ILK :: Volume #38

#3723: Empty mountain Lairen

After the spatial emperor walked. 空帝走了之后。 Lin Fei to Black Tortoise area the hole of nihility is interested. 林飞玄武疆域的虚无之洞更感兴趣。 Almost percentage hundred can affirm that a matter, that is Earth certainly in the hole of this nihility. 几乎百分百的可以肯定一件事,那就是地球一定在这虚无之洞里面。 The hole of this nihility is very dangerous, is not present Lin Fei can go, to understand the clarity, has drawn on two imperial princes, plans to understand in detail. 这个虚无之洞很危险,绝不是现在的林飞可以去的,为了了解的清楚,招来了两位皇子,打算详细了解一番。 Whose know, these two emperor's sons' hole know to nihility really few. 知道,这两位皇子对虚无之洞知道的甚少。 Lin Fei has to temporarily give up idea. 林飞不得不暂时上放弃了想法。 The Black Tortoise area on must not temporarily. 玄武疆域暂时上还去不得。 Lin Fei shifts the center of gravity to the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain, the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain soon after is an opportunity, if can obtain World Treasure, steps forward that important first step, oneself were immortal Expert! 林飞将重心转移到万界山,不久之后的万界山是一次机会,若是能得到天地宝物,跨出那重要的一步,自己就是不朽强者了! At that time, went to the hole of nihility again, theoretically the danger will not be big. 那时候,再去虚无之洞,理论上危险不会很大。 After Lin Fei has determined, arranges the person to inquire that in secret hole of nihility matter, better than nothing, know are more, at heart also preparation. 林飞确定了之后,私下里还是安排人去打听虚无之洞的事,聊胜于无,知道的越多,心里也有一个准备。 ....... ……. The secret of hole of nihility has not inquired many. 虚无之洞的秘密没打听到多少。 Actually the immortality of Tian Hai and Yuntai came. 倒是天海和云台山的不朽来了。 Coming in waves. 联袂而来。 No matter how about it, this matter affirmation and Lin Fei have the relation, must ask that a result comes!” “不管怎么样,这件事肯定和林飞有联系的,必须问出一个结果来!” Two silhouettes appear in the Azure Dragon area. 两道身影出现在青龙疆域。 Tian Hai and Yuntai came an immortality respectively, is the profound sea is separately immortal and Luo cloud is immortal. 天海和云台山各自来了一位不朽,分别是玄海不朽和罗云不朽。 Your Tian Hai three immortal, our Yuntai lost five, now the life and death does not know!” Luo cloud immortal cold said of azure clothes. “你们天海才三位不朽而已,我们云台山足足损失了五位,现在生死不知!”一身青衣的罗云不朽冷声道 Profound sea immortally at heart naturally unavoidably several points of took pleasure in other's misfortune. 玄海不朽心里自然免不了几分幸灾乐祸 This time, Yuntai loses is not small. 这一次,云台山损失不小。 Tian Hai can withstand actually. 天海倒是可以承受。 Least, now can show, they have not fallen from the sky, likely is not the empty mountain, lost three immortalities, that is the genuine drop blood. 最少,现在可以证明,他们并未陨落,不像是虚山,足足损失了三位不朽,那才是真正的滴血。 Everybody is the same!” Profound sea immortal say/way. “大家都一样!”玄海不朽道。 ....... ……. The profound sea is immortal and Luo cloud arrives at Azure Dragon area not forcefully break into immortally. 玄海不朽和罗云不朽来到青龙疆域并没有强行闯入 This truth understands. 这点道理还是懂的。 After sending out given name, does not have the what person to dare to stop. 在报出名号之后,没什么人敢阻拦。 Immortal fame. 不朽之名。 Who dares to stop, dares to 100 courage not necessarily. 谁敢去阻拦,给100个胆子都未必敢。 Lin Fei received two immortalities personally. 林飞亲自接见了两位不朽。 Two visit immortally. What does not know so-called, if can add on, performs to open the mouth, my Lin most was good at being helpful!” Lin Fei said with a smile. “两位不朽登门。不知所谓何事,如果能帮上的话,尽可开口,我林某人最擅长乐于助人了!”林飞笑道。 To this saying, two immortal do not believe. 对这话,两位不朽都不相信的。 