UP :: Volume #22

#2134: The demon prestige is dreadful

Divergent Nether Star Territory, because of the Bertan disaffection sound, the astral wind wail, the manic storm gets up suddenly. 歧幽星域,因贝尔坦斯的不满声,罡风哭嚎,狂躁的风暴骤起。 The region that the remote void region, Undying Bird Empress death strength has not stepped, boundless galactic abilities is rolling, as if changes to elapsing Heavenly Demon. 偏远的虚空地带,不死鸟女皇死亡力量没有涉足的区域,磅礴的星河异能滚荡着,仿佛化作一尊尊逝去的天魔 ! 呼! Integrates Bertan demon soul of armor, flutters to the space from the armor nape of the neck, such as the one thick extravagant soul waterfall adverse current, rushed to the upper air instantaneously. 融入盔甲的贝尔坦斯魔魂,从盔甲脖颈向天上飘去,如一道粗阔的灵魂瀑布逆流,瞬间冲到了高空。 In the upper air, Bertan had once appeared one time in Ashen Territory, that huge reappears to limitless demonic shadow! 在高空中,贝尔坦斯曾于灰域显现过一次的,那庞大到无边无际的魔影再现! He just like piece of great azure-black soul sea, in actually filled millions of purple broken glow, filled up the meteorite sea above entire starry sky. 他犹如一片广阔无垠的青黑色魂海,内中却充满了千千万万的紫色碎芒,填满了陨石海上方整个星空。 Millions of purple broken glow, gather in azure-black soul sea, change to big dark-purple demonic shadow. 千千万万紫色碎芒,在青黑色魂海内部汇聚,化作一尊高大的深紫色魔影 Purple demonic shadow is splendid, congeals to ram unceasingly, as if became the one piece of bright busy amethyst. 紫色魔影熠熠生辉,不断地凝结夯实,仿佛成了一块剔透无暇的紫水晶。 The crystallization of pure soul! 纯净灵魂的结晶! With Yu Yuan Soul Divine Altar, the 1st layer sapphire floor is exactly the same simply, is almost exactly the same. 虞渊灵魂神坛”中,第一层青玉般的台面简直如出一辙,几乎一模一样。 Great Demon God Bertan of soul crystal shape, appears in azure-black soul sea, he is maintaining really me. 魂晶形态的大魔神贝尔坦斯,出现在青黑色魂海中,他保持着真我自我。 His that amethyst big hand, stretches out by azure-black soul sea, from top to bottom whipped. 他那紫水晶般的大手,由青黑色魂海内伸出,从上往下拍打了下去。 Purple vault of heaven, such as the mosquito flyswatter, whips a piece by piece in the meteorite sea. 一片片紫色的天穹,如蚊蝇拍般,拍打在陨石海。 yin corpse(s) flickers the fragment powder ten million/countless. 千万阴尸瞬成齑粉。 pieces by the Saka refining meteorite, was been connected with the land vein, at this moment under the big hand of Bertan, whipped separation. 一块块萨卡炼化的陨石,彼此间以大地脉络相连,此刻在贝尔坦斯的大手之下,被拍打的分离开来。 The vein between meteorite and meteorite, was shaken by his impervious soul power, the meteorite sea actually seems more vast, but the connection has broken. 陨石和陨石间的脉络,被他不可理喻的魂力震断,陨石海倒是显得更为辽阔,可彼此间的连接已断。 The onlooker, because of whipping of Bertan, Saka refining the demon body had been dismembered. 在观望者来看,因贝尔坦斯的拍打,萨卡炼化的这具魔躯已被分尸。 Sends out that greenish gray divine bird that cried, instinct perceived that was not wonderful, first fluttered to fly away, but also by Bertan obstructed Heavenly Demon to whip. 发出啼鸣的那只青灰神鸟,本能地觉察出不妙,第一时间振翅飞离,可也被贝尔坦斯的遮天魔手拍打正着。 divine bird is swaying void, on the wing white serene lightning, the sputtering is the small fragments light is bright. 神鸟在虚空摇晃,羽翼上白森森的幽电,溅射为碎小的光烁。 