ILK :: Volume #38

#3725: Follows immortally

The violent blood has displayed Supreme Secret Technique immortally. 暴血不朽施展了无上秘法 Imposing manner rises suddenly, that flash almost shakes miniature Space. 身上气势暴涨,那一瞬间几乎震开微型空间 Under Yuntai five immortal Expert, collaborate to besiege, all was shaken directly to fly immortally by the violent blood. 云台山五位不朽强者,联手围攻之下,直接被暴血不朽悉数震飞出去。 first step steps forward! 一步跨出! Miniature Space sinks. 微型空间跟着一沉。 All immortal Expert such as the fought hammer attacks fiercely in the chest, you vomit blood I also to vomit blood, exceptionally in an extremely difficult situation. 所有不朽强者都如被战锤猛击在心口,你吐血我也吐血,异常的狼狈不堪。 Your should is worth proudly, can make me display Supreme Secret Technique!” On violent blood immortal face the expression is fierce, is first step steps forward, Heaven and Earth bang loud noise. “你们应该值得自豪,能让我施展无上秘法!”暴血不朽脸上表情狰狞着,又是一步跨出,天地轰隆巨响 first step, two steps, three steps! 一步,两步,三步 After three steps. 三步之后。 The immortal severe wound of Yuntai falls to the ground. 云台山的不朽都重伤倒地。 Violent blood at this moment is immortal, the fearfulness of strength formidable, especially under this Secret Technique, others is a time of two times of promotion, may in the violent blood immortal, directly is ten times of promotion. 此时此刻的暴血不朽,实力强悍的可怕,尤其在这秘法之下,别人是一倍二倍的提升,可在暴血不朽身上,直接就是十倍的提升。 Immortal Level, promoting one time to be fearful! 不朽层次,提升一倍都可怕了! Let alone is ten times of promotion! 何况是十倍提升! The violent blood of empty mountain is immortal, the strength astonishing reason, is this formidable Secret Technique. 虚山的暴血不朽,实力惊人的缘故,正是这强悍秘法 Has not thought really, your false immortal, can compel this degree me!” gaze of violent blood immortal chill in the air sweeps, „the present was one's turn you!” “真没想到,你一个伪不朽,能将我逼到这种程度!”暴血不朽寒意的目光扫来,“现在轮到你了!” Rises suddenly the violent blood to be immortal after strength, Lin Fei is still very calm. 面对实力暴涨后的暴血不朽,林飞依然很淡定。 You so are definite can tidy up me!” “你就这么确定能收拾我!” Lin Fei smiles. 林飞笑眯眯的。 This saying falls in the violent blood immortal ear, becomes very grating. 这话落在暴血不朽耳中,变得十分的刺耳。 Is good your Lin Fei, that this king took you to say first again!” The violent blood immortally is first step steps forward, a fist rumbles, Void collapse. “好你一个林飞,那本座先拿下你再说!”暴血不朽又是一步跨出,一拳轰出,大片大片虚空崩溃。 Collapse of strength, can to hear a rumor absolutely the changes countenance. 崩溃的力量之强,绝对能让所有人闻风变色。 Ok, although your strength is strong, but wants to take me, you also missed far!” Lin Fei light say/way. “算了,你的实力虽强,但想拿下我,你还差远了!”林飞淡淡的道。 The violent blood immortal attack crush gets down, distance close remote time, without a trace that all vanishes. 暴血不朽攻击碾压下来,距离咫尺之遥的时候,悉数消失的无影无踪。 „After strength rises suddenly you, is actually same!” Lin Fei said with a smile, in my eyes, your matter . Moreover, your Secret Technique do not know can support you long time!” 实力暴涨后的你,其实还是一样!”林飞笑道,“在我眼中,你还是那么一回事,而且,你的秘法不知道能支持你多长的时间!” Ten times of strengths rise suddenly. 十倍力量暴涨。 This made the violent blood have almost invincible strength immortally. 这让暴血不朽有了几乎无敌的实力 Comes again!” “再来!” This time, violent blood immortal full power making a move, everywhere fist shade, almost must hitting to explode this miniature Space. 这一次,暴血不朽全力出手,漫天的拳影,几乎要将这微型空间给打爆。 this king does not believe, you can carry on the shoulder!” 本座就不相信,你能一直扛着!” Rumbling!!! 轰轰轰!!! Violent blood immortal do not know making a move many times. 