IOTBUAGDWMSR :: Volume #16

#1579: Gods extremely skill point

Rumbling! 轰轰轰! The Chen Shu words just fell, several terrifying attacks blot out the sky raids, blocked his complete escape route! 陈书的话刚落,数道恐怖的攻击铺天盖地的袭来,封死了他的全部退路! Too hot tempered......” “太暴躁了……” Chen Shu shows a faint smile, a space and time flickers to move vanishes in same place, arrived at another. 陈书只是微微一笑,一个时空瞬移就消失在原地,来到了另外一处。 Everyone, enjoys your final happy hours well......” “各位,好好享受你们最后的快乐时光……” He waves toward the major beast sovereigns, the next second vanishes on the spot. 他朝着各大兽皇挥了挥手,下一秒就消失在原地。 At this time, major beast sovereign wear a look of violent angers, but is helpless, cannot detect the trail of opposite party. 此时,各大兽皇面带暴怒,但却无能为力,根本就察觉不到对方的踪迹。 Chen Shu of gold level can maintain life in the legendary hand, now the strength to this situation, has been able to jump at will before them...... 只是黄金级的陈书就能在传奇手中保命,如今实力到了这种地步,已经是可以在它们面前随意蹦迪了…… Space and time attribute......” “时空属性……” In the eye of day rabbit covered entirely killed intent, the heart had the panic-stricken meaning. 天兔的眼中布满了杀意,心底却是有了惊骇之意。 Human has been going into hiding, this lets the beast sovereigns instinct this race neglecting, 人类一直隐匿着,这让兽皇们本能的将这个种族给忽视了, Is worth them paying attention only, was Chen Shu, 唯一值得它们注意的,就是陈书了, However because of the present world cannot the achievement legend, causing them is not high regarding Chen Shu attention, 不过因为如今的世界不能成就传奇,导致它们对于陈书的关注度也不高, But who knows, this goods unexpectedly growth this situation. 但谁知道,这货竟然神不知鬼不觉的成长到了这个地步。 Quite thorny......” “好棘手啊……” The brow tight wrinkle of day rabbit, cannot help but had agitated, 天兔的眉头紧皱,不由得有了一点烦躁, Originally because of the reason of day knight, making them have to dread, 本来就因为天骑士的缘故,让它们心生忌惮, If today knight, in addition has not solved, presented comprehension space and time attribute Chen Shu, similarly is thorny incomparable, 如今天骑士尚且没有解决,又出现了一个领悟时空属性的陈书,同样是棘手无比, But what is main, did two thorny characters collaborate unexpectedly?! 而更主要的是,两个棘手的人物竟然是联手了?! Extremely in the worry.” “不要太过于担心了。” Nine quiet pythons are actually wear a look of calm, said: 九幽巨蟒却是面带冷静,道: We are so grave with the hatred of human, so long as the bottom line, they will not a little collaborate slightly.” “我们与人类的仇恨这么深重,只要稍微有点底线,它们都不会联手的。” Issue is......” “问题是……” Nearby dragon lizard spooky say/way: Their two do really have the bottom line?” 一旁的龙蜥幽幽的道:“它们两个真的有底线吗?” „......” “……” The numerous beast sovereign is the look is all startled, actually being shocked...... 众兽皇皆是神色一怔,倒是给愣住了…… „...... Possible...... to have probably.” “大概……可能……有吧。” Nine in the eye of quiet python also had was indefinite, 九幽巨蟒的眼中也是有了一点不确定, Chen Shu, a day knight, could not have mastered in their hearts to think, two people have what situation seemingly are also fair. 一个陈书,一个天骑士,没有搞得懂他们心中所想,两人出现什么情况貌似也是合情合理的。 Ok, do not consider this matter again.” “好了,不要再考虑这件事了。” The dark deep tree sovereign swayed a tree trunk, said: They collaborate or not to be unimportant, in any case is our enemies!” 暗冥树皇摇晃了一下树身,道:“他们联手与否都不重要,反正都是我们的敌人!” Urgent matter, how can process them!” “当务之急,是如何能处理掉他们!” How to process?” “怎么处理呢?” Suddenly, vision neat looking of major beast sovereigns to the dark deep tree sovereign, in the eye have the color of anticipation. 