KMD :: Volume #8

#705: Being hostile to

The flamingo backbone place, Nie Tian, makes an effort to move the right arm fiercely. 火鸟背骨处,聂天龇牙咧嘴地,用力甩动着右臂。 His right arm was corroded violent Flame Energy that comes by the young girl, to combustion burned black of a little, he when moving arm, but also a little selects sparks to splutter in all directions. 他右臂被少女侵蚀而来的暴烈炎能,给燃烧的有点焦黑,他在甩动手臂时,还有点点火星子四处溅射。 He condenses Broken Star Soul Power, fuses own Soul Consciousness, looks at carefully the induction carefully, the determination present young girl, should in Mortal Realm middle stage. 他凝聚碎星魂力,融合自身的灵魂意识,细心端详感应,确定眼前的少女,应该在凡境中期 He by Life Bloodline, searches to observe the long-lived age of young girl, feels the age of young girl, should about 20 years old. 他又以生命血脉,去探察少女的寿龄,感觉少女的年龄,应该在20岁左右。 20 years old, Mortal Realm middle stage cultivation level, this realm progress speed, is simply shocking. 20岁,凡境中期修为,这种境界的进展速度,简直骇人听闻。 Before this young girl, most made him feel to shock, was Bliss Mountain saintess Mu Biqiong. 在这个少女之前,最令他感到震撼的,乃是极乐山的圣女穆碧琼 Goes out from Void Spirit Child that black space secret point, Mu Biqiong that he sees, has Mortal Realm initial stage cultivation level, the age in 20 over. 虚灵子那处黑色空间秘点走出,他见到的穆碧琼,有着凡境初期修为,年龄在20出头。 At that time, he and Zhao Shanling deeply were vibrated, is the practice speed shock of Mu Biqiong. 当时,他和赵山陵都深受震动,为穆碧琼的修炼速度震惊不已。 Because in entire Place of Meteor, cannot discover such as Mu Biqiong like that 20 years old over, practice the Mortal Realm initial stage youth talent. 因为在整个陨星之地,都找不出如穆碧琼那般,20岁出头,就修炼到凡境初期的青年才俊。 The present young girl, comes compared with Mu Biqiong, should also want slightly 1 or 2-year-old, is actually Mortal Realm middle stage cultivation level, can he not be surprised? 眼前的少女,比起穆碧琼来,应该还要小一两岁,却是凡境中期修为,他怎能不惊奇? Young girls strikes, the additional terror flame energy, has burnt his right arm, injured him obviously, making him now uncomfortable. 少女的一击,其中附加的恐怖火焰能量,燃烧了他的右臂,明显伤了他,让他现在都难受。 Because sees the status of young girl, from Divine Fire Sect, he has not done utmost. 因为看出少女的身份,来自神火宗,他并没有竭尽全力。 But that bombardment of young girl, by flame long whip condense fire net, should also to fetter to imprison him, immediately do not seize his life. 可少女的那一次轰击,以火焰长鞭凝结火网,应该也只是要束缚禁锢他,不是立即要夺他的命。 In this case, he was injured unexpectedly, indicates the fearfulness of young girl. 这种情况下,他居然还是受了伤,足见少女的可怕。 He narrows the eyes to focus, looks is stemming from the Divine Fire Sect young girl, is lost in thought. 他眯着眼,望着出自神火宗的少女,怔怔出神。 The young girls seem like petite, the carriage actually exquisite sends, the milk-white bosom also astonishing fullness, as if must the cracking clothes want, her ruddy cheek, such as thoroughly ripe water honey / peach, making the person unable to bear want to nip one. 少女看似娇小,体态却玲珑有致,酥胸还惊人的饱满,仿佛要裂衣欲出,她红扑扑的脸蛋,如熟透的水蜜/桃,让人忍不住想要去咬一口。 The beautiful appearance of young girl, compared with Dong Li , about the same, can share half and half. 少女的美貌,和董丽相比,也在伯仲之间,能平分秋色。 He when taking a look at young girl, young girl also face disgusted, coldly visits him. 