ILK :: Volume #38

#3726: Time like shuttle

Secret Technique that violent blood immortal strength rises suddenly, Lin Fei natural heart movement. 暴血不朽实力暴涨的秘法,林飞自然心动。 If can bring to use, by the strength of infinite place, his strength can again promote. 如果可以拿来用的话,凭借无限之地的力量,那他的实力可以再一次提升。 After cutting to kill violent blood is immortal, Lin Fei compared with anyone wants look forward to, how this violent blood immortally not to carry Secret Technique, naturally to the bystander, perhaps loses an opportunity. 斩杀暴血不朽后,林飞比谁都要期待,奈何这位暴血不朽并未携带秘法,当然对外人来说,或许是失去一次机会。 After may have Little Devil that has most assisted. 可有了最强辅佐的小恶魔之后。 This is not the what terrible business. 这并不是什么麻烦事。 Now a Little Devil saying, so long as is not the fool, the know good news to be representing what. 现在小恶魔一说,只要不是傻瓜,都知道好消息代表着什么 Master, immortally what this violent blood displays is the law of blood burning!” Little Devil said, just this, has not achieved the strongest effect, because his fleshly body is weak, the vitality is not very exuberant!” 主人,这位暴血不朽施展的乃是血燃之法!”小恶魔道,“只不过这位,并未发挥出最强效果,因为他的肉身不够强,气血不够旺盛!” Said!” “怎么说!” Lin Fei is curious. 林飞好奇起来。 Ten times of strengths erupt, this was very formidable! 十倍力量爆发,这是非常强悍了! Unexpectedly is also not the limit! 居然还不是极限! This was thought-provoking. 这就耐人寻味了。 Little Devil has sent in information, illustrated in detail violent blood immortal weakness, can cut to kill the violent blood to be immortal in before, after because displays Secret Technique, side effect that brings. 小恶魔发来了信息,其中详细的解说了暴血不朽的弱点,在之前能斩杀暴血不朽,正是因为施展秘法后带来的副作用。 Lin Fei can cut violent blood to be immortal with ease! 林飞才能轻松斩了暴血不朽! Originally is this, this violent blood immortal was plays itself!” Lin Fei has smiled, „, but, this law of blood burning, truly suits me!” “原来是这样,这暴血不朽是自己玩死了自己!”林飞笑了起来,“不过,这血燃之法,确实适合我!” This Secret Technique, requests two points emphatically. 这门秘法,着重要求两点。 The first point, fleshly body intensity! 第一点,肉身强度! fleshly body is not good, the great power that naturally after is unable to withstand to display Secret Technique, brings. 肉身不行,自然无法承受施展秘法后带来的强大力量。 This to Lin Fei not any issue. 这对林飞没任何的问题。 As for the second point, then needs the formidable vitality. 至于第二点,则是需要强大的气血。 This Secret Technique, is very mysterious, erupts the strong strength from the vitality, to any Expert, casually cannot display. 这门秘法,挺玄乎的,从气血中爆发出超强力量,对任何强者来说,可不是随随便便可以施展的。 But Lin Fei other is not strong, after cultivation infinite Divine Body, this vitality is exuberant, the unusual person can with it side by side. 林飞别的不强,修炼无限神体之后,这气血旺盛,少有人能与之比肩。 The blood burns Secret Technique, not general suiting Lin Fei. 血燃秘法,不是一般的适合林飞 This empty mountain Zhenshi has given me a good gift!” Among Lin Fei several thoughts, grasped this Secret Technique, now only needs a thought that strength rises suddenly instantaneously! “这虚山真是送了我一份好礼物!”林飞几个念头之间,掌握了这门秘法,如今只需要一个念头,实力瞬间暴涨! ....... ……. Empty mountain buckle a violent blood was again immortal. 虚山再一次折损了一位暴血不朽。 First know is the profound sea is immortal and Luo cloud is immortal. 最先知道的莫过于是玄海不朽和罗云不朽。 Seemed like left ahead of time, but has defended outside, no matter how, how to want a know result. 看似提前离开了,但一直守在外面,不管如何,怎么都要知道一个结果。 Under waits painstakingly, still had not seen that the violent blood leaves the Azure Dragon area immortally. 苦等之下,依然没见到暴血不朽离开青龙疆域。 Two immortal on the know misdemeanor! 两位不朽就知道坏事了! That violent blood immortally mostly was the matter! 那位暴血不朽多半是出事情了! From here, can associate to the immortality of Tian Hai and Yuntai, does not do well suffered a loss in this Great General hand. 