一时间,各大兽皇的目光齐刷刷的望向了暗冥树皇,眼中有着期待之色。 Looks that this sovereign does do really?!” “都看着本皇作甚?!” The dark deep tree sovereign is startled slightly, said: Only can make other ominous beasts speed up the efficiency, rug searches Blue Star and different space.” 暗冥树皇微微一怔,道:“只能让其余凶兽加快效率,地毯式搜索蓝星与异空间。” On this means......” “就这个办法啊……” The beast sovereigns all had disappointedly, but indeed really could not find a better way. 兽皇们皆是有了一点失望,但的确还真找不到更好的办法。 Suddenly, originally ruled the beast sovereign under entire day, one becomes heavyhearted, only felt oneself are sitting waiting for death general. 一时间,本来统治了全天下的兽皇,一下就变得忧心忡忡,只觉得自己在坐以待毙一般。 Day knight or Chen Shu, so long as there is a radical rise, their rules will be overthrown...... 无论是天骑士或是陈书,只要有一个彻底崛起,它们的统治就会被推翻…… The joyful time, was a little is too indeed short...... 快乐的时光,的确是有点太短暂了…… Ok, went back to try to find the solution well.” “好了,都回去好好想想办法。” The day rabbit was also sad, disappears in the sky of China mainland. 天兔也是面带愁容,消失在了华国大陆的上空。 Their present resources were stolen, wanting the potential cultivation growth strength unable to achieve, unexpectedly being hard to start feelings. 它们如今的资源又被盗走,想要潜力修炼增长实力都做不到,竟然是有一种举步维艰的感觉。 They are really the victor...... 它们真的是胜利者吗…… ...... …… But when the beast sovereigns are disconsolate, 而就在兽皇们惆怅忧郁的时候, Chen Shu was actually laughs wildly, returned to the starry sky vestige excitedly. 陈书却是狂笑不已,兴奋至极的回到了星空遗迹。 Achievement option Dusk of legend Has completed, obtains the corresponding reward.” “成就选项【传奇的黄昏】已完成,获得对应奖励。” Extinguishing kills the legendary ominous beast quantity is ten, obtains the unknown reward: Gods extremely skill point.” “灭杀传奇凶兽数量为十只,获得未知奖励:神极・技能点。” In the Chen Shu mind was recalling the beforehand system sound, the body could not bear a little shivers. 陈书的脑海中回想着之前的系统声音,身躯都忍不住有点颤抖了。 The unknown reward is only a skill point, affects with extremely skill similar, does not seem to lose face/show off, 未知奖励只是一个技能点,作用与极・技能点相似,似乎一点都不出彩, But it to the ordinary skill use, specifically does not aim at the masterstroke/divine skill. 但它不是给普通技能使用的,一个是专门针对神技。 This also means, Chen Shu has the opportunity to promote a masterstroke/divine skill to full level! 这也意味着,陈书有机会将一个神技提升到满级! Although is inferior to the candle dragon bloodlines, but is can be joined to unknown two characters......” “虽然不如烛龙血脉,但已经是配得上‘未知’两个字了……” Chen Shu touches the chin, in the heart is quite actually satisfied, 陈书摸了摸下巴,心中倒是极为满足, If said the difficulty, naturally is extinguishes kills the options of three big organizations more difficult, after all Chen Shu then strength was not strong, moreover this option consumed his lots of time and energy, 若说难度而言,自然是灭杀三大组织的选项更难,毕竟陈书当时的实力不强,而且这个选项耗费了他大量的时间与精力, As for extinguishing kills the legendary the achievement option, he only used for one -and-a-half years to achieve, according to his present strength, is actually not very difficult option. 至于灭杀传奇的成就选项,他只用了一年半就做到了,依照他如今的实力而言,其实不是什么高难度选项。 Besides the god skill point, option's reward also is quite extremely rich: 除了神极技能点以外,选项本身的奖励同样极为丰厚: The opportunities of three bloodlines evolutions add on the masterstroke/divine skill Immortal defense. 三次血脉进化的机会加上神技【不朽防御】。 