UP :: Volume #22

#2132: Is impolite

In the Yu Yuan sea of consciousness deep place, has pure incomparable soul energy, was pouring into because of the Bertan strength turbulently. 虞渊识海深处,有纯净无比的魂能,因贝尔坦斯的力量而被汹涌灌注着。 In soul energy does not dope other, without the distracting thoughts and filthy emotion of contamination life, not severely cold extremely hot strength, not the light or dark aura is hidden. 魂能中不掺杂其它,没有沾染生灵的杂念和污浊情感,无严寒酷热之力,无光明或黑暗气息暗藏。 He can completely absorb by Soul Altar. 他能以“灵魂祭坛”全然吸收。 Whish! 哗! The range that the highest layer sapphire floor, because of injection of pure soul energy, the release dazzling bright lustrous glow, making mysterious pure soul purifying divine brilliance covers broader. 最高层青玉般的台面,因纯净魂能的注入,释放出明耀的辉芒,令神秘洁净的“净魂神辉”覆盖的范围更广。 !” “唔!” Adria and a pleasant surprise of You Qian face, perceives keenly, the mysterious brilliance that sprinkles, strengthens to their demon soul purification effect suddenly. 阿德里娅尤潜一脸的惊喜,敏锐地觉察出,重新洒落下来的神秘光辉,对他们魔魂的净化效果突然加强。 They know immediately, in enhancement the distortion invasion strength that soul purifying divine brilliance, Abyss origin soul leaves behind, will be eliminated in the extremely short time. 他们立即知道,在增强的“净魂神辉”下方,深渊源魂遗留的扭曲侵染力,将会在极短时间被消除。 Teacher.” “老师。” Yu Yuan corners of the mouth transgression smile. 虞渊嘴角逸出笑容。 In the Great Demon God Bertan straightforward big laughter, from Divergent Nether Star Territory soul energy, by that was said the bridge wash of grey misty, concentrates for pure soul energy transports to his sea of consciousness. 大魔神贝尔坦斯粗豪的大笑声中,源自歧幽星域魂能,被那道灰蒙的桥梁洗涤,凝为纯净魂能输送到他的识海 Suddenly the time, his refining soul purifying divine brilliance consumption soul energy, has restored unexpectedly most. 眨眼功夫,他精炼净魂神辉”而消耗的魂能,竟已全部恢复大半。 His spirit inspires suddenly greatly. 他骤然精神大振。 Had the help of Bertan, he does not need to explore that side to be dark again adventurous, does not need to gain soul energy from the darkness. 有了贝尔坦斯的帮助,他不必再冒险探索那方黑暗,不用从黑暗内获取魂能 You do not need to be polite with me, since you to awaken Adria and You Qian, is helps me wash the filthiness of demon soul deep place, you felt relieved although gathers this world soul energy is!” “你不必和我客气,你既然是为了唤醒阿德里娅尤潜,是帮助我洗涤魔魂深处的污浊,你尽管放心去收取此界魂能便是!” ! Whistling! 呼!呼呼! Some many arms stretch out from the armor, Bertan as if became thousand Demon God, talked at random in void. 有许多手臂从盔甲内伸出,贝尔坦斯仿佛成了千手魔神,在虚空中东拉西扯。 Each arm, is one can gather in the soul energy rapid river, he deeply will hide in Divergent Nether Star Territory, derives the strong soul energy accumulation for Heavenly Demon tribes. 他每一只手臂,都是一条能够汇聚魂能的湍急长河,他将深藏在歧幽星域,供天魔族群汲取壮大的魂能聚集。 With his pulling, the galaxy such as was affected star shifting, the world universe seems inverting. 随着他的拉扯,星河如被牵动着斗转星移,天地乾坤仿佛颠倒。 soul energy of this star territory border region, was also roused by his strength unexpectedly, gathers toward him and Yu Yuan. 这个星域边沿区域的魂能,居然也被他的力量勾动,向着他和虞渊汇聚。 