Many clues have aimed at this Lin Fei. 诸多线索都指向了这位林飞 Because of joining of Lin Fei, the ancient pledge the influence is increasing now. 正因为林飞的加入,古盟如今影响力大增。 This does not have in before. 这在之前是所没有的。 The Lin Fei suspicion is big. 林飞嫌疑非常大。 We think know, in the place of Ancient, our Tian Hai went to the what place immortally!” Profound sea immortal cold said, also asked the Great General to give an answer!” “我们想知道,上古之地内,我们天海的不朽去什么地方了!”玄海不朽冷声道,“还请大将军给一个答复!” Our Yuntai is also same!” Luo cloud immortal say/way, „, no matter how, dies to see the corpse, must see the person exactly, but also asked the Great General to inform!” “我们云台山也是一样!”罗云不朽道,“不管如何,死要见尸,活要见人,还请大将军告知!” Tian Hai and Yuntai arrive immortally together, unavoidably has the meaning that collaborates to exert pressure. 天海和云台山不朽一同到来,不免有联手施压的意思。 Lin Fei said with a smile, „, if were other matters, definitely did not have the issue, but at this matter, I was really helpless, after all, my also do not know they went to the what place!” 林飞笑道,“如果是其他的事,肯定没问题的,可这件事上,那我真是无能为力了,毕竟,我也不知道他们去什么地方了!” Regarding this result, two immortal already had the preparation. 对于这结果,两位不朽早就有了心理准备。 If the Lin Fei that easy opens the mouth, that opposite party were not Great General Lin Fei. 如果林飞那么容易开口,那对方就不是大将军林飞了。 Great General, this joke is not funny!” The Luo cloud immortal tone sinks to say. “大将军,这玩笑一点不好笑!”罗云不朽语气一沉道。 Lin Fei not cares a whoop this saying, earnest say/way, joke? Excuse me, this is not the joke, I am the truth truth, is it possible that you also think that was I have coped with them, you also too regarded a matter me, am I was only one false immortally good!” 林飞丝毫不在意这话,认真的道,“玩笑?不好意思,这不是玩笑,我是实话实话而已,莫非,你还认为是我对付了他们,你们也太将我当成一回事了,我只是一个伪不朽好不好!” The Luo cloud immortal complexion is disgruntled, Great General, this matter, I hopes that you truthfully replied are quite good, after all, our Yuntai was not good to bully!” 罗云不朽脸色不悦,“大将军,这件事,我希望你还是如实回答比较好,毕竟,我们云台山不是那么好欺负的!” No matter Tian Hai or Yuntai, had recognized actually Lin Fei has the huge suspicion. 不管是天海还是云台山,其实都认定了林飞有巨大的嫌疑。 Early does not vanish, late does not vanish, at this time. 早不消失,晚不消失,偏偏在这个时候。 But your Great General Lin Fei, strength, that can work as ordinary false immortal Expert to treat. 而你大将军林飞,一身实力之强,那能当普通的伪不朽强者来对待。 The profound sea immortal has not gone to open the mouth. 玄海不朽没去开口。 Yuntai loses seriously, had opposite party raising one's head it would be the best, came to can probe this Great General Lin Fei. 云台山损失惨重,有对方出头最好不过了,正好可以试探一下这位大将军林飞 Who lets on this is the secret. 谁让这位身上全都是秘密。 Especially this strength promotes speed, it can be said that is scary. 尤其这实力提升速度,可以说是骇人。 I can understand that into you are threatening me!” Lin Fei light say/way, if so, then has not been angry while me before, you can have many roll were far, death regiment here was no one can act unruly!” “我可以理解成为你在威胁我吗!”林飞淡淡道,“如果是的话,那趁着我还没生气之前,你可以有多远滚多远了,死亡军团这里可不是谁都可以撒野的!” Luo cloud truly must press Lin Fei immortally. 罗云不朽确实要压一压林飞 But there wants to obtain, this Great General is completely different from the imagination, unexpectedly direct resentment. 可那里想得到,这位大将军完全和想象不一样,居然直接怼了回来。 This made on cloud Buxiu face unable to hang, in any case you also wanted performance one, this likely was the what appearance. 这让罗云不朽脸上都挂不住了,好歹你也要表现一下啊,这像是什么样子啊。 Bastards! 混蛋! Really is a bastard. 真的是个混蛋。 