UP :: Volume #22

#2135: Soul fragment

In that instant that azure prismatic crystal appears, Ximizi 9th rank Demon God, restored unexpectedly shortly soberly. 在青色棱晶显现的那一霎,就连西米茨般的九级魔神,居然也短暂恢复了清醒。 Sir Bertan!” 贝尔坦斯大人!” Numerous 9th rank Demon God, stares at old patriarch that they are worshipping, they for oneself heart deep place, the evil idea of a short time ago having are ashamed. 一众九级魔神,凝望着他们崇拜的老族长,他们为自己内心深处,前不久冒出的邪恶想法而羞愧。 They once felt, the fight of Bertan and Saka, should win by Saka is good. 他们曾觉得,贝尔坦斯萨卡的战斗,应该由萨卡获胜才好。 Saka when accusing Bertan, they actually think that view of Saka is right, thinking Bertan is the enemy of their soul source. 萨卡在指责贝尔坦斯时,他们竟然认为萨卡的说法是对的,认为贝尔坦斯是他们灵魂源头的敌人。 How will we turn into this?” “我们怎会变成这样?” „Do we dare to question Sir Bertan?” “我们竟敢质疑贝尔坦斯大人?” These 9th rank Demon God, demon soul vacant, muttered is whispering, tried really to retrieve. 那些九级魔神,魔魂一片茫然,喃喃低语着,试图找回真实的自我。 That thing......” Zhong Chichen is stunned. “那东西……”钟赤尘愕然。 That thing, how looks with Yu Yuan Soul Divine Altar, is the highest layer floor same?” Long Jie scratches the head puzzled. “那东西,怎么看起来和虞渊灵魂神坛,最高层的台面一样?”龙颉挠头困惑。 Lu Liu is silent. 绿柳则沉默。 originally is your thing, I take care of some years temporarily, now thing returning to rightful owner.” On the Bertan face is brimming with the smile, my also comprehend many years, but before , has not ravelled, how should have this thing by soul refining.” 本就是你的东西,我只是暂时保管一些年头,现在物归原主。”贝尔坦斯脸上洋溢着笑容,“我也参悟了不少年,可之前始终没有弄明白,该如何以灵魂精炼出此物。” Currently, I have the body of my soul crystal, had one layer...... so-called Soul Divine Altar.” “现在,我也有了自己的魂晶之躯,有了一层……所谓的灵魂神坛。” Bertan looks to the Yu Yuan look, has the appreciation of not covering up, this treats the fellow traveller, treats a former generations vision. 贝尔坦斯看向虞渊的眼神,有不加掩饰的赞赏,这是对待同路人,是对待一位先辈的目光。 Rather than apprentice. 而非徒弟。 „When it is I fall from the sky disrupts, one piece of Soul Divine Altar fragment.” Yu Yuan is suddenly enlighted. “它是我陨落时碎裂的,一块灵魂神坛的碎片。”虞渊恍然大悟。 Good. You were encircled by them kill after beyond the heavens, I was once attempting for your re-assemble soul. Very pitifully, I had not found your primitive soul imprint, in the Grand Vastness Source of Yin Vein deep place, your also no trace can be found. I guessed at that time, you should by some method reincarnation.” “不错。你被他们围杀在天外后,我曾尝试着为你重聚灵魂。很可惜,我没有找到你的原始灵魂印记,在浩漭阴脉源头深处,你也无迹可寻。我当时就猜测到,你应该会以某种方法转世。” Then you, 1st layer Soul Divine Altar has built successfully, after you died in battle, I cannot find your primitive soul imprint, actually found these two soul altar fragments.” “当时的你,第一层灵魂神坛已成功打造出来,你战死以后,我没能找到你的原始魂印,却找到了这两块魂坛碎片。” These two fragments, lose in the void crevice, I used to make for a long time.” “这两块碎片,遗落在虚空夹缝中,我用了很长时间才弄出来。” The Bertan complexion is passing sadly. 