此事。 Because the Qiao Yunxi status is aloof, Metal Stone Sect will be absolutely impossible to believe that Divine Fire Sect will make the Qiao Yunxi so important character, all alone drift everywhere. 因为乔昀曦身份超然,金石宗绝对不可能会认为,神火宗会让乔昀曦这般重要的人物,孤身一人到处漂泊。 Mao Mingyuan fears is not present Qiao Yunxi, but is Qiao Yunxi behind Divine Fire Sect, he is worried that the Divine Fire Sect person, momentarily can appear(ance). 茅明远怕的不是眼前的乔昀曦,而是乔昀曦身后的神火宗,他是担心神火宗的人,随时都会出现 He even thought that Qiao Yunxi discovered this Star River Ancient Battleship matter, subpoenaed to Divine Fire Sect, the Divine Fire Sect powerhouse will arrive soon then. 他甚至觉得,乔昀曦发现这艘星河古舰的事情,已传讯向神火宗,神火宗的强者不久便会降临。 If such, their Metal Stone Sect is seizes or kills Qiao Yunxi, must be annihilated. 若是那样,他们金石宗便是擒住或杀死乔昀曦,也要全军覆没。 ...... …… The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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