KMD :: Volume #8

#706: Flame bird

Nie Tian referring to place, for meteorite above hill of prominence. 聂天所指处,为陨石上方一个突起的丘陵。 You determined that has the person?” Qiao Yunxi does not believe that a suspicion of face. “你确定有人?”乔昀曦不太相信,一脸的怀疑。 Her realm is slightly better than Nie Tian, Soul Consciousness that but she releases, has not realized exceptionally. 她的境界聂天略高一筹,可她释放出来的灵魂意识,并未察觉到异常。 Nie Tian layer on layer nods, said in the extremely affirmative expression: Not only has the person, but also quantity are many, perhaps has dozens! Moreover my percentage hundred believe firmly that is the Human Race clansman! life blood energy of alien race, wants huge many, does not have like that frail!” 聂天重重点头,以极为肯定的语气说道:“不但有人,而且数量还不少,恐怕有几十个之多!而且我百分百确信,就是人族的族人!异族的生命血气,要庞大的多,没那般孱弱!” So long as is living, has the wisdom life race, constantly, can the dissipation two different fluctuations. 只要活着的,有着智慧的生命种族,无时无刻,都会散逸着两种不同的波动。 One type fluctuates for the soul, one type, is the fluctuation of life vitality. 一种为灵魂波动,还有一种,则是生命气血的波动。 Human Race Qi Refinement Warrior, regarding the soul fluctuation of life race, the sensation is exceptionally keen. 人族炼气士,对于生命种族的灵魂波动,感知异常敏锐。 However, regarding the life blood energy induction that the life race releases, Human Race must be by far inferior in the alien race. 但是,对于生命种族释放出来的生命血气感应,人族要远远逊色于异族。 The alien races are intrepid because of own flesh and blood, and has the unique bloodlines, their induction to the life blood energy, want clear many compared with Human Race. 异族因自身血肉强悍,且具备独特的血脉,他们对生命血气的感应,要比人族要清晰的多。 Because of this, Human Race when sensing peripheral, often through the slight fluctuation of soul, carries on nosing. 就是因为这样,人族在感测周边时,往往都是通过灵魂的细微波动,去进行查探。 The alien races try another method, by their powerful bloodlines, can careful in every way possible induce to the life blood energy trend. 异族则是另辟蹊径,以他们强悍的血脉,能细致入微地感应到生命血气的动向。 These two sensing ways, can the soul life of peripheral ambush seeking, are far from that type to have the superiority. 这两种感测方式,都能将周边潜伏的灵魂生命给找寻出来,谈不上那一种更有优势。 Life Bloodline that Nie Tian has, in the induction of life aura, has the superiority inborn! 聂天拥有的生命血脉,在生命气息的感应上,天生具备优势! He after Life Bloodline minutely examines, on discovery that giant meteorite, is hiding dozens weak life blood energy, has Human Race life blood energy, like that will be small and weak. 他以生命血脉细查后,就发现那块巨大陨石上,潜藏着几十股微弱的生命血气,也只有人族生命血气,才会那般弱小。 If the formidable alien race, his Life Bloodline response will be bigger, will be more obvious. 如果是强大的异族,他的生命血脉反应会更大,会更明显。 life blood energy of alien race, exuberant incomparable, such as the turbulent volcano, is in huge blood energy to surge throughout. 异族的生命血气,旺盛无比,如汹涌的火山,始终处于巨大的血气波荡中。 Qiao Yunxi stands in the flamingo backbone place, hesitates half sound, said: I believe your one time!” 