Light bright such as dense-white heavy downpour, in death intent refining, must covering the common people myriad things, tow to the true deathly stillness Outer Territory world. 光烁如一场森白的滂沱大雨,内中的死意精炼,要将笼罩的苍生万物,拖曳向真正死寂的外域天地。 Leaves from the Chen Qinghuang within the body dissipation, to death aura that Divergent Nether Star Territory all parties spread, when Bertan appears in such shape, was stopped suddenly. 陈青凰体内散逸出的,向歧幽星域各方蔓延的死亡气息,在贝尔坦斯以这样的形态出现时,突然间就被中止。 In these death aura, in the way that must spread, there are barrier that Bertan demonic thought constructs. 在那些死亡气息,必须扩散的路径中,有贝尔坦斯魔念构筑的壁垒。 Because of existence of barrier, death aura may not lead the way, is unable to infiltrate. 因壁垒的存在,死亡气息就不可前行,也无法渗透。 Chen Qinghuang the action of extinguishing world, was blocked by Bertan, cannot form more area coverages. 陈青凰的灭世之举,被贝尔坦斯拦了下来,不能形成更多的覆盖区域。 The Bertan disaffection, the Divergent Nether Star Territory entire aspect coordinates, controlled the current situation easily. 贝尔坦斯的不满,歧幽星域的全方面配合,轻而易举地掌控了目前的局势。 The fight of Saka and Undying Bird Empress, because of interference of external force, non-stop also being probable to stop. 萨卡不死鸟女皇的战斗,因外力的干涉,不停也必须要停。 Father!” “父亲!” old patriarch!” 老族长!” Sir Bertan!” 贝尔坦斯大人!” These 9th rank Demon God that Adria, You Qian, fortunately survives, look up to the Great Demon God Bertan mystical form at this moment, demon soul surges to rush. 阿德里娅,尤潜,还有幸存下来的那些九级魔神们,仰望大魔神贝尔坦斯此刻的神奇身影,魔魂激荡澎湃。 This had been the once Origin World first person, Heavenly Demon Clan since existence, that person unchanging since times immemorial old patriarch. 这就是曾经的源界第一人,天魔族从存在以来,那位亘古不变老族长 Great Demon God Bertan! 大魔神贝尔坦斯 azure-black vast soul sea, is his lord demon soul, but that amethyst form, is actually spiritual wisdom that he does not extinguish, is his self- and really I. 青黑色的辽阔魂海,也是他的主魔魂,可那道紫水晶般的身影,却是他不灭的灵智,是他的自我和真我。 And already materialization! 而且已经实质化 Great Demon God Bertan, just like all Outer Territory Heavenly Demon, he since birth is only bunch of demon soul, no 大魔神贝尔坦斯,也和所有的外域天魔一样,他生来便只是一簇魔魂,没有 Own fleshly body. 自己的血肉躯身 This is the facts that everyone knows. 这是众所周知的事实。 Does not have body to suffer a loss very much, therefore Heavenly Demon needs to seek for appropriate demon body to conduct refining, will need to build body the day after tomorrow. 躯身很吃亏,所以天魔需要寻找合适的魔躯进行炼化,需要后天打造躯身 But present Great Demon God Bertan actually subverted this iron rule truth! 可眼前的大魔神贝尔坦斯却颠覆了这个铁律真理! His demon soul materialization, such as is carved by the one piece of complete amethyst. 他的魔魂实质化,如由一块完整的紫水晶雕琢而成。 In azure-black soul sea, that is standing erect amethyst demon soul, glitters is making the bright ray that one is enchanted by, is brilliant and mysterious, deep concealed world all Grand Dao of Soul true meaning. 青黑色魂海中,那具矗立着的紫水晶魔魂,闪烁着令人迷醉的剔透光芒,绚烂而神秘,深藏世间所有灵魂大道真谛 Great Demon God Bertan, was separated from that armor, there is materialization demon body. 