ILK :: Volume #38

#3730: Special life

Ten thousand days of emperor has not come, that is the normal matter. 万天皇帝没来,那是再正常不过的事。 Imperial Family this time also came many Expert, high-spirited, is competitive. 皇族这次也来了不少高手,一个个意气风发,霸气十足。 And has the Imperial Family outstanding person to appear! 其中更有皇族佼佼者出现! For example big imperial prince sovereign Tyrant heaven, exceptionally strong exist. 比如大皇子皇霸天,一位异常强势的存在 Also is the most entitled successor! 同时也是最有资格的继承人! Other imperial prince and this big imperial prince comparison, have missed big difference/great length obviously, does not have any comparability. 其余的皇子和这位大皇子一比较,明显差了一大截,没任何的可比性。 Sovereign Tyrant heaven is also imposing manner fullest one, an optional station, imitates, if Heaven and Earth Overlord, the town kills the potential of four directions. 皇霸天也是气势最足的一位,随意的一站,仿若天地霸主,镇杀四方之势。 Even does not need making a move, that aggression, can make one be panic at the news. 甚至不需要出手,那一身的霸气,就能令人闻风丧胆。 ...... …… „The relations of big imperial prince and empty mountain were closer.” “大皇子和虚山的关系更密切了。” This saying regretted blood Immortal to say. 这话是憾血不朽说的。 Lin Fei also noted this. 林飞也注意到这一幕了。 Through Little Devil information material col­lec­tion, in Imperial Family influence biggest is this big imperial prince. 通过小恶魔信息资料收集,皇族中影响力最大的就是这位大皇子。 Uncommonness of Complete! 十分的不凡! Has such backer, is not strong is strange.” Lin Fei said with a smile. “有这样的靠山,不强势才怪呢。”林飞笑道。 Strongest exist of empty mountain, strength is truly strong. 虚山的最强存在,实力确实很强。 Immortal Late Stage. 不朽后期 After displaying Secret Technique Divine Ability, can with Top Grade exist, is Immortal completely fights. 施展秘法神通之后,怎么也能和顶级存在,也就是不朽圆满交手。 Expert, true Expert. 高手,真正的高手 ...... …… After empty mountain! 虚山之后! One after another, the big influence almost came. 陆陆续续,大势力几乎都来了。 They do not dare to depend is too near. 他们不敢靠的太近。 After the half a month,...... 半月之后…… Bang! 轰! Under loud noise, among Heaven and Earth presents five terrifying aura. 一声巨响之下,天地间出现五道恐怖气息。 Their together making a move, Divine Ability capping, Heaven and Earth changes countenance! 他们一起出手,神通压顶,天地变色! Strong has ripped open the barriers of four big area manufactures. 强势的撕开了四大疆域制造的屏障。 This struck, making all people change color, strength was bad, collapsed at the scene on the ground, the strength of struggling does not have. 这一击,让所有人都变色了,实力差的,当场就是瘫倒在地上,挣扎的力气都没了。 That feared that is Ten Thousand Sky Empire Immortal Expert, changed color similarly. 那怕是万天帝国不朽强者,也同样跟着变色了。 Dignity that the complexion changes. 脸色变的凝重。 strange species, strongest exist making a move.” 异种,最强存在出手了。” They were stronger.” “他们更强了。” Immortal look to that five forms. 不朽们都看向那五道身影。 Can feel their terrifying. 更能感受到他们的恐怖 Under strikes, area Formation was ripped open one layer / first level, five forms collaborate to attack. 一击之下,疆域阵法被撕开一层,五道身影联手攻来。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Formation constantly collapses, is unable to resist the attacks of five forms. 阵法不断崩溃,无法抵挡五道身影的攻击。 ...... …… This is their strongest exist, is really fearful.” “这就是他们最强存在吗,果然是可怕。” Lin Fei took a deep breath. 林飞深呼吸一口气 Very strong! 很强! Super formidable! 超级强悍 Any Immortal Expert, appears in the face of these five people collapses at the first blow! 任何不朽强者,在这五人面前都显得不堪一击! Right! 对! Collapses at the first blow! 