乔昀曦站在火烈鸟背骨处,沉吟半响,道:“我信你一次!” So was saying, the flamingo under her body has not chosen first leaves, conversely, but also at a quicker speed, flushes away toward that giant meteorite. 这般说着,她身下的火烈鸟并没有选择第一时间离开,相反的,还以更快的速度,朝着那块巨大陨石冲去。 „Do you do?” The Nie Tian complexion changes. “你干什么?”聂天脸色一变。 He so reminded, Qiao Yunxi also said that will believe him, why must take risk, brings death on own initiative? 他都这般提醒了,乔昀曦也说了会相信他,为何还要去冒险,主动去送死? You shut up first!” Qiao Yunxi coldly snorted. “你先闭嘴!”乔昀曦冷哼一声 You must court death, do not lead me to be good together?” Nie Tian loses one's temper excitedly, is ready secretly, must call Star Boat that Broken Star Ancient Temple leaves behind, prepares to discard Qiao Yunxi to flee at any time. “你要找死,不要带着我一起可好?”聂天勃然动怒,暗自做好准备,就要将碎星古殿遗留的星舟唤出,随时准备舍弃乔昀曦逃离。 Shouted!” “呼!” The when skeleton of flamingo, will soon arrive to that meteorite, suddenly changes the direction, changes into one bunch of flame flowing light, flies fiercely toward outside. 火烈鸟的骸骨,在即将降临到那块陨石时,突地改变方向,化为一束火焰流光,猛地朝着外面飞去。 „!” “蓬!” Hill that breaks out from that meteorite, spills over the dazzling Spiritual Power light screen suddenly, in the light screen, have Flight Spirit Item of Bliss Mountain symbol, flushed urgently. 从那陨石突起的丘陵之上,骤然泛出炫目的灵力光幕,光幕之中,一辆辆有着极乐山标志的飞行灵器,紧急地冲了出来。 On these Flight Spirit Item, is standing impressively numerous Bliss Mountain Qi Refinement Warrior, is bringing Bliss Mountain saintess Mu Biqiong of veil, in its row. 在那些飞行灵器上,赫然站着众多极乐山炼气士,带着面纱的极乐山圣女穆碧琼,也在其列。 Looks at Bliss Mountain Flight Spirit Item, shoots up to the sky, Qiao Yunxi also frightens, said: Calculates that you rendered meritorious service!” 一看极乐山飞行灵器,冲天而起,乔昀曦也吓出一身冷汗,道:“算你立了一功!” At this moment, she knew the Nie Tian's unerring judgement immediately. 这一刻,她马上知道了聂天的判断无误。 The skeleton of flamingo, burns instantaneously a more turbulent roaring flame, bunches of flame, gush out in the wing places of flamingo only remaining joints. 火烈鸟的骸骨,瞬间燃烧出更为汹涌的烈焰,一簇簇火苗,在火烈鸟只剩下骨节的羽翼处涌出。 The flamingo to pursue star to catch up the moon/month the speed, immediately has spread out and Bliss Mountain these Flight Spirit Item, increasingly estranged. 火烈鸟以追星赶月的速度,立即拉开了和极乐山那些飞行灵器的距离,渐行渐远。 Damn! How to be discovered trail by that girl?” “该死!怎会被那丫头发现踪迹?” On front line Bliss Mountain Flight Spirit Item, Profound Realm late stage Qi Refinement Warrior, the look gloomy, roars breathless. 最前方一辆极乐山飞行灵器上,一名玄境后期炼气士,神色阴沉,气急败坏地怒吼。 I clearly by Spirit Item, our soul fluctuations covering up, by realm cultivation level of Qiao Yunxi that girl, is impossible to realize our existence!” “我分明以灵器,将我们的灵魂波动给遮掩住,以乔昀曦那丫头的境界修为,绝不可能察觉出我们的存在!” ignorant veil, Mu Biqiong of carriage beautiful fascinating'winsome, gem eye pupil, has been full of the puzzled color. 蒙着面纱,体态婀娜的穆碧琼,宝石般的眼眸,也充满了困惑之色。 They through the special household utensils, sensing to this gigantic meteorite, have Divine Fire Symbol that Divine Fire Sect leaves behind. 