ILK :: Volume #38

#3724: He is only one false immortal

The violent blood lets loose imposing manner immortally, suddenly pressure unrivaled / Wu Shuang, enormous and powerful! 暴血不朽放开身上气势,一时间威压无双,浩浩荡荡! This, so long as if Lin Fei dared not saying that a character, this violent blood making a move will suppress immortally. 这一幕,似乎只要林飞敢不说一个字,这位暴血不朽就会出手镇压下去。 Overbearing! 霸道! Your Great Generals, even if the imperial prince, in front of our empty mountain, must lower the head obediently and honestly!” Violent blood immortal say/way, you, without any choice opportunity!” “你一个个大将军而已,就算是皇子,在我们虚山面前,也要老老实实低头!”暴血不朽道,“你,没有任何的选择机会!” The profound sea is immortal and Luo cloud looked at each other know to have good show to look immortally! 玄海不朽和罗云不朽对视一眼都知道好戏看了! Four big organizations, why empty mountain most is difficult to deal with/ferocious, because empty mountain strength is strongest, handles matters overbearingly. 四大组织,为何虚山最厉害,就因为虚山实力最强,处事十分的霸道。 Present, is in fact normal. 眼下的一幕,实际上再正常不过了。 So forces facing the violent blood immortally, on the Lin Fei face has not revealed one to fear intent throughout, instead the corners of the mouth raise, are having happy expression slightly. 面对暴血不朽如此逼迫,林飞脸上始终没有露出一丝惧意,反而嘴角扬起,带着微微的笑意。 Your empty mountain really extraordinary, the Great Generals in my ten thousand days of empires, you did not fear that my, will have the what consequence!” Lin Fei looked that is immortal to this empty mountain. “你们虚山真的了不起啊,我万天帝国的大将军,你不怕动我一下,会有什么后果吗!”林飞看向这位虚山不朽。 Consequence!” The violent blood has smiled immortally, „, in our empty mountain Yan, is not we are unable to withstand without the what consequence, you, the opportunity gave you actually, if did not confess honestly that did not take it ill me to begin!” “后果!”暴血不朽笑了,“不,在我们虚山眼中,没有什么后果是我们无法承受的,倒是你,机会给你了,若是再不老实交代,那就休怪我动手了!” Lin Fei laughs, extends the making a move finger/refers, has cancelled the check, that you begin, I have a look at your empty mountain the courage to be big, these ten thousand days of empires, the what time were one's turn your empty mountain to speak!” 林飞大笑,伸出手指,勾了勾,“那你还是动手吧,我看看你们虚山的胆子到底多大,这万天帝国,什么时候轮到你们虚山说话了!” Profound and clouds in immortal heart to smile! 玄海和罗云不朽心底里都笑了! Your Lin Fei is young and impetuous, immediately you must have bad luck! 林飞年轻气盛,马上你就要倒霉了! Whom offends not to be good, and violent blood of empty mountain speaks the last words immortally, fellow of overreaching oneself. 得罪谁不好,偏偏和虚山的暴血不朽叫板,不自量力的家伙。 Violent blood immortal first step steps forward, strong winds howl, oppress Void, really does not see the coffin, does not shed tears, that this king helps you!” 暴血不朽一步跨出,狂风呼啸,压迫虚空,“真是不见棺材,不掉泪,那本座就成全你!” Entire body rises suddenly, an incarnation mountain, a big hand sacrifice, such as the mountain, overturns the heavens under. 整个身形暴涨开来,化身一座大山,大手一祭,如大山,翻天而下。 Turns mountain seal! 翻山印! The hand is seal, town four directions. 手为印,一手镇四方。 This, profound and cloud Buxiu holding breath cold air/Qi, first retreat, simultaneously offer a sacrifice to life protection treasure, for fear that the city gate catches fire to bring disaster to the mackerel shad. 这一手一出,玄海和罗云不朽都倒吸冷气,第一时间后退,同时祭出护身宝物,生怕城门失火殃及池鱼。 Lin Fei this bastard, has had bad luck immediately, this turns mountain seal.” The profound sea has feared immortally, in front of this immortal Divine Ability, the share that can only escape! 