他在打量少女时,少女也一脸厌恶地,冷冷看着他。 Young girl named Qiao Yunxi, is the Supreme Talent seed of Divine Fire Sect, the small age is Mortal Realm middle stage cultivation level, is aloof in the Divine Fire Sect status. 少女名叫乔昀曦,乃是神火宗天骄种子,小小年龄便是凡境中期修为,在神火宗地位超然。 Her actually not clear Nie Tian's status and origin, but obeys the instruction of Yue Yanxi, with an audiences Divine Fire Sect disciple, on that meteorite, waits for Nie Tian's to arrive. 她其实并不清楚聂天的身份和来历,只是听从岳炎玺的吩咐,和一众神火宗的弟子,在那块陨石上,等候聂天的到来。 Yue Yanxi was only and she said that will have one person through Lei Family arrangement space Transmission Formation, shortly after arrived. 岳炎玺只是和她说,会有一人通过雷家布置的空间传送阵,不久后抵达。 The discovery of related Place of Meteor, the relation of Nie Tian and Broken Star Ancient Temple, Yue Yanxi had not explained. 有关陨星之地的发现,聂天碎星古殿的联系,岳炎玺也没有道明。 She only knows the Nie Tian's name. 她只知道聂天的名字。 She and Divine Fire Sect these disciples, defends in that meteorite, waited to be very long. 她和神火宗那些弟子,守在那块陨石,已经等候了很久。 Nie Tian has not arrived, already made her mood agitated, has not expected their midway also to be discovered by the Bliss Mountain person, Divine Fire Sect disciple excluding her, will cut to kill all. 聂天迟迟没有到来,早就让她心情烦躁了,没料到他们中途还被极乐山的人发现,将除她以外的神火宗门徒,尽数斩杀。 She can fortunately survive, because of these Divine Fire Sect disciple, spells to try, has striven for a slim chance of survival for her. 她能幸存下来,是因为那些神火宗门徒,拼尽全力,为她争取了一线生机。 Moreover, that Flight Spirit Item that she rides, helped her be busy. 另外,她乘坐的那辆飞行灵器,也帮了她大忙。 That Flight Spirit Item, is quenchings by eight levels of flamingo skeletons, eight levels of flamingos, are Fire Attribute Spirit Beast, before death strength endures to compare the Void Domain powerhouse. 那辆飞行灵器,是由一只八级的火烈鸟骸骨淬炼而成,八级的火烈鸟,乃是火属性灵兽,生前的战力堪比虚域强者。 Even if that flamingo died, by Flight Spirit Item that its skeleton makes, has the astonishing speed. 那只火烈鸟即便死亡,以它的骸骨制成的飞行灵器,还是有着惊人的速度。 Is taking advantage of high-speed of Flight Spirit Item, she can escape from chasing down of Bliss Mountain these besieging, thus avoids a tribulation. 就是依仗着飞行灵器的高速,她才能逃出极乐山那些围击者的追杀,从而躲过一劫。 She had been separated from hunt of Bliss Mountain, was worried when other Nie Tian looked, person who does not have Divine Fire Sect receives and instructs, disappears without a trace where, once more take risks. 她本来已经脱离极乐山的追捕,又担心等聂天找来时,没有神火宗的人接引,不知去向何处,才再次冒险回来。 Her goes to return, made Bliss Mountain realize that got the person to pursue by Bliss Mountain Mu Biqiong. 她的去而复返,又令极乐山察觉到,被极乐山穆碧琼领着人追击。 In her eyes, this of unknown origin, actually by Nie Tian that Great Elder Yue Yanxi cares about extremely, is the chief criminal who kills her companions. 在她眼中,这个来历不明,却被大长老岳炎玺极为在意的聂天,就是害死她那些同伴的罪魁祸首。 If Nie Tian can arrive earlier, she with these Divine Fire Sect companions, had already been far away from that meteorite. 如果聂天能早点到来,她早就和那些神火宗的同伴,远离了那个陨石。 Nie Tian repeatedly delays, has not appeared, has killed her companion. 聂天一拖再拖,迟迟没有出现,才害死了她的同伴。 Because she Nie Tian returns, stared by Bliss Mountain, these responsibility naturally also on Nie Tian. 她又因为聂天归来,被极乐山给重新盯上,这些责任自然也在聂天身上。 