ILK :: Volume #38

#3729: Mysterious place

Hailin was out of sorts immortally was very long. 海林不朽失神了很久。 How can be this! 怎么会是这样! Oneself want to retaliate Lin Fei, is what may not. 自己就是想报复一下林飞,为什么就不可呢。 Is immortal facing vermilion Zhen of Vermillon Bird clan, Hailin can only again lower the head immortally does not speak. 面对朱雀一族的朱震不朽,海林不朽只能再一次低头不吭声了。 This also makes Hailin immortal be deeper to the Lin Fei hatred. 这也让海林不朽对林飞的恨意更深。 I do not believe that does not have the means to cope with you.” Hailin clenches teeth immortally. “我就不相信了,没办法对付你。”海林不朽咬着牙。 Dingy departure. 灰溜溜的离开了。 ...... …… After a Vermillon Bird clan , a White Tiger clan also came. 朱雀一族到了之后,白虎一族也来了。 What is the head is the daytime is positive, after seeing Lin Fei, the eyeground flashes through one to dread. 为首的是白天正,在见到林飞之后,眼底闪过一丝忌惮。 After previous time suffered a loss, very clenching jaws. 上次吃了大亏后,别提有多么的咬牙切齿。 To retaliate the opposite party with great difficulty, finally had another matter, frightened thoroughly them. 好不容易想去报复对方,结果出了另外一桩事,彻底把他们都吓唬回去了。 Tian Hai, Yuntai and even the empty mountain suffered a loss. 天海,云台山乃至虚山都吃了大亏。 Retaliation! 报复! Who dares! 谁敢啊! At least, daytime was not having this energy. 至少,白天正没这个底气了。 ...... …… „A Black Tortoise clan came.” 玄武一族来了。” The spatial emperor looks to a place. 空帝看向一处地方。 Several seemed such as the fellow of ordinary man, enter in the Lin Fei view. 几个看上去如普通汉子的家伙,进入林飞的眼帘中。 „A Black Tortoise clan, is really different, the fraudulence is full.” Lin Fei narrows the eyes to focus to say. 玄武一族,果然不一样,欺骗性十足。”林飞眯着眼道。 If the spatial emperor did not say, perhaps Lin Fei really cannot associate on a Black Tortoise clan. 若是空帝不说的话,林飞或许真联想不到玄武一族身上。 Is very different! 很不一样! Regrets the blood to laugh to say immortally, I initially first time saw also had a scare, do not know many people, suffered a loss at this matter.” 憾血不朽大笑道,“我当初第一次见到也被吓了一跳,不知道多少人,在这件事上吃了亏。” That several ordinary man at will stations, average not wonderful, but many immortal changed color. 那几个普通汉子随意一站,平平无奇,但不少不朽都变色了。 ...... …… That should was death regiment Great General Lin Fei.” “那应该就是死亡军团大将军林飞了。” That several an immortal say/way of Black Tortoise clans. 那几个玄武一族的不朽道。 fleshly body is very very strong.” Old said immortally. 肉身很强很强。”一位年长不朽说道。 In his within the body, as if has a Endless source.” Another immortality, both eyes is glittering the none remaining, I suspect this fellow, has communicated mysterious place.” “在他体内,似乎有着一个无尽的源泉。”又一位不朽,双眼闪烁着精光,“我怀疑这家伙,沟通了一座神奇之地。” Such remarks, several Black Tortoise clans are immortal, is unable to be calm thoroughly. 此话一出,几位玄武族不朽,彻底无法淡定了。 The immortality of speech, is an uncanny prediction big grandmaster of Black Tortoise clan. 说话的不朽,乃是玄武一族的神算大宗师。 Most is good at inferring. 最擅长就是推断。 How possible, mysterious place, his not to have the what background fellow, can obtain depending on what.” “怎么可能,神奇之地,他一个没什么背景的家伙,凭什么能得到。” The Black Tortoise nine immortal shock said. 玄武九不朽震惊道。 In the entire ten thousand days of empire, the secret of know mysterious place is few. 在整个万天帝国,知道神奇之地的秘密屈指可数。 Does not think, this Great General Lin Fei can have the relation with the mysterious place unexpectedly. 万万不会想到,这位大将军林飞居然会和神奇之地产生联系。 Opposite inconceivable matter! 对面不可思议的事! To Black Tortoise nine immortal, this absolutely is a big harvest. 玄武九不朽来说,这绝对是一个大收获。 Old man early should know, in the past that permanent God Emperor strength rose suddenly, has the relations with this mostly.” The Black Tortoise Tianjing sinks said, just his not as good as Lin Fei.” “老夫早应该知道,当年那古恒神帝实力暴涨,多半和这个有关系。”