贝尔坦斯面色透着感伤。 ! 蓬! Pickling that azure prismatic crystal meteorite, finally in armor demon body under stamps the feet continually, disrupts thoroughly. 封藏那块青色棱晶的陨石,终于在盔甲魔躯的连番跺脚下,彻底碎裂开来。 Armor demon body of Bertan refinement, holds that by two hands prudently, only has azure prismatic crystal of fist size, wants to overrun to give Yu Yuan. 贝尔坦斯炼制的盔甲魔躯,以两手慎重地捧着那块,仅有拳头大小的青色棱晶,想要冲过去递给虞渊 But does not need so obscurely. 但并不需要如此费解。 Yu Yuan looked at one. 虞渊只是看了一眼。 That in the armor demon body palm, big azure prismatic crystal, does not fly toward him obviously immediately. 那块在盔甲魔躯掌心的,不显大的青色棱晶,顿时朝着他飞逝而来。 originally is my thing, is my soul fragment.” 本就是属于我的东西,属于我的灵魂碎片。” When he for Dragon Slayer, regains consciousness memory of small some Lord of Abyss periods, therefore reconstructs Soul Divine Altar, just condensing had/left the 1st layer floor. 他为斩龙者时,苏醒一小部分深渊之主时期的记忆,于是再造“灵魂神坛”,刚刚凝炼第一层台面。 In Han Miaoyuan and Monster Phoenix, welcomed the death under Its direction hand in hand. 就在韩邈远妖凤的携手之下,或者说,在祂的指引下迎来死亡。 His primitive soul imprint, in Dragon of Space-Time dragon soul with Beheading Dragons Platform, hides together, many years later reincarnation is Hong Qi. 他的原始灵魂印记,和斩龙台时空之龙龙魂,一起潜藏起来,多年以后转世洪奇 In that life his only forged out one layer Soul Divine Altar, after being destroyed, two fragment lose. 那一世他只铸造出一层灵魂神坛”,被打碎了以后,有两个碎块遗落了。 Two fragment, were all sought by Bertan, now gives him. 两个碎块,全都被贝尔坦斯寻到,如今又交给了他。 In even more fragmentary meteorite sea, Saka, looks helplessly that azure prismatic crystal leaves. 愈发零碎的陨石海中,萨卡眼睁睁地,看着那块青色棱晶离开。 Saka similarly is azure-black demon soul, shows does not abandon the and 萨卡同样是青黑色魔魂,透出不舍和 Thick thinking of fondly, said: My, it is me!” 浓浓的眷念,道:“我的,它属于我!” Saka, does not attend to the coldness in Bertan pupil angrily, to that azure prismatic crystal chase. 萨卡愤然而起,不顾贝尔坦斯眸中的冷冽,向那块青色棱晶追逐。 Has this thing in the hand, you can long time maintain spiritual wisdom and spirituality. If I have not guessed that wrong, you should such thing, plan to assume to It?” “有这东西在手,你能长时间保持灵智灵性。我如果没猜错的话,你应该将这样东西,打算呈给祂吧?” Pitifully, this thing has no help to It.” “可惜,此物对祂并没有什么帮助。” Bertan amethyst demon body, in the eye pupil has the flame of danger to be turbulent, his top of the head that vast pollution azure-black soul sea, such as a side world is gyrating slowly. 贝尔坦斯紫水晶般的魔躯,眼瞳内有危险的火焰汹涌,他头顶那片辽阔的浑浊青黑魂海,如一方世界在缓缓旋动。 Gyrating, became a giant profound cavern. 旋动着,成了一个巨大的幽深洞穴。 Pursues that azure prismatic crystal Saka, lord demon soul not to control the place suddenly, goes toward azure-black soul sea of Bertan top of the head pollution. 追逐那块青色棱晶萨卡,主魔魂突然不控制地,朝着贝尔坦斯头顶浑浊的青黑色魂海而去。 These scatter in meteorite all parties, demon soul that his a stream of minute/share transgresses, one and embezzles. 