大魔神贝尔坦斯,脱离了那一具盔甲,也有了实质化魔躯 After having this demon body, his demon soul can dividing of fearless thunder shoot, did not fear that restraint of extreme cold strength, becoming is such unconventional and unique and unmatched. 有了这具魔躯后,他的魔魂能够无惧雷霆的劈射,也不怕极寒力量的克制,变得是那么的另类独一无二 This was above everyone's cognition and imagination. 这超乎了所有人的认知和想象。 Human Clan promotes Supreme, after the main soul transformation is Primodial God, originally is also illusory spiritual body. 人族晋升至高,主魂蜕变为元神以后,本来也是虚幻的灵体 Only has source blessing, can materialization. 唯有得到一股本源加持,才能实质化 Has source that It granted, Primodial God had the ever changing special material quality, can become God Position with the source union. 有了祂赐予的本源,元神有了千变万化的特殊材质,和本源结合才能成神位 God Position or soul pillar, or an iceberg, sea of fire of combustion, chair wait/etc. 神位或是灵魂柱,或是一座冰山,或是燃烧的火海,或是椅子等等。 However, Outer Territory Heavenly Demon in everyone's cognition, demon soul is forever unreal. 然而,外域天魔在大家的认知中,魔魂永远都是虚幻的。 Bertan changed this today! 贝尔坦斯在今天改变了这点! He stands erect in azure-black soul sea, body that such as the amethyst carves, exists, is not illusory! 他矗立在青黑色魂海中,如紫水晶雕琢的躯身,是真实存在的,再也不是虚幻! He is through the ages, Heavenly Demon that first had materialization body! 他是古往今来,第一位有了实质化躯身天魔 Beheading Dragons Platform , the release soul purifying divine brilliance helps Adria and You Qian, goes to the washing and purifying soul Yu Yuan, looks just like amethyst Bertan, suddenly has a familiar feeling. 斩龙台的下方,释放出“净魂神辉”帮助阿德里娅尤潜,去洗涤净化灵魂的虞渊,看着宛如一具紫水晶般的贝尔坦斯,突然生出一种熟悉的感觉。 Purple crystal Bertan, in crystal body proliferates numerous exquisite Soul principles, Soul Divine Altar highest layer is exactly the same as him. 紫色水晶般的贝尔坦斯,晶体般的躯身内遍布众多精妙灵魂法则,和他“灵魂神坛最高层如出一辙。 Except for is variously shaped, the material quality with the feeling, is completely same. 除了形态不同,材质和感觉,完全是一样的。 ! 呼! In soul purifying divine brilliance, that said demon soul that Bertan splits up, vanishes suddenly does not see. 在“净魂神辉”下方的,那道贝尔坦斯分化出来的魔魂,突然间消失不见。 In azure-black soul sea, amethyst Bertan, changed big one section suddenly. 青黑色魂海中,紫水晶般的贝尔坦斯,突然又变高大了一截。 Originally under this shape, I then can maintain self- spirituality not to extinguish.” “原来在这种形态下,我便能保持自我的灵性不灭。” His separated by a great distance nods toward Yu Yuan with a smile. 隔空朝着虞渊含笑点头。 Under his smile, Yu Yuan knew suddenly, Bertan had found to maintain self- spirituality not to extinguish, had at own strength, eliminates the mind that person filthy trace the means. 在他的笑容下,虞渊突然就知道了,贝尔坦斯已经找到保持自我灵性不灭,拥有了以自己的力量,清除脑海那位污浊痕迹的办法。 Bertan has not needed to rely on soul purifying divine brilliance. 贝尔坦斯已经无需依赖“净魂神辉”。 Must thank you.” “还是要谢你。” Bertan, Yu Yuan expresses gratitude to he is protecting sincerely, your reminder, without your explicit informing, I have not built doesn't come out such demon body. I used is so long, pondered over so many years, was just awakening, originally the soul can also so refining.” 贝尔坦斯真诚地,向他一路呵护着的虞渊表示感谢,“没有你的提醒,没有你明确的告知,我打造不出这样的魔躯。