KI :: Volume #23

#2266: Wedding

Zu An taps the head, oneself these days has been solving ten thousand live the technique of change the problem, almost forgot this matter. 祖安一拍脑袋,自己这些日子一直在解决“万生变化之术”的问题,都差点忘了这事了。 Linglong(exquisite) has gone 玲珑已经去了么” Zhang Zitong has seen is not strange to his name: Empress worried that your seclusion missed, therefore first represented you to pass, so as to avoid Chu Family lost the face in Capital.” 张梓彤对他这个称呼已经见惯不怪了:“娘娘担心你闭关错过了,所以先代表你过去了,免得楚家京城失了面子。” She thinks actually thoroughly,” Zu An smiles, walks, goes to Chu Family!” “她倒是想得周到,”祖安笑了笑,“走,去楚家吧!” Chuyan now for he still suffers hardships under Naiheqiao, how he can make her family/home be taken lightly in Capital. 初颜如今为了他还在奈何桥下受苦,他又怎能让她的家在京城被人看轻呢。 Yes!” The Zhang Zitong look inspires, although stays side the Sir is very good, but in this Imperial Palace is very bored, especially these days Sirs have not come out. “是!”张梓彤神色一振,虽然呆在大人身边很好,但这皇宫中还是挺无聊的,特别是这几日大人都没出来。 Quick one group had the palace to walk toward Chu Family directly. 很快一行人出了宫径直朝楚家走去。 Chu Family as Duke, has the corresponding Duke mansion in this Capital. 楚家身为公爵,在这京城中也是有相应的公爵府的。 But usually their main base industry in Brightmoon City, the Capital here house has no person. 只不过平常他们主要基业是在明月城,京城这边宅子没啥人。 What Youzhao are more is lives in Qin Family, Qin Wanru has not returned to the maternal home for a long time, therefore these days brought Haizhao to live in Qin Family, usually is livelier. 幼昭更多的是住在秦家,秦晚如也好久没回娘家,所以这些日子都是带着还招一直住在秦家,平日里更热闹。 But must hold the wedding, is naturally impossible to continue in the Qin Family office. 但如今要举行婚礼,自然不可能继续在秦家办。 Zu An is planned light car(riage) Jane/simple line/traverse goes to Chu Family directly, finally Zhang Zitong persuades his present position to be special, every word and deed by various explanations. 原本祖安是打算轻车简行直接去楚家的,结果张梓彤劝说他现在身份地位特殊,一言一行会被各种解读。 If extremely casual everyone will think that he that does not take seriously Chu Family. 若是太过随便大家会觉得他并不是那么重视楚家 Zu An one wants is also reasonable, then makes her completely have taking advantage of Regent, enormous and powerful goes toward Chu Family. 祖安一想也有道理,便让她尽起摄政王的依仗,一路浩浩荡荡朝楚家而去。 On the road Zu An has endless emotion, drifting clouds and wild storks time has one's wish, has not worked as this Sovereign luckily, otherwise is troublesome. 路上祖安感慨不已,还是闲云野鹤的时候更随心所欲啊,幸好没有当这个皇帝,不然更是麻烦。 Regent harnesses!” 摄政王驾到!” When he arrives at Chu Family, the Chu Family people obtain the news to welcome ahead of time. 当他到达楚家的时候,楚家众人已经提前得到消息迎了出来。 Empress Dowager, Empress as well as other Imperial Court ministers also in abundance with. 太后皇后以及其他的朝中大臣也纷纷跟了出来。 Actually by revering of Empress Dowager and Empress, comes out to greet him not to conform to the etiquette, but on the spot anyone, had not thought that has what issue. 其实以太后皇后之尊,出来迎接他并不符合礼仪,可现场无论是谁,都没有觉得有什么问题。 Seeing Chu Family is a that person, the aspect extravagant ear, the looks scholarly is quite handsome, Zu An quickly got down the carriage, in the past held him: Uncle please get up in a big hurry.” 看到楚家为首那人,方面阔耳,长得极为儒雅英俊,祖安急忙下了马车,过去将他扶了起来:“伯父快快请起。” Comes the person is Brightmoon Duke Chu Zhongtian, now the Zu An status is special, in addition before and Chu Family and leaving, pouring not well to be symmetric by the father-in-law. 来人自是明月公楚中天,如今祖安身份特殊,再加上之前与楚家和离,倒也不好以岳父相称。 