林飞这混蛋,马上倒霉了,这可是翻山印。”玄海不朽都怕了,在这不朽神通面前,只能逃命的份! Attack of most Berserk! 狂暴的攻击! The empty mountain to come immortality, strength is such formidable. 虚山来的不朽,实力就是这么强大。 Violent blood immortal this making a move, such as pats ants to be the same, even does not go to look at one, he has given the Lin Fei opportunity, the do not know choice, that must accept the consequence. 暴血不朽这一出手,如拍死一只蝼蚁一样,甚至不去多看一眼,他给了林飞机会,不知道选择,那就要接受后果。 Crash-bang! 哗啦! Lin Fei is only waving gently, does not see any method. 林飞只是轻轻的一挥手,不见有任何的手段。 The one layer / first level invisible barrier appears, shortly will have disintegrated the offensive of this palm, all strengths vanish into thin air. 一层无形屏障出现,顷刻间瓦解了这一掌的攻势,所有的力量都烟消云散。 Died the regiment to begin in me, you are strange species spy.” The Lin Fei light say/way, first step steps forward, front big piece Void collapses, swirl appears. “在我死亡军团动手,你便是异种探子。”林飞淡淡的道,一步跨出,前方大片虚空崩溃,漩涡浮现。 Violent blood immortally once more making a move. 暴血不朽再次出手 Still turns heaven seal, this time is two heaven seal attacks. 依然还是翻天印,这一次是两座番天印来袭。 Lin Fei light directs, two turn heaven seal to collapse once more, an invisible strength hit in violent blood immortal, body constantly retreat, has fallen into the middle of that swirl. 林飞轻飘飘的一指点出,两座翻天印再次崩溃,一股无形力量撞击在暴血不朽身上,身形不断后退,掉进了那漩涡当中。 The violent blood vanishes immortally in an instant does not see. 暴血不朽转眼消失不见。 Lin Fei strides in swirl with first step. 林飞跟着一步跨入漩涡中。 In an instant time, only remaining profound and clouds immortally, in the eye was having difficult believing. 转眼的时间,只剩下玄海和罗云不朽,眼中都带着难以置信。 He... How his strength can!” “他…他的实力怎么能!” The profound sea shows immortally damn expression. 玄海不朽露出见鬼的表情。 That is the violent blood of empty mountain is immortal!” On Luo cloud face is bringing immortally also panic-strickenly, under upfront resistance, always nobody can shoulder violent blood immortal making a move, in ten thousand days of empire, can include Rank 1 section Top Grade Expert!” “那可是虚山的暴血不朽啊!”罗云不朽也脸上带着惊骇,“正面对抗下,从来没人能扛得住暴血不朽的出手,在万天帝国,可以列入第一阶段的顶级强者!” At this moment, they as if understand that was what Lin Fei can not care about them! 这一刻,他们似乎明白为什么林飞会不在乎他们了! In front of this grade of strength, they if really begins with Great General Lin Fei, cannot take any advantage absolutely, said is coarser, can the whole body draw back is good. 这等实力面前,他们真若和大将军林飞动手的话,绝对占不到任何的便宜,说的难听一些,能全身而退都算是不错了。 gap... Is big, suddenly is unable to accept. 差距…大到,一时间无法接受。 We walk first!” “我们是不是先走!” The profound sea immortal does not think that continues remains. 玄海不朽不想继续留下来。 Can melt violent blood immortal making a move easily, facing a such Lord, they did not have any energy. 能轻而易举的化解暴血不朽的出手,面对这样的一位主,他们真没任何的底气了。 If were suppressed! 万一被镇压了! They are also living in any case, sooner or later will come out to come!” Luo cloud also backed down immortally. “反正他们还活着,迟早会出来现身的!”罗云不朽也打了退堂鼓了。 Now does not walk, when treats. 现在不走,更待何时。 Therefore, profound and cloud Buxiu retreated. 于是,玄海和罗云不朽退去了。 ...... …… In miniature Space. 微型空间内。 The violent blood was hit immortally also one to be caught off guard, in Top Grade Expert of Rank 1 section as immortal Realm, will unable to tidy up one unexpectedly false immortal. 暴血不朽也被打了一个措手不及,作为不朽境界中第一阶段的顶级强者,居然会收拾不了一位伪不朽。 But this false immortal strength, great strength of contrary! 而这位伪不朽的实力,也出乎的强大! The hand has only explained own offensive. 只手就破解了自己的攻势。 