UP :: Volume #22

#2133: Rebels

100,000 years ago, Undying Bird Empress falls from the sky in Annihilation Star Territory, Monster Phoenix naturally is the secret biggest evil behind-the-scenes manipulator. 十万年前,不死鸟女皇陨落在湮灭星域,妖凤自然是幕后的最大黑手。 Because of plan of Monster Phoenix, causes her in the out of control condition, spread the death crazily and destroys the strength. 因为妖凤的谋划,导致她在失控状态下,疯狂散布死亡和毁灭力量。 But issues the order to execute her, is actually present Great Demon God Bertan. 但下达命令格杀她的,却是眼前的大魔神贝尔坦斯 Under the instruction of Bertan, his subordinate two most Great Demon God, Saka and Sable participated. 贝尔坦斯的吩咐下,他麾下两位最大魔神,萨卡塞布尔都参与了进去。 That period Star Clan, Radiant Clan and Asura Clan supreme, rumbles to kill her together with joint forces in Annihilation Star Territory, lets her first tragic death. 还有那个时期星族明光族修罗族至强,一起合力将她轰杀在湮灭星域,让她第一次惨死。 By the in the depth of one's soul death symbols invasion gradually deep she, after Bertan arrives, the will such as was twisted. 灵魂深处死亡符号侵染渐深的她,在贝尔坦斯到来后,意志如被扭曲。 She wants to strike to kill between Heaven and Earth all Heavenly Demon now. 她现在想击杀天地间所有的天魔 Bertan, Saka, Sable, Adria, You Qian, all known Heavenly Demon Supreme, she wants to slaughter by death strength. 贝尔坦斯,萨卡,塞布尔,阿德里娅,尤潜,所有已知的天魔至强者,她都想要以死亡力量屠戮。 Undying Bird, but also was really very long has not seen.” 不死鸟,还真是很久没见了。” Some Bertan feelings, his original intention wants to say Saka, didn't expect Saka has not noticed him, instead first alarmed Undying Bird Empress. 贝尔坦斯有些感触,他本意是想说一说萨卡,没想到萨卡尚未注意到他,反而先惊动了不死鸟女皇 You?” “你?” Bertan carefully looked, the facial expression is gradually dignified, said: These symbols in her soul?” 贝尔坦斯仔细一看,神情逐渐凝重,道:“她灵魂中的那些符号?” Here is Divergent Nether Star Territory, Bertan is between Heaven and Earth is skilled in mystery of soul, in Chen Qinghuang in the depth of one's soul, since there are does not belong to her symbols, in any event hides hidden does not evade spying on Bertan. 这里是歧幽星域,贝尔坦斯天地间最精通灵魂奥秘者,在陈青凰灵魂深处,既然有不属于她自身的符号,不论如何藏隐都躲不过贝尔坦斯的窥探。 She by the Ashen Territory deep place, a thing that put out from that spring's mouth is invaded.” Yu Yuan explained. “她被灰域深处,从那泉眼中吐出的一物侵染了。”虞渊解释。 Bertan gawked staring, said: empty stick that does not have silk banner?” 贝尔坦斯愣了愣,又道:“一根没有锦旗空杆?” „Did you see?” Yu Yuan strange say/way. “你见到了?”虞渊奇道。 In that palace, my demon soul even static, can still see all.” Bertan nods, silent moment, said: empty stick that came from Other Region, these death symbols that above engraves, appear in Undying Bird in the depth of one's soul. It seems like that this only Undying Bird actions, have other exists to meddle the trace.” “在那殿堂中,我的魔魂即使静止,也能看到所有。”贝尔坦斯点了点头,沉默了片刻,道:“从异域而来的空杆,上面刻印的那些死亡符号,在不死鸟灵魂深处出现。看来,这只不死鸟的所作所为,有别的存在插手痕迹。” Bertan thinks deeply. 贝尔坦斯不禁深思。 Before his demon soul enters Abyss, has appeared and disappeared in Ashen Territory for a long time, to that 36 mysterious energy vortex, he has not certainly let off. 魔魂进入深渊前,也在灰域出没过许久,对那三十六个神秘的能量漩涡,他当然不曾放过。 