Said that just the transmigration time situation was initially difficult, Chu Zhongtian was quite at that time good to him. 说起来当初刚穿越的时候处境艰难,楚中天当时对他还颇为不错。 many thanks Regent!” Chu Zhongtian looks at present the martial-looking youth, similarly is filled with emotion, in the past Brightmoon City went down in the world the youngster, who can think that he can grow to this situation. 多谢摄政王!”楚中天看着眼前英武的青年,同样是感慨万千,当年明月城一个落魄少年,谁能想到他能成长到这个地步。 Said that everyone's vision cannot compare Chuyan that girl, initially was she resists opposition to choose Zu An, everyone thought that she was insane, even my some did not understand, now knows in the past everyone was wrong oddly. 说起来大家的眼光都比不上初颜那丫头啊,当初就是她力排众议选了祖安,所有人都觉得她疯了,连我都有些不理解,现在才知道当年大家错得有多离谱。 When uncle arrives at Capital Zu An curious say/way. “伯父什么时候到京城的”祖安好奇道。 Couple of days ago, Youzhao got married, when my father how can not come on the Chu Zhongtian face is completely the happy expression. “前两天到的,幼昭成亲,我这个当爹的又怎能不来呢”楚中天脸上尽是欢乐的笑意。 Actually he has wanted to go to the capital to see the daughter and each relatives and friends old friend, only pitifully before and Sovereign also had King Qi lineage/vein relations to make somewhat anxiously, he was worried to leave the fiefdom, went to the capital unable to go back from now on again. 其实他早就想进京看望一下女儿和各个亲朋旧友了,只可惜之前和皇帝还有齐王一脉关系都弄得有些紧张,他担心离开封地,进京过后就再也回不去了。 But King Qi and Zhao Hao died now one after another, in Royal Court is Zu An manages a household, he has not naturally worried. 只不过如今齐王赵昊相继死去,朝廷里又是祖安当家,他自然没有顾虑。 In addition Youzhao wedding, he before several months, leaves to catch up toward Capital. 再加上幼昭的婚事,他数月前就动身往京城赶来。 But arrives at half, knew that Capital has politics- changes, he hesitant, is worried about wife and daughters' safety, continued to catch up. 只不过走到一半,得知京城发生政-变,他犹豫了一下,担心妻女的安危,还是继续赶了过来。 What is lucky was present is stilled by Zu An. 万幸的是如今一切都已经被祖安平定了。 Brother-in-law!” At this time Chu Youzhao and Chu Haizhao also greeted to Zu An. “姐夫!”这时候楚幼昭楚还招也纷纷向祖安打招呼。 Zu An rubbed the head of Chu Haizhao, the vision transfers to Chu Youzhao body quickly. 祖安揉了揉楚还招的脑袋,目光很快移到楚幼昭身上 Has saying that woman disguised as a man Chu Youzhao truly is a top handsome man, now a happy clothing/taking is to make the whole person even more delicate and pretty. 不得不说,女扮男装楚幼昭确实是个顶尖美男子,如今一身喜服更是让整个人越发俊美。 Youzhao is really attractive today!” 幼昭今天真好看!” many thanks brother-in-law.” 多谢姐夫。” Nearby Chu Haizhao small mouth digs, but thinks that today is the Chu Youzhao great happiness day, today does not struggle with her. 一旁的楚还招小嘴儿一撅,不过想到今天是楚幼昭大喜的日子,今天就不跟她争了。 Snort, when my Big Sister also is really intimate. 哼,我这个当姐姐的还真是贴心。 With the Chu Family person fires off after greeting, Zu An with Bi Linglong, Liu Ning and Yun Yuqing together entered Chu Residence. 楚家人打完招呼过后,祖安碧玲珑柳凝云雨晴一起进了楚府 You are all right Bi Linglong somewhat to worry, opposite party seclusion several days, unavoidably are suddenly worrying. “你没事吧”碧玲珑有些担忧,对方忽然闭关几天,难免让人担心。 All right, the small issue, has been solved.” Zu An smiles, chatted several with her, “没事,一点小问题,已经解决了。”祖安笑了笑,和她聊了几句, Also inquired Liu Ning: Empress Dowager injury how 又询问柳凝:“太后伤势如何” Restores somewhat slowly, when Regent helps me cure therapy.” The Liu Ning faint smile said. “恢复得有些慢啊,什么时候摄政王帮哀家疗疗伤。”柳凝似笑非笑道。 