This makes violent blood immortal suspicion news contain errors, obviously this is Top Grade Expert of stage. 这让暴血不朽怀疑消息有误,明明这是和自己一个阶段的顶级强者 You do not think very much know empty mountain went to the what place immortally!” Lin Fei said with a smile, that I told you, they were extinguished by me entirely, now you can follow their footsteps!” “你不是很想知道虚山的不朽去什么地方了!”林飞笑道,“那我告诉你,他们统统被我灭了,现在你可以追随他们的脚步了!” Ye Qing immortal and other immortal all appeared. 叶青不朽等五位不朽全部出现了。 You estimated that was very bored, therefore, I looked for a matter to do to you!” Lin Fei puts out a hand a finger/refers of violent blood to be immortal, this person gave you!” “你们估计都很无聊了,所以,我给你们找了一件事做!”林飞伸手一指暴血不朽,“这人就交给你们了!” The violent blood has recognized them immortally, is the immortality of Yuntai, in addition the Lin Fei words, the killing intent surges, „is really your Lin Fei, dares to kill our empty mountain to be immortal, today this king takes you.” 暴血不朽认出了他们,正是云台山的不朽,再加上林飞的话,杀意暴涌,“果然是你林飞,竟敢杀我们虚山不朽,今天本座就拿下你。” Ye Qing is immortal they to see that the violent blood is immortal, is suck in a breath of cold air. 叶青不朽他们看到暴血不朽,也是倒吸一口冷气 Was this is too strong. 实在是这位太强了。 A person of strength, can resist their several immortalities. 一人之力,可以对抗他们好几位不朽。 How to fight! 如何去斗! Seals!” “封!” Lin Fei lifts the hand, makes together mark, is six glow star seals. 林飞抬手,打出一道印记,乃是六芒星封印。 Space-Time seal! 时空封印! Under the guidance of Little Devil, a big method that Lin Fei has, but seal enemy part of strength, non- big strength cannot break. 小恶魔的指导下,林飞掌握的一大手段,可封印敌人一部分的实力,非大实力不可破。 Had the support of infinite place, Space-Time seal that displays, is not the violent blood immortally can resist. 有了无限之地的支持,施展出来的时空封印,可不是暴血不朽能抵挡的。 this king strength, you also dare the seal!” The violent blood immortal cannot destroy seal, in the result body the move, part of strength by the seal, whole body were changed colors. 本座实力,你也敢封印!”暴血不朽没能摧毁封印,结果身上中招,一部分实力被封印,整个人失色了。 Rumbling!!! 轰轰轰!!! Several times attacked the seal forcefully, finally was still same. 数次强行冲击封印,结果依然一样。 Was good, you can begin!” Lin Fei said with a smile, taught the empty mountain immortal opportunity, was not that many, your big making a move.” “好了,你们可以动手了!”林飞笑道,“教训虚山不朽的机会,可不是那么多的,你们大可出手。” Kills!” “杀!” Ye Qing immortal first making a move, really discovery violent blood immortal strength had the limit, did not have before to be so formidable. 叶青不朽第一个出手,果然发现暴血不朽实力有了限制,并没有之前那么强大了。 haha, the violent blood is immortal, you have now Heavens!” 哈哈哈,暴血不朽,你也有今天啊!” Ye Qing fiercely attacks immortally, incurs a move of fatality. 叶青不朽猛攻,招招致命。 Yuntai remaining four immortalities, crashes in fights the circle, the besieging violent blood is immortal. 云台山剩下四位不朽,也冲进战圈,不停的围攻暴血不朽。 Empty mountain is immortal, you have now Heavens!” “虚山不朽,你也有今天啊!” The violent blood immortal arm was cut. 暴血不朽一条手臂被斩去。 Lets you Chinese zither, I cannot get used to seeing your empty mountain the immortality!” “让你得瑟,我就看不惯你们虚山的不朽!” The violent blood spits blood immortally, the body presents fissures. 暴血不朽吐血,身上出现一道道的裂痕。 How can like this!” The violent blood spits blood immortally greatly, after strength seal part, makes exceptionally distressed, violent blood, opens to this king, today, this king wanted the slaughter you!” “怎么会这样!”暴血不朽大吐血,实力封印一部分后,弄的异常的狼狈,“暴血,给本座开,今日,本座要屠了你们!” x x
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