It's Okay To Beat Up a Giant Dragon With My Slime, Right? 我一个史莱姆吊打巨龙很合理吧?

[Pets + choices + humor + indecent + single female lead (no female leads) = ? 】

Your peerless demeanor shocked the world, and the talented senior sister confessed to you affectionately. At this time, three options appeared in front of you.

[Option 1: I gladly agree, from now on I will no longer hold the title of being a single dog. Completion reward: Contract Spirit's attribute plus 5%]

[Option 2: Suavely refuse. Completion reward: skill book 'Burning Flames']

[Option 3: State with complete seriousness: "Sister, please respect yourself, you have already affected the speed at which I draw my sword." Completion reward: 'Golden Slime' obtained bloodline evolution]

Still need to hesitate for such a simple option? Of course you choose three.

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