A Zu An heart heat, has not expected her courage is so big, works as so many people also to say this, can only say following her words: Another day, is not convenient today.” 祖安心头一热,没料到她胆子这么大,当着这么多人也说这个,只能顺着她的话说道:“改日吧,今天不方便。” I may remember.” The Liu Ning eye smiled to bend. “我可记住了哦。”柳凝眼睛都笑得弯了起来。 Not far away many ministers watch, sighed secretly, said is Empress Dowager, but looks is such young attractive, especially body that charming flavor, is the little miss is very seriously difficult to attain. 不远处不少大臣看在眼里,不禁暗暗感叹,说是太后,但看着还是这么年轻漂亮,特别是身上那股迷人的韵味,当真是小姑娘很难企及的。 Many people fell into the recollection immediately, in the past Empress Dowager was also dream of one generation of men. 很多人顿时陷入了回忆,当年太后也是一代男人的梦啊。 Bi Linglong and Yun Yuqing look at each other one, although in two people chat surface listens is very probably normal, but two people always thought where is not right. 碧玲珑云雨晴对视一眼,虽然两人聊天表面上听着好像很正常,但两人总觉得哪里不对劲。 Then was the wedding ceremony, no matter Chu Family Qin Family, or were the Murong Family people, each and everyone blossoms happily. 接下来就是婚礼仪式了,不管是楚家秦家、又或者是慕容家众人,一个个都乐开了花。 After all Regent, Empress Dowager and Empress come to congratulate personally, this great honor is simply unequalled, looked that other Capital family these envy the look that the envy hates to explain all. 毕竟摄政王太后皇后亲自前来祝贺,这份殊荣简直无与伦比,看京城其他家族那些羡慕嫉妒恨的眼神就能说明一切。 Arrived welcomed the bridal link, the bride comes from outside, because is covering the red veil, others cannot see the Murong Qinghe appearance. 到了迎新娘环节,新娘子从外面进来,因为盖着红盖头,其他人倒也看不到慕容清河的长相。 That selects the slender physique high, is joined to the pretty bridal clothes, can see is an outstanding beautiful woman. 只是那高挑苗条的身姿,配上漂亮的嫁衣,看得出是个出众的美人。 Each family's these lady each and everyone talked in whispers, praised the Chu Family heir apparent to be delicate and pretty, Miss Murong Family was pretty, was ascends seriously right. 各个家族的那些贵妇一个个窃窃私语,都夸楚家世子俊美,慕容家小姐漂亮,当真是登对。 Before the bride enters the great hall, bridges over a brazier, is indicating the thing that burns down all not well with ominous, making newlyweds' future day prosperous. 新娘子进入大堂前跨过一个火盆,寓意着烧掉一切不好与不吉利的东西,让新婚夫妻将来的日子红红火火。 In order to avoid the bridal clothes was burnt by the brazier, nearby female servant helps her tuck in the skirt swayed at the right moment, that slender and symmetrical beauty- leg graceful one presently. 为了避免嫁衣被火盆烧到,旁边的老妈子适时帮她将裙摆撩起,那纤细又匀称的美-腿惊鸿一现。 Many people can not help toward Jiang Luofu and Zhang Zitong look, the leg of this Murong Qinghe is as good as them. 不少人情不自禁往姜罗敷张梓彤望去,这个慕容清河的腿不亚于她俩啊。 Moreover looks is close to the Zhang Zitong style, but is possibly young, appearing slenderly is slenderer. 而且看着更接近张梓彤的风格,只不过可能年纪小,显得更加纤细苗条一些。 Because practices the reason of spear/gun year to year, does not appear the bone feeling, in addition her wheat color flesh, added a wild nature. 但因为常年练枪的缘故,一点又不显得骨感,再加上她小麦色的肌肤,又平添了一份野性。 Was looked by so many people, Zhang Zitong complexion slightly red, thought that really wants to exhaust the eyes of these fellows. 被那么多人看,张梓彤脸色微红,心想真想把这些家伙的眼睛都挖掉。 However just the Sir as if also glanced my one eyes, un, he is an exception...... 不过刚刚大人似乎也瞟了我一眼,嗯,他除外…… Then is the ceremony that the couple bows to Heaven and Earth, so many years this as if the first time is Zu An attended the true wedding. 接下来是夫妻拜堂的仪式,这么多年了这似乎还是祖安第一次参加真正的婚礼。 