暴血不朽不知道出手了多少次。 The every single time strength will be disintegrated in any case. 反正每一次力量都会被瓦解一空。 Ten times also disintegrate! 十次也是瓦解! 100 times also disintegrate! 100次也是瓦解! How can like this!” The violent blood immortal making a move strength, started to have the change, this was the Secret Technique time arrived, is unable again to maintain the Secret Technique strength. “怎么会这样!”暴血不朽出手的力量,开始出现了变化,这是秘法时间到了,无法再保持住秘法力量。 The violent blood immortal has not thought that can be such a situation. 暴血不朽从来没想过,会是这么一个情况。 Oneself cannot grasp false immortal brat. 自己拿不住一位伪不朽的小子 „The Space-Time strength, is strong, that also has the limit, the this king ten times of strengths, why can be such a result!” The violent blood is unable to accept this immortally. 时空力量,再强,那也是有极限的,本座十倍力量,为何会是这么一个结果!”暴血不朽无法接受这一幕。 The formidable empty mountain is immortal, is impossible unable to grasp a junior! 堂堂虚山不朽,不可能拿不住一个小辈! Lin Fei crosses the hands behind the back to stand, on the face is having the light happy expression, continues, do not stop, making me experience, some of your empty mountain multi- abilities!” 林飞负手而立,脸上带着淡淡的笑意,“继续,不要停,让我见识一下,你们虚山到底有多能耐!” Hateful!” “可恶!” Violent blood immortal eyeground flashes through wipes reluctantly, is a fist rumbles, Secret Technique again and again, may still unable to shake Lin Fei. 暴血不朽眼底闪过一抹无奈,又是一拳轰出,秘法连连,可依然无法撼动林飞 Lin Fei, you are very strong, but you are strong, you never will be the match of our empty mountain!” The violent blood removed immortally, you are waiting for the retaliation from empty mountain!” 林飞,你很强,可你再强,你永远不是我们虚山的对手!”暴血不朽撤了,“你就等着来自虚山的报复!” Lin Fei said with a smile, who allowed you to walk!” 林飞笑道,“谁允许你走了!” Lifts the hand, among Heaven and Earth, the sword light flashes past together. 一抬手,天地间,一道剑光一闪而过。 Originally retreats in the violent blood immortally that moment, Lin Fei Void grasps, the Space-Time long sword in the hand, a sword cut immortally in the violent blood. 原来在暴血不朽撤退那一刻,林飞虚空一抓,时空长剑在手,一剑斩在了暴血不朽身上。 This sword, violent blood immortal life protection treasure was chopped broken. 这一剑之强,暴血不朽护身宝物都被砍破。 A sword makes the opposite party be injured. 一剑让对方受伤。 Lin Fei cuts a sword once more, the blood scatters the sky. 林飞再次斩出一剑,鲜血散落天空。 Violent blood immortal this empty mountain is formidable, lies down on the earth, up and down is divided into two to break, but had not died, but stared in a big way both eyes, an unwillingness of face. 暴血不朽这位虚山强大不朽,躺在来大地上,上下分为两断,但没有死去,只是瞪大了双眼,一脸的不甘。 Lin Fei walks, condescending, you lost!” 林飞走来,居高临下,“你输了!” The violent blood coughs up blood immortally, cannot think .... Ten thousand days of empire also has your this grade of Expert.” 暴血不朽咳血,“想不到….万天帝国还有你这等高手。” Lin Fei puts out a hand to grasp, one group of Life essence exsomatizes, gather in the palm all, is the violent blood immortal essence, the opens the mouth swallowed down. 林飞伸手一抓,一团生命精华离体而出,尽数汇聚在掌心中,正是暴血不朽一身精华,张口吞了下去。 what a pity, you and I for enemy!” 可惜,你和我为敌了!” Lin Fei waves, the dust turns over to dust to turn over to the earth. 林飞一挥手,尘归尘土归土。 !!! 哗哗!!! Also waves, Life essence such as the raindrop sprinkles immortally in Ye Qing, shortly time, the five immortalities of severe wound, the body injury will restore all! 又是一挥手,生命精华如雨点洒落在叶青不朽身上,顷刻间的时间,重伤的五位不朽,身上伤势尽数恢复了! Ye Qing immortal and other immortalities, at this time the atmosphere does not dare to leave. 叶青不朽等五位不朽,此时大气都不敢出一下。 