Therefore, she looks to the Nie Tian's vision, is quite bad, the good complexion to owe to present. 因此,她看向聂天的目光,颇为不善,一点好脸色都欠奉。 What do your shifty eyes look at?” Qiao Yunxi coldly said. “你贼眼瞄什么?”乔昀曦冷冷道。 Nothing.” Nie Tian hollow laugh, asked: Actually is what situation? Did your people, why die that many?” “没什么。”聂天干笑一声,问道:“究竟是什么情况?你们的人,为何死了那么多?” Also not because of you!” Qiao Yunxi clenches teeth, you, if can come earlier, we will not stare by Bliss Mountain that slut! Is because you have not come, we need to wait for you, the meeting casualty is serious.” In her eyes flashes through sorrowfully, feels dejected. “还不是因为你!”乔昀曦咬着牙,“你要是能早点过来,我们也不会被极乐山贱人盯上!就是因为你迟迟没来,我们需要等你,才会死伤惨重。”她眼中闪过悲痛,黯然神伤。 Nie Tian hesitant, said in a soft voice: Sorry.” 聂天犹豫了一下,轻声道:“抱歉。” Since he complies with the invitation of Yue Yanxi, catches up through Lei Family space Transmission Formation to him, has been separated eight months. 从他答应岳炎玺的邀请,到他通过雷家的空间传送阵赶来,中间隔了八个多月之久。 This time , was too truly long a point. 这个时间,也确实太长了一点。 „Do you come from where?” Qiao Yunxi asked again. “你从何而来?”乔昀曦再问。 Place of Meteor.” Nie Tian replied. 陨星之地。”聂天回答。 Place of Meteor?” A Qiao Yunxi brow wrinkle, I have not listened to such a place, in your Place of Meteor, most peak powerhouse in that realm?” 陨星之地?”乔昀曦眉头一皱,“我从没有听过这么一个地方,在你们陨星之地,最巅峰的强者在那个境界?” Her had been brought back slightly curiously, thinks Great Elder, since that attaches great importance to this person, Star Territory that this person came from, feared that also wants high-level compared with their Wall Heavenly Star Territory. 她被稍稍勾起了一点好奇,以为大长老既然对此人那么重视,此人来自的星域,怕是比他们垣天星域还要高级 Place of Meteor most powerhouse, is in Spiritual Realm late stage, but also is seeking the breakthrough of Void Domain, can succeed cannot know especially.” Nie Tian confident [say / way]. “目前陨星之地的最强者,处于灵境后期,还在寻求着虚域的突破,能否成功尤未可知。”聂天坦然道。 Links a Void Domain rank unexpectedly does not have.” Qiao Yunxi snort|hum, on face has been full of the color of despising, in the heart has also emerged feeling puzzled. “竟然连一个虚域级别的都没有。”乔昀曦哼了一声,脸上充满了轻蔑之色,心中也涌现出了困惑不解。 Great Elder attaches great importance to this person, she also thinks that is great, has not expected this person to come from compared with their Wall Heavenly Star Territory Star Territory might as well unexpectedly. 大长老如此重视此人,她还以为有多么了不起,没料到此人竟然来自比他们垣天星域还不如的星域 For this kind of character, her several companions, therefore had sacrificed, how many people also has, in the Mysterious Realm rank, this is worth really? 为了这样一个人物,她的十几个同伴,都因此牺牲了,其中还有几人,在玄境的级别,这真的值得么? On her face despises does not cover up, clarity that Nie Tian looks , is also disinclined to explain that Yue Yanxi found him, because of him and Broken Star Ancient Temple relations. 她脸上的藐视毫不遮掩,聂天看的清清楚楚,也懒得解释岳炎玺找到他,是因为他和碎星古殿的关系。 Partly after making a sound, sees Nie Tian to be silent for a very long time, Qiao Yunxi cold Zhelian said: I will live you as far as possible am bringing to Great Elder in front.” 半响后,见聂天久久沉默,乔昀曦冷着脸说:“我会尽量将你活着带到大长老面前。” Good.” Nie Tian replied. “好。”聂天答道。 