To he very far Monster God Lu Liu, Zhong Chichen and Long Jie, even is Evil God Hamm, is been panic-stricken by divine ability that Bertan shows. 离他很远的妖神绿柳,还有钟赤尘龙颉,甚至是邪神哈姆,都被贝尔坦斯展现的神通惊骇到。 Wide and open Divergent Nether Star Territory, a cluster of stars, Realmverse World is brightly numerous. 广袤无垠的歧幽星域,群星灿然,域界天地众多。 May in the hand of Bertan, this boundless galaxy, this stretch of stars numerous world, as if by him micro trillion times, turned into the checkerboard in his hand. 可在贝尔坦斯的手中,这无垠星河,这片星辰众多的天地,似乎被他微缩了亿万倍,变成了他手中的棋盘。 He moves the stars such as to change chess piece, these engrave in checkerboard in standard mark, is this world deepest principles. 他挪动星辰如改变棋子,那些刻印在“棋盘”内的格纹,便是此界底层法则 Divergent Nether Star Territory floor World's principle, as if can be changed in his hands as one desires. 歧幽星域的底层天地法则,在他的手中似乎能被随心改变。 He is the regular maker. 他就是规则的制定者。 This star territory all exists, because of his arrival, should rely on the custom conduct that he formulates, cannot disobey him. 这个星域的所有存在,因他的到来,就该依循他制定的规矩行事,不可违逆他。 Under pulling of his thousand arms, inexhaustible soul energy floods into, Yu Yuan is suddenly beaming and buoyant. 在他千条臂膀的拉扯下,无穷尽的魂能涌入,虞渊骤然神采奕奕。 soul energy that the moment time, Yu Yuan digests, then floods with the help of Bertan. 片刻功夫,虞渊所消化的魂能,便在贝尔坦斯的帮助下满溢。 He did not have extra worries, dares to drop strongly condensing soul purifying divine brilliance, lets Adria and You Qian, Bertan one wisp of soul, was washed bright in the short time. 他没了后顾之忧,敢放手凝炼更强的“净魂神辉”,让阿德里娅尤潜,还有贝尔坦斯一道分魂,在短时间被洗涤剔透。 Other strengths.” “还有其余力量。” Bertan grins to laugh. 贝尔坦斯咧嘴大笑。 Also there is boundless stellar abilities, from wells up in all directions, pours into toward Yu Yuan body. 又有磅礴的星空异能,从四面八方涌来,朝着虞渊躯身注入。 Or pure spiritual power,...... abyss' strength, you can choose at will.” “或是纯净的灵力,或是……深渊的力量,你可以随意挑选。” These naked eye obvious galactic abilities, because of Bertan extreme refining, become the dim light rainbow. 那些肉眼可见的星河异能,因贝尔坦斯极度的精炼,变为道道朦胧的光虹。 Light rainbow when close to Yu Yuan, was changed by Bertan divine ability magic power, some dim light rainbow refining are pure spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. 光虹在临近虞渊的时候,又被贝尔坦斯神通法力改变,有的朦胧光虹精炼为纯净的天地灵气 Also some light rainbows, as if tampered with by his divine ability dao principles, changes to frantic, but chaotic abyss energy! 也有的光虹,仿佛被他的神通道则篡改,化作狂暴混乱深渊能量 Before spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth is, Grand Vastness major world is in sole possession, because of falling from the sky of Titan Spinosaurus, because of the mystery that Titan's heart contains, Grand Vastness world's wall mystical. 天地灵气是以前浩漭大世界独有,是因泰坦棘龙的陨落,因泰坦之心蕴藏的玄妙,还有浩漭界壁神奇而成。 spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth purifies Origin World galactic abilities, numerous filthy dregs will reject, extraction purest strength. 天地灵气是净化源界星河异能,将众多污浊糟粕剔除,萃取最纯净的力量。 spiritual qi not only Grand Vastness all living things available, all Origin World intelligent creature(s), regardless of the bloodlines how low rank can absorb. 