Before his comes, saw that 36 energy vortex cause trouble, saw that Reed is protecting energy vortex. 他这趟过来前,也看到三十六个能量漩涡生变,看到里德在守护一处能量漩涡 The Reed protection, is then filling death aura, puts out empty stick so-called spring's mouth. 里德守护的,便是弥漫着死亡气息,吐出空杆子的所谓“泉眼”。 The two sides comparisons, Bertan reveals the real facial expression outside armor, appears is then unpredictable. 两边一对照,贝尔坦斯显露在盔甲外的真实脸容,便显得变幻莫测起来。 How do you plan to process her?” “你打算怎么处理她?” Bertan inquired in a soft voice. 贝尔坦斯轻声询问。 Teacher, she and I......” Yu Yuan knits the brows. “老师,她和我……”虞渊皱眉。 In his memory, omnipotent and fearless Bertan, always heroic optimistic, and can infect the person. 在他记忆中,无所不能且无所畏惧的贝尔坦斯,向来豪迈乐观,且很能感染人。 But he also clearly knows similarly, Bertan is not the softhearted generation. 可他也同样清楚地知道,贝尔坦斯绝非心慈手软之辈。 If Bertan recognized that whose existence, will disrupt the Origin World order and balance, he starts is not forgiving. 如果贝尔坦斯认定谁的存在,会破坏源界的秩序和平衡,他下手绝不会留情。 Divergent Nether Star Territory is the Heavenly Demon tribes territory. 歧幽星域天魔族群的领地。 Chen Qinghuang of crazy condition, created the man-made disaster in Divergent Nether Star Territory, ten million of yin corpse(s) are the evident proof, flickering of numerous Heavenly Demon die. 疯狂状态的陈青凰,在歧幽星域造成了人祸,数以千万计的阴尸就是明证,还有众多天魔的瞬死。 100,000 years ago, trend of Chen Qinghuang under his order falls from the sky, but this Bertan arrives in this. 十万年前,陈青凰在他的命令下走向陨落,而这次贝尔坦斯亲临于此。 Yu Yuan inspires, the look plans to open the mouth firmly. 虞渊吸了一口气,神色坚决地才打算开口。 Bertan said suddenly: You Adria, You Qian, the trace in my demon soul reject cleanly. This only Undying Bird...... I forgive her at the Divergent Nether Star Territory atrocity, will keep means of livelihood to her.” 贝尔坦斯却突然道:“你将阿德里娅,尤潜,还有我魔魂内的痕迹剔除干净。这只不死鸟……我饶恕她在歧幽星域的暴行,会留一条活路给她。” But Saka actually must die of this.” “但萨卡却要死于此。” He supplemented one. 他补充了一句。 Father!” “父亲!” patriarch!” 族长!” soul purifying divine brilliance below Adria and You Qian, were startled by his these words, hurried loudly shouted. 净魂神辉”下的阿德里娅尤潜,被他的这句话惊到,急忙高喝 Bertan beckons with the hand, hints to know that they want to say anything. 贝尔坦斯摆摆手,示意知道他们想说什么。 Saka has wanted to get rid of me, before that person swallowed Grand Vastness origin soul, I order him and Sable will wait for a long time forever in Saint Demon Continent, helping my watch over Saint Demon Continent have the reason. I have the eternal life, they are also so.” 萨卡一直想摆脱我,在那位吞食了浩漭源魂前,我勒令他和塞布尔永久待在圣魔大陆,帮我看护圣魔大陆是有原因的。我有着永恒的生命,他们也是如此。” I, so long as is also living, he understands that will never possibly replace me, not possible control Heavenly Demon tribes, is impossible to become 11th rank to be supreme.” “我只要还活着,他就明白永远不可能取代我,不可能统御天魔族群,也不可能成为十一级至尊。” Saka does not dare instead my, he to be afraid, he has the intention but not the guts.” 萨卡不敢反我的,他只是害怕,他有贼心没贼胆。” that person that came from Abyss, a short time ago gave him the guts, he actually knows he has been making anything.” “从深渊而来的那位,前不久给了他贼胆,他其实知道他一直在做什么。” When speech, Bertan demon soul and armor, have fallen together to that meteorite sea. 