他们通过特殊的器皿,感测到在这块硕大的陨石上,有着神火宗留下的一枚神火符 Divine Fire Sect Divine Fire Symbol, can record news to read, directs the target bearing, letting Qiao Yunxi can through that Divine Fire Symbol, know position that the Divine Fire Sect large unit leads the way, thus tracks down to go. 神火宗神火符,能记载讯念,指引出目标方位,让乔昀曦能通过那枚神火符,知道神火宗的大部队前行的方位,从而追寻而去。 They discovered after that Divine Fire Symbol, knows that Qiao Yunxi will certainly look, therefore lays an ambush ahead of time. 他们发现那枚神火符以后,就知道乔昀曦一定会找过来,所以提前设伏。 Therefore, they meticulously prepared to be very long, use many Item(s), gave to conceal their soul aura, and other Qiao Yunxi walked into a trap. 为此,他们精心准备了很久,动用很多器物,将他们的灵魂气息都给掩饰住,就等乔昀曦自投罗网。 Qiao Yunxi also such as they guessed like that if really induced to existence of Divine Fire Symbol, tried to find out to arrive. 乔昀曦也如他们猜测的那般,果真感应到神火符的存在,一路摸索到来。 However, soon will crash when Qiao Yunxi, takes that Divine Fire Symbol, realizes the crisis likely suddenly, gives up decisively, quickly flees. 然而,就在乔昀曦即将坠落,去拿那一枚神火符时,像是突然察觉到危机,又果断放弃,迅速逃离。 This made Mu Biqiong also annoyingly. 这令穆碧琼也懊恼不已。 Saw that the skeleton of flamingo, increasingly estranged, Mu Biqiong said depressed: Subpoenaed other people, intercepted to surround as far as possible, we feared that could not overtake.” 眼看着火烈鸟的骸骨,渐行渐远,穆碧琼沮丧地说道:“传讯其他人,尽可能拦截围堵,我们怕是追不上了。” She is clear, that Flight Spirit Item that Qiao Yunxi wields, by skeleton forging of eight levels of flamingos. 她心里清楚,乔昀曦执掌的那辆飞行灵器,以八级火烈鸟的骸骨锻造而成。 That is named as flame bird Flight Spirit Item, transferred the strength of flamingo skeleton carry-over, the rapidness of speed, in entire Wall Heavenly Star Territory numerous Flight Spirit Item, can arrange to sixth. 那辆被命名为“焰鸟”的飞行灵器,调用了火烈鸟骸骨遗留之力,速度之快,在整个垣天星域众多飞行灵器中,能排到第六。 Qiao Yunxi is taking advantage of flame bird, can repeatedly escape their chasing down, making them have no alternative. 乔昀曦就是依仗着“焰鸟”,才能屡次逃脱他们的追杀,让他们无可奈何。 Flame bird high-speed, the powerhouse of Spiritual Realm rank, condenses whole body Spiritual Power to pursue from out of the blue, is hard to hope to attain. “焰鸟”的高速,就连灵境级别的强者,凝聚浑身灵力破空追击,都难以企及。 Only the powerhouse of Void Domain rank, can when flame bird the high-speed flight, intercepts it. 只有虚域级别的强者,才能在“焰鸟”的高速飞行时,将其截住。 However, do not say that was the Void Domain powerhouse, Bliss Mountain entered this place the powerhouse of Spiritual Realm rank, in all directions was searching the Divine Fire Sect trend, not with them together. 然而,不要说是虚域强者了,就连极乐山进入此地的灵境级别的强者,都在四处搜查神火宗的动向,没有和他们一道儿。 Mu Biqiong already knows that wants to cut to kill Qiao Yunxi, can only trap, entices her to approach, strikes to cut to kill. 穆碧琼早就知道,想要斩杀乔昀曦,只能设陷阱,诱惑她接近,一击斩杀。 So long as Qiao Yunxi were not swindled, is maintaining with them the safe distance, can draw support from flame bird the high-speed maneuverability, flees their lines of sight and surrounding easily. 乔昀曦只要不上当,和他们保持着安全距离,就能借助“焰鸟”的高速机动性,轻而易举地逃离他们的视线和围堵。 