那些散落在陨石各方的,他一道道分逸出去的魔魂,也被一并吞没。 ! whistling! 呼!呼呼呼! Saka main soul, with minute/share leisurely demon soul, a bunch of then bunch, integrates that piece of azure-black soul sea of Bertan top of the head all, such as brook entering the sea is silent vanishes. 萨卡主魂,和分逸的魔魂,一簇接着一簇,尽数融入贝尔坦斯头顶的那片青黑魂海,如溪流入海般无声无息间消失。 The quick this Ancient Heavenly Demon aura, has had trace, on clean of disappearance. 很快这位古老天魔的气息,存在过的痕迹,就消失的一干二净。 In separation very loose meteorite, does not see yin corpse(s), that big corpse mountain devil monster was shaken similarly extinguishes. 分隔很散的陨石中,也再也不见一具阴尸,那高大的尸山魔怪同样被震灭。 But that originally belongs to Yu Yuan azure prismatic crystal, „”, falls on that Soul Divine Altar highest layer azure-jade surface. 而那块本就属于虞渊的青色棱晶,“啪嗒”一声,落在那座“灵魂神坛最高层青玉台面 Became a part of azure-jade surface instantaneously. 瞬间成了青玉台面的一部分。 Many fragmentary memory of Dragon Slayer period, part of forgotten technique law divine ability, because of the return of this azure prismatic crystal, because of integrating Soul Divine Altar were awakened immediately. 斩龙者时期的许多零碎记忆,一部分被遗忘的术法神通,因这块青色棱晶的归来,因融入“灵魂神坛”内顿时被唤醒。 The Yu Yuan mind consciousness is diverse and confused, fast integration memory. 虞渊脑海意识纷杂,在飞快地统合记忆 Because of arrival of this azure prismatic crystal, because with him Soul Divine Altar melts, lets soul purifying divine brilliance unexpectedly the prestige can promote obviously. 因这块青色棱晶的抵达,因为和他“灵魂神坛”的相融,竟然让“净魂神辉”的威能提升明显。 My soul was pure!” “我的灵魂洁净了!” I did not feel again, It has the trace of carry-over to exist.” “我也再没有感觉到,祂有遗留的痕迹存在。” You Qian and Adria, in a short time restore, belongs to that person soul dead knot, by Yu Yuan soul purifying divine brilliance melt is clean. 尤潜阿德里娅,全部在很短时间内恢复自我,属于那位的灵魂死结,被虞渊的“净魂神辉消融干净。 The brilliance restrains, was summoned by Yu Yuan, hangs in the top of the head Soul Divine Altar shrinks into his forehead. 光辉为之收敛,被虞渊召唤出来的,悬于头顶的“灵魂神坛”又缩入他眉心。 He from Beheading Dragons Platform, sat above Beheading Dragons Platform, feels new memory that azure prismatic crystal brought. 他从斩龙台之下,坐在了斩龙台之上,感受那块青色棱晶带来的新记忆 Waits a bit.” “稍等一下。” Bertan under that piece of azure-black muddy sea, demon soul in amethyst slightly becomes pale, as if in other is gathering the strength void. 贝尔坦斯在那片青黑色的浑浊海洋下,紫水晶内的魔魂稍稍变淡,仿佛在别的虚空汇聚着力量。 Later, another one piece of your soul fragment, will be delivered.” “待会,另一块你的灵魂碎片,也会被送过来。” Bertan including saying with a smile. 贝尔坦斯含笑道。 „Does father, you in...... cope with Sable?” Adria startled say/way. “父亲,你在……对付塞布尔?”阿德里娅惊道。 He and Saka same disappointed my, I let the thing that he takes care, he cannot deliver to that Evil Gods Temple, has not lost to me to Grand Vastness.” Bertan cold sound said. “他和萨卡一样辜负了我的期望,我让他保管的东西,他没能送到那座邪神圣殿,没有给我丢向浩漭。”贝尔坦斯冷声道。 You why do not take care, or gives me?” The Adria doubts said. “你为什么不自己保管,或者交给我?”