Said that at that time he just transmigration to Brightmoon City, actually is also newly-married, had only done obeisance to appear in court pitifully at that time. 说起来当时他刚穿越明月城,其实也是新婚,只可惜那时已经拜过堂了。 Thought of past all sorts, he thought of Chu Chuyan, was gradually moved. 想到昔日种种,他不禁又想到了楚初颜,渐渐伤感起来。 After bowed to Heaven and Earth to finish, the bride sent in the nuptial chamber, was the bridegroom accompanies the guests to banquet. 拜堂结束过后,新娘子被送入了洞房,接下来就是新郎陪众宾客饮宴了。 Bi Linglong and Liu Ning status is special, they do not facilitate are here dull, since has attended the wedding to show the favor, now the goal has been achieved says goodbye to depart. 碧玲珑柳凝身份特殊,她们不方便在这里多呆,既然已经来参加婚礼以示恩宠,如今目的已经达到就告辞离去。 The ministers are clear about this, sees off them to depart. 众大臣都清楚这点,纷纷恭送她们离去。 Yun Yuqing also took advantage of opportunity to follow they to return to the palace, this lively situation she did not like, was very easier to associate to have the recent accident, might as well returned to the palace to neutralize Big Sister to speak. 云雨晴也顺势跟着她们回宫了,这种热闹的场合她也不太喜欢,特别更容易联想起自己最近的变故,还不如回宫中和姐姐说说话。 Zu An has not departed actually, still stays here and Chu Zhongtian as well as does the good friend and acquaintance to drink. 祖安倒是没有离去,依然留在这里和楚中天以及一干好友、熟人喝起酒来。 In the deliberation hall various respected families and ministers come to propose a toast to him in abundance, Zu An refuse nobody. 朝堂中各大家族、大臣纷纷来给他敬酒,祖安来者不拒 Afterward saw many people to propose a toast to the bridegroom, knowing Chu Youzhao is the daughter body, was worried that she drank, took advantage of opportunity to help her keep off the liquor to get up. 后来见不少人给新郎官敬酒,知道楚幼昭是女儿身,担心她喝多了,也顺势帮她挡酒起来。 Visits him one after another, Zhang Zitong cannot bear reminds secretly: Sir, you drink today many.” 看着他一杯接一杯,张梓彤忍不住偷偷提醒:“大人,你今天喝得太多了。” Might as well, this period of time has tightened the string, under rare today relaxes.” Zu An smiles , to continue to drink with each minister. “无妨,这段时间一直绷紧了弦,难得今天放松下。”祖安笑了笑,继续与各个大臣喝了起来。 Zhang Zitong thought the Sir although today smiles very happily, but in the heart somewhat seems to be moved. 张梓彤心想大人今天虽然笑得很开心,但心中似乎有些伤感啊。 By cultivation base of Sir, drinks much liquor should also to might as well, then no longer persuaded. 以大人的修为,喝再多的酒应该也无妨,便不再相劝。 But she does not know, when Zu An drinks today has not transported the merit dispelling tipsy feeling. 只不过她不知道,祖安今天喝酒时并没有运功祛除酒意。 He needs that alcohol slightly drunk feeling, if transports/fortunes the merit to compel the liquor, which also has the pleasure of drinking 他就需要那种酒精微醺的感觉,若是运功逼酒,哪还有喝酒的乐趣 Also does not know how long drank, in the moon/month the late into the day, the guest diverges gradually. 也不知道喝了多久,月上三竿,宾客渐渐散去。 Looks to lie Zu An and Chu Youzhao on table, Zhang Zitong aerobic and funny, the Sir transports/fortunes the merit to shoulder the tipsy feeling obviously casually, the result does not drink oneself is drunk. 看着趴在桌上的祖安楚幼昭,张梓彤又好气又好笑,大人明明随便运功就能扛住酒意的,结果非把自己喝得这么醉。 This Chu Family heir apparent also is really frail, most liquor were the Sir help him drink obviously, finally he got drunk. 还有这个楚家世子也真是文弱,明明大部分酒都是大人帮他喝了,结果他还是喝醉了。 Zhang Zitong is just about to bring Zu An to leave, Qin Wanru said with a smile: Ah Zu was drunk like this, made him rest a evening in your family place.” 张梓彤正要带祖安离开,秦晚如笑着说道:“阿祖都醉成这样了,就让他在府上休息一晚吧。”
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