Saintess, I just noted, above the flame bird of that girl, another person.” That Profound Realm late stage Bliss Mountain powerhouse, frowns, is too far because of the distance, in addition I do not dare to release Soul Consciousness to alert the enemy, I was not clear who he is. I guess that the girl can smell the crisis, perhaps because of that person.” “圣女,我刚刚注意到,在那丫头的焰鸟上方,另有一人。”那名玄境后期极乐山强者,皱着眉头,“因距离太远,加上我不敢释放出灵魂意识打草惊蛇,我不清楚他是谁。我猜,那丫头能嗅到危机,或许是因为那人。” I also noted.” Mu Biqiong nods gently, he and Qiao Yunxi had been blocked by the flame of flame bird, I cannot see his look and facial features. But this person gives my feeling, should not specially formidable, otherwise Qiao Yunxi knows us, also will descend to begin.” “我也注意到了。”穆碧琼轻轻点头,“他和乔昀曦都被焰鸟的火焰挡住了,我也看不出他的相貌和面容。可此人给我的感觉,应该不是特别的强大,不然乔昀曦就算知道我们在,也会降落动手。” Good, the girl knows that our strengths, she does not have to seek battle on own initiative, explained that fellow weak.” Bliss Mountain that humanity. “不错,那丫头知道我们的实力,她没有主动求战,就说明那家伙不够强。”极乐山那人道。 First subpoenaed, making nearby disciple pay attention to the Qiao Yunxi trend, do not make her flee from our blockade areas, converged with Divine Fire Sect Yue Yanxi.” But Mu Biqiong told. “先传讯,让附近的门人注意乔昀曦的动向,不要让她逃离我们的封锁区,和神火宗岳炎玺汇合了。”穆碧琼无奈吩咐。 Yes.” “明白。” ...... …… Shouted!” “呼!” After several double-hour, flame bird anchors on together not too big nor too small meteorite at will. 数个时辰后,焰鸟随意停泊在一块不大不小的陨石上。 At this time, pursued their Bliss Mountain Flight Spirit Item, already vanished without the shade, was left behind by the flame bird. 这时,追击他们的极乐山飞行灵器,早就消失无影了,被焰鸟远远甩在后面。 Qiao Yunxi flies to fall to flame bird forehead, takes out fire colorful Blaze Spirit Stone, from the bird mouths of flame bird only remaining skulls, fills Blaze Spirit Stone. 乔昀曦飞落到焰鸟头部,取出一块块火艳艳火焰灵石,从焰鸟只剩下头骨的鸟嘴内,将火焰灵石塞进去。 Blaze Spirit Stone, following dying the neck bone of flamingo, fell to the bird abdomen place. 一块块火焰灵石,顺着死去的火烈鸟的颈骨,滑落到鸟腹处。 „!” “嗤嗤!” A flame ray continuously, comes out from the flamingo abdomen dissipation, is absorbed by the bone of flamingo this only died, supplements the consumption Flame Energy. 一缕缕的火焰光芒,从火烈鸟腹部散逸出来,被这只死去的火烈鸟的骨头吸收着,补充消耗的炎能 On that meteorite, Divine Fire Symbol, I can adopt the Item(s) sensing.” Qiao Yunxi explained that „before Great Elder they leave, leaves behind Divine Fire Symbol along the way, directs the direction for us. Only then constantly obtains Divine Fire Symbol, we can follow their trails, converges with them.” “那块陨石上,有一枚神火符,我能通过器物感测。”乔昀曦解释,“大长老他们离开前,沿途留下一枚枚神火符,为我们指引方向。只有不断得到神火符,我们才能追随他们的踪迹,和他们汇合。” „When Great Elder and we said goodbye, person who arrival also has not expected will have Bliss Mountain, will otherwise be more prudent.” 