就是不堪一击! They are strange species five king.” The Void Emperor complexion is dignified, strength was stronger than the past years, is really a fearful race.” “他们就是异种五大王者。”空帝脸色凝重,“实力比当年更强了,真是一个可怕的种族。” Lin Fei notes dreading in Void Emperor words. 林飞注意到空帝话里的忌惮。 Regrets blood Immortal saying that five king are uneven, has studied diligently Formation, threatening, feared that was this time is unable to resist, only if your majesty making a move prevented.” 憾血不朽道,“五大王者齐出,钻研过阵法,来势汹汹,怕是这一次无法抵挡了,除非陛下出手阻止。” Five king break through! 五大王者一路突破过来! All Formation attacks are unable to stop their footsteps. 所有的阵法攻击都无法阻拦他们的脚步。 Last barrier.” “最后一道屏障了。” In an instant, the aura of five mountains pass through Heaven and Earth, again a big native of Poland spits blood. 转眼之间,五座大山的气息贯穿天地,再一次一大波人吐血。 Little Devil, I and their fighting odds of success how.” 小恶魔,我和他们交手胜算如何。” Lin Fei can feel the invisible impact that the vitality is, subconscious asking Little Devil. 林飞能感受到气血受到的无形冲击,下意识的问小恶魔 Maintains life!” “保命!” Little Devil this time pitied the character such as the gold/metal. 小恶魔了这次惜字如金了。 Maintains life?” “保命?” Lin Fei suspected to misunderstand, you have not made a mistake, in any case present I, was very good of formidable, you said like this, really damages my confidence.” 林飞怀疑听错了,“你没弄错,好歹现在的我,也是非常强悍的好不好,你这样说,实在是打击我的信心啊。” The Little Devil words, truly are create not the small attack to Lin Fei. 小恶魔的话,确实是对林飞造成不小的打击。 Their five people one-on-one, Master can exceed the opposite party, but, these five people, are the same lives, the specialness of Complete, Master is impossible to have the opportunity to strike to kill them alone.” Little Devil answered. “他们五人单对单,主人可以胜过对方,但是,这五人,乃是同一生命,十分的特殊,主人不可能有机会单独击杀他们。”小恶魔解释道。 Same life? 同一生命? Lin Fei hear taste. 林飞听出了味道 My goodness, really not simple. 好家伙,果然不简单 My could it be cannot destroy their relation nodes.” Lin Fei said, defeats one by one one by one.” “那我难道不能破坏他们的联系节点。”林飞说道,“逐个逐个去击破。” Difficult!” Little Devil said, meets them, Master is best to leave.” “难!”小恶魔道,“遇上他们,主人最好是离开。” Leave! 离开! Lin Fei does not know whether to laugh or cry. 林飞哭笑不得。 Regarding the Little Devil words, Lin Fei believes. 对于小恶魔的话,林飞还是相信的。 That five strange species King truly terrifying. 那五位异种王者确实恐怖 Only if, Master breaks through infinite body, thoroughly becomes Immortal Expert, at that time Master can mobilize many strengths, has contending ability.” “除非,主人将无限身体突破,彻底成为不朽强者,那时候主人就能调动更多的力量,才有抗衡的能力。” Little Devil adds. 小恶魔又来补充道。 Breakthrough!” “突破吗!” Lin Fei narrows the eyes to focus, looking thoughtful. 林飞眯着眼,若有所思 ......... ……… When Lin Fei and Little Devil exchange. 林飞小恶魔交流的时候。 Vibration that among Heaven and Earth non-stop. 天地间都不停的震动。 Five strange species King attack crazily. 五位异种王者疯狂攻击。 The every single time attack, that terrifying strength, as if followed the crowd the person crush in the past. 每一次攻击,那恐怖的力量,都似乎从众人身上碾压过去。 Has not resisted ability. 没有一丝抵抗能力 Desperate racing Kui! 绝望奔溃! Various negative mood cover the people! 各种负面情绪笼罩众人! Ten thousand days, your also not making a move.” “万天,你还不出手吗。” The barrier flood the fluctuation, has the indication of collapse greatly. 屏障泛起波动,大有崩溃的征兆。 And King high said. 其中一位王者高声道 Purity that entire Ten Thousand Sky Empire up and down listens. 整个万天帝国上下都听的一清二楚。 making a move, we cannot come.” “不出手,我们可进来了。” Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Also is a drastic fluctuation. 