玄武天京沉声道,“只不过他不如林飞。” Such a saying, Black Tortoise nine immortal were also recalling. 这么一说,玄武九不朽也在回忆。 The feeling also is really that a matter. 感觉还真是那么一回事。 Mysterious place, is few now, our Black Tortoise clan is also with great difficulty know, this Lin Fei could it be has controlled the mysterious place , saying that in the future will be one compares favorably with exist of ten thousand days of emperors.” “神奇之地,如今寥寥无几,我们玄武一族也是好不容易才知道,这林飞难道真掌控了神奇之地,岂不是说,未来又是一个媲美万天皇帝的存在。” Black Tortoise nine said immortally this saying time, oneself complexion also changed. 玄武九不朽说这话的时候,自己脸色也变了。 Ten thousand days of emperor is why formidable, may suppress all , because he starts others to be high. 万天皇帝为何强大,可镇压一切,就是因为他起步别人高。 Under accumulates over a long period of time, strength formidable even more. 日积月累之下,实力越发的强悍 According to your judgment, the mysterious place that this Lin Fei obtains, can be that.” Black Tortoise nine asked immortally. “按照你的判断,这林飞得到的神奇之地,会是那一处。”玄武九不朽问道。 This did not say.” Black Tortoise Tianjing immortal say/way, „, if thinks that know is clearer, the best means that are take Lin Fei.” “这个不好说。”玄武天京不朽道,“如果想知道更清楚,最好办法,莫过于是拿下林飞。” Black Tortoise nine knit the brows immortally, takes?” 玄武九不朽皱眉,“拿下吗?” Right, our these time goes to the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain, to seek for mysterious place, although we do not have the qualifications to go to the Contest Ten Thousand Worlds God bead, but, we can strive to obtain the mysterious place.” The Black Tortoise Tianjing immortal say/way, now, that Lin Fei appears exactly, absolutely is the biggest harvest, once our Black Tortoise clan obtains......” “对,咱们这一次去万界山,也是为了寻找神奇之地,虽说我们没资格去争夺万界神珠,但,我们可以争取得到神奇之地。”玄武天京不朽道,“如今,那林飞恰好出现,绝对是最最大的收获,一旦我们玄武一族得到……” Black Tortoise nine immortal deep breath one breath, mysterious place, Lin Fei.” 玄武九不朽深呼吸了一口气,“神奇之地,林飞。” ...... …… Lin Fei and do not know, a Black Tortoise clan compared with is difficult to deal with/ferocious that another three clans come. 林飞不知道,玄武一族远比另外三族来的厉害 A few words have pointed out frankly the secret! 一句话道破了秘密! A heaven shaking big secret! 一个惊天大秘密! Master, just investigated some people not to harbor evil intentions to you.” Little Devil opens the mouth suddenly, you definitely cannot think, who the opposite party is.” 主人,刚刚侦查到有人对你不不怀好意。”小恶魔忽然开口,“你肯定想不到,对方是谁。” Lin Fei does not know whether to laugh or cry. 林飞哭笑不得。 Here, some people harbor evil intentions to me, this is very normal.” “在这里,有人对我不怀好意,这很正常啊。” Nearby the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain does not have the personal enemy, this is not normal. 万界山附近没仇人,这才不正常呢。 Master, your this may make a mistake.” Little Devil kept guessing. 主人,你这可弄错了。”小恶魔卖起了关子。 Lin Fei was curious. 林飞不免好奇了。 Emperor's Clan? Empty mountain?” Lin Fei said, looks at your appearance probably not.” 皇族?虚山?”林飞道,“看你样子好像不是啊。” Little Devil the favorite say/way, my know Master you could not guess correctly, a Black Tortoise clan had had the hostility to you a moment ago, cannot think.” 小恶魔了得意道,“我就知道主人你猜不出,刚才玄武一族对你产生了敌意,想不到吧。” Lin Fei also really had a scare. 林飞还真被吓了一跳。 no way.” Lin Fei said, „a Black Tortoise clan, seems like I have not offended them.” 不会吧。”林飞道,“玄武一族,貌似我没得罪他们啊。” This was actually depressed. 这倒是郁闷了。 Oneself have not pondered over to cope with them, finally a Black Tortoise clan aimed at itself actually first. 自己还没琢磨对付他们,结果玄武一族倒是先针对自己了。 