I and other willing were separated from Yuntai, henceforth wish to follow side the Great General!” “我等愿意脱离云台山,从此愿追随大将军身边!” Ye Qing immortal first kneels! 叶青不朽第一个跪下来! Five immortal with one voice! 五位不朽异口同声! This, has really shocked them. 这一幕,实实在在震撼了他们。 The violent blood of empty mountain is immortal, like this was killed, Lin Fei strength, has conquered them thoroughly, such Expert, has the qualifications to dominate above the people. 虚山的暴血不朽,就这样被杀死了,林飞实力之强,彻底征服了他们,这样的一位强者,有资格凌驾在众人之上。 Least was also super Expert of Top Grade stage! 最少也是顶级阶段的超级强者了! That feared that is the senior emperors in ten thousand days of empires, will look straight at to look at one another, is placed above the same position. 那怕是万天帝国的老皇帝,都会正眼相看,摆在同一个位置之上。 Such super Expert, will be limitless in the future, Yuntai that and Great General compares, gap is not general big, even, not necessarily in the Great General hand can take the big advantage. 这样的一位超级强者,未来不可限量,云台山的那位和大将军一比,差距不是一般的大,甚至,在大将军手上都未必能占到多大的便宜。 Immortal Expert is a smart person! 不朽强者都是聪明人! Chooses clearly. 怎么选择最清楚。 Ye Qing immortal and the others, naturally is the smart person, first has made the choice. 叶青不朽等人,自然是聪明人,第一时间做出了选择。 You did not fear that my was given to cut!” Lin Fei said with a smile. “你们不怕我被人给斩了!”林飞笑道。 We believe the Great General!” The Ye Qing immortal say/way, also asked the Great General to give shelter to us!” “我们相信大将军!”叶青不朽道,“还请大将军收留我们!” Lin Fei truly has not thought that five immortalities of this Yuntai, will make this choice, thinks carefully, this also normal matter. 林飞确实没想过,这云台山的五位不朽,会做出这种选择,仔细一想,这也正常的事。 As immortal Expert, has 369 division similarly. 作为不朽强者,同样有369之分。 For example Ye Qing , etc. were immortal, in fact is three. 比如叶青等不朽,实际上是就是三。 The violent blood immortally is six. 暴血不朽则是六。 But Lin Fei naturally is nine that keeps aloof. 林飞自然是那高高在上的九。 Leaned on the strength crush violent blood to be immortal completely. 完全倚靠实力碾压了暴血不朽。 The choice that is willing follows, that is the normal matter. 心甘情愿的选择去追随,那是再正常不过的事情。 You are the smart people, my came to is short of manpower, your continues defended the destiny to spend!” Lin Fei accepted completely. “你们是聪明人,我正好缺人,你们就继续守着天命花好了!”林飞全部收下了。 Hence. 至此。 Lin Fei had five immortal Expert to accept. 林飞有了五位不朽强者收下。 Comes out from miniature Space. 从微型空间重新出来。 That profound sea and Luo Tian are immortal, without a trace that already vanished. 那玄海和罗天不朽,早就消失的无影无踪。 Running is very quick!” “跑的挺快的!” Lin Fei has not gone to pursue them. 林飞没去追他们。 Has killed them, cannot compare many that a violent blood immortal advantage comes. 杀了他们,也比不上一位暴血不朽好处来的多。 Empty mountain successive losses several immortalities, now have added on the violent blood to be immortal, believe that will be honest!” The Lin Fei corners of the mouth raise, smile, „, if, your willing comes, I will be happy!” “虚山连续损失了几位不朽,现在又加上暴血不朽,相信会老实下来了!”林飞嘴角一扬,笑眯眯的,“如果,你们愿意来,那我会非常高兴的!” A violent blood makes Lin Fei profit immortally is not small. 一位暴血不朽就让林飞受益不小。 If possible, does not mind the the more the better. 如果可以的话,不介意多多益善。 Master, told you a good news!” Little Devil has spread a good news, „ensure you listened to be happy!” 主人,告诉你一个好消息!”小恶魔传来了一个好消息,“保证你听了会高兴!” could it be was violent blood immortal Secret Technique explains!” Lin Fei very much cares about this. 难道是暴血不朽的秘法破解了!”林飞还是很在乎这个的。 Website: 网址:
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