从这里,更能联想到天海和云台山的不朽,弄不好真的在这位大将军手上吃了大亏。 Any hesitation, two had not left immortally, left really! 没任何的迟疑,两位不朽离开了,真的离开了! ...... …… This matter has not spread. 这件事并未传开。 No matter Yuntai with Tian Hai, even was the empty mountain has chosen silent, as if this matter has not happened has been same! 不管是云台山和天海,甚至是虚山都选择了沉默,似乎这件事没发生过一样! May regarding the immortality, Azure Dragon area Great General Lin Fei, become the person who was unable to offend. 可对于不朽来说,青龙疆域的大将军林飞,成了万万不能得罪的人。 But this time Yuntai, then received not a good message. 而此时的云台山,则是收到了一个不好的消息。 „!” “罢了,罢了!” The strongest immortal Yingtian of Yuntai was positive, shaking the head of forced smile. 云台山的最强不朽应天正,苦笑的摇摇头。 Also dreaded to Lin Fei, arrives along with this news, totally gave up and Lin Fei for the thought of enemy. 本来还对林飞非常忌惮,随着这个消息到来,彻底放弃了和林飞为敌的念头。 The news is Ye Qing sends in immortally, the content are not many, the meaning only then, they left Yuntai, following Great General Lin Fei! 消息是叶青不朽发来的,内容不多,意思只有一个,他们离开了云台山,追随大将军林飞去了! Five same places follow Lin Fei. 五个一起追随林飞 This let under the Yingtian immortal forced smile, dreads that Lin Fei. 这让应天正不朽苦笑之下,更是忌惮那位林飞 Empty mountain ate has owed greatly, had the truth!” “虚山吃了那么大亏,也不是没道理的!” Yingtian immortal had not planned that ascertained. 应天正不朽没打算去问个清楚。 Five are separated immortally, loses seriously to Yuntai, fortunately, Ye Qing will be only immortal they not to go to publicize this news. 五位不朽脱离出去,对云台山来说损失惨重,唯一值得庆幸的是,叶青不朽他们不会去公开这个消息。 This many are a good deed. 这多少还是一件好事。 Now Ye Qing is immortal they to be missing, did not die, in disguised form, is strength of Yuntai. 现在叶青不朽他们只是失踪,并不是死去,变相的来说,还是云台山的实力 So long as a day has not presented the death the news, strength of Yuntai still also. 只要一天没出现死亡的消息,云台山的实力依然还在。 Everything has the idea to have the thought must stand out of the way. 凡是有想法有念头的都要靠边站。 Yingtian immortal has issued an order quickly, refusing anybody to go to the Azure Dragon area to look for the trouble of Great General Lin Fei, the offender punished mercilessly. 应天正不朽很快下了一道命令,严禁任何人去青龙疆域找大将军林飞的麻烦,违者严惩不贷。 This news causes not the small stir in the interior. 这消息在内部引起不小的轰动。 Nobody dares to offer an opinion! 没人敢提意见! ...... …… Empty mountain was really honest!” “虚山还真的老实了!” Lin Fei shakes the head, partly lies down on rocking chair, very disappointed, also think they also meet continues to begin, was really what a pity!” 林飞摇摇头,半躺在摇椅上,十分的失望,“还以为他们还会继续动手,真是可惜了!” For and other empty mountain immortal arrivals, the Lin Fei what matter has not gone to do, finally the empty mountain was silent, swallowed an insult. 为了等虚山不朽到来,林飞什么事都没去做,结果虚山沉默了,忍气吞声了。 Master, this empty mountain will not come!” Little Devil said, even strange species outside Azure Dragon area commanded has had the fear to you.” 主人,这虚山是不会来了!”小恶魔道,“甚至青龙疆域外的异种统领都对你产生了恐惧。” Lin Fei said with a smile, this you also observed!” 林飞笑道,“这个你也去观察了!” Their sound is not small, naturally must pay attention!” Little Devil said, Master, has hit Yuntai, Tian Hai, as well as empty mountain, front two to fear, actually empty mountain insufficient, must attach great importance, does not leave the accidental/surprised words, it is estimated that will begin in the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain!” “他们动静不小,自然要关注了!”小恶魔道,“主人,一口气,打了云台山,天海,以及虚山,前面两个不足为惧,倒是虚山,还是要重视一下,不出意外的话,估计会在万界山内动手!” Lin Fei does not want to expose strength actually quickly. 林飞其实也不想那么快暴露出实力 Is good because of so far, nobody know his strength limit. 好在目前为止,没人知道他的实力极限。 The know his strength person, was not suppressed is cut to kill. 知道他的实力的人,不是被镇压了就是被斩杀了。 