ILK :: Volume #38

#3731: Also comes Immortal

Five strange species King come, instantaneous countless people is bad luck. 五位异种王者一现身出来,瞬间无数人跟着倒霉。 God King and God Emperor one/first level, do not know died many. 神王神帝一级,不知道死了多少。 The scene is horrible to look at! 现场惨不忍睹! No matter what no one has expected, five strange species King rushed unexpectedly. 任谁都没料到,五位异种王者居然闯进来了。 terrifying of strength, deterred all people. 实力恐怖,威慑住了所有人。 The revolt, simply is a joke. 反抗,简直就是一个笑话。 Ten thousand days, you have not planned to come out.” The dark green wing King laughs. “万天,你还不打算出来。”苍翼王者大笑。 The dark green wing King is in the middle of five people most formidable one, is leader exist in five King. 苍翼王者乃是五人当中最强大的一位,同时也是五位王者中的领袖存在 A middle-aged person appearance. 一副中年人打扮。 I may probably slaughter.” Dark green wing King continues said, do not know, this time must die really many people, but, your Ten Thousand Sky Empire population are many, kills one batch not to have the issue completely.” “那我可要大开杀戒了。”苍翼王者继续道,“真不知道,这次要死多少人了,不过,你们万天帝国人口多,杀上一批完全没问题。” Big brother, we open kill and that's the end.” “大哥,咱们开杀就是了。” Ten thousand days of old did not have guts to come out.” “万天老儿没胆出来了。” Facing the words of five King, among Heaven and Earth becomes exceptionally peaceful. 面对五位王者的话,天地间变得异常的安静。 As for Immortal of scene, does not dare to speak at a venture similarly, although the innermost feelings very anger, does not dare making a move. 至于现场的不朽,同样不敢乱说话,尽管内心非常的愤怒,可不敢出手 That five strength, is not general formidable, except for your majesty, who is their matches. 那五位的实力,可不是一般的强悍,除了陛下,谁是他们的对手。 Because they are formidable, everybody does not dare making a move, if has traded other Immortal, started without delay directly, why likely was the present like this instigates. 正因为他们强大,大家才不敢出手,若是换了别的不朽,二话不说直接开打了,何必像是现在这样怂了。 ...... …… Matter was awful.” “事情糟糕了。” The Void Emperor forced smile said. 空帝苦笑道。 That five strength seemed to be stronger, your majesty is unable to strike, routs them!” “那五位实力似乎更强了,陛下都无法一击,将他们击溃!” The Lin Fei look changes is excited. 林飞神色变的兴奋起来。 Expert! 高手 True Expert!! 真正的高手!! If can absorb their essence, Lin Fei thinks excitedly, absolutely greatly to make up! 要是能吸收他们的精华,林飞想想都激动,绝对是大补啊! Your majesty will come.” “陛下会来吗。” Regrets blood Immortal to worry to say. 憾血不朽担忧道。 Certainly will come.” “一定会来。” Lin Fei has not spoken, but is Little Devil is communicating. 林飞没去说话,而是和小恶魔不停的沟通着。 ...... …… But at this point. 而在此时。 Bang! 轰! Myriad multi-colored sunlight fall! 万千霞光落下! Entire Heaven and Earth was covered by the multi-colored sunlight. 整个天地被霞光笼罩。 In the multi-colored sunlight, walks together the form! 在霞光中,走来一道身影! A black clothes, Domination! 一身黑衣,君临天下 Impudent!” 放肆!” Rumbling! 轰轰! Heaven and Earth vibrates! 天地震动! Five King whole bodies flood barrier, later turns into ripple, anti-. 五位王者周身泛起屏障,之后变成一道道的波纹,抗了下来。 Ten thousand days, you dare to come out finally.” The dark green wing King sneers, my think you must work as turtle for a lifetime, whatever we open kill.” “万天,你终于敢出来了。”苍翼王者冷笑,“我以为你要当一辈子的缩头乌龟呢,任由我们开杀。” Person who the multi-colored sunlight comes out, is not others ten thousand days of emperor. 霞光出来的人,不是别人正是万天皇帝。 Ten thousand days of emperor stands in the multi-colored sunlight, pressure like mountain, bang loud noise. 万天皇帝站在霞光中,威压如山,轰隆巨响 This station, Heaven and Earth changes. 