说话时,贝尔坦斯魔魂和盔甲,已一同落向那片陨石海。 Bang! 轰隆! Looks at not obviously the big armor, such as between Heaven and Earth heaviest Iron Mountain, being split up that meteorite pounds, explodes again extinguishes for the dust powder dust. 看着并不显高大的盔甲,如天地间最沉重的一座铁山,将那块陨石砸的四分五裂,再爆灭为粉尘碎末。 Everywhere dust smog, swayed to fly upwards in the thick demon cloud, confused the line of sight and perception of person. 漫天的灰尘烟雾,在浓稠的魔云内挥洒飞扬,混淆了人的视线和感知 The meteorite of blasting open, there is a principle from Mother of Earth, one and breaks by smashing with stone by the armor. 炸裂的陨石内部,有来自大地之母的法则,被盔甲一并砸断。 Saka demon soul transmits the sad and shrill pitiful yell, as if compared with by the invasion of Chen Qinghuang death strength, the received wound was also wanted to be heavier. 萨卡魔魂传来凄厉惨叫,似乎比被陈青凰死亡力量的侵染,受的伤还要重许多。 Sir Bertan!” 贝尔坦斯大人!” Saka lord demon soul, passes suddenly floating from that corpse mountain devil monster position. 萨卡的主魔魂,忽然从那尸山魔怪的位置飘逝过来。 He arrived at Bertan at present, stared at Bertan demon soul to look at several earnestly, suddenly said: Bertan, you disappointed It to your expectation!” 他到了贝尔坦斯的眼前,盯着贝尔坦斯魔魂认真看了几眼,突然道:“贝尔坦斯,你辜负了祂对你的期望!” When he discovered that in the Bertan demon soul deep place, has the purple glow that cannot be covered that dazzling, after is so eye-catching, Saka has not only felt joyful excited, including changed to the name of Bertan. 等他发现在贝尔坦斯魔魂深处,有不可掩盖的紫芒那么的耀眼,那么的夺目以后,萨卡不仅没有感到欣喜激动,连对贝尔坦斯的称呼都变了。 He called the Bertan suffix, no longer had Sir two characters. 他称呼贝尔坦斯的后缀,不再有“大人”两字。 Bertan in his eye, a rebel of treason and heresy, became Heavenly Demon Clan alien probably, becomes object who he needs to eradicate. 他眼中的贝尔坦斯,像是成了一个大逆不道的叛徒,成了天魔族异类,变为他需要铲除的对象。 Saka.” 萨卡。” The Bertan consistent frank straightforward smile disappears, looks at Great Demon God Saka quietly, said leisurely: I remember, I have the junction the thing to you. That thing, can make you maintain self- spirituality not to extinguish a long time. I and you have said that lets you at an appropriate time, returns that thing to me.” 贝尔坦斯一贯爽朗粗豪的笑容消失,沉静地看着大魔神萨卡,悠悠地说道:“我记得,我有交过东西给你。那东西,能让你很长一段时间保持自我灵性不灭。我和你说过,让你在恰当的时候,将那个东西归还给我。” Saka is silent. 萨卡沉默。 What thing?” “什么东西?” Beheading Dragons Platform below You Qian, curiously is looking at Adria, what thing has, can maintain self- spirituality not to extinguish? old patriarch, why does not have itself to retain, but gave Saka?” 斩龙台下方的尤潜,好奇地望着阿德里娅,“有什么东西,能够保持自我灵性不灭?老族长,为什么没有自己保留着,而是交给了萨卡?” Adria shakes the head at a loss. 阿德里娅茫然摇头。 But she because of Bertan these words, smelled meaning of betrayal immediately, looks to the Saka look quenching. 可她因贝尔坦斯的这句话,立即嗅到了一股背叛的意味,看向萨卡的眼神骤冷。 Do not tell me, you have forgotten completely.” Bertan darkly like the void eye socket deep place, two point purple burr person souls, that is I for the method that oneself prepare. I let you, Sable two, in the time that I need, loses the thing.” “你不要告诉我,你已经全部遗忘了。”贝尔坦斯幽暗如虚空般的眼窝深处,两点紫芒刺人心魂,“那是我为自己准备的手段。