我用了那么久,琢磨了那么多年,也才在刚刚醒悟,原来灵魂还能如此精炼。” In even more scattered meteorite within the four seas of that disruption, Saka divides demon soul that transgresses, is getting more and more far because of the meteorite great distance, and vein that connects was interrupted, but perception is impeded. 在那碎裂的越发零散的陨石海内,萨卡所分逸出去的魔魂,因陨石相隔越来越远,且连接的脉络被中断而感知不畅。 Suddenly, he his lord demon soul, floats from such meteorite within the four seas. 突然,他将他的那道主魔魂,从这样的陨石海内漂浮出来。 He is looking, in broad azure-black soul sea, amethyst big demon body. 他仰望着,广阔青黑色魂海内,一尊紫水晶般的高大魔躯 The Saka eye fears intent obviously. 萨卡目显惧意。 Bertan lowers the head, visits him faintly, demonic thought moves. 贝尔坦斯则低着头,淡漠地看着他,魔念一动。 The armor that did not have his demon soul, falls from the one piece of meteorite to another one piece of meteorite, when smashing that the meteorite that will fall to the ground pounds, the armor soars falls to other meteorite. 那具没了他魔魂的盔甲,从一块陨石落向另一块陨石,将落地的陨石砸的粉碎时,盔甲又一飞冲天地落向别的陨石。 ! 蓬!蓬蓬 ! 蓬! More and more meteorite blasting open, fly away in the armor soon change to the dust smog, dissipates in void. 越来越多的陨石炸裂,在盔甲飞离不久化作粉尘烟雾,消散在虚空中。 The armor under the control of Bertan will, such as has the accurate goal, the downward one piece of meteorite goes. 盔甲在贝尔坦斯意志的操控下,如有着精准的目标,向下一块陨石而去。 The Saka facial expression changes suddenly , uses not silently demon soul that he can also control, sees to scatter in all parties' demon soul, tries to intercept that armor. 萨卡神情骤变,一言不发地,将他还能驾驭的魔魂动用起来,就见散落在各方的魔魂,试图拦截那具盔甲。 Saka, you dare to continue in my sober condition with me for the enemy, your present courage makes me surprised.” 萨卡,你竟敢在我清醒状态下继续与我为敌,你现在的勇气令我惊讶。” Stands erect Bertan on azure-black soul sea to sink unexpectedly, that piece of azure-black soul sea, as if became piece of huge chaotic sea of consciousness of his top of the head. 矗立在青黑色魂海上的贝尔坦斯蓦地沉落,那片青黑色魂海,仿佛成了他头顶的一片庞大浑沌识海 His amethyst new and original demon body, is going against the pollution belongs to his soul sea ocean, aims demon soul that these Saka minutes/shares transgress. 他这具紫水晶般的新颖魔躯,顶着浑浊的属于他的灵魂海洋,指向那些萨卡分逸出去的魔魂 Twists the myriad things soul power, under he points at forms. 扭曲万物的魂力,在他手指下形成。 Was transgressed by the Saka minute/share, these want to intercept demon soul of armor, water bubbles that probably boils is shattered, suddenly the time vanishes all. 萨卡分逸出去,那些想要拦截盔甲的魔魂,像是沸腾的水泡破灭,眨眼功夫就尽数消失。 Saka is also calling out pitifully sad and shrill. 萨卡又在凄厉惨叫。 He is staring at Bertan, in the look of azure-black pollution soul sea body, filling feared and despaired. 他凝望着贝尔坦斯,在青黑色浑浊魂海躯体的眼神,充满了恐惧和绝望。 Saka knew suddenly, he and Bertan disparity, actually has in a big way how. 萨卡突然就知道了,他和贝尔坦斯的差距,究竟有多么的大。 Bertan can become Heavenly Demon Clan patriarch, can be the supremeness of 11th rank, is not because Bertan is older than him, is not because Bertan was picked by initial Grand Vastness origin soul. 贝尔坦斯能成为天魔族族长,会是十一级的至尊,并不是因为贝尔坦斯比他年老,也不是因为贝尔坦斯被当初的浩漭源魂相中。 