这一站,天地都跟着变化。 Your several are very good.” “你们几个很不错。” haha, we were very certainly good.” The dark green wing King said with a smile, you can catch up with us to leave, looked that you had not to have that skill.” 哈哈哈,我们当然很不错了。”苍翼王者笑道,“你可以赶我们离开,就看你有没那个本事了。” haha!” 哈哈哈!” Five King laugh successively. 五位王者先后大笑。 Ten thousand days of emperor waves, a barrier appeared, has isolated the people field of vision. 万天皇帝一挥手,一道屏障出现,隔绝了众人视野。 Obviously at the scene, but everybody cannot see, cannot hear. 明明在现场,但大家看不到,听不到。 Only this skill, is not Immortal Expert can achieve. 光这一手本事,就不是不朽强者能做到的。 Estimate was negotiating.” “估计在谈判了。” Void Emperor passes on the sound said. 空帝传音道。 Lin Fei also thinks that is negotiating. 林飞也认为是在谈判。 Little Devil this side first time was in unfavorable situation. 小恶魔这一边第一次失利了。 Ten thousand days of emperor arranges conveniently, formidable inconceivable, definitely is unable to seep. 万天皇帝随手的布置,强大的不可思议,完全无法渗透进去。 First Expert, is a little disappointing.” “第一强者,有点令人失望。” This saying is the Lin Fei innermost thoughts. 这话是林飞心里话。 ...... …… Ten thousand days of emperors and five strange species King's negotiations, surpass the people to expect. 万天皇帝和五位异种王者的谈判,超出众人预料。 Unexpectedly because of this negotiations, without a trace that vanishes. 因为这一谈判,居然消失的无影无踪。 Nobody know they went to the what place. 没人知道他们去了什么地方。 This makes the people relax without doubt. 这无疑让众人松了一口气。 After all, that five are not good to cope, has not seen God King and God Emperor, so collapses at the first blow before them. 毕竟,那五位不好对付,没看到神王神帝,在他们面前如此不堪一击。 fortunately does not have making a move to cope with Immortal, otherwise Immortal of scene, it is estimated that does not have the what good end. 辛亏出手对付不朽,不然现场的不朽,估计都没什么好下场。 Walked.” “走了。” Lin Fei is also very accidental/surprised. 林飞也是很意外 It seems like this emperor, but also is not really ordinary.” “看来这位皇帝,还真不一般。” Has not hit making a move greatly, lets a Lin Fei disappointment actually. 没有大打出手,倒是让林飞一阵失望。 Also wants from the fight, to obtain some clues, finally, like this left. 还想从战斗中,得出一些线索,结果,就这样离开了。 ...... …… Following matter simple. 接下来的事情简单了。 Did not have these five making a move, the atmosphere was also good. 没了这五位出手,现场气氛又好了。 Everybody did not need to be worried. 大家都不用担心了。 Such that one such as everybody imagines, the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain is once again tranquil. 一如大家想象的那样,万界山又一次平静下来。 May regarding Immortal Expert, the appearances of five strange species King, such as five mountains press on the people. 可对于不朽强者来说,五位异种王者的出现,如五座大山压在众人身上。 No matter, at heart is unable to be indifferent. 不管是谁,都心里无法淡然。 The tour of no one know this Ten Thousand Worlds mountain, is relaxed. 谁都知道此次万界山之行,远没有那么轻松了。 Therefore between Immortal and Immortal, rare start alliance. 于是不朽不朽之间,罕见的开始联盟了起来。 Unity! 团结啊! Does not unite, above they must die without doubt. 不团结,以上他们必死无疑。 ...... …… Lin Fei is very calm. 林飞很淡定。 Can fight to a draw with five strange species King, has to maintain life ability, truly does not need to be terrified and restless. 能和五位异种王者打成平手,有保命能力,确实不需要惶恐和不安。 Master, I feel several aura to appear near the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain.” On this day, Little Devil said suddenly. 主人,我感受到好几道气息出现在万界山附近。”这天,小恶魔忽然道。 