Is quenchinged Flight Spirit Item that becomes by the flamingo skeleton, like the lightning, passes through from meteorites quickly. 由火烈鸟骸骨淬炼而成的飞行灵器,快如闪电,从一块块陨石中穿过。 Gaps between many meteorites, are quite narrow, large-scale Star River Ancient Battleship is innavigable, only has this kind of Flight Spirit Item to move freely. 很多陨石之间的间隔,都极为狭窄,大型的星河古舰根本不能航行,也唯有这类飞行灵器才能活动自如。 The wing of flamingo, is burning roaring flame, the command is in Nie Tian of back place, a little is not quite suitable. 火烈鸟的羽翼,燃烧着烈焰,令处于背脊处的聂天,都有点不太适合。 His also simultaneous cultivates Flame Spirit Secret Art, in the middle of dantian Spirit Sea, Flame Vortex exists, may stand on the flamingo, he will still sweat profusely, by some dizziness of flame transpiration. 他也兼修火焰灵诀,丹田灵海当中,还有一个火焰漩涡存在,可站在火烈鸟身上,他依然会大汗淋漓,被火焰蒸腾的有些头晕。 realm slightly is higher than him, wants small Qiao Yunxi compared with him, actually slightly not affected. 境界只是略高于他,比他还要小的乔昀曦,倒是丝毫不受影响。 When the Nie Tian's feeling, Qiao Yunxi, in that Flight Spirit Item speeds away, as if quietly is still buying in these blazing flame strengths, not idle self-torture. 聂天的感觉中,乔昀曦在那飞行灵器疾驰时,似乎还在悄然吸纳着那些炽热的火焰力量,一点不懈怠地苦修着。 This Flight Spirit Item, has marvelous echoing with Qiao Yunxi, solely was not used to soar by her simply. 这辆飞行灵器,和乔昀曦有着奇妙的呼应,不单单只是被她用来飞翔那么简单。 After several double-hour. 数个时辰后。 Covers entirely pothole giant meteorite, appears in the field of vision range suddenly, Qiao Yunxi small cautiously is controlling Flight Spirit Item, closes up toward there. 一个布满坑洞的巨型陨石,骤然出现于视野范围,乔昀曦小小翼翼操控着飞行灵器,朝着那儿靠拢。 To?” Nie Tian strange saying. “到了?”聂天奇道 Falls far short.” Qiao Yunxi snort|hum one, front that meteorite, is a deathly stillness domain big fragment, perhaps these potholes, in the remote past, have the spirit stones mineral lode, but now anything not remaining.” “差得远呢。”乔昀曦哼了一声,“前面那块陨石,乃是死寂域界一个较大的碎片罢了,那些坑坑洞洞,在久远的年代,或许有着灵石矿脉,但现在什么都不会剩下。” Why do we pass?” Nie Tian asked. “那我们为何过去?”聂天问道。 Little wordy!” Qiao Yunxi did not say patiently. “少啰嗦!”乔昀曦不耐烦地说道。 When Flight Spirit Item of this flamingo shape, approaches that giant meteorite gradually, Nie Tian also releases Heavenly Eye, but also induces by Life Bloodline quietly. 这辆火烈鸟形态的飞行灵器,逐渐临近那巨大陨石时,聂天也释放出天眼,还以生命血脉去悄然感应。 Some people......” Nie Tian reminder. “有人……”聂天提醒。 Qiao Yunxi anchors the skeleton of flamingo fiercely, wants huge Soul Consciousness compared with Nie Tian, assumes fan-shaped, to that meteorite spreading in the past. 乔昀曦猛地停住火烈鸟的骸骨,一股比聂天还要庞大的灵魂意识,呈扇形,向那块陨石铺展过去。 The short several seconds, she a little angry is staring Nie Tian, how I had not discovered that has the person?” 只是短短数秒,她就有点恼怒地瞪着聂天,“我怎么没发现有人?” Has the person really!” Nie Tian definitely said extremely. “真的有人!”聂天极为肯定地说道。 Person where?” Qiao Yunxi ablazes with anger to say. “人在何处?”乔昀曦怒气冲冲道。 That side!” Nie Tian puts out a hand a finger, narrows the eyes to focus saying: Soul aura was covered up, but, has the weak life aura overflow to come out.” “那边!”聂天伸手一指,眯着眼说道:“灵魂气息被遮掩起来了,不过,有微弱的生命气息外溢出来。” ...... …… The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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