This called the what matter. 这叫什么事啊。 They truly have had the hostility to Master.” Little Devil said, their set up formation, has not listened, but, can analysis leave reluctantly, their should had discovered the what secret, has the possibility and Master infinite place extremely has the relations.” “他们确实对主人产生了敌意。”小恶魔道,“他们布阵了,没听出来,不过,勉强可以分析出,他们应该发现了什么秘密,极有可能和主人的无限之地有关系。” Black Tortoise nine immortal, if know Lin Fei has System, does not dare to be flagrant. 玄武九不朽若是知道林飞系统在,就不敢明目张胆了。 Infinite place.” Lin Fei said that could it be, their also know deep Level secret.” “无限之地。”林飞道,“难道,他们还知道层次秘密。” About the infinite place, Lin Fei does not think that nobody meets know. 关于无限之地,林飞不认为没人会知道 That pays attention to them.” Lin Fei said, they have to plan came to to me, in any case I also to a Black Tortoise clan interested.” “那就关注他们。”林飞道,“他们对我有谋算正好,反正我也对玄武一族有兴趣。” Black Tortoise clan the hole of nihility, Lin Fei is more interested than anyone. 玄武一族的虚无之洞,林飞比谁都要有兴趣。 They came.” “他们来了。” The Little Devil reminder said. 小恶魔提醒道。 Really Black Tortoise nine came immortally. 果然玄武九不朽来了。 haha, this certainly was Great General Lin Fei, had heard so much about you.” 哈哈哈,这位一定是大将军林飞了,久仰大名了。” Black Tortoise nine are immortal to cup one hand in the other across the chest saying that on the face full is the happy expression, seems friend who sees. 玄武九不朽上来拱手道,脸上满是笑意,好似多见不见的朋友。 As the saying goes, puts out a hand not to hit smiling face person. 俗话说,伸手不打笑脸人。 Only this first impression, really very much makes the person believe that will have to plan own thought. 光这第一眼印象,真的很让人相信会有谋算自己的念头。 „A Black Tortoise clan, I was also admire for a long time.” Lin Fei said with a smile. 玄武一族,我也是仰慕许久了。”林飞笑道。 On the Black Tortoise nine immortal faces is piling the smiling face. 玄武九不朽脸上堆着笑容。 Their smalltalk several, Black Tortoise nine immortal left. 两人客套了几句,玄武九不朽就离开了。 Just before leaving a few words, let Lin Fei very accidental/surprised actually. 临走的一句话,倒是让林飞意外 In the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain, you may want the small afraid mountain, they it is said that must cope with you, but also has prepared the big time interval.” 万界山内,你可要小心虚山,他们据说要对付你,还准备了大时段。” Lin Fei looks that Black Tortoise nine leave. 林飞看着玄武九离开。 Regrets the blood to be immortal saying that this Black Tortoise nine, the what time temperament was so good.” 憾血不朽过来道,“这位玄武九,什么时候脾气这么好了。” A Black Tortoise clan influence is enormous. 玄武一族影响力极大。 ancient pledge strength is formidable, is with a Black Tortoise clan contrast, there is enormous gap. 古盟实力强大,可是和玄武一族对比,还是有极大的差距 Very for a long time regrets the blood not to see Black Tortoise nine such to speak immortally. 憾血不朽很久没见过玄武九这么说话。 Was my fame is perhaps big.” Lin Fei said with a smile. “也许是我名气大了。”林飞笑道。 Regrets the blood immortal say/way, this person, you are careful, a Black Tortoise clan is an influence that everybody cannot completely understand.” 憾血不朽道,“这种人,你要小心,玄武一族一直是大家看不透的一个势力。” Lin Fei nod, said with a smile at heart, I had not feared that really planned.” 林飞点头,心里则笑道,“我还真不怕算计。” ...... …… Four big area four large clan appearances. 四大疆域四大族出现。 Four big Top Grade influences also one after another appear. 四大顶级势力也相继出现。 And the empty mountain appeared lowest-key. 其中虚山出现最低调了。 After the empty mountain appears, after several days dates, Emperor's Clan Expert also came, but does not have ten thousand days of emperor. 在虚山出现后,数日后,皇族高手也来了,只是其中没有万天皇帝。 Website: 网址:
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