又是一阵剧烈波动。 You try freely.” In Void, the cold light cuts together. “那你们尽管试试。”虚空中,一道冷光斩来。 It seems like a not wonderful blade, at this time is big terrifying. 看似无奇的一刀,此时全都是大恐怖 Your majesty is your majesty.” “陛下就是陛下。” The cold light comes, splits up myriad attacks. 冷光呼啸而至,分化成万千道攻击。 Tries to try, our brothers who fears anyone.” “试试就试试,我们兄弟谁怕谁。” Under the big laughter, that five people of making a move, splendid light is together radiant, overbearing peerless. 大笑声下,那五人一起出手,华光璀璨,霸道绝伦。 Great strength that this strikes, all person holding breath cold air/Qi. 这一击的强大,所有人都倒吸冷气。 Top Grade Expert making a move, terrifying in this way! 顶级强者出手,恐怖如斯! That feared that is Immortal Expert, at this time is gaze is also motionless, is staring at beyond the area. 那怕是不朽强者,此时也是目光不动,盯着疆域之外。 If your majesty is unable to prevent, asked that who can prevent their enter Ten Thousand Worlds mountain. 如果陛下都无法阻挡的话,试问又有谁能阻挡他们进入万界山。 In the past five King collaborated to strike to kill Ten Thousand Sky Empire Immortal, it may be said that was the ominous prestige outside. 当年五位王者联手击杀万天帝国不朽,可谓是凶威在外了。 Except for your majesty, nobody may keep off. 除了陛下,无人可挡。 Ten thousand days, you are give us flexure to be itchy.” “万天,你这是给我们挠痒痒吗。” A resounding! 一声脆响! Purity that several hundreds of millions miles, everybody listens. 数亿里,大家都听的一清二楚。 Five King defeat the final barrier, five forms project, appears near the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain. 五位王者击破最后屏障,五道身影投射下来,出现在万界山附近。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Void avalanche, livelihood changes countenance! 虚空崩塌,日月变色! As soon as they appear, surroundings many God King one/first level Expert, will shortly blast out, changes to the bunch of blood fog fireworks. 他们一出现,周围不少神王一级高手,顷刻间炸开,化作一团团血雾烟花。 First is God King, later is God Emperor, frail these blast out at the scene are killed violently. 先是神王,之后是神帝,脆弱的那些当场炸开毙命。 Purity that some scene only Lin Fei look. 现场唯有林飞看的一清二楚。 That five King can unexpectedly the swallowing absorption strength.” Shock of Lin Fei face. “那五位王者居然能吞噬吸收力量。”林飞一脸的震撼。 Completely inconceivable! 完全的不可思议! Perhaps the bystanders do not see clearly, speed was too quick. 外人或许看不清楚,速度太快了。 Lin Fei can also see with the aid of Little Devil ability. 林飞也就是借助小恶魔能力才看得到。 That five King truly can swallowing ability, whole body up and down such as a bottomless pit. 那五位王者确实能吞噬能力,浑身上下如一个无底洞。 Five people are Combination. 五个人就是一个组合 Indispensable. 缺一不可。 Lin Fei as if understood the Little Devil words. 林飞似乎明白了小恶魔的话。 You said that defeats five King, defeats them from their ability.” “你说击败五位王者,是不是是从他们能力上击败他们。” This special ability truly fears. 这个特殊能力确实恐惧。 But also has a degree. 但也有一个程度。 To others perhaps is the difficulty, is not difficult to Lin Fei, Little Devil can definitely analysis leave a concrete data. 对别人或许是难度,可是对林飞来说不难,小恶魔完全能分析出一个具体的数据。 Right, is ability.” Little Devil said that „, but, their ability are very special, therefore is not good to defeat.” “对,就是能力。”小恶魔道,“只不过,他们的能力很是特殊,所以才不好击败。” Lin Fei suddenly. 林飞恍然。 Light swallowing ability is very good, but is not enough to resist ten thousand days of emperor. 吞噬能力很不错,但不足以对抗万天皇帝。 They definitely have the card in a hand, can have the relations with swallowing ability mostly. 他们绝对还有底牌,多半能和吞噬能力有关系。 . m. 。m.
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