大长老和我们道别时,也没有料到会有极乐山的人到来,不然会更加慎重。” That Divine Fire Symbol, it seems like had been found by that slut, therefore under supposing ambushes, when I walk into a trap.” “那枚神火符,看来是被那贱人找到了,所以设下埋伏,等我自投罗网。” She also knows, my flame bird quick, only if I were swindled, otherwise she does not have the means to surround me, kills me.” “她也知道,我的焰鸟有多快,除非我自己上当下去,不然她是没办法困住我,将我杀死的。” Qiao Yunxi for flame bird packing Blaze Spirit Stone, while, was explaining with Nie Tian with pauses. 乔昀曦一边为焰鸟填充火焰灵石,一边有一搭没一搭地,和聂天解释着。 Coming out that Nie Tian looks, because his early warning is correct, helping it evade a tribulation, this hot girl treats his manner, had a new face slightly. 聂天看的出来,由于他的预警正确,帮其避过一劫,这火辣的丫头对待他的态度,稍稍有了点改观。 What troubles, did not have that Divine Fire Sect, I cannot know position that Great Elder they lead the way, was very difficult to find new Divine Fire Symbol.” “麻烦的是,没了那枚神火宗,我就不能知道大长老他们前行的位置,很难找到新的神火符。” Without Divine Fire Symbol, directs the direction for me unceasingly, I cannot with the Great Elder convergence.” “没有一枚枚神火符,不断地为我指引方向,我也就不能和大长老汇合。” Person who activity peripheral region, should have Bliss Mountain, they have not certainly given up. Before had not found Great Elder, we frequently are in danger.” “周边区域,应该还有极乐山的人活动,他们一定还没有放弃。在没有找到大长老之前,我们就时刻处于危险之中。” If the Bliss Mountain Void Domain powerhouse, divides one, rushes to me to come, that......” “万一极乐山虚域强者,分出来一位,奔着我而来,那……” She also understands, she flame bird high-speed, can make her avoid Bliss Mountain Mortal Realm and Profound Realm, even the pursuit of Spiritual Realm, but if there is a Bliss Mountain Void Domain powerhouse to arrive, she flame bird cannot escape chasing down of opposite party. 她也明白,她“焰鸟”的高速,可以令她躲避极乐山凡境玄境、甚至灵境者的追击,但如果有极乐山虚域强者抵达,她“焰鸟”也逃脱不掉对方的追杀。 Can the key, Bliss Mountain for her, branch out a Void Domain powerhouse to come. 关键就在,极乐山会不会为了她,分出一位虚域强者过来。 She is Supreme Talent seed of Divine Fire Sect training, in the Divine Fire Sect status, was ordinary in Bliss Mountain with Mu Biqiong, has killed her, Divine Fire Sect once more lost Young Sect Master, will want to find the new successor to take over in the future, perhaps is not easy. 她是神火宗培养的天骄种子,在神火宗的身份地位,和穆碧琼极乐山一般重要,杀了她,神火宗就再次失去了一个少宗,想要找到新的继承者在未来接班,恐怕没那么容易。 Divine Fire Sect, lost Young Sect Master, she has an accident again, Divine Fire Sect meets the damaging severely vitality. 神火宗,已经失去一位少宗,她再出事,神火宗会大伤元气。 Without Divine Fire Symbol, does not have direction, how does not know should and Senior Yue convergence, does not know what course to follow.” Nie Tian has thought that said: I give a try, looks whether to find a new direction.” “没有神火符,就没有方向,不知该如何和岳前辈汇合,也不知何去何从。”聂天思索了一下,道:“我来试试看,看能否找到一个新的方向。” Shouted!” “呼!” He from Storage Ring, takes out from Evil Dark Race Dark Soul Bead that induces the Star Chart mystery by Soul Consciousness. 他从储物戒内,将那枚得自邪冥族冥魂珠取出,以灵魂意识感应内中星图的奥妙。 Partly after making a sound, his eye fiercely one bright. 半响后,他眼睛猛地一亮。 ...... …… The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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