But is Bertan from beginning to end, from that moment of birth, is not he and Sable can hope to attain. 而是贝尔坦斯从始至终,从诞生的那一刻,就不是他和塞布尔所能企及的。 ! 喀嚓! The meteorite that the armor drops finally, the wide scope is cracked, has not actually exploded for the dust immediately. 盔甲最后落下的陨石,大范围地龟裂着,却并没有立即爆为粉尘。 That seemingly common meteorite unexpectedly incomparable firm. 那块看似寻常的陨石竟无比的坚固。 With the production of crack, in the slit of meteorite, jumps projects azure sparkling stone divine splendor! 伴随着裂缝的生成,在陨石的缝隙内,迸射出青莹的神辉 This divine splendor, that dazzling, that eye-catching! 神辉,是那么的耀眼,那么的夺目! And, contains purest soul spirit and soul power. 且,蕴藏着最纯净的魂灵魂力 Under Beheading Dragons Platform, Yu Yuan true body, looks in meteorite slit that the armor drops finally, suddenly jumps azure sparkling stone divine splendor that shoots, the soul trembles unexpectedly. 斩龙台下方,虞渊本体真身,看着盔甲最后落下的陨石缝隙内,突然迸射的青莹神辉,灵魂蓦地一颤。 He felt, under the meteorite of that disruption, there are his thing! 他感觉到了,在那碎裂的陨石下,有属于他的东西! Great Demon God Bertan gives Saka, Sable, lets these two ancient Heavenly Demon, will submit to give back to him, awakens his thing, under meteorite of that disruption. 大魔神贝尔坦斯交给萨卡,还有塞布尔,让这两位古老的天魔,在将来归还给他,唤醒他的东西,就在那块碎裂的陨石下。 Ka ka ka! Ka ka! 咔咔咔!咔咔! The armor stamps the feet continually, treads out more cracks, makes the outer layer camouflage the grey-brown stone fall off. 盔甲连番地跺脚,踩出更多的裂缝,也让外层遮蔽的灰褐色石头脱落。 The stone of shedding, became the fragment powder immediately, changed to the light smoke. 脱落的石头,立即成了齑粉,化作了轻烟。 Many azure sparkling stone divine splendor, flashes before from these slits, by that thing that meteorite wrapped covers, finally reveals the appearance/portrait little. 更多的青莹神辉,从那些缝隙内闪现,被陨石裹着掩盖的那东西,终于一点点地显露出真容。 one piece of sparkling and translucent bright azure prismatic crystal! 一块晶莹剔透的青色棱晶 It is not big, merely only then young child fist size. 它并不大,仅仅只有小儿拳头大小。 Brilliance that but its shining has, actually that radiant, absorbs the person heart and soul! It such as between Heaven and Earth most mystical rare treasure, is the strongest creator outstanding artware. 可它耀出的光辉,却是那么的璀璨,那么的摄人心魄!它如天地间最神秘的异宝,是最强造物主杰出的艺术品。 Has brilliant soul threads, is evolving true meaning of soul in that azure prismatic crystal, has slender light beam imprint memory. 有绚烂的魂线,在那青色棱晶内衍化着灵魂真谛,有纤细的光束烙印记忆 The bright soul, making soul spirit maintain self- spirituality, is only a it simplest function. 明净灵魂,让魂灵保持自我灵性,只是它最简单的一个作用。 This thing emergence, attracted everyone's attention swiftly, including Zhong Chichen, Lu Liu, Evil God Hamm. 此物倏一出现,就吸引了所有人的注意,包括钟赤尘,绿柳,还有邪神哈姆 Even previously Undying Bird of demented condition, unexpectedly also therefore the thing presented from the meteorite, restored fiercely. 甚至先前癫狂状态的不死鸟,居然也因此物从陨石中呈现,猛地恢复了自我。 Her eye pupil deep place, in divine bird wing, even more profound death symbols, cannot affect her. 就连她眼眸深处,还有神鸟羽翼内的,愈发深刻的死亡符号,也不能影响她。 ...... ……
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