我本来是让你,还有塞布尔两个,在我需要的时刻,将东西丢过来。” You, Sable, so long as your, loses the thing to that Evil Gods Temple, even loses by far to Grand Vastness, I may wake, may restore.” “你,还有塞布尔,只要你们其中一个,将东西丢向那座邪神圣殿,甚至是远远地丢向浩漭,我都有可能醒过来,都有可能恢复自我。” Bertan seems very disappointed, said while shakes the head, does not have, your does not have.” 贝尔坦斯显得很是失望,一边说一边摇头,“没有,你们一个都没有。” You and Sable not the thing that I need, loses to Grand Vastness and that Evil Gods Temple. Both of you, take advantage of that thing to maintain self- spirituality for a long time, you turn into this to wallow in degeneration, is you wants to be close to It, wants to become extending of Its will.” “你和塞布尔都没有将我需要的东西,丢向浩漭和那座邪神圣殿。你们俩,依仗那东西很长时间地保持着自我灵性,你们变成这样是自甘堕落,是你们自己想要接近祂,想要成为祂意志的延伸。” In the Bertan spoken language is disappointed. 贝尔坦斯言语中都是失望。 Saka did not say a word. 萨卡始终一言不发。 Corpse mountain devil monster that yin corpse(s) piles up, after Saka lord demon soul flutters, is treading the float void meteorite, dashes about wildly toward Saka. 阴尸堆积成的尸山魔怪,在萨卡的主魔魂飘走以后,踏着漂浮虚空的陨石,朝着萨卡狂奔而来。 These distribute in the meteorite sea, ten million of yin corpse(s), are also closing up to Saka. 那些分布在陨石海的,数以千万计的阴尸,也在向萨卡靠拢。 The tentacle that white Sen the quiet glow, such as the death Spiritual God swayed, was and out in the demon fog deep place, was the yin corpse(s) direction direction. 白森的幽芒,如死亡神灵摇晃的触手,在魔雾深处忽隐忽现,为阴尸指引方向。 All demon soul that belongs to Saka, regardless of lord demon soul or split up demon soul, was implied death strength white Senyou to aim, inciting yin corpse(s) to attack. 所有属于萨卡魔魂,不论主魔魂还是分化的魔魂,都被暗含死亡力量的白森幽芒瞄准,指使阴尸进行攻击。 Meteorite sea midair, wing of that greenish gray divine bird, after the expansion, almost covered the day. 陨石海半空,那只青灰神鸟的羽翼,扩大后几乎遮盖了天。 Even more powerful death divine bird, built a gradually outward spread the death domain, the vast meteorite sea will bind faintly, did not permit the stellar energy infiltration, whatever death strength fermented continually. 愈发强盛的死亡神鸟,营造出一个渐渐向外蔓延的死亡领域,隐隐将辽阔的陨石海裹住,不允许外界的星空能量渗透,任由死亡力量持续发酵。 Is silent when Saka, Bertan starts talking unceasingly, that greenish gray divine bird of midair, the ice-cold and sharp eye pupil, shifts Bertan from Saka suddenly. 萨卡沉默不语,贝尔坦斯不断开口讲话时,半空的那只青灰神鸟,冰冷而锐利的眼眸,忽从萨卡身上转移到贝尔坦斯 In the eye of divine bird, similarly profound death symbols, such as the overlapping sickle, must cut Bertan is sections. 神鸟的眼中,同样深刻的死亡符号,如交叉的镰刀,要将贝尔坦斯斩为一截截。 ! 哧啦! Has real power of death, became the white death sickle, followed yin corpse(s) wailing sound, the divine bird crying sound, appeared suddenly the head outside armor to slice to Bertan. 有真实的死亡之力,变为白森森的死亡镰刀,伴随阴尸尖啸声,神鸟的啼鸣声,向贝尔坦斯突现在盔甲外的脑袋切去。 Dashing about wildly corpse mountain devil monster, ten million/countless many yin corpse(s), the cavity and numb vision, get together on Bertan suddenly. 狂奔的尸山魔怪,千万多的阴尸,空洞而麻木的目光,突然齐聚贝尔坦斯身上。 Meteorite overseas along the Chen Qinghuang main body, the pupil dissipation has the grayish white ripples, appearing strange and evil, such as by some will attachment of Other Region. 