阿德里娅疑惑道。 It stares at me is too tight, my any action It is paying attention. Gets rid of Its spiritual infiltration, is some not by the matter that It discovers, but is not relaxed.” Bertan responded, „, that two kinds thing from Yu Yuan, can only use, after all it was not my.” “祂盯我太紧,我的任何举动祂都在关注。摆脱祂的精神渗透,做一些不被祂发现的事情,可并不轻松。”贝尔坦斯回应,“还有,来自虞渊的那两样东西,就只能用一下,毕竟它不是我的。” I am hope that Saka and Sable, had been invaded in me, walks at my own strength doesn't come out comes, can at crucial moments by the external force help my.” “我是希望萨卡塞布尔,在我已被侵染,以我自己的力量走不出来时,能够在关键时刻以外力帮我一把。” But their in addition I was too disappointed.” “可他们太另我失望了。” As for you, your my demon soul has is too similar, you are not one are good to choose.” “至于你,你我的魔魂有着太多相似,你不是一个好选择。” After the Bertan lecture, he looks to Yu Yuan on Beheading Dragons Platform, said with a smile: Prepares to admit second piece.” 贝尔坦斯讲完后,他又看向斩龙台上的虞渊,笑道:“准备接纳第二块吧。” Without Galaxy Port Divergent Nether Star Territory, Beheading Dragons Platform under Yu Yuan buttocks, is one special Galaxy Port, in Bertan these words fall. 没“星河渡口”的歧幽星域,虞渊屁股下的斩龙台,就是一座特殊的“星河渡口”,就在贝尔坦斯这句话落下时。 Whiz! 嗖! Azure prismatic crystal of second piece similar size, suddenly cross-domain space, does not know where from was delivered. 第二块同样大小的青色棱晶,突然跨域了空间,不知从什么地方被送了过来。 Also appears above Beheading Dragons Platform! 也在斩龙台上方显现! It just presented that drilled into to the Yu Yuan forehead on own initiative, enters that in Yu Yuan sea of consciousness Soul Divine Altar, integrated 1st layer azure-jade surface. 它刚刚呈现出来,就主动向虞渊的眉心钻入,进入虞渊识海中的那座“灵魂神坛”,融入到第一层青玉台面 second piece Yu Yuan in the soul fragment of Dragon Slayer period, was controlled by another Heavenly Demon, that person called Sable. 第二块虞渊斩龙者时期的灵魂碎片,被另外一个天魔掌控,那位塞布尔 This soul fragment arrived, means that called Sable Ancient Heavenly Demon, perhaps was also more unfortunate than fortunate. 这块灵魂碎片到了,意味着叫塞布尔古老天魔,恐怕也是凶多吉少。 Divergent Nether Star Territory under my control, but Sable activity world, is the Heavenly Demon territory, there is Galaxy Port to exist.” Bertan said ambiguously, sees Yu Yuan in digesting that two azure prismatic crystal, memory and soul technique of his Dragon Slayer period, suddenly sinking sound said: Undying Bird!” 歧幽星域在我的掌控之下,而塞布尔活动的世界,也是天魔的领地,也有星河渡口存在。”贝尔坦斯含糊地说了一句,见虞渊在消化那两块青色棱晶内,他斩龙者时期的记忆魂术,突然沉声道:“不死鸟!” Chen Qinghuang knits the brows. 陈青凰皱眉。 Top of the head azure divine bird she, this belongs to Yu Yuan azure prismatic crystal to reappear because of that two, at this moment sobers. 头顶青色神鸟的她,因那两块本属于虞渊的青色棱晶浮现,此刻又清醒过来。 But desire of her in the depth of one's soul dispersion death, all living things belt/bring to death holds to read is breeding, is continue expand little. 但她灵魂深处散布死亡的欲望,将众生带向死亡的执念还是在孕育着,还是在一点点地持续壮大。 