It can be said that his strength is a riddle. 可以说,他的实力就是一个谜。 Let alone, after having the violent blood immortal contribution, strength made the breakthrough again, burns the side effect that Secret Technique brings as for the blood, basically does not have any influence to Lin Fei. 何况,有了暴血不朽的贡献之后,实力再有了突破,至于血燃秘法带来的副作用,对林飞来说基本上没任何的影响。 „The Ten Thousand Worlds mountain, is really look forward to!” 万界山,真是期待啊!” Such a good opposite party, Lin Fei to break through the hope of infinite Divine Body finally first step, has placed on the Ten Thousand Worlds mountain thoroughly. 这么一处好对方,林飞将突破无限神体最后一步的希望,彻底放在了万界山上。 ....... ……. Although this matter and Lin Fei as if do not have the what relations. 尽管这一次事情和林飞似乎没什么关系。 May dread that the Lin Fei influence was at greatly. 可忌惮林飞的势力大有所在。 The Azure Dragon area fell into the rare peaceful time. 青龙疆域陷入了难得安静的时光。 The expectations of this actually contrary many person. 这倒是出乎不少人的预料。 Threatening strange species, one after another after probing several times, no longer making a move, only leaves behind a stance, without doubt the person who this lets the Azure Dragon area is shocked! 来势汹汹的异种,陆陆续续在试探几次后,不再出手,只留下一个姿态,这无疑让青龙疆域的人大跌眼镜! But many person know, this matter perhaps is Great General Lin Fei has the relations. 但许多人都知道,这件事也许就是和大将军林飞有关系。 Spoken lines some, that was they fears! 说白一些,那就是他们怕了! The strange species willing arrangement person does not bring death. 异种也不愿意安排人来送死。 This makes Lin Fei not know whether to laugh or cry. 这让林飞哭笑不得。 ...... …… The Azure Dragon area like this tranquil was spending year by year time. 青龙疆域就在这样的平静中渡过了一年又一年的时间。 Regarding another three areas, day does not feel better. 对于另外三座疆域,日子并不好过。 The strange species offensive is very fierce, this may they, consider everything not to calculate that painstakingly such a situation, the Azure Dragon area left Great General Lin Fei, causes the strange species strategy change. 异种的攻势十分猛烈,这可苦了他们,千算万算没算到这么一个情况,青龙疆域出了一位大将军林飞,导致异种策略改变。 Regarding this situation, they do not know whether to laugh or cry. 对于这种情况,他们自己也是哭笑不得。 Cannot look for Lin Fei to condemn! 总不能去找林飞问罪吧! Did not say that dares the issue. 不说敢不敢问题。 But is they, once went, that may really be loses to the grandmother family/home disgraced. 而是他们一旦去了,那可真是丢人丢到姥姥家去了。 As for beginning. 至于动手。 They until now, how also has not found out is a matter, particularly Great General Lin Fei strength, throughout is a riddle. 他们直到现在,也没摸清楚是怎么一回事,尤其是大将军林飞实力,始终是一个谜。 That side the empty mountain keeps silent to this matter. 虚山那边对此事绝口不提。 This also deepened on the Lin Fei mysterious aura. 这也加深了林飞身上的神秘气息。 Everybody does not dare to look for Great General Lin Fei. 大家都不敢去找大将军林飞 ... Time like shuttle. 时间如梭。 Hundred years, millennium pass by. 百年,千年时间过去。 To immortal Expert, is in a flash. 对不朽强者来说,弹指一挥而已。 Under the leisurely and carefree time, Lin Fei crossed the millenniums, in this period except for condense infinite Divine Pill, basically was drinks tea, the day passed was not the general ease. 在悠闲的时光下,林飞渡过了千年的时间,期间除了凝练无限神丹,基本上就是喝喝茶等,日子过的不是一般的悠闲。 „The Azure Dragon area because of your brat, everybody was leisurely and carefree for over a thousand years!” The spatial emperor sits drinks tea, to this situation, sobbed including him. 青龙疆域因为你小子,大家都悠闲了上千年时间了!”空帝坐着喝茶,对这情况,连他自己都唏嘘。 A person coerces the strange species army! 一人压服异种大军! Bang! 轰! loud noise, among Heaven and Earth, experienced the intense fluctuation! 一声巨响,天地间,出现了强烈波动! Came!” “来了!” Lin Fei first step stepped forward, stands beyond the Azure Dragon area. 林飞一步跨出,站在了青龙疆域之外。
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