Finally can evolve the contract to spirit completely investigating the polocyte.” “终于可以将契约灵全部进化到究极体了。” Chen Shu touches the chin, not hesitant used the opportunity of bloodlines evolution. 陈书摸了摸下巴,没有犹豫的将血脉进化的机会使用了。 Now his rabbit, the little elf investigates the polocyte with two, was only left over final Elvis and little yellow. 如今他的兔子,小精灵与二哈都是究极体,只剩下了最后的大猫王和小黄了。 You may really catch up with the good time.” “你可真是赶上了好时候啊。” He touched the Elvis fat belly, had a feeling. 他摸了摸大猫王胖胖的肚子,也是有了一点感慨。 This goods have not experienced several wars, can break through from the SS level to unexpectedly investigating the polocyte, can only say that the silly cat had the silly luck...... 这货都没有经历过几次大战,竟然就能从SS级突破到究极体,只能说傻猫有傻福了…… At this time, Elvis is perplexed, say/way that compels ignorant: 此时,大猫王不明所以,懵逼的道: What good time? Served a meal?” “什么好时候?是开饭了吗?” „??” “??” The Chen Shu corners of the mouth pull out, a foot trampled the governing beast space this goods, simultaneously gave the opposite party twice bloodlines evolution opportunity. 陈书嘴角一抽,一脚将这货踹进了御兽空间,同时给了对方两次血脉进化机会。 Strength of the bloodlines surges, made Elvis fall into the deep sleep instantaneously, started the evolution. 一股血脉之力涌动,瞬间就让大猫王陷入了沉睡之中,开始了进化。 But little yellow so, entered the deep sleep similarly, started to investigate evolves extremely...... 而小黄同样如此,进入了沉睡,开始了究极进化…… Masterstroke also gave little yellow......” “神技也给小黄了吧……” Chen Shu touches the chin, in colored a skill book racket hand, gave little yellow. 陈书摸了摸下巴,将手中彩色的技能书一拍,给予了小黄。 Immortal defense( may not promotion): May reduce 30-100 random injuries! Driving effect: The reduced injury rebounds to all around complete enemy, the range depends on the build.】 【不朽防御(不可升级):可减免30-100的任意伤害!主动效果:将被减免的伤害反弹给四周全部敌人,范围取决于自身体型。】 Without a doubt, this is a masterstroke/divine skill of defense department, happen to and little yellow perfect adaptive, 毫无疑问,这又是一个防御系的神技,正好与小黄完美适配, Only is a passive effect, could be called is the masterstroke/divine skill, even the attack of high-rank legend, can still be weakened 30%. 光是一个被动效果,就称得上是神技了,即便是上位传奇的攻击,也能被削弱百分之三十。 As for another driving effect, is used to attack, 至于另一个主动效果,则是用来攻击的, Immortal defense With little yellow another passive technique Not counter-attacks negligently Different, 【不朽防御】与小黄的另一个被动技【无懈反击】不同, Former's counter-attack injury depends on the attack intensity of enemy, but the latter is the fixed injury, can only be used to cope with the low level lifeform. 前者的反击伤害取决于敌人的攻击强度,而后者则是固定的伤害,只能用来对付对付低级生物。 Because is the driving effect, made little yellow counter-attack flexible many, 而且因为是主动效果,也让小黄的反击变得灵活了不少, Once little yellow were attacked by the legend, it can definitely run up to the ominous beast group to come a wave of rebound, because the range is related with little yellow build, 一旦小黄被传奇攻击,它完全可以跑到凶兽群中来一波反弹,而且因为范围与小黄体型有关, At that time, but was the magnificent second kills the magnificent scene...... 那时候,可就是华丽的秒杀大场面了…… What only minor defect in something otherwise perfect is, Immortal defense Without a skill rank saying, cannot promote. 唯一美中不足的是,【不朽防御】没有技能等级一说,不能升级。 However Chen Shu has not been insatiably greedy, is quite satisfied. 不过陈书也没有贪得无厌,已经是相当满足了。
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