陨石海外沿的陈青凰本体,瞳孔散逸出灰白的涟漪,显得诡异而邪恶,如被异域的某种意志依附。 Has dreadful death energy, from destroying the stars, from yin corpse(s) region everywhere, gather to well up instantaneously. 有滔天的死亡能量,从毁去的星辰,从阴尸遍地的区域,瞬间聚涌而来。 Greenish gray divine bird wing lightning flashes and thunder rolls, many not well-known symbols, record and death related mystery, forms one type in view of Bertan demon soul big bans. 青灰神鸟的羽翼电闪雷鸣,诸多不知名的符号,记载着和死亡相关的奥秘,形成一种针对贝尔坦斯魔魂的大禁。 At this moment, Zhong Chichen controls Book of Time to confuse void, pulls Long Jie and Lu Liu. 这一刻,钟赤尘驾驭时之书混淆着虚空,将龙颉绿柳拉扯进来。 Such as can connect the insulations of different world, Long Jie and Lu Liu on Book of Time surrounds, making these two not need to be under the invasion of death strength. 一圈圈如能连接不同世界的隔层,将时之书上的龙颉绿柳环绕,让这两位不必处在死亡力量的侵染下。 Beheading Dragons Platform becomes purple-gold, dazzling purple gold divine splendor such as Divine Mountain rock wall, making many Heavenly Demon be exempt from the violation. 斩龙台变为紫金色,眩目的紫金神辉如神山岩壁,让很多天魔免受侵害。 When the Beheading Dragons Platform, such as Ximizi 9th rank Demon God, in Undying Bird Empress magic power spreads infinitely, trembles. 就在斩龙台的附近,如西米茨般的九级魔神,在不死鸟女皇法力无限蔓延时,一个个瑟瑟发抖。 The Evil God Hamm evil soul and consciousness, shrank in the statue of silvery bright, a deathly stillness. 邪神哈姆的邪魂和意识,缩在了银亮的石像内,一片死寂。 The Yu Yuan look is dignified. 虞渊神色凝重。 He felt, Undying Bird Empress death aura, took that meteorite sea as the outset, to peripheral filled the air infinitely. 他感觉到了,不死鸟女皇死亡气息,以那片陨石海为起始,向周边无限弥漫。 Like this extends endless, Divergent Nether Star Territory galactic abilities, will contaminate death strength. 这样无止尽地延伸下去,歧幽星域星河异能,都会沾染死亡力量 Including these can for soul energy that he absorbs. 包括那些能够供他吸收的魂能 When to big star territory, was been all full by Chen Qinghuang death aura, the this world Supreme following all living things, should welcome the death. 待到偌大一个星域,全被陈青凰死亡气息充溢,此方世界至高者以下的众生,应该都会迎来死亡。 Demon God Ximizi, the soldier of 9th rank bloodlines, Unrestrained Realm great cultivator. 魔神西米茨,九级血脉的战士,自在境大修 Does not achieve Supreme, inadequate Human Clan Primodial God, under this strength is the ants, including talked with Undying Bird Empress, scolded both abilities not to have continually. 不达到至高,不成人族元神者,在这种力量下皆是蝼蚁,连和不死鸟女皇对话,连呵斥两句的能力都没。 However, knew perfectly well that the situation is evolving toward such bad situation, Yu Yuan has not actually prevented. 然而,明知事态正朝着那样的恶劣情形衍变,虞渊却没有阻止。 His Yang God in Solitary Forest Star Territory, before that ice crystal mountains, can arrive in any quarter at this moment air-splitting. 阳神此刻就在森寂星域,在那座冰晶山川前,能在任何一刻破空抵达。 He does not have to do that is because he believes Great Demon God Bertan, believes that this arrives after Divergent Nether Star Territory, certainly can ease this disturbance. 他没有这么做,是因为他相信大魔神贝尔坦斯,相信这位降临在歧幽星域后,一定能够平息这场风波。 I when spoke earnestly, did not like being disturbed.” “我在认真讲话时,不喜欢被人打搅。” Bertan looks disgruntledly. 贝尔坦斯面露不悦。 ...... ……
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