You should not keep Origin World, you can explore Abyss, or goes to Desolate World.” “你不应该留在源界,你可以去探索深渊,或者去荒界。” Bertan looks indifferently, said: Origin World, is the boundary that I painstakingly plan, I do not want to see this world, becomes an eternal deathly stillness galaxy. Now is sober while you, has own spirituality and will while you, Abyss and Desolate World, yourself select one.” 贝尔坦斯冷眼望来,道:“源界,是我苦心经营的地界,我不希望看到这个世界,变为一个永恒死寂的星河。趁着你现在还清醒,趁着你还有自己的灵性和意志,深渊荒界,你自己挑一个吧。” He is compelling Undying Bird Empress to leave Origin World. 他在逼不死鸟女皇离开源界 Has mystical demon body him, after getting rid of the soul invasion of that person, with is Great Demon God Saka, Sable, was attended to neatly by him. 拥有一具神奇魔躯的他,摆脱了那位的灵魂侵染后,同为大魔神萨卡,塞布尔,被他干净利落地料理掉。 As for Undying Bird Empress, if is not quite deep with the Yu Yuan origin, he will not give the right of its choice. 至于不死鸟女皇,若非和虞渊渊源颇深,他都不会给其选择的权利。 Chen Qinghuang is silent. 陈青凰沉默。 Her perception, thought silently had Great Demon God Bertan of amethyst body, to strangles her in Divergent Nether Star Territory powerful sufficiently. 她默默地感知,觉得有了一具紫水晶躯体的大魔神贝尔坦斯,强大到足以在歧幽星域扼杀她。 The terrifying that Bertan top of the head that piece of azure-black pollution soul sea, transmits fluctuates, as if can twist to break to pieces her soul, making these death symbols vanished in a puff of smoke. 贝尔坦斯头顶那片青黑色的浑浊魂海,传来的恐怖波动,似乎能绞碎她的灵魂,让那些死亡符号都灰飞烟灭。 Even, her death strength, strengthened because of these strange symbols. 即使,她的死亡力量,因那些诡异符号而增强了。 May in her promotion, before has not achieved the so-called supremeness, she gave up any idea of that contends with Bertan. 可在她没有晋升,没有达到所谓的至尊前,她休想和贝尔坦斯抗衡。 She feelings, this time she spreads death strength crazily, lets fresh/live star territory, degenerates into the deathly stillness the withered world, is a road which must be taken that she promotes. 她又有一种感觉,这次她疯狂地散布死亡力量,让一个个鲜活星域,沦为死寂的枯萎天地,就是她晋升的一条必经之路。 Is because she felt, she must through extinguishing the action of the world, can attack the new altitude by death strength. 就是因为她感觉到了,她必须通过灭世之举,才能以死亡力量冲击新的高度。 Therefore she makes Yu Yuan do not keep off her road. 所以她才让虞渊不要挡她的路。 At this moment she be at the sober condition, under the terrifying shock and awe of Bertan, she knows that she dares to act unreasonably in Divergent Nether Star Territory, dares to continue to spread the death in Origin World, she will suffer the merciless blows of Bertan. 此刻她处于清醒状态,在贝尔坦斯的恐怖震慑下,她知道她敢在歧幽星域乱来,敢在源界继续散布死亡,她会遭受贝尔坦斯的无情打击。 Possibly, she but therefore third falling from the sky. 可能,她会因此而第三次陨落。 Therefore she looked at Yu Yuan, thinks that Yu Yuan was called as Lord of Abyss, then the nod said: I go to Desolate World.” 于是她看了一眼虞渊,想到虞渊被称呼为深渊之主,便点头道:“那我去荒界。” ...... ……
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