Great General, we want to understand.” Profound sea immortal opens the mouth said. “大将军,我们只是想了解一下。”玄海不朽开口道。 Lin Fei said with a smile lightly, I said do not know, then on do not know, your could it be had not brought the ear, needed me to say again!” 林飞淡淡笑道,“我说了不知道,那就不知道了,你们难道没带耳朵的吗,是不是需要我再说上一遍!” These words, no matter the profound sea Luo cloud immortal complexion exceptionally is immortally ugly. 这番话一出,不管是玄海不朽还是罗云不朽脸色都异常难看。 If possible, they want on making a move, to let Great General Lin Fei know really immediately in any event, immortal is not that good shame. 如果可以的话,他们真想马上就出手,无论如何要让大将军林飞知道,不朽不是那么好辱的。 Immortal Expert also has the dignity! 不朽强者也是有尊严的! May bear finally! 可最后还是忍住了! Cannot begin! 不能动手! Once begins, the significance is different. 一旦动手,意义就不一样了。 You cannot go, here was the death regiment!” “你不能进去,这里是死亡军团!” When the profound sea is immortal and Luo cloud is immortal, along with a outside sound emergence, the look immediately changed, has the meaning of took pleasure in other's misfortune greatly. 在玄海不朽和罗云不朽进退两难的时候,随着外面声音一出现,神色马上变了变,大有幸灾乐祸的意思。 Death regiment, this king wants to enter enters, who dares to stop!” “死亡军团而已,本座想进就进,谁敢阻拦!” The front door was hit. 大门被撞开。 The silhouette flies upside down together. 一道身影倒飞进来。 Lin Fei put out a hand to grasp suddenly, has removed the strength, this silhouette fell on the ground slowly, a face had a lingering fear. 林飞忽然伸手一抓,卸去了力道,这道身影缓缓落在地上,一脸的心有余悸。 Great General, he must rush, we cannot block!” Commanding of death regiment lowered the head to say. “大将军,他要闯进来,我们拦不住!”死亡军团的统领低头道。 Lin Fei beckons with the hand, this matter does not blame you, exits!” 林飞摆摆手,“这件事不怪你们,出去吧!” The entrance, a big silhouette appears, along with formidable immortal pressure. 门口,一道高大身影出现,伴随着强大的不朽威压。 You are Lin Fei!” “你就是林飞!” Comes a person appearance, two severe Guangru blade glow, one after the other cuts, overbearing. 来人一出现,两道厉光如刀芒,一前一后斩来,霸道之极。 The profound sea is immortal and Luo cloud looked immortally, inspired secretly. 玄海不朽和罗云不朽一看,暗自吸了一口气。 Unexpectedly was this Lord!” “居然是这位主来了!” This person empty mountain immortal, the named violent blood is immortal, grasps formidable Secret Technique, immortal extremely savage exist. 此人正是虚山不朽中,名为暴血不朽,掌握一种强大的秘法,不朽中极为凶残存在 Lin Fei optional waving, these two attacks collapse. 林飞随意的一挥手,这两道攻击就跟着崩溃。 Your big courage, dares dead the regiment to injure the person in me, real think you are immortal, can in this to act recklessly!” Lin Fei shouted fierce. “你好大的胆子,敢在我死亡军团打伤人,真以为你是不朽,就可以在这乱来!”林飞厉声喝道。 Violent blood immortal appearance is fierce, a look has been full of the fearful attack. 暴血不朽面目狰狞,一个眼神就充满了可怕的攻击。 Our empty mountain works, who dares to prevent!” The violent blood is never immortally serious the opposite party, this king asks you now, my empty mountain Leiyuan is immortal, is you kills!” “我们虚山做事,谁敢阻止!”暴血不朽从未将对方当一回事,“本座现在就问你,我虚山雷元不朽,是不是你杀的!” The violent blood immortal killing intent surges, locks on Lin Fei. 暴血不朽身上杀意暴涌,锁定在林飞身上。 Profound and clouds immortally, subconscious retreat first step, the reality is on the opposite party the aura is too strong, when retreat, has raised up the ear secretly. 玄海和罗云不朽,下意识的后退一步,实乃对方身上气息太强,后退之余,暗自竖起了耳朵。 Has this violent blood immortal making a move, they did not need to be worried actually. 有这位暴血不朽出手,他们倒是不用担心了。
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