Who?” “谁?” Lin Fei is curious, at this time unexpectedly also some people came, play the what joke. 林飞好奇,这时候居然还有人进来,开什么玩笑。 strange species Immortal!” 异种不朽!” Lin Fei is surprised. 林飞大吃一惊。 How they come, could it be strange species King, formidable to this degree.” “他们怎么进来的,难道异种王者,强悍到这种程度了。” Comes the water to Master is a good deed.” Little Devil said with a smile, made up greatly.” “对主人来水是一件好事。”小恶魔笑道,“大补啊。” This actually truth. 这倒是实话。 Between Human Race Immortal and strange species Immortal, gap has, for example accumulation. 人族不朽异种不朽之间,差距还是有的,比如彼此之间的积累。 This accumulation definitely has the difference. 这个积累肯定有不同。 Lin Fei has not cut to kill strange species Immortal, but many can feel gap. 林飞没斩杀过异种不朽,但多少能感受到差距 Cuts to kill strange species Immortal, is a good matter. 斩杀异种不朽,还是一件挺不错的事。 Lin Fei naturally hoped. 林飞自然希望了。 Came many.” “来了多少。” Lin Fei asked. 林飞问道。 31.” “31位。” This number were many. 数字不少了。 This should was the negotiation result.” Lin Fei narrows the eyes to focus, has not thought that can be this, that was when the time comes splendid.” “这应该是谈判结果了。”林飞眯着眼,“没想到会是这样,那到时候就精彩了。” Lin Fei believes that certainly will be when the time comes interesting. 林飞相信到时候一定会非常有意思的。 ......... ……… After quick. 很快之后。 Outside the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain, that five King aura appear. 万界山外,那五道王者气息出现。 Compared with before, their pressure have restrained, do not have powerful from the beginning. 之前相比,他们身上的威压有所收敛,没有一开始的强势。 After this, is that behind strange species commands Immortal, although has not released the pressure, the discerning person looks on know, some people are most is difficult to deal with/ferocious that batch. 除此之后,便是那身后的异种统帅不朽,虽说没怎么释放出威压,明眼人一看就知道,此些人都是最厉害的那一批。 More than 30 people, said that were many, says little much. 30余人,说多不多,说少不少。 May regarding Ten Thousand Sky Empire Immortal, many formidable match. 可对于万天帝国不朽来说,又多了强大的对手。 Each is not good to cope. 每一个都不好对付。 Is true Expert. 真正得高手 ...... …… How they came.” “他们怎么来了。” Then troubled in a big way.” “这下麻烦大了去。” Really damn!” “真是见鬼了!” Ten Thousand Sky Empire Immortal spat the trough. 万天帝国不朽都吐槽了。 Are many these people, the abacus in Immortal heart was not good, must formulate the countermeasure. 多了这些人,不朽们心中的算盘都不行了,必须重新制定对策了。 Immortal must kill people. 不朽们都要杀人了。 ......... ……… Whish...... 哗哗哗…… On the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain constantly has treasure to fly. 万界山上不断宝物飞出来。 Different with before, in Contest treasure, strange species Immortal shows fearful overbearing. 之前不一样,在争夺宝物中,异种不朽展现出可怕的霸道。 Bang bang bang! 砰砰砰! constantly has Expert to be killed! 不断高手被打死! Under the upfront resistance, must die without doubt. 正面对抗之下,必死无疑。 Human Race fell into the weak trend. 人族陷入了弱势。 Immortal Expert making a move, two Immortal can block strange species Immortal. 不朽强者出手,两个不朽才挡得住一个异种不朽 haha, this treasure turned over to me.” 哈哈哈,这件宝物归我了。” Another treasure flies. 又一件宝物飞出来。 strange species Immortal one fiercely attacks, Heaven and Earth cracks, flies a Ten Thousand Sky Empire Immortal racket. 异种不朽一番猛攻,天地崩裂,将一位万天帝国不朽拍飞出去。 Next time, was one's turn me!” Another strange species Immortal stands. “下一次,轮到我了!”又一位异种不朽站出来。 Useless waste.” “没用的废物。” Taunt taste reverberation near the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain. 嘲讽口味回荡在万界山附近。 . m. 。m.
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