灵气不仅浩漭的众生可用,所有源界智慧生灵,不论血脉多么低阶都能汲取。 Also is so, breeds spiritual crystal and spirit stones that from Grand Vastness, placing beyond the heavens is rare treasure. 也是如此,从浩漭孕育出来的灵晶、灵石,放在天外都是奇宝 abyss energy is entirely different. 深渊能量却截然不同。 Attribute frantic chaotic abyss energy, is more complex than Origin World stellar abilities, inside has the too many average man unassimilable strengths, will be hard not to adapt including the foreign race bloodlines soldier. 属性狂暴混乱深渊能量,比源界星空异能更复杂,里头有着太多常人不可吸收的力量,连异族的血脉战士都会难以不适应。 Stems from Abyss God Clan, Abyss other ethnic groups, can adapt to this abyss energy. 偏偏出自深渊神族,还有深渊的其他族群,能够适应这种深渊能量 God Clan seriously is advantageous. 神族当真是得天独厚。 Purest spiritual power, compared with Origin World stellar abilities more manic Abyss ability, body physique of this mystical ethnic group can adapt, after can wash refining, changes into oneself to use. 最纯净的灵力,还有比源界星空异能更狂躁的深渊异能,这个神奇族群的躯身体魄都能适应,都能洗涤炼化后化为己用。 Stated differently, spiritual power is directly by Human Clan existing practice system, integrates to lower dantian acupoints. 不同的是,灵力是直接以人族现有的修行体系,纳入到下丹田穴窍 But fills including frantic and chaotic aura abyss force, is the dissipation in the skeleton and flesh internal organs, has directly expands the physique strength. 而满含狂暴混乱气息的深渊力量,则是散逸在骨骼和血肉脏腑,有直接壮大体魄的力量。 spiritual power enters the dantian, abyss force quenches to rub body, can make God Clan become powerful. 灵力入丹田,深渊力量淬磨躯身,都能令神族变得强大。 Great Demon God Bertan, in this respective Heavenly Demon Divergent Nether Star Territory, collects to take most essence at the same time soul energy , helping Yu Yuan Soul Divine Altar soul power restoration. 大魔神贝尔坦斯,在这个所属天魔歧幽星域,一边敛取最精华的魂能,帮助虞渊灵魂神坛”的魂力恢复。 Also at the same time dedifferentiation Grand Vastness spiritual power, with Abyss frantic but chaotic strength. 又一边去分化浩漭灵力,和深渊狂暴混乱的力量。 His is must make Yu Yuan stay the optimum condition, at one stroke You Qian and Adria, troubles his. 他这是要让虞渊保持最佳状态,一举解决尤潜阿德里娅,还有他自身的麻烦。 Can achieve this step, explained that he to Grand Vastness World profound mystery, to the Abyss' principles construction, has the extremely deep understanding. 能够做到这一步,说明他对浩漭天地玄奥,对深渊法则架构,都有极深的认识。 You do not take such fine local difference.” “你不需要这么精细地区分。” Yu Yuan gives a calm smile, said: soul energy of this world, I gather to be a little difficult, as for stellar energy, my body can directly transform. spiritual power also good abyss energy, I to transform, does not use your such to spend Jin.” 虞渊淡然一笑,说道:“这个世界的魂能,我聚集起来有点困难,至于星空能量,我的躯身能直接进行转化。灵力也好深渊能量也罢,我都能自行转化,不用你这么费尽。” ! 呼! This word falls, sees by the say/way dim light rainbow that Bertan assembles, the changed spiritual power smoke stream, frantic chaotic abyss force, was all embezzled by Yu Yuan body. 此言一落,就见被贝尔坦斯调集过来的道道朦胧光虹,化作的灵力烟流,还有狂暴混乱深渊力量,皆被虞渊躯身吞没。 If all rivers run into sea. 如海纳百川般。 Some strengths enter his dantian, some strengths scatter his skeleton and meridians, some strength leisurely enters small world of blood qi. 有的力量进入他丹田,有的力量散落他骨骼和经络,有的力量逸入气血小天地 The different strengths, have the hiding place in Yu Yuan within the body, each other does not conflict. 不同的力量,在虞渊体内都有藏身之处,彼此不冲突。 His true body as if can give dual attention to all! 他这具本体真身仿佛能兼顾一切! Whish! 哗! Float in his top of the head, is releasing soul purifying divine brilliance that Soul Divine Altar, each one layer suddenly dazzling bright. 悬浮在他头顶的,释放着“净魂神辉”的那座灵魂神坛,每一层都骤然明耀。 The Grand Dao authority that different origin spirit wield, represents the other shore and ultimate supreme truth mystery, appears in the different floors, making Bertan praise to the heavens. 不同源灵执掌的大道权柄,代表彼岸和终极至理的奥秘,在不同的台面内显现,令贝尔坦斯都叹为观止。 Stares at this mystical Soul Divine Altar, as if looks at seven origin spirit, by the Yu Yuan strength enslaving. 凝望这座神奇的“灵魂神坛”,仿佛看着七个源灵,被虞渊的力量给奴役。 Bright, the thunder, plants, origin soul, origin blood, origin mortal soul, the cold ice, the luster aura inconsistent strength, was melted by Yu Yuan this body perfectly. 光明,雷霆,草木,源魂,源血,源魄,寒冰,色泽气息不一致的力量,被虞渊这具躯身完美相融。 Bertan has a feeling, Yu Yuan can fluctuate is Abyss Foundation Tree, can become the thunder pool, can change into the day 贝尔坦斯有种感觉,虞渊能变幻为深渊建木,能成为雷霆池子,能化为天 Within strongest light source. 地间最强的光源 Also can, become origin blood complete blood crystal, or three worlds most dense/woods cold ice edge. 也能,成为源血般的完整血晶,或是三界最森寒的冰棱 And all imprint pinnacle rules of Grand Dao! 且全都烙印极致的大道规则 I forgot actually, you may not only be only initial Dragon Slayer, not only also Hong Qi.” “我倒是忘了,你可不仅仅只是当初的斩龙者,也不只是洪奇。” Bertan patted own forehead, is suddenly enlighted, says with a smile: Such being the case, I felt relieved.” 贝尔坦斯拍了拍自己的额头,恍然大悟,笑道:“既然如此,我就更放心了。” ! 呼! In soul purifying divine brilliance, demon soul of that person big red-bearded old man image, suddenly becomes richly. 在“净魂神辉”下方,那位高大红须老人形象的魔魂,突然变得浓郁许多。 Bertan the demon soul, in azure-black soul dead knot, interweaves such as the earthworm hemp rope, increases because of his demon soul transformation. 贝尔坦斯的这个魔魂,内中青黑色的灵魂死结,交织如蚯蚓麻绳,因他的魔魂转变增多。 He main soul , the filthy trace that that person imprint gets down, delivers soul purifying divine brilliance massively below wisp of soul. 他将主魂内,那位烙印下来的污浊痕迹,大量送达到“净魂神辉”下的分魂 wisp of soul by washing and purifying soul thought and soul consciousness, he had been pulled main soul again , he lets Yu Yuan in this way in turn step by step, helping him wash the filthiness in soul. 分魂已被洗涤净化魂念魂识,他再拉扯到主魂,他以这种方法,让虞渊分批分阶段地,帮助他洗涤魂魄内的污浊。 I was impolite with you, your soul energy insufficient again and said.” “我也不和你客气了,你魂能不够了就再和说。” Throws down these words, Bertan under armor, faced that meteorite sea. 丢下这句话,盔甲下的贝尔坦斯,朝向了那片陨石海。 Saka......” 萨卡……” His complexion sinks. 他面色微沉。 Father, old Saka was invaded by Its strength, was unable to retrieve.” “父亲,老萨卡被祂的力量侵染了,还没有能找回自我。” Adria sees his complexion to be deep, was worried that he has the prejudice to Saka, quickly explained: Old Saka above Abyss, obtained Its gracious gift, refining melt many essential mystery earth strength. In the near future, old Saka is somewhat supercilious, because you have not waked up.” 阿德里娅见他面色深沉,担心他对萨卡有偏见,急忙解释道:“老萨卡深渊之上,获得了祂的恩赐,炼化消融了许多精奥大地力量。近期,老萨卡是有些目中无人,只是因为你迟迟没有醒来。” You Qian also said: old patriarch, Saka lost, not his conscience.” 尤潜也道:“老族长,萨卡是迷失了自我,非他的本心。” One is his daughter, in a clan that is he appreciates extremely the eminent, these two young Heavenly Demon knew about him very much. 一个是他女儿,一个是他极为欣赏的族内翘楚,这两位年轻天魔对他很是了解。 Saw that his complexion is deep, in the mouth said Saka the name, Adria and You Qian, were Saka are worried, thought that Saka was also innocent. 看到他面色深沉,口中说出“萨卡”的名字,阿德里娅尤潜,不禁为萨卡感到担忧,又觉得萨卡也是无辜的。 ! 呼! The Bertan armor front, a picture unexpectedly presents, that is Saka worships on bended knees in Its front, is lying prostrate in worship humbly. 贝尔坦斯的盔甲前方,一幕画面蓦地呈现,那是萨卡跪拜在祂的面前,在谦卑地顶礼膜拜。 Some things, you are not clear.” “有些事情,你俩是不清楚的。” Bertan coldly snorted. 贝尔坦斯冷哼一声 Torn to pieces meteorite sea deep place. 支离破碎的陨石海深处。 Is built corpse mountain devil monster that becomes by yin corpse(s), blasts open the later infinite recast, making Saka bothersomely extremely bothersome. 阴尸堆砌而成的尸山魔怪,炸裂之后无限重铸,令萨卡烦不胜烦。 Bluish gray divine bird, in void wing delimits, implication death true meaning electro-optic, meteorite sea hidden land vein, smashing of cutting. 青灰色的神鸟,在虚空羽翼划动,道道蕴含死亡真谛的光电,将陨石海暗藏的大地脉络,切割的粉碎。 Saka demon soul, withers away in meteorite within the four seas from time to time , can always obtain the new life but re-assemble. 萨卡魔魂,在陨石海内时而消亡,又总是能获得新生而重聚 demon soul can unceasingly re-assemble, be rich soul energy that because Divergent Nether Star Territory contains, his Saka can also assemble, can supplement his demon soul loss. 魔魂能够不断重聚,是因为歧幽星域所含的丰沛魂能,他萨卡也能调集起来,能补充他的魔魂损耗。 So long as Saka main soul does not extinguish, wisp of soul was cut to pieces by the light of death, can refine through soul energy seriously. 只要萨卡主魂不灭,分魂被死亡之光切碎,还是能通过魂能重炼。 Has not appeared Dharma Idol Chen Qinghuang, at this time also by the physique of person, to meteorite sea border. 没有现出法相陈青凰,这时也以人之体态,到了陨石海的边沿。 Runs about to deal with her Saka, this moment demon soul consciousness fuzzily, had not perceived that arrival of Great Demon God Bertan, because of the Saka meteorite sea, had been covered by the dense-white death smog. 疲于应对她的萨卡,此刻魔魂意识模糊,还没有觉察到大魔神贝尔坦斯的降临,因为萨卡所处的陨石海,已被森白的死亡烟雾笼罩。 Saka and outside world by her strength isolation. 萨卡和外界被她的力量隔绝。 She naturally saw Bertan. 她自然是看到了贝尔坦斯 However, sees Bertan that instant, her pupil light of spirituality, unexpectedly by being defeated and dispersed of death symbols impact, becomes even more demented. 然而,见到贝尔坦斯的那一霎,她眸中的灵性之光,竟被死亡符号冲击的溃散,变得愈发癫狂。 Bertan!” 贝尔坦斯!” From her gap between teeth, these four characters that jumps, has the deeply ingrained hatred